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Signs He Likes You Through Body Language

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How to Know If Someone Likes You

It is usually challenging to tell if someone likes you. Most people aren’t direct enough to come right out and say what they mean, so looking for other indirect cues can help. Body language often says just as much, if not more, than our verbal expressions, and a better understanding of body language can help you figure out what people think of you. The following tips may help you figure out whether or not someone likes you.

Many of the actions listed in this article are gender-neutral, but some of them would definitely seem strange if they came from a woman. Women tend to have unique ways of signaling their romantic or sexual interest to others, and these signals can differ from the cues men usually provide.

Remember, even if someone is interested in you, that doesn't mean they are ready to get into a relationship with you. If you like somebody, try encouraging their interactions and responding in kind. If you react neutrally or indifferently, your prospect is likely to think that you aren't interested. If you like something someone does, you can encourage similar actions with a compliment. Communication is the key to developing and maintaining relationships, and most people have their own communication style.

Keep in mind that in addition to nonverbal expressions of romantic interest, many people have a love language that is unique to their circumstances. A love language is a way that people like to express and receive affection and love. Learning about your own style can help you better express your needs and attract a partner.

Signs That He Likes You

  • He Mirrors Your Movements
  • He Smiles When He Looks at You
  • You Catch Him Staring at You
  • He Pays Attention to Your Reactions
  • He Raises His Eyebrows
  • He Says Your Name Frequently
  • He Appears in Places You Frequent
  • He Tries to Be Close to You
  • He Prevents Other Guys From Making Moves on You
  • His Feet Point Towards You
  • He Tries to Impress You
  • He Offers His Jacket to You When You're Cold
  • He Tries to Hold Your Hand
  • He Touches You Whenever He Can
  • He Randomly Plays With Your Hair
  • He Rests His Head on Your Shoulder
  • He Hugs You Often
  • He Gets Nervous Around You
  • He Adjusts His Crotch
  • He Starts Grooming His Hair
  • He Acts More Confident
  • He Tries to Get Your Attention
  • He Talks to You Often
  • He Tries to Spend Lots of Time With You
  • He Tells You He Likes You
He laughs when you laugh.

He laughs when you laugh.

Six Signs a Guy Has Noticed You

A guy who likes you will be very aware of your presence, and you may notice him noticing you. He will typically glance in your direction, smile at you, and try not to stare. He may also laugh at your jokes, pay close attention to what you say, and consciously or unconsciously mimic your movements.

1. He Mirrors Your Movements

One of the key things to look for is synchronicity. It is a major plus when the two of you are amused by or interested in the same things. When you drink from a glass, he will drink from his own. If you cross your leg, he'll have his leg crossed. If you both have your legs stretched out, you're both wearing similar clothes, similar colors, or you both have the same posture, then these are all good signs that he's noticing things about you.

2. He Smiles When He Looks at You

Of course, men can smile and act friendly in general, but if he has an extra grin for you that he doesn't display to other people, he's probably attracted to you.

3. You Catch Him Staring at You

This is a pretty obvious sign that a guy is interested. Once I decided to run outside in the rain with one of my friends because I was feeling overwhelmed at a party. This was a totally insane thing to do, and as I was passing a window, I definitely saw a pair of eyes fascinated by my spur-of-the-moment workout.

4. He Observes Your Reactions

If he looks to you to see if you caught something strange in a group setting, or if he studies your response to things, then he wants to be on the same wavelength as you. Whether or not he believes in ESP, he'll want to be on the same page as you.

5. He Raises His Eyebrows

He will not do this dramatically, but he'll raise his brows just enough to acknowledge that he's noticed you and will want to interact more.

6. He Says Your Name Frequently

Saying your name often (even when he doesn't have to) is an indication that he wants you to be present. Whether it's in a conversation or when he's out and about, saying your name reminds him of you and serves as an obvious indication that he's thinking of you.

He leans into you while talking.

He leans into you while talking.

Seven Signs That He's Trying to Get Close to You

A guy who really likes you will want to spend time with you and be as close to you as he can without being too obvious about it. The easiest way to tell if he's interested is to judge his physical proximity to you. Does he try to get a seat next to you at group hangouts? Does he constantly appear in places you frequent? These are all signs that he likes you.

