Dating a Homeless Man

Updated on March 8, 2018

When I first met my boyfriend we had an instant connection. We enjoyed spending time together and we were always laughing. Soon after meeting him I found out he was unemployed and had been homeless for about 9 months, it completely shocked me. My first instinct was to run, with no income and no home I thought it would be very hard to have a relationship. But I was very interested in him and hadn't been around someone that made me feel that great in along time. So we kept spending time together, eventually we began a relationship.

His story intrigued me. He was adopted into a wealthy family as a baby but was kicked out on his 18th birthday. He lived in his car but unfortunately got in a crash and totaled the car. He stayed with many different friends who provided him with enough food to get by. In the 9 months since he had been kicked out he had lost 40 pounds. Of course this was alarming to me and I immediately started giving him food and helping him with other things. One day he met a very nice older lady who somehow knew of his story and told him she wanted to help him. She started letting him stay with her if he had nowhere to go, but she soon took him in. She wasn't very well off herself but she treated him like her own son working two jobs to provide food and keep the home she had.

Between staying at her house and mine his life seemed to be turning around. He knew he had a warm place to sleep everynight and food to eat. His family saw him every once in a while but still offered him no help. Still being unemployed our relationship hit some very tough spots. I had a job but between paying for my needs and his I began facing money troubles myself. But in a small town and in this economy it was very hard for him to find a job. Even though I had to support him I felt it was worth it because of the feelings I felt for him. He made me happy and treated me better than anyone ever has. He still hasn't found a job but he is looking for one. With much help he is still getting by. He is very determined to pay back everyone who has helped him through his rough times.

Before this relationship I will admit I was pretty shallow. I wanted the dream guy that would support me, take care of me and shower me with gifts. But meeting my boyfriend showed me that material objects really isn't the most important things in life. I learned having a wonderful relationship can make a person much happier than money can buy.


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      16 months ago

      I would never

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      16 months ago

      Thank you tor this. I recently met someone who I fell for, and he told me afterwardd that he is homeless. I met him while I was on vacation, we live about 4 to 5 hours away and neither has a car. I was thinking about moving there before I met him, am still considering it. I created a resume for him and have been emailing him jobs and places to stay, he recently got a job and is working to get out of the shelter. He claims he wants to be together, but it is hard for me to fully believe that. He was very affectionate and verbal about his dreams for us until last week when he asked if we could just be friends until he gets his life together. He said he didn't feel right claiming to be my man but not being able to take care of nor be here for me. I was very hurt, and we spent a couple days going back and forth about it. So now I don't know what the situation is. I am trying to understand where he is coming from. But does his situation negate my needs in a relationship? I don't look at his situation determining whether or not he can love me right or not. I didn't see his situation when I met him...I just saw him...Or maybe I just saw who he wants me to see...I have been taken advantage of by people in similar situations, and sort of know the difference between someone who wants to change and who just wants to make it seem like they do. But it's all frustrating and I don't know what to do either way anymore. I understand that he has to worry about where he is going to sleep at night. But he doesn't seem to want to move here, and I wouldn't move for at least a year. In my mind, love and his situation are two separate things. But he doesn't see that, so I am left to figure out what is the best thing for me. So we shall see I guess.

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      23 months ago

      Wishing all of you women well, as myself, may God bless us tremendously!!

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      7 years ago

      I met my boyfriend at a local rescue mission where he was a client, and he's moved up the ladder to working for them. Though he has no source of income now, I know with his discipline and strong work ethic he will succeed in life. He's gone through some hard stuff and... he's really turned his life around. I can't imagine being with anyone else and our paths never would've crossed if he hadn't been in that life circumstance. Don't be the girl that judges a guy by their wallet and guys, don't judge girls by their looks. Both can change very quickly.

    • Wintermyst profile image


      9 years ago

      I wish you and your boyfriend all the best. I wish him luck in finding a job.


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