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14 Good Excuses to Leave a Date

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Are you having a bad time on your date? Here are 14 excuses you can use to get out of there!

Are you having a bad time on your date? Here are 14 excuses you can use to get out of there!

How to Leave a Boring and Awkward Date Without Being Rude

How can you get out of a bad date without being brutally honest? There are many excuses guys, and girls use to get out of a boring date.

Together with common ones like illness, phone calls, and urgent text messages, this post discusses unique ways in which you can leave an awkward date halfway. From talking about your ex to behaving annoyingly to crying—find out how you can end a date without being rude or making your date feel bad.

1. Start sobbing and excuse yourself without any reason—just say it is personal.

This excuse will make you look like someone who is emotionally scarred. But on the bright side, it will help you to leave a bad date halfway without insulting the guy or girl.

The trick to carry this off perfectly starts with acting slightly aloof. Take a bit longer to reply to questions and make it seem as if you are in a bit of a daze. Suddenly start sobbing and use anything you can get your hands on to wipe your eyes continuously. It will make it look as if you are fighting back tears.

When your concerned date asks you why you are crying, just say that you are sorry, but you will have to leave. Tell your date that it is a personal issue and it is not because of him or her.

2. Tell your date that he or she looks exactly like your ex and you can't handle it.

A very genuine sounding excuse to get out of a date is to tell your date that he or she looks exactly like your ex. Say that the eerie similarity is making you feel uneasy, and it is bringing back the frustrating memories of your breakup.

Your date will understand your situation and may even sympathize with you. As you excuse yourself, you can conveniently tell your date that there is no point going out again because of the constant reminder of your ex.

3. Have a friend lurk around the corner and call if you need to be saved from the date.

This is a handy trick especially if you are going on a blind date or when you have been set up by a friend with someone you haven't met before. Have one of your best friends lurk in the same area as you are.

Send your friend a text if you think that you need to be bailed out of your date. Your friend can suddenly show up at a moment's notice. Out of courtesy, you can invite your friend and make your date a friendly affair. Or, your friend could use a fake excuse to take you out of there.

4. Pretend that you got an allergic reaction to something.

Allergies are not funny when they are real but fake ones can be very useful especially when you are looking for excuses to get out of an awkward social situation. Faking a sudden allergic reaction is probably one of the easiest ways to leave a date without being rude.

There are many allergies you can choose to fake. Read up on some of the common symptoms of the allergy you decide to fake before you actually go on a date. Some of the common ones are

  • Allergy to pets and pet dander
  • Asthma
  • Allergic reactions to nuts in food
  • Allergy to milk products
  • Allergy to pollen

5. Excuse yourself to the restroom and pretend your stomach is upset.

Faking a bad stomach is one of the most commonly used excuses to get out of dates and many other social situations. Ten minutes into the date, and if you feel like making an exit, simply excuse yourself to the restrooms.

Stay in the toilet for about ten minutes, and when you come out, you can quietly excuse yourself by telling your date that you have a bad stomach. You won't need to be rude, and your date will understand your situation without feeling insulted.

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6. Excuse for girls—tell him that you have period cramps.

While men can't use this, periods and cramps are a seemingly genuine excuse for women. Here is how you can pull this one off.

  • Interrupt your date when he is talking and excuse yourself to the restroom
  • Come out after a few minutes and appear uneasy as you start chatting again
  • Quietly tell your date that you need to leave because you have womanly problems

Tell him how sorry you are, although the guy will definitely understand because even he may not like to put up with a frustrated woman having her mood swings.

7. Send yourself a text message to make it look like you received one.

Use this trick to excuse yourself out of a date only when you have exhausted all possible options. Your date will probably figure out what you did, but even then, it will be much smoother than having to be honest and telling your date upfront that you don't like him or her.

Tap out a message on your iPhone and save it. If you think that your date is hitting a dead end, send the message to yourself. Act surprised when your cell phone beeps. Read the message and suddenly have a worried look on your face. Now you can use many excuses including

  • You got a text from your friend who needs your help urgently
  • The text was from your parents who want you to come home immediately
  • One of your friends is stranded somewhere and has sent you a text ask you to pick her up

8. Behave in a way that makes your date leave first.

If you don't have the courage to tell your date that you want to leave, you can make your date leave by behaving obnoxiously. For example:

  • A guy can annoy a girl by acting like a pervert
  • Drive your date insane by showing little regard for table manners, using your hands to eat and making a mess out of your food
  • Keep pestering your date to talk about his or her ex
  • A girl can drive a guy to his wit's end by splurging on the most expensive stuff on the menu on a date
  • Keep making fun of date until he or she feels like walking away
  • A guy can irritate his date by checking out other women while being with her

9. Get a friend to call you when you are about fifteen minutes into the date.

This is possibly one of the oldest tricks in the book since the invention of cell phones. Before you even go on the date, tell your friend to call you at a fixed time which will probably be around ten to fifteen minutes into your date.

You can simply have a quick chat with your friend and hang up the phone if the date is going well. If you want to get out of the date, you can pretend that it was an urgent phone call and you need to leave.

10. Start talking about your ex; later, use the excuse that you are still not over your ex.

The only good thing that will come out of your previous relationship is that you will be able to use it to bail yourself out of a date. Keep talking about your ex and act as if you are getting a bit too emotional.

Regardless of what your date wants to talk about, bring the conversation back to your ex and your previous relationship. Make it very apparent that you are clearly not over your ex.

Suddenly break into tears and excuse yourself by telling your date that it is not fair on your part to date again if you are still missing your ex.

11. Spill a drink on yourself—sacrifice your dress to get out of a date.

Leave a date halfway without sounding rude by spilling a drink on yourself. Whether it is a glass of wine or a pitcher of soft drink, you will have to sacrifice your dress as you tumble and accidentally spill some over yourself.

Once you have visibly stained yourself with the drink, you can easily excuse yourself out of the date.

12. Say you spotted your crazy ex walking over, and you don't want to create a scene.

Suddenly lower your head while you are on a date. Act as if you want to hide your face from someone who is walking towards you. Add a touch of drama by hiding behind a menu or using a purse to shield your face.

Pretend that you saw your crazy ex walk towards you. Excuse yourself by saying that if you don't get out of the place right away, your crazy ex will create a big scene.

13. Get to know your date's preference in guys or girls, and quietly say that you are the exact opposite.

This is a nice way to tell your date that you don't think it is going to work out without sounding brutal about it. Get to know your date's preference in a guy or girl, including personality, likes, interests, dislikes, etc.

Act as if you are sad and tell your date that your personality and interests are exactly opposite of what he or she would prefer to have in a potential relationship partner. Appear glum and excuse yourself by telling your date that you don't think you are his or her type at all.

14. Excuse for girls—say, "I hate sex."

Guys will generally become averse to women who are averse to all forms of physical intimacy, including sex or even kissing. Stressing on the same thing again and again will probably make the guy leave the date halfway.

A girl can easily put off a guy on a date by saying that she hates sex. She can take the annoyance levels a bit higher by reaffirming that she doesn't believe in hugging or even kissing before being at least a year into the relationship.

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