Tips on How to Give Compliments to a Woman

Updated on November 28, 2016
A compliment straight from the heart is all it takes to let a girl know how you feel about her. Look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she really is as the both of you enjoy a tender moment.
A compliment straight from the heart is all it takes to let a girl know how you feel about her. Look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she really is as the both of you enjoy a tender moment. | Source

Compliments help break the ice on a date, make a girl blush and can go a long way in making a woman feel good about herself and her looks. This post is a collection of original and unique romantic, quirky, witty, funny, sexy and creative compliments for girls and women. It also gives tips on how to compliment girls in a typical date situation.

How to Compliment Girls: The Art of Making a Woman Feel Good

1) Give your woman a good compliment the very moment you see her. It will get your date off to a good start.

2) Compliments can go from ordinary to special when they are accompanied by a rose or a small gift. If you are going on a date and looking for a way to make your girlfriend fall head over heels for you from the word go, accompany your romantic compliment with a red rose.

3) Look into her eyes when you compliment her. Your eyes will say a lot about how you feel.

4) Carry a nice smile when you compliment her.

5) You can add a romantic touch to your compliment by holding her hand and giving her palm a gentle rub.

6) If it is your first date, use the words 'beautiful', 'stunning', 'pretty' and 'gorgeous' instead of 'hot' and 'sexy'. Remember, there is a fine line between complimenting and indulging in heavy flirting.

7) While giving a compliment, say what you want and then stop speaking. Don't rant. Give her time and space to blush and react to your romantic words.

8) If you really want to impress your girl, make your compliments unique. Cliché compliments that she has heard before may not tingle her senses.

9) Interrupt a conversation, randomly compliment her and tell her how pretty she looks. Once you finish your compliment, ask her to continue the conversation and say something on the lines of 'I am sorry to interrupt you and cut you off like this. But you looked so beautiful, I had to get it off my chest'.

10) Always finish a date with a nice compliment that shows her how much you enjoyed being with her and how much you look forward to seeing her again.

Romantic and Creative One-Liners to Make Her Smile

1) Whoever said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder obviously did not see you.

2) The sexiest quality in a girl is her sense of humor. And boy do you make me roll with laughter or what!

3) You are so pretty, you make beautiful look ugly.

4) Am I really on a date with the prettiest girl in college or am I dreaming? Pinch me, will you?

5) Cupid must be lurking around somewhere because I am falling for you over and over.

6) I love the way you twirl your hair around your finger and give your shoulders that gentle shake when you laugh. It's sexy.

7) You look amazing tonight. Hang on, let me take a picture of you on my iPhone so I can look at it again and again for years to come.

8) I think that the food here tastes better just because you're with me. You look gorgeous today.

9) Do you know that every man in this room is jealous because I have you in my arms?

10) Don't get me wrong but you are so hot that I'm actually breaking in to a sweat.

11) If I had to take up a new job, I'd become your bodyguard so that I can be around the hottest girl in the whole world all the time.

12) You're looking so stunning in that dress that I'll have to close my eyes. Otherwise I may just blind myself or end up staring at you all night long.

13) Do you know who the most beautiful person in this world is? Take a look in that mirror over there and find out!

14) Being with you makes me feel light as a feather, cool as a cat, confident as a cowboy and handsome as Brad Pitt. Be my Jolie will you?

15) As long as we're together, it doesn't really matter where we go out on a date. Because being with you makes me feel as if I'm sitting on a sunny beach, sipping piña colada.

16) There's no other way to say it. You're looking gorgeous, sexy and beautiful.

17) I can do anything you want me to, except for one thing – not break into a smile when I see your beautiful face.

18) I don't care if the stars don't shine tonight because I know that your beautiful eyes will light up my night.

19) You look so good today that I'm going to need a wall to stand against or I might just collapse.

20) Gorgeous is mild, mind blowing is a little bit of an understatement and hot is just not hot enough for you. I will need to improve my vocabulary if I want to compliment you.

21) Going out on a date with you is just so much fun because everyone keeps looking at us. It's like stepping out on the street with the most beautiful woman on the planet.

22) You are a beautiful angel stuck in a human's body. Good for me.

23) Let's not talk for a minute so I can just look at you and etch this beautiful sight in my memory forever.

24) I am not going to tell you how hot you look in that dress because that will be just be a x-rated rant. All I'm going to say is that you look sizzling.

25) Watching you sit there, batting your eyelids is giving me goose bumps all over. Your eyes are a gateway to heaven.

26) Wow, I don't know what to say... Wow, I mean... wow. You look.... Wow!

27) Can I kiss you right here right now? I just can't help but wonder how heavenly it will feel holding the most beautiful woman in my arms and stealing a romantic kiss.

28) I'm not a weirdo nor am I a freak. I'm just giving you a heads up because I just can't stop staring at you. I just can't help it. You look beautiful.

29) How do I compliment you when there is nothing in the whole world even nearly as beautiful as you. What do I compare you with? How can I be creative when you outshine every single thing?

30) I got these roses for you but I guess I'm going to have to take them back. They are not even half as beautiful as you are.

31) Thanks for the best date I've ever had. We should do this often. Being with you makes me forget all the troubles in life.

32) I can't eat my food because I just can't take my eyes of you. You look beautiful today.

33) There is nothing I would want to change about this date except that I wish it would have been longer. I bet I am going to miss looking at your pretty face the moment I say goodbye.

34) You make that dress look sexy. I love you.

35) It feels so romantic sitting across the table from you, holding this glass of wine. It must have been epic moments like these when the likes of Shakespeare penned down Romeo & Juliet.

36) I woke up with a smile today morning because I had been dreaming about this date all week.

37) I wish I had a pair of eyes for everything that is attracting me right now – your eyes, your lips, your smile and everything else that makes you look unbelievably beautiful.

38) This date is exactly like the warm feeling I get when I bit into a gooey, chocolaty donut - so sweet, so comforting so drool worthy!

39) You know what I was thinking right now? That Beautiful should be your middle name.

40) This is the first time I'm feeling nervous on a date. Maybe it's because I can't believe I am on a date with someone who is way out of my league. You are looking amazing tonight.

41) Thank God you don't share an office with me. Otherwise I'd be fired for slacking at work and staring at you all the time.

42) Can you do that again? Yes, the way you run your fingers through your hair. Do it again, because you look stunning.

43) To tell you that you look stunning tonight is an understatement. You look super duper vivacious and sexy.

44) Thanks for a lovely date. It was a pleasure spending time with someone as attractive and intelligent as you are. When can we do it again?

45) The only thing I would never get bored of doing is to keep looking deep into your eyes all day long.

46) Only you could make that boring grey t-shirt look sizzling hot. You're a diva!

47) I love walking into a party or a room full of people with you. You're such a head turner and being with you makes me look attractive too.

48) Pardon my jittery fingers but I get nervous every time I meet you. That's because I just can't think with a straight head when I look at you. You are that pretty!

49) Right now I feel like a rock star, a superstar and a hot hunk. It is you and only you who can make me feel this way. You're special.

50) Do you know that it is difficult to handle walking alongside you on the street? That's because everyone keeps staring at you all the time. I don't blame them though. Look at how pretty you are.


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    • Robwrite profile image


      7 years ago from Oviedo, FL

      Always good to get insight into the mind of the opposite sex.

      Thanks for the advice,



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