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Dating Filipino Men

Updated on September 19, 2017
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The author is a digital marketer, content creator and law student from Manila, Philippines.

Is the man of your dreams a Filipino?

A Filipino man wearing an embroidered Barong Tagalog, the formal shirt common at Filipino weddings.
A Filipino man wearing an embroidered Barong Tagalog, the formal shirt common at Filipino weddings. | Source

Men from the Philippines are often referred to as Pinoy or Filipino. Indeed, Filipino men are in a class of their own. Often seen as thoughtful, sensitive, romantic, and sweet—though of course these are generalizations, some Filipino men can be discriminating and choosy, but any woman—non-Filipino or otherwise—who is confident in herself will not have difficulty snagging herself the Filipino dream guy.

Men bring a bit of their culture with them wherever they go, so whether you are a foreign woman living in the Philippines, or you are dating a Filipino man elsewhere in the world, you would to learn what makes is the easiest way to make him fall for you and what make him unique.

The Typical Filipino Men

The Romantic
The Cool Hunk
The Geek
Will remember your birthday
Handsome, savvy about women
Serious about work or studies
Brings gifts
Brags about his attractiveness
Sets high goals for himself
Might propose before first anniversary
Fun, but commitment-shy
Choosy about women
The Master Chicker
The Mama's Boy
Mr. Dependent
Not monogamous
Follows his mother's advice about women
Lives with parents
Not interested in a serious relationship
Great date but difficult long-term partner
Not necessarily immature

Mr. Romantic

Romantic types may seem few and far between, but this breed of Filipino man does still exist. He is the kind of guy who remembers the special days in your life, brings gifts, and treats you like a princess. Expect Mr. Romantic to be there for you at all times. He can be cheesy or mushy at times, but that's just him showing his true romantic side.

Simply enjoy and return the sentiment. However, if you don't plan on getting serious, try not to lead him on or keep him dangling. Make it clear to him that you are not looking to settle down. Otherwise he might propose before you have even celebrated your first anniversary.

The Cool Hunk

He is often attractive, savvy, and slick with the girls, but if you are wise you will be careful and not fall for his charms. He often brags about his magnetic personality and, indeed, women are drawn to him naturally. He generally takes care of himself by going to the gym and wearing hip clothing. He is the life of the party and is aware of his effect on women.

If you don't want your heart to be broken or if you are looking for a real keeper, better not to touch the Cool Hunk with a ten-foot poll. He can be fun, but a long term relationship is simply not what he's looking for right now. If you want great eye-candy, then enjoy him as a date, but that's it. Proceed with caution.

The Geek

He may not look like the over-hyped geek on reality shows, but there are Filipino geeks. They can even be hot in a geeky way. Intelligent-looking guys have a special allure that draws certain women. A geek can be serious, and he might seem to be more interested in his studies or career, but scratch beneath the surface and you might find a real gem.

This kind of guy loves a good intellectual discussion and you better be up to the challenge. He also loves setting high goals for himself, in school or in his career. He may be intensely tied-up with work or pursuing his masters or doctoral degree.

A geek can be quite a handful. If you are looking for engaging company, they may never run out of conversation topics. Since they work with their brains all day, you need to be on your toes. Make sure that you have enough between the ears to at least match his intellect. Mr. Geek can be quite choosy about women.

The Master Chicker

This guy is a modern Casanova and would like to maintain his image for a long time. He simply loves women and monogamy is not in his vocabulary. Most Master Chickers can't stand to be in a serious relationship. For them, love is a game of hunting and chasing. This may go on even into middle age. Don't get too close. You risk losing your mind and heart.

The Mama's Boy

There are good things and bad things about the Mama's Boy type. The good is that, being close t the mother may mean that he can be emotionally sensitive. One the bad side, these types may follow what their Mamas tell them, including who to date and when. Worst, they might be so fixated with the image of their moms that they are inclined to look for the same qualities in their potential dates, and that means you. If you think you don't live up to these exacting boy's standards, you might want to pass. You need not worry much, if you're not interested in marriage though. There is nothing wrong with adoring the mother, but it's a different story if a man lets her dictate everything in his life when he is already a full-grown adult. Think twice if you really think this is the guy you want to be with.

