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Do Girls Like Fat Guys? Tips for Chubby and Overweight Men to Impress Girls

Do girls like fat guys? Do women like men who are fat? Would a girl go out on a date with a chubby guy? Such questions are common place in a generation of body conscious fitness freaks, diet addicts and folks who will go under the knife at the drop of a hat.

A slightly overweight body will not deter a woman from loving a man and a slight bulk will not make a charming guy any less hot or sexy. Here are some tips that the slightly bulky race of men should know.

While it may be just a TV show, Kevin James and Leah Remini of The King of Queens get the point across.

While it may be just a TV show, Kevin James and Leah Remini of The King of Queens get the point across.

1) Fat and chubby guys shouldn't wear tight clothes

Tight clothes are meant to highlight athletic or muscular bodies. Girls like to see chubby guys wearing clothes that look stylish, trendy and fit well. We are not going to go into the nitty gritties of fashion and style tips for chubby guys in this post. But one of the most vital things to remember is that guys who are fat or chubby should not wear tight clothes.

There can be many not-so-great interpretations made if a girl sees a chubby guy wearing tight-fitting clothes. Moreover, an overweight guy wearing body hugging clothes is like a skinny guy wearing a body fitting top in an apparent effort to show off the results of his 15 day stint at the gym.

2) Personal hygiene should be given top importance

Regardless of body type, girls like guys who maintain high levels of personal hygiene. Chubby guys should put hygiene above everything else. A scruffy look with messy hair can look stylish on a skinny guy but it may look scruffy and dirty in the real sense on a fat guy.

In fact, poor hygiene may be mistaken as a sign of depression and a grumpy attitude. Some of the key things to watch out for are nose hair, excessive body hair, droopy eyes, scruffy hairstyles and an overall unkempt look.

3) Good body language is critical for an overweight body

Poor body language on a guy with an athletic body will probably do less harm than poor body language on a guy with a chubby body. While this may sound harsh, guys with a slight bulge in their bodies should take advantage of this tip and maintain a great body language.

Some of the key things to watch out for include carrying a great posture, smiling, using deliberate hand movements while speaking and maintaining a positive body language in general. A bad body language on an overweight body is like adding fuel to fire.

4) Fun personality beats any body type

No amount of bone, muscle or fat can beat a fun and impressive personality when it comes to impressing a girl. A guy with a muscular and athletic body could very well be turning off girls with his annoying attitude while a chubby guy could be wooing the fairer sex with his fun personality. A man does not win a woman's heart by building a rock solid body. He wins her over with his fun-loving personality, great attitude and of course, a tad bit of chivalry.

5) Chubby and fat guys should be comfortable with their bodies

There was once a time when fat and chubby bodies on men were seen as a sign of prosperity. Of course, we have evolved over centuries since then and now we know the health benefits of being in shape.

Movies and magazines have defined bodies of the likes of David Beckham and Hugh Jackman as the epitome of male sexiness. However just like every girl can't have a body like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Kaley Cuoco, guys must realize that all girls don't expect their boyfriends or partners to have ripped bodies.

Girls will fall head over heels even for a guy who is bulging a bit if he is comfortable in his own skin. This level of comfort is clearly visible from the way a man walks and talks. Comfort in one's own skin, is definitely a big attraction for the opposite sex.

6) Tip for chubby guys: Show that you care and stay healthy

A girl may not avoid going on a date with a guy just because he is chubby or slightly overweight. But his lax attitude over fitness and health in general could put her off in the long run. No one on the face of this planet is perfect, but we all strive to be better every day. Once you start going out with a girl, the least you could do is start showing that you care about her by looking good for her.

If this means hitting the gym for a couple of days during the week, so be it. If this means cutting back on the junk food that you have every day, so be it. If this mean living a healthier than what you used to, so be it. Once you show your woman that you strive to be the best you can, she will find you hot and sexy regardless of your body type.

Note: I recommend living a healthy lifestyle including maintaining a good diet and fitness regime. If you have any physical or psychological weight-related issues, it is best to seek professional help.


Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on September 18, 2012:


Have you read the many hubs that put down fat women? It is ironic that women have the good sense to value fat men who are good, but many men downsize fat women whether they are good or bad. People like Monique had to bring some dignity to fat women. Now, I know that a lot of men are married to fat women, and many of them love their wives immensely. It is just that too many men fatmouth about fat women as if they are all skinny.

I must admit that fat men are more comfortable with themselves than fat women. Women dye their hair as soon a they see a white strand. They do all kinds of fake body things because they are brainwashed about their bodies. Look at what anorexic women are doing to themselves! I have heard of husbands paying big bucks to have their women altered--breast, butt, thigh implants. That is mutilation, and we call some Africans cruel for mutilating their women. The difference is that so-called civilized men mutilate their women more. I would like to see men give more respect to big girls. It is only a decent thing to do.

tom hellert from home on May 28, 2012:


either you are blind or high... The world does not give "bigger boned guys" a break no matter how you stand, what lifestyle you portray. Being funny does not mean a "hill of beans" all it can do is make your thin friends seem more attractive- "chubby-fat big boned guys" are not nor will they ever be desirable by women NEVER.. it's a big freaking lie- why do you see the fat funny guy with the skinny hot chick on TV LET ME ENlIGHTEN You... BIG giys have to be funny to get any attention from women- it is the only option we have.. funny and insightful and caring otherwise we would get NO ATTENTION AT ALl...anyone who thinks bigger guys get a pass because they are men... is living a bigger lie-chicks will laugh "with us till they cry and nearly pee their pants .." but ask for a date or lets just go out one night to a movie... and their smile dropps off their face and a nervous look followed by a lame excuse and a coolie cutter line- "I don't have time , im trying to concentrate on XyZ and don't have time for anything right now" all the comedy does is gain you an easier let down and a look of sincere regret that the female is "too busy".

I agree with points 1&2. Points 3-6 are just only slightly to extreme BS... sorry baby but i gotta call em as I see em....yet let me say guys "in general" are no more superficial or less superficial then women, so I am not saying we are in anyway better than women- on that point it just seems men might be too full of huberous or too stupid to hide it. on that point i can expand but-i have already gone to long....


Contrice on May 28, 2012:

I think the question should be "do men like fat girls" I think the media protrays larger women as unattractive people who struggle to find relationships. Women are constantly faced with the image of beauty that is very difficult to live up too and I think it is less for men. Look at the show King of Queens (one of my absolute favorites) but you have this chubby guy with a slender beauty on his arm...when is the last time you've seen a chubby woman on T.V. happily married to a man with 6 pack abs and ripped arms?

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 28, 2012:

You made many good points in this hub, and I agree with your views.

hi friend from India on May 28, 2012:

great hub

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