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150+ Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush

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Flirty questions to ask your crush.

Flirty questions to ask your crush.

Do you have a crush? Do you want them to know that you have a crush on them? Well, there’s only one way to let them know—ask them!

But wait! You don't want to be too direct about it. Also, you don't want to be bland and boring, am I right? Well then, I guess you will need to arm yourself with a flurry of charming questions to help you with your flirting. Lucky for you, this list has you covered!

Don’t be shy. Use this list as a resource and flirt your way to your crush’s heart. Just a bit of warning though, there’s a fine line between being flirty and being rude. I urge you to always practice discretion so you don’t get into any trouble.

Depending on how everything goes, you might be able to increase the intimacy between you and your crush or dig a hole for yourself. At the very least, you might be able to arouse some chuckles. Whatever happens, I’m wishing you all the best!

Flirty Pick-Up Questions to Ask the Person You Like

  • How is it that someone as perfect as you is still single?
  • Netflix and chill?
  • Was that an earthquake, or was it you who just rocked my world?
  • Hello, I’m currently writing a phone book. Can I have your number?
  • Did the sun come out, or did you just smile at me?
  • Did it hurt badly when you fell from heaven?
  • Is there an airport close by, or is it just my heart taking off?
  • I have a boo-boo on my lip. Will you kiss it to make it feel better?
  • If I was under your complete control, what are the things that you would ask me to do?
  • If I told you that I’m an orphan, would you adopt me and shower me with unconditional love?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I pass by again?
  • Could you please tell me A LOT about yourself?
  • I need some quick answers for my math homework. What’s your number?
  • Why do I like you so much?
  • If I could take you on a date anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
  • My flirting skills have become quite rusty. Can I practice them on you?
  • What emoji do you usually use when you’re flirting?
  • My parents told me never to talk to strangers. So, how about we become friends?
  • Do you have a name, or should I just call you mine?
  • How many million times do you think about me when I’m away?
  • Mind if you grab my arm so that I can tell people that I’ve been touched by an angel?
  • All this time, I thought happiness started with an H. Why does it now start with U?
  • What would you like to name our children?
  • How fast am I running in your thoughts?
  • You smell like trash, can I take you out?
  • I’m horribly lost! Can you give me the directions to your heart?
  • A/S/L?
  • Will you allow me to take a picture of you so that I can prove to my friends that angels really exist?
  • Do you know any good make-out moves? Do you want to test them out with me?
  • If nothing lasts forever, then will you be my nothing?
  • Are you looking to get a boyfriend/girlfriend anytime soon?
A long list of flirty questions.

A long list of flirty questions.

Seductive Inquiries

  • Are you feeling it right now? *does seductive pose* How about now?
  • Would you like me to give you a massage?
  • Do I make your heart race?
  • Can I call you bae?
  • What’s your favorite way of being seduced?
  • Do you always miss me?
  • Is it just me or are we destined for one another?
  • Aside from a kiss, what else can I steal from you?
  • Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • What’s your favorite body type?
  • What’s something that will make me fall in love with you instantly?
  • Should I make the first move, or do you want to do it?
  • How do I turn you on?
  • Are you open for boyfriend/girlfriend applications? I would like to sign up!
  • How did you get so beautiful/handsome?
  • Do you think we’ll both look cute on a wedding cake together?
  • If I gave you permission to do anything to me, what would you do?
  • Didn’t I just see you on the cover of Vogue?
  • If you had the power to transform into a mount animal, will you let me ride you?
  • Answer this quick! What are the three things that I can do right now to make you mine?
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still live in this day and age, right?
  • Let’s say I’m in the shower. Will you join me or grab me when I get out?
  • How many licks does it take to reach the center of your heart?
  • Do you want to touch me?
  • What do you want to do to me right now?
  • How did you get so sexy?
  • I am searching for the love of my life. Can you please show me the way to your heart?
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • What would you do to me if I said that you could do anything?
Sexy, provocative questions to ask a crush.