1. He Appears in Places You Frequent

If he shows up in places where you typically hang out, he's either actively trying to spend time with you, or he's trying to get more familiar with places that you like. This behavior shows that he wants to be close to you and that he's paid attention to the places he's seen you frequently. He may want to run into you, or he may want to understand why certain places are so special to you.

2. He Stands Near You Whenever He Can

If a guy is interested in you, he's going to stand close to you. Close proximity will enable you two to talk to each other and share an experience more closely.

3. He Actively Prevents Other Guys From Connecting With You

He'll find ways to make his interest in you known to potential competitors. He may also try to deter other guys, so your attention will solely be on him.

4. He Uses His Feet to Communicate With You

If he's tapping his toes along to music, he may really enjoy a particular song, or he may be trying to blow off some extra energy to calm himself. This is an indication that he's a bit excited. If his feet point toward you, that's another indication of his interest. His body will be positioned towards the thing or person that he wants. If his feet and body are pointed away all the time, he may not be interested.

5. He'll Try to Impress You

He may act as if he's especially together to try to impress you. He may subtly talk about his accomplishments or skills to earn your admiration. He may also talk about places he's traveled and things he's tried to pique your interest.

6. He Offers His Jacket When it's Cold

He'll want to come off as a gentleman when he's around you. This means that he'll open doors, guide you as you're walking, and offer his coat to you if you're cold. I suggest keeping the jacket and giving it back a few days later, so you will have a good reason to initiate an interaction with him.

7. He Scoots Closer to You

When seated, he may give you less space than usual if he's sitting next to you. He may also lean into you when you're talking. This way, he can hear you better and be closer to you. He may try to make himself seem cute to you. Sometimes guys know that they are intimidating, so if they try to make themselves look cute, then they're trying to be more accessible to you.

He scoots closer to you when you are sitting together.

He scoots closer to you when you are sitting together.

Five Signs He Wants to Touch You

Touch is a huge indication of desire, and a guy who likes you will want to be in physical contact with you as much as he can. Here are a few big signs of romantic or sexual interest related to physical contact and touch.

1. He Looks for Excuses to Hold Your Hand

Whether he offers you a palm reading, help getting off a ladder, or high fives, if he's trying to touch your hands in some way, it is because he wants to hold your hand.

2. He Looks for Opportunities to Touch You in Non-Creepy Ways

He will want to break the physical barrier between you and get you familiar with his touching habits. Keep in mind that he will observe your body language and verbal cues to determine whether or not you're comfortable with being touched. He will want to be proactive about forming a connection, but he'll also want to come across as a gentleman. He may squeeze your shoulder during an emotional moment or guide you through a crowd by the small of your back. If he hugs you from behind, this is unusual, but it probably means he's super excited to see you and that he can't even wait for you to turn to look at his face. If he gives you bear hugs, picks you up, kisses your hand, kisses your forehead, dances with you or next to you, or if he wraps his arm around yours while walking, then he definitely likes you.

3. He Randomly Plays With or Touches Your Hair

Men like hair a lot more than you think, and it is a huge sign of affection if a man playfully or gently caresses your hair. The longer his hands stay on your head, the more likely it is that he has a thing for you.

4. He Lays His Head on Your Shoulder

He obviously feels comfortable enough with you if he's resting his head on your shoulder. If he lays his head in your lap, that means that he feels very comfortable and safe with you.

5. He Hugs You Often

If he can't stop hugging you for every small deed, then he really wants to be close to you.

He looks for excuses to playfully touch you or hold your hand.

He looks for excuses to playfully touch you or hold your hand.

Three Nervous Crush Behaviors

We’re all familiar with the anxious, overwhelming feelings that can arise from having a crush on someone. If a guy is kind of flustered and odd around you, it may be because he likes you and doesn't know how to deal with it. If he engages in any of the following actions, he may like you.

1. He Adjusts His Crotch Area

This should be easy to understand and interpret.

2. He Fidgets

If he can't keep himself still, he's probably really excited and nervous about spending time with you.

3. He Grooms His Hair When Around You

Any kind of knee-jerk reaction to groom shows that a person wants to look their best, whether for vanity or because you are in the room. This is ultimately a sign that he wants to look good in front of you.

