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200 Dating Site/App Username Ideas to Get You Noticed

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Username Ideas for Modern Dating (for Men and Women)

Username Ideas for Modern Dating (for Men and Women)

List of Good Usernames for Online Dating Sites

What's in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell a sweet. Ok, times have changed, and now that we're into online dating and mobile dating apps, a username or profile name says it all. It can be the difference between a match or no match, a date or no date.

When it comes to choosing a username, more has to go into it than you may think. You want it to be accurate and you don't want it to be misinterpreted. So, what are the top dating sites that we are after? According to and

Top 10 Dating Sites

  1. Match (25 million users)
  2. PlentyOfFish (23 million users)
  3. Zoosk (11.5 million)
  4. OkCupid (10 million)
  5. eHarmony (7 million)
  6. Badoo (6 million)
  7. ChristianMingle 5.5 million)
  8. OurTime (3.5 million)
  9. DateHookup (3 million)
  10. BlackPeopleMeet (1.2 million)

Top 10 Best Dating Apps

  1. Tinder
  2. Facebook Dating
  3. eHarmony
  4. Grindr
  5. OkCupid
  6. Ship
  7. CoffeeMeetsBagel
  8. Hinge
  9. Raya
  10. Match
Pick Something Memorable

Pick Something Memorable

4 Tips for Choosing a Name

1. Be True to You

So it might be nice to describe yourself as a PhD or a full-time actor, but if you're still an undergraduate student or are an aspiring actor, you may be leaving your future dates disappointment. This too, and if you imply that you're an avid gym goer but your membership has been unused for 4 months, you're definitely being misleading. When choosing a name, make sure it suits your personality, lifestyle, religion, orientation, etc.

2. Be Age-Appropriate

I mean this loosely. If you're a young guy looking for an older woman, that's one thing. But if you're a single father looking for a mature woman, you might want to pass on names that imply you're a millennial. Skip the "AvocadoToastfor2" and consider something more serious like, "GrowYoungWithMe" (a play on "grow old with me").

3. Don't Be Offensive

So some humor is totally legitimate and will get you noticed by the right person . . . like using "CrazyCatLady" might just attract another cat lover. But be tasteful. For instance, "HotGirlsOnly" makes you sound shallow and probably not so nice. Humor around skin color, religion, orientation, and more—unless you represent that group—is unacceptable.

4. Personalize It

It's absolutely okay to choose a somewhat generic name . . . simply modify it. For instance, we can use the phrase "grown," mention your place of origin, and add your nickname. For example, Tyler from Texas could be "TexasGrownTy." Or perhaps Shelly is a dancer: DanceDanceShelly.

Dating site name ideas for men.

Dating site name ideas for men.

Confident Dating Profile Usernames for Men

  • LetsHittheRoad: Love road tripping and exploring the outdoors? Find your partner in crime.
  • GourmetFoodie: Or consider "TheGourmetChef" if you're into cooking and dining out.
  • LifeoftheParty: This is a great name for someone who likes to have a good time with friends and who enjoys socializing.
  • DapperDeveloper: Do you look good and work in IT?
  • ThatGymGuy: You have a little humor and know how to keep it light . . . but not when it comes to the gym.
  • SundayCruise: If you're into sailing, motorcycles, bikes, or driving nice cars . . . this is a great choice.
  • LiveforArt: A good choice for musicians, artists, writers, and those with a taste for the fine arts.
  • Techie[Name]: TechieBret, for example, would work well for someone who is serious about their CS background. It also helps to communicate a lifestyle.
  • ImMrRight: Generic but effective. Consider adding your initials for flair.
  • ChivalryIsNotDead: Communicates that you are all about tradition, manners, and sweeping your lover off their feet.
  • HealthforLife: For someone into diet and fitness and living healthy.
  • AlwaysFit: Another great idea for a gym-goer.
  • GlobeTrot[Name]: You love to travel, so personalize it; e.g. GlobeTrotTom or GlobeTrottingTom
  • LuxuryLiving: You're all about the finer things in life.
  • ThatGoodLife: You're young, hip, and like to live it up.
  • PoetandPen: Great for a writer or a bookworm.
  • [Location]Grown: OregonGrown, OaklandGrown, PhillyGrown, SierraGrown—if you're proud of where you're from, consider this.
  • SurfSunWaves or ChasingPowder: Good for the outdoorsy type. Or, if skiing or snowboarding is your hobby, consider SnowGoer[Initials]
  • TechJedi: Maybe you're a little nerdy—someone out there finds that sexy.
  • IndieFilmist: You're into the visual arts.
  • Love2Jam: Good for a musician seeking other musicians.
  • Love2Travel: Great for attracting other globetrotting types; personalize with initials.
  • FashionForward: Consider adding your initials here. Maybe you're looking for someone just as stylish as you are.
  • TheFastLane: You like to live life to the fullest.
  • Passion4Life: You're a passionate person and you bring that into your love life.
  • LivinginMusic: Perfect for the serious musician.
  • KeepItHip: Good for the millennial hipster.
  • DevotedMan[Initials]: DevotedManSam would be good for someone who is religious and committed.
  • LiveinTruth: A good choice for someone whose religion is important to them.
  • MindOverMatter: You're deep and spiritual.
  • CoffeeChat[Initials]: CoffeeChatJay, you like to keep things informal and simple and value good conversation.
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Creative ideas for men.