Mr. Dependent

There are many Filipino men, even bachelors that may still continue to live with their parents. This may come as a shock for those in the West, but that's how it often works in the Philippines. Extended families are common and a guy may still be with his folks until he is well into his 30s or until he marries. This does not mean that the guy that you are dating is still a baby though, that is just how it is in these parts. Seen reasons for this practice is the practicality of living, while some may simply have no other choice because they may also want to look after their aging folks.

If you are a foreign woman in the Philippines looking for a Filipino man to go out with, it will help you to know that the local dating scene is very dynamic and colorful. With the proliferation of social networks and mobile phones, dating sites and opportunities to meet singles abound. If you are lucky, you might even stumble upon a speed dating event organized by a local group. If you have Filipino friends, they can increase your chances of meeting an eligible man. Ask them to play cupid and set you up on a blind date. A non-Filipino woman trying to look for her Filipino dream date will not run out of options.

On the other hand, if you are in the capital city on a business trip and hardly know anyone, do not fret. There are many bars in the city, specifically in the business districts area of Makati, Ortigas, and even the Global City, with great places to meet new people. Most Filipino men are friendly and will strike a conversation with a lone foreign woman. Use your judgement, however, and do not immediately trust anyone who is too friendly.

Filipino Man + Foreign Woman

Finding a great Filipino date can be easy for a foreign woman. Despite background differences, an interracial relationship can prosper, since many Filipino guys are open to the idea of dating women from a different race or culture. When you find a Filipino man you like, just make sure you know how to deal with him!

Your Filipino Date

Have you dated Filipino men? Was your date romantic, geeky, or a mama's boy?

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      pinoyguy 4 weeks ago

      check my IG : Geeneric

    • profile image

      Coral Mcgill 3 months ago

      Dated a Filipino man and was everything I could of asked for unroll he left me and went back to the Philippines, and his wife. Would love to date another Filipino man and be happy.

    • profile image

      Doreentapales 4 months ago

      hello I'm Doreen single from Philippines working in hongkong I'm simple.honest and good attitude!fined good honest man...godbless

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      Leimaiden julve 9 months ago

      Hi,m looking good and honest man here someone to talk. Just add me on my fb leimaiden julve. Ki hope i can find good man.

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      judith alicaway 16 months ago


    • profile image

      Martin 18 months ago

      very accurate. I am a Filipino

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 2 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hi Rey. I guess you are on the wrong forum.

    • profile image

      rey 2 years ago

      Hello, I'm looking for a woman that can accept me and help me not only finacially but also emotionally +639105764117

    • profile image

      Abby 2 years ago

      Pretty good :)

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      dudzkie 2 years ago

      Hi im looking for my lifetime partner who will accept and love me for what i am who can help me send me email

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 2 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hi Bry! Thank you! I hope you have a merry holidays!

    • profile image

      bry 2 years ago

      you got it all right :)

    • frewty55 profile image

      frewty55 3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I am a straight Canadian older man who has an older but beautiful Filipino stylish slender gf who waits for me to come there... she says that she wants a child since she is older and worried time will pass... I very much want to help... but i am older and not see her for a few months... she only has had 2 men in her life but no child... she wants to find a man on the street to gain experience but there is worry for her safety... she is willing and able and asked me to help her connect with men who will not hurt her... she wants nothing but respect her for her choice... it is still risky here I know, but better than the street... I hope to find a man for her for no commitment but to help her before she gets too old... please email me and i will enable her to connect with her in Manila... my email is ... neither of us want any money except perhaps for her to travel to meet... thanks Rob

    • profile image

      elly 4 years ago

      hi there just wanted to see for a girl for friendship or more.

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 5 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hi Michael. Well, these things exist in other racial backgrounds as well, only in varying degrees. Poverty is one reason behind it , another is the value system of a person. However it would not be fair to single out any race as having a monopoly of this habit. Some people do it and what can we do about it? Perhaps help improve the standard of living of the country so no one will have resort to that. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Michael 5 years ago

      no offense but theres something you should know. pinoy are gold digger. hope you noticed if not then find out. i love my country but the people sorry to say.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 5 years ago from Manila

      Great article! Although, the stereotypes you've mention usually applies to all men, not only to us Filipinos. :)

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 5 years ago from Pilipinas

      Thanks Jakobah!

    • profile image

      Jakobah 5 years ago

      Very true! Great writing.