Two Open and Confident Body Language Signs

If a guy really likes you, instead of acting nervous, he may actually act extra confident and happy around you because you simply make him feel good. If he's using lots of open body language and it seems as though he can really relax in your presence, this is a sign that he feels comfortable and free when you're around.

1. He Has Better Posture Because You Give Him a Surge of Confidence

If a guy likes you, he will probably be on cloud nine whenever you're nearby. If the two of you have good chemistry and are obviously attracted to one another, then he may carry himself with more confidence when you're together. He'll stand up straight and walk with long, confident strides. He may also puff out his chest or playfully show off to catch your attention. Confidence is an attractive quality, and he'll want to demonstrate that he possesses a healthy level of self-esteem around the person he likes.

2. He Stretches Out His Legs and Body

If he can make himself more prominent in a space, then you're more likely to gander at him. Essentially, the more open his body language, the better. Not only does his openness suggest that he's making himself accessible, but it also suggests that he's comfortable with himself and his environment.

Three Signs He Doesn't Like You

Sometimes a guy may not give clear signals about how he feels. Is he interested in you but shy? Does he dislike you? Does he even know you exist? If you're not sure how he feels but you're too afraid to ask, look for these signs.

1. He Won't Spend Time With You

A guy won't waste time or energy connecting with someone he's not interested in. His energy will be directed towards things and people that matter to him.

2. He'll Focus on Other People

If he's not interested in you, then he will most likely spend his time with friends or other romantic prospects.

3. He Will Be (Emotionally and Physically) Distant

If someone likes you or is interested in you, they will be physically close to you, and they will try to establish an emotional connection with you. If he's nowhere to be seen and you have no idea what's going on with him, then it is safe to assume he doesn't like you.

These signs are not the only indications of disinterest. This article lists lots of signs that show whether or not a guy dislikes you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When a Guy Hugs You First?

A hug is a physical expression of affection. A person will hug someone because they want to physically express their affection and familiarity with someone or because they want to comfort and reassure someone. If a guy hugs you and you're unsure of what he's trying to convey with his actions, ask him why he hugged you.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches You a Lot?

Some people touch others to demonstrate familiarity or control. Others use touch to show affection and to bond. Consider why a person is touching you and whether or not you like being touched. Don't be afraid to set boundaries and let people know whether or not it's okay for them to touch you. If you are okay with being touched, but you don't know why someone is touching you, you should ask them why they are behaving that way.

How Can You Know Whether or Not Someone Dislikes You?

A person who dislikes you or is not interested in you will not spend time with you, talk to you, or pay attention to you. If you're unsure about someone's feelings, just ask!

Are Guys Mean to People They Like?

No. When you like someone, you should never express your feelings by being mean. Meanness is hurtful, and it is unhealthy to express love in ways that harm someone. Being mean only pushes people away. If a person truly likes you and wants to connect with you, then they won't jeopardize the chance to bond with you by being mean. Don't confuse abusive behavior with love.

Why Is He Playing With My Hair?

Maybe he wants to build a nest and live there? All jokes aside, he might like you, or he might just like your hair.

Will a Guy Avoid Me If He Likes Me?

People don't usually avoid someone they like, but it still happens. Sometimes a person may have strong, positive feelings of attraction and affection for someone else, but they may be uncomfortable with liking someone. It can be overwhelming to like a person. Everybody will express their feelings in their own way, and some people respond to attraction by withdrawing. Give people their space and understand that they will experience and express their emotions in ways that are unique. Remember, liking someone doesn't mean that a person wants to start dating or get into a relationship.

Questions & Answers

Question: There's this guy I see all the time because of Church events, and he is shorter than me, but I'm still completely into him. He's always trying to make me laugh, squeezes my shoulder when he sees me and asks how I'm doing, and tries to see my preferences in guys. I thought he wouldn't like me because I'm taller, but I have no clue?

Answer: He likes you. Height doesn't matter. Sometimes shorter is better anyway.

Question: I have a guy in my class who always sits close to me. He looks into my eyes when we talk, and he puts his foot on top of mine. Does he like me?

Answer: Possibly. He could be just flirting.

Question: I was talking to a guy I like, gazed into his eyes, and his pupils dilated. But he has his arm crossed? Why?

