Does He Like You? - Surefire Ways To Know If He Is Interested

Updated on January 10, 2017

So you definitely like this guy, but you couldn't possibly ask him out! And we all know how much men like to consider themselves as "islands" and wouldn't dare wear their heart on their sleeve, even if just for a minute. But, it turns out, the boys aren't as closed-book as they would like to think...

Body Language

Pay attention! Body language can show you whether he wants to be walking you home to give you a goodnight kiss, or walking you home because he really did leave his phone charger with your brother.

  • His eyes

Does he look at you a lot? Hold eye contact, if only for a nanosecond? Are his pupils dilated when he looks at you? That's a sure sign that he's attracted to you, albeit not the easiest to see without coming across as a bit creepy! Be careful not to confuse a boy who's shy and may dart their eyes from you when they know they've been spotted, with a guy who isn't into you.

  • Touch

Does he "accidentally" touch you a lot? Does he lean into you? A shy guy might jump if you touch him because he wasn't expecting it, but don't take it the wrong way - you probably made his day!

  • Body

Are his feet pointing towards you when you talk? Does he rarely turn his back to you? If he points his shoulders when talking to you, or slouches them, it means he's romantically interested in you.

His Behaviour

Does he act differently when he's around you? Or aren't you sure? Hang out with him and his friends and watch how he is around them, and then spend time alone with him - even if it's only for a couple of minutes - and see if his behaviour changes at all. Maybe he acts less macho, more caring, a bit quieter (or talkative due to nerves), but saying that he might be trying to impress you more with jokes and loud actions. Either way, if it doesn't seem completely natural, he probably likes you!

Does he ignore you? Some boys use this - somebody should probably tell them that it isn't a good technique if they like a girl. He'll talk to you when you're alone with him, but in front of people, he makes you feel invisible. The thing to know here is, he isn't being a jerk! He just needs a sign from you that it's okay to come over and talk with you. He doesn't want to embarrass himself by flirting when he knows others are there to judge him.

Does he keep smiling at you? I know, I know, people smile a lot. But if nothing particularly funny was said, or there wasn't some celebratory announcement, then it's you who is making him smile!

Is he protective of you? Does he help you to get through crowds? Does he stand up for you? That's because he cares about you and the last thing he wants is you getting in any kind of trouble.

Does he get sulky when you're talking and laughing with other guys? He can't hide it, if he has feelings for you then jealously will be written all over his face. Even if he looks like he's having a good time, he'll have one eye on you and making sure you're not interested in those "idiots".

Does he come over to talk to you? Does he initiate conversation? This doesn't mean he wants to look less of a loner, it means he wants to spend time with you and hear what you have to say. Did he wander over and start conversations with the other girls there?

Did he give you a compliment? Usually guys can't be bothered faking it, and they'll only give you a compliment if they mean it.

Does he remember the little things? When a guy likes you, he pays more attention to what you say, so if he remembers silly little things from previous conversations then it's a sign that you're in his mind.

Do you have mutual friends? Find out if he's been asking around about you, if he has, then it's because he wants to know more.

If he adds you on Facebook, asks for your phone number, buys you a drink, asks you to dance, invites you anywhere - he's into you!


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