Creative ideas for men.

Romantic Username Ideas

  • TallDarkHandsome: Generic and yet again, effective. Who's not into tall, dark, and handsome . . . really?
  • OnceInaLifetime: Sounds like you're a hopeless romantic!
  • ThoughtfulnFun: This is a great one, it communicates that you're sensitive.
  • LivefortheMoment: For someone social and fun.
  • WishingandHoping: A great choice for someone who believes in true love.
  • DarlingItsYou: A classic sounding name.
  • ChasingSunsets: Whether you're a sailor or just love a good bottle of wine on the beach.
  • TheRomancer: To the point.
  • ComeAwayWithMe: A classic . . . for the true romantic.
  • StealMyHeart: This is attractive to people who are all about vulnerability.
  • HopefulRomantic: You are all about romance and you are also a believer in true love.
  • SpeakFromtheHeart: You believe in honesty, trust, and all things that make a good relationship.
  • TheWorldIsYourOyster: You believe in possbility.
  • KissMeImYours: You're all about love. If you're Irish, consider "KissMeImIrish."
  • LetsGetMarried: Too much? No, you're just waiting for that perfect "JustSayYes" someone.
  • LetsDance: All dance styles apply.
  • BeMyQueen: You're looking to treat your future partner like the queen (or king) that they are.
  • DearTwinFlame: You believe that that special someone is out there.
  • OpenHeart[Initials]: "OpenHeartKB" is great for anyone simply looking for love.
  • LuckyinLove: You're a hopeless romantic and you believe in finding your soulmate.
  • LetsGetLostinLove: Perfect for someone who is willing to give it all.
  • BeMyDate: Cute, simple, and sweet.
  • MagicMan: Like the song by the band "Heart" . . .
  • LetsSayYes: You are looking for someone who is willing to get serious.
  • BlueEyed[Hobby]: Consider "BlueEyedBiker" or similar if you're into road biking or motorcycles. We can all get lost in some blue eyes.
  • YouMeAndtheWorld: You are open to all possibilites.
  • MrMoonlight: Reminds us of the Beatles song.
  • WhatsInaName: Mysterious and Shakespearean.
  • AreYoutheOne: You believe in that special someone.
  • LonesomeCowboy: Oooh, a little mystery and a little romance.
Ideas for Men

Ideas for Men

Name Ideas for Mature Men Dating Online

  • SomethingSerious: Sounds like you're ready to find the one.
  • LifeConnoisseur: For someone with good taste and good life experience.
  • LetsGetAway: Implies you might be retired and/or enjoy traveling when the opportunity strikes.
  • SoberforLove: Great if you live a sober life and want a partner who does the same.
  • WaltzYouAway: This one's all about romance!
  • VIPLover: Chances are you might actually be a VIP and you also love to love.
  • DeepConnection: You're not into the casual dating scene.
  • YourCaptain: Consider adding your initials to personalize it. This communicates that you're not afraid to lead.
  • CougarLover: Maybe you're young and love mature women or maybe you're a silver fox yourself and love cougars . . .
  • FiftyShadesofLove: We all know this means "get ready for a whirlwind of love."
  • SailAwayWithMe: Perfect for someone who also enjoys chasing sunsets.
  • SomeonetoLeanOn: You are looking for the real deal and a life partner to depend on.
  • YoungHipDad: You're looking for a youthful yet mature partner and you're a parent.
  • [Location]Lover: Consider abbreviations, too. Simple and effective, e.g. ManhattanLover, SanFranLover; SleeplessSeattleGuy
  • WaltzYoutotheMoon: Sweep your lover off their feet.
  • RollinginDough: You are either into baking/cooking or you really want your future date to know you have money . . . so that you both can be indulgent together.
  • Surgeon[Name]: If you're a surgeon and want to use your status as a selling point, keep it simple: SurgeonStanley.
Confidence can be sexy.

Confidence can be sexy.