Answer: He is probably not thinking about what he is doing with his eyes or his arm. Stop worrying about why his arm might be crossed. Think more about how you can engage his mind, keep the conversation flowing, and keeping things interesting.

Question: I have a guy in school who is a grade older than me. He usually bumps shoulders with me for no reason. What does that mean?

Answer: High school boys, middle school boys, and elementary school boys are all really just boys. They like to flirt, and sometimes they do things without thinking. But they don't usually think that far out. Is he doing sweet things to you besides this? You may have more of a case that he is interested.

Question: So there is a guy in my class who sits right next to me every day. He calls me by my last name ( as a joke ) all the time and is constantly teasing me about being a vegan and being a hardworking student. Almost every day he either grabs my phone to play a song he likes, or grabs my pencil, or asks me a random question. And he is always paying attention to my phone. Is he doing this because he likes me or because he's just being friendly?

Answer: He is flirting with you and having fun. But I don't think you should take it too seriously.

Question: There is this guy who is way taller than me. He usually touches my face, but today he touched my neck. What does this mean? I'm confused.

Answer: He may have meant to touch your face but accidentally touched your neck. How does he usually touch your face? Is it tender or is it more buddy like? The answer is always in the details.

Question: I have this guy in my class. He touches my hair at times. He smiles at me, but he also has a girlfriend. He wants to buy a gift for my birthday; he also seems different toward me. Does he like me?

Answer: He has a girlfriend. This is a no mans land. Try being positive and polite, but keep in mind... he has a girlfriend!

Question: I’m still not sure. I’m such an oblivious person. I catch him staring at me often, and sometimes he even holds on to the stare. He hugs me every day. He looks super nervous every time he sees me somewhere, like basketball games since he is on the team, and so is my brother. I don’t know if he is just nervous or awkward. But he is definitely not shy, so it’s really hard to tell if he likes me. So does he? Someone, please help a girl in denial. Thanks!

Answer: Sounds like he doesn't know you very well yet. You should try talking to him and getting the ball moving. Hugs are definitely a positive sign. You should try hanging out with him doing something pretty low key. Like getting coffee, seeing a movie, or hanging out at a park. That will give you some clarity.

Question: I sit next to this guy in my math class, and he keeps playing with his hair. When I ask him about it, he gets a little defensive. Does this mean he likes me?

Answer: There is nothing from this information that sounds like he is interested in you. He might have dandruff though.

Question: I sit by this boy in my Biology class. He is extra laughable around me, and yesterday he was trying to touch me, even when I moved my arm. He just kept reaching his arm closer; what does this mean?

Answer: He definitely sees you in a positive light. Not sure if he has a crush on you, but he is flirting with you.

Question: There is this guy in my class; he will always hug me in the back. When he hugs me, he lays his head on my shoulders. What I am most confused about is that he once got all of my hair out of my face and put his forehead on mine. What was that about?

Answer: He is interested in you and probably wants to kiss you.

Question: I sit next to this guy and he always trades with me. He is very gentle and physical with me. For example, he'll compliment my outfits all the time. He also touches the top of my head and says he's like a big brother to me. He asks me a lot of personal questions, and I'm just confused. He has a girlfriend too. What does this mean?

Answer: If he says he is like a brother to you, that usually isn't a sign of interest.

Question: We were kissing passionately. He was touching me intimately, and I was under him pushing my body against his, but he refused to have sex with me, saying “Not now”. Why? Why wouldn’t he?

Answer: Whoa. Okay, you have to accept that people don't always want to go to the next level in intimacy. He might not be ready, and that's something you can't or shouldn't force. Same goes for him. Just because he wants sex and is making all the right moves, that doesn't mean you have to comply with it. And this isn't meant to be taken offensively for the other person. If it offends you that he doesn't want to have sex, then you might be too immature for sex, because it isn't always about what you want or getting to the finish line.

Question: I have this guy in my class who let me use him as a leg rest. Now I'm confused!?

Answer: Well, do you like him? I think I might need more context for this one. Did you just put your legs on him? He may have been friendly and let you do this. Be careful not to just invade someone's space. Or did he invite you to sit on him? The real question is how do you feel and what do you want?

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