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Body Language Signs of Attraction That Women Can't Hide or Fake

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Physical signs of attraction that can't be faked

Physical signs of attraction that can't be faked

Her Body Reveals Secrets

Are you wondering if she likes you? Does she seem to be giving you signals, but you want to be sure?

Every day our bodies react to our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Without realizing it, we are revealing things about ourselves all the time to those around us.

When a woman is attracted to you, she gives off many body language signals to tell you that she is interested.

How to Tell if Someone Is Flustered: Signs of Attraction at a Glance

Watch for these four signs of attraction:

  • The pupils in her eyes get bigger
  • She gets flustered or blushes
  • Her palms become moist
  • Her voice sounds higher

These signs can't be convincingly faked; they mean she is genuinely interested.

Even better news for you is that there are some signals that she just can't hide or fake.

These deep, physical reactions to attraction are innate and unstoppable, completely bypassing the subconscious mind. They are part of the science of attraction.

If she's giving you these signs, you can be sure that she is definitely attracted to you


Changes to Her Eyes

As you know, your pupils are those black circles in the center of your eyes, where the light enters. Just like operating a camera shutter, your eye opens and closes the size of your pupils depending on how much light is around. In bright sunlight, the pupils become tiny pinpoints, whereas, in dim light, they open up to let in as much light as possible.

Interestingly, light isn't the only thing to change the size of your pupils. If you experience fear, for example, your pupils also open wider than usual.

The other trigger to open up the pupils is attraction.

So, if her pupils get bigger when she looks at you, then she is definitely attracted to you. In fact, you will instinctively notice her pupils dilate, and this could attract you to her as well!

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Her Heart Will Beat Faster for You

You know that feeling you get in your chest when you really like someone? That is your heart working overtime.

When you are attracted to someone, your brain releases chemicals to speed you up, ready for action. These chemicals cause your heart to beat faster. It's why the heart is almost always linked to feelings of attraction and love.

The medical term for an increased heart rate at rest is called 'tachycardia."

Symptoms include looking flushed or blushing, dizziness, shortness of breath, feeling lightheaded, and sudden weakness. All of these can be noticed by a keen observer.

Often, these reactions are described as becoming flustered. If a woman regularly displays these signs in your company, she definitely likes you.


The Palms of Her Hands Will Become Moist

To put it more plainly . . . when a woman is attracted to you, she will get sweaty palms.

This is a nervous reaction that, in the case of attraction, results from those same chemicals that increase heart rate. We actually sweat more all over in the presence of a person we like. As the palms of our hands contain a concentration of sweat glands, it is more noticeable there.

So, if her hand feels moist when you greet her (or if you are lucky enough to be holding it), it's a good sign that she is interested.

Her Vocal Pitch Will Rise

When a woman is feeling attraction, the pitch of her voice will automatically rise, meaning her voice sounds higher than usual.

A scientific study of this phenomenon has revealed that most men prefer women with higher-pitched voices. (Apparently, most women prefer the opposite—low pitched voices—might be worth remembering!).

When a woman is speaking to you, she will automatically modulate her vocal pitch depending on how much she is attracted to you.

So if she is speaking to you in an unusually high voice, it shows that she likes you.

Be Confident

If you have already spotted some of these signs in a woman you like, then congratulations! It looks like you have already caught her interest in a very positive way.

If not, pay attention to her the next time you are with her. Look into her eyes, be aware of her body and how it is reacting to you, listen to her voice.

You might be pleasantly surprised. I hope so!

Questions & Answers

Question: What does it mean when a woman goes out of her way to introduce herself to you?

Answer: This would very much depend on the situation. Usually, people who make a specific effort to introduce themselves have something to gain from meeting you. It could be that this woman is attracted to you, especially if there is no other reason for her to approach you. However, there could be something else she wants from you: she might be interested in your friend, you might be useful to know at work, one of her friends might be attracted to you ... and so on. All things considered, her wanting to meet you is a very positive start, so if you are attracted to her, stay aware and watch out for further signs that she likes you.

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