Fun Dating Site Username Ideas

  • MrWrong: Perfect for attracting your naughty counterpart.
  • DareDevil: Great for attracting another adventurer.
  • NotVanilla: This says it all.
  • TheBigFish: Maybe you're a little cocky, a little arrogant—and there's bound to be someone who is all about that confidence.
  • JustaWeekend: You are casual and just looking for a fling
  • CallMeMaybe: Not too serious and not too goofy.
  • AvocadoToastfor2: Millenial status revealed!
  • SkinnyDipper: Okay, so you're the first of your friends to take a dare.
  • MustLoveCats: There's a crazy cat lady out there for you.
  • MustLoveDogs: There's someone out there just waiting to introduce their 4 dogs to your 3.
  • EatSleepFootball: Okay, you require a partner who does the same.
  • 5oClockSomewhere: Maybe you'll find someone in the same time zone who also loves the 5 o'clock hour.
  • DoctorofLove: Maybe you're a doctor or a surgeon and maybe you take love seriously.
  • JustSayYouDo: Kind of pushing serious, but also comical and laid back.
  • CasualLover: You like to keep it simple.
  • NuckingFutz: You are looking for someone just as crazy as you are.
  • GotSwag: Perhaps you're into fashion and know how to rock it.
  • ReadyforAnything: You're open to all possibilities.
  • LetsGotoVegas: You have a good sense of humor.
  • PillowTalk: Not so subtle but does the job.
  • BabyFace[Initials]: A lot of people like well-groomed facial hair . . . but some simply like a baby face.
  • ImYourHomeRun: A little flirtatious, a little naughty, a little innocent.
  • LetMeLoveYou: Implies that you are all about giving a partner what they want.
  • WhatsYourSign: Add initials or a number to the end of this to make it pop . . . or alter the spelling. This is good for people who are all about astrology.
  • [Sign]Lover: Maybe you are, for instance, a Scorpio "ScorpioLover" or maybe you love Aries, "AriesLover." Make it what you want; consider alternating the spelling, too (e.g. luver)—"YourAriesLover" or "ReadyforaScorpio" or "ScorpiosOnly" etc.
  • LetsGetWild: You like casual relationships and just want to have fun.
  • MamasBoy: Or MamasMan . . . okay, so you want your future date to know you are all about family.
  • ILive4Coffee: You really, really like your coffee.
Dating site name ideas for women.

Dating site name ideas for women.

List of Good Dating Site Usernames for Females

  • SpeakFromtheArt: You're all about art, maybe you're an artists, or you like to get down with the art scene.
  • CoffeeNCuddles: You want to meet someone just as cute as you . . . who also needs coffee in the morning.
  • FootballSundays[Initials]: FootballSundaysKT . . . you know how to hang with the guys.
  • WineandDine: Make it easy for them, but not that easy. You like the finer things and a good meal.
  • FollowtheSun: You're light-hearted and enjoy a good time.
  • AdventureJunkie: You are looking for someone who can keep you on your toes.
  • ImYourMelody: Maybe you're a musician or musical in general—find a concert-goer or fellow musician or singer.
  • GardensnRoses: You love nature and being out in the sunshine.
  • NeverBored: You enjoy good conversation and trying new things.
  • LetsGoDancing: You enjoy salsa or swing or just having a good time on the dance floor.
  • VoluptuousVegan: Veganism is important to you.
  • PolyLover: You're polyamorous and are looking to share your love.
  • GlamBabe[Initials]: They should know you take glam seriously, and you're serious about how long you take to get ready.
  • DoYouTravel: You're a conversation starter.
  • AlwaysSunshine: You're a positive person and you enjoy other positive-minded individuals.
  • ClassyandCute: You're cute, you're classy, you know what you're worth.
  • GetintheGroove: You're cool, you're hip, you are looking for your counterpart.
  • OutdoorsWoman: You can take care of yourself and are looking for a partner who is just as self-reliant.
  • LuxuryLover: Great for someone with fine taste.
  • JetSetter: A good choice for someone who is all about seeing the world; personalize with initials.
  • BedazzleMe: You want someone who will go to great lengths to impress you.
  • ForeverFreeSpirit: Maybe you like to hop down the coast traveling in a surf van or to dance the night away . . .
  • DareDeville: Perfect for someone who is into trying anything.
  • BeautyQueen: Watch out, former beauty queen or diva coming your way.
  • PinotPleasure: Perhaps you're a foodie and enjoy a good glass of wine.
  • CulturedCullinary: Another great option for the foodie.
  • OceanEyes: Do you have pretty eyes that people tend to get lost in?
  • WanderLust[Initials]: This word is an eye-catcher. Add your initials to personalize it.
  • SimplyLovely: Maybe you have a kind heart and are looking for that kind-hearted someone.
  • GourmetGal: You're all about fine dining.
  • NaughtyGamer[Initials]: You either love gaming and you don't play by the rules or you love to play games in love.
  • LetsGetaBeer: You like beer and you are looking for a partner that can hop craft breweries with you. Altnerate: "MustLoveBeer."
  • JustLivingLife: You keep it real.
  • KindandSunny: You have a sunny personality and you're all about being mellow and kind.
  • BeautyandBrains: You're confident and you know you're the total package.
  • LovestoBake: You enjoying baking and indulging in good foods.
  • MustLoveDogs: Perhaps you're not a cat person (cat allergy?) and you need to make that clear.
  • MustLoveCats: Your cats come first, always.
  • PhD[Name]: PhDPatty, don't be afraid to show off your smarts and accomplishments.
  • Creatively[Name]: CreativelyCarol implies you do something expressive as a hobby or for work.
Name ideas for women.

