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5 Signs She's Into You: A Quick Guide

Can you tell she's into you?

Can you tell she's into you?

I've been asked by at least five people the same question over and over: How can I tell a girl likes me? I thought y'all were a little better at figuring out these clues by now, but I guess not. Here, I detail five ways you can tell a girl is all about you.

My tips work under the assumption that you already know her – this advice isn't any good for men just trying to figure out if the Hooters waitress thinks they're cute. This is for men who’ve already met the woman they’re trying to figure out.

1. She Initiates DMs, Texts, and Phone Calls for No Reason

In other words, she’s not direct messaging you memes, texting you about your day, or calling to find out if you can fix her car. She’s calling just to chat – this is the sign of someone who’s interested in you.

Tip: There is such a thing as a platonic friendship, so if she’s chatting away like you’re one of the girls, this is NOT a sign she’s into you. But it's also not a deal breaker.

Is she texting you. . . a lot? She's likely into you.

Is she texting you. . . a lot? She's likely into you.

2. She “Fixes” You Up

No, not with other women. I mean fix up your looks. If she straightens your tie, unbuttons a button, straightens your hair a bit – these are strong indications she’s into you. And even if she’s not in love with you, she’s likely very attracted to you.

Tip: If she does that thing where she licks her thumb and then wipes crud off your face (you know, like Grandma used to do) this probably isn't a woman you want to be into you.

3. She Asks Questions About Your Family and Your Past

Women like to hear about their man’s childhood and family experiences because it makes them feel closer to him. If she’s asking what life was like in your home, that means she wants to get to know you – and what made you the way you are today. Women don’t do this randomly. If she’s asking, she’s into you.

Tip: If she’s asking these kinds of questions and you don’t want to answer them, be careful about how you refuse. If you’re too stern she’ll take that to mean you don’t trust her or don't want to be friends.

4. She Touches You

This can take nearly any form. Does she bump into you a lot? Unless you’re deliberately walking into her, that’s a sign she likes being very close to you – this is not something people do unless they’re interested. It’s probably not conscious, but it’s real all the same. Does she slap you playfully? Does she rest a hand on your arm, shoulder, etc., even for a few seconds? Women who aren’t into a man are very careful to avoid this kind of thing. If she’s doing it, she’s into you.

Tip: If you want to test this, casually step away and see if she moves toward you. Just make sure you're subtle, or she'll think something is up.

5. Another Woman Tells You So

The easiest way to tell if a hottie is into you is to ask another woman. We have a built-in radar for this kind of thing, and it’s just never wrong. Seriously. Arrange some kind of meeting – coffee, perhaps – with you, the hottie, and a female friend of yours. By the end of the "date" you’ll have your answer.

Tip: Be sure the hottie knows the extra female is just a friend, otherwise that’ll be you sending mixed signals.

Obviously, these are just a few of the many ways you can tell if she’s into you. You might not see them all with one woman, but if you see one, there’s a good chance she likes you, likes you.