Sexy, provocative questions to ask a crush.

Sexy Questions for the Person You're Crushing On

  • Do you want me to find out where your tickle spots are?
  • Do you want to see me without my shirt on?
  • What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?
  • Where is your favorite part to be kissed?
  • Have you ever practiced kissing? Do you want to practice with me?
  • Aside from being sexy all day, what do you do for a living?
  • Your lips seem lonely. Would they like to meet mine?
  • What would you do if you suddenly saw me naked?
  • Are there any make-out moves that you’ve never tried but always wanted to? Now’s your chance!
  • To know me is to love me? Are you prepared to get to know me better?
  • What sexy question do you want me to ask you?
  • Can I hit you on the face with my lips?
  • What would you do if you woke up and suddenly found me lying on your bed next to you?
  • Choose one: bread or bed?
  • What outfit would you really want to see me in?
  • How do you want me?
  • What kind of underwear do you think I’m wearing right now?
  • What are your kinks?
  • If I told you that you have a sexy body, would you hold it against me?
  • Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
  • Which part of you do you think is the sexiest?
  • Which part of me do you find the most attractive?
Flirty truths to ask a guy or girl.

Flirty truths to ask a guy or girl.

Coquettish Questions

  • How in the world is it possible that your relationship status is still single?
  • How would you react if I kissed you right now?
  • What do you love most about me?
  • How often do you dream about me?
  • Greetings, I’m Mr./Ms. Right! Was it you who was looking for me?
  • I’m curious. How was the state of heaven when you left it?
  • I’m cold. Could you hold my hand for a moment?
  • Would you consider yourself naughty or nice?
  • What makes you easily flustered?
  • My name is trouble. Do you still have room for a little trouble in your life?
  • If you were a cop, would you detain me right here and now?
  • Would you rather possess good looks or intelligence?
  • Hey, I just got a new phone. I haven’t figured out how it works. Can I call you to test it?
  • Would you like to grab some grub with me?
  • Could you please lend me a hand for a moment? If you know what I mean, that is.
  • Are your parents as good-looking as you?
  • Would you hold my hand for me while I go for walk?
  • Are you my soulmate?
  • Would you hug me tight if I asked you suddenly?
  • Does dirty talk arouse you?
  • What was your very first impression of me?
  • Would you like to go on a romantic date with me?
  • I just lost my phone number. Can I have yours instead?
  • Would you like to know how I feel about you?
  • When did you realize that you like me?
  • Will you marry me?
  • Don’t you ever get tired of running in my head?
  • Do you see me in your future?
  • Would you let me kiss you anytime?
  • Who should make the first move, you or me?
  • I am rich, hot, and bored. What should we do about it?
  • Has anyone told you how beautiful/handsome you are?
  • If I called you really late at night, would you pick up your phone and answer?
  • Are you ticklish?
  • How did you discover that you already love me?
  • What are the signs that you’ve fallen in love with someone?
  • What’s the perfect way to ask someone out?
  • How about we go out sometime?
  • What gift would make you fall in love with someone instantly?
Dirty, flirty questions to ask via text.

Dirty, flirty questions to ask via text.

Dirty Questions to Ask the Person You Like

  • Do you want me to talk dirty to you?
  • Am I going to get lucky tonight?
  • Have you ever tried undressing me in your mind?
  • Can you sit on my face?
  • What do you do when you get extremely horny in public?
  • Would you ever send me a nude picture of yours?
  • What does your favorite underwear look like?
  • What would you do if I suddenly put my hands under your clothes?
  • What is the color of your underwear right now?
  • What’s the weirdest thought you’ve ever had while touching yourself?
  • What’s the dirtiest fantasy you’ve ever had in your life?
  • If I bought you pretty lingerie, would you model it for me?
  • What’s your favorite sexual position?
  • Where do you like to be touched?
  • Do you prefer sex in the morning, afternoon, night, or NOW?
  • What am I doing in your dirty thoughts?
  • Will you allow me to sit on your face?
  • What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about me?