Name ideas for women.

Romantic Username Ideas

  • LovetoLoveYou: We understand that you're all about that romance and you're open to love.
  • WalkinthePark: You enjoy the simple things in life.
  • FollowYourHeart: You're in it to win it, and you were your heart on your sleeve.
  • SweepMeOffMyFeet: Challenge taken! You want a lover who knows how to impress.
  • BringingtheHeat: You're fun and flirty and you want a partner that can handle all of you.
  • LovestoCuddle: You like affection and cute, little moments.
  • LongWalks: Great for someone looking for companionship and good conversation.
  • DestinedforYou: You believe in destiny.
  • HeadOverHeels: Cute and sassy—you go all in when it comes to love.
  • LetsTakeaChance: Perfect for someone who enjoys the thrill of love.
  • TruetoHeart: You don't play games in love.
Ideas for Adults

Ideas for Adults

Fun Dating App Username Ideas

  • ChocolateKisses: Sounds delicious, just like you.
  • LoveorBust: You mean business! You're here for the right reasons.
  • SweetTooth: You like to indulge . . . and the same goes for when you're in love.
  • OhSilverFox: You love a mature lover with a good head of hair.
  • LiveforGluten: You're not into dieting and you like beer. Your date should know that or there will be some serious problems.
  • PutaRingonIt: You are ready for marriage now. No really.
  • NoDramaMama: You like to keep it simple and you're super laid back. This can be good for single mothers.
  • BrunettesHaveMoreFun: They might even have more fun than blondes with those lucious locks.
  • BlondesHaveMoreFun: That argument is up to you.
  • CocoaKisses: So much to interpret, so much to enjoy.
  • BeachBunny: Your wardrobe primarily consists of bikinis and your weekend involves the beach.
  • Ima10: You're hot, plain and simple.
  • InYourDreams: We know you are hot stuff and you like to make a suitor work for it.
  • YourCrazyCatLady: Just putting it like it is! Serious cat lover's only.
  • UnderMySpell: Lovers beware! You know how to make them fall.
  • KissMyLips: You love to romance and you aren't afraid to say it.
  • YourFavoriteFlavor: You are a catch.
  • CoveredinChocolate: Super flirty, super sensual.
  • BigSpoon: You like to be the big spoon and you also have a big personality.
  • Bombshell[Name]: BombshellBrandi or similar will take someone's attention.
  • YourMainSqueeze: Good for someone who wants to get serious fast.
  • BubbleBath[Name]: BubbleBathBetty or similar is good for someone who is comfortable with their sensuality and self care.
  • CaliforniaGrown: You can substitute other locations for this if you're proud of where you're from.
  • LetsGoOut: You're not afraid to take the lead in dating.
  • TinyCutie: Petit and super cute? Strong selling points.
  • DearSweetie: You don't hold back when it comes to love.
  • BrainyBabe: Flirty but also emphasizes your smarts and intelligence.
Dating Profile Ideas

Dating Profile Ideas

Name Ideas for Mature Women Dating

  • LovetoLaugh: You're all about having a good time and enjoy socializing.
  • HappyGoLucky: Your heart is open and you're ready to live life to the fullest.
  • YoungatHeart: Simply that—you're young at heart!
  • PartnerinCrime: You want to have some fun and you're looking for someone who isn't afraid to live it up.
  • JustLovely: Classy, kind, considerate—you might just be someone's dream come true.
  • PermanentVacation: Perfect for someone who doesn't take life too seriously and might be retired.
  • AlwaysFun: You are here to enjoy dating and want to keep it light and easy.
  • GoodCompany: You're a great conversationalist and looking for a companion.
  • TheMomtoMeet: A solid choice for a parent who is looking to find a mature partner.
  • PerfectUnion: Perhaps you're religious and are looking for a religious partner who is more into tradition.
  • AlwaysandForever: A classic spin on a romantic oldies song.

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