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10+ Ideas to Create a Romantic Truck Bed Date

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How to have the most romantic truck bed date

How to have the most romantic truck bed date

If you are looking to make the perfect truck date night. Here we are going to provide 10 ideas on how to achieve just that (and share from my own experience). You can make this night as simple or complex as you want.

What Is a Pickup Truck Date?

A pickup truck date is where you take your date night out to the backwoods, or wherever your truck can take you. You can make it as simple as a drive in the country, or get more complicated and pack a picnic, some games, and spend the night under the stars.

If you have a truck with a camper shell, even better! You will have some privacy and can get cozy under the blankets. But if not, no problem, you can still make it work – just be sure to find a secluded spot. Here are a few ideas to make it that bit more special:

1. Find a Secluded Spot

This is key. You don’t want to be interrupted or have someone walking by and spoiling the mood. So identify where you are away from people if you want but have some close-by amenities in case you need something. The more aesthetic and romantic the better.

2. Get Some Snacks and Drinks

Create a full-on picnic. You will want to have something to nibble on and drink throughout the night. It could be as simple as some chips and guacamole or even just some candy. As for drinks, water is fine but you could also bring along some wine or beer (for the non-driver).

What to bring to the picnic? Here are some ideas for both food and drink:

  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Fruit
  • Veggies and Dip
  • Charcuterie Board
  • Pita and Hummus
  • Chicken Wings
  • BBQ Pork Sliders
  • Caprese Skewers

3. Set the Mood With Music

This is where things can start to get romantic. You can bring along some candles (battery-operated are best so you don’t have to worry about starting a fire) and set them up in the truck bed. If you want to go the extra mile, bring along a portable speaker and some romantic tunes. Hit Spotify and find the perfect playlist for you to have on in the background.

4. Get Cozy With Blankets and Pillows

The last thing you want is to get cold. You will want to be comfortable so bring along some blankets and pillows. This way you can snuggle up close to your date. If it’s chilly outside, you can even bring a small space heater to keep things warm. Maybe even a hot water bottle or some sort of electric blanket, if the Pick Up has an outlet on it.

5. Play Some Games

To break the ice, you can bring along some games to play. Cards Against Humanity is always a good choice or you could even bring a portable game console if you want. Just be sure that whatever you choose, it’s something that you both will enjoy. Maybe a bit of Uno or Jenga if you want to keep things light.

6. Stargaze

One of the best things about a pickup truck date is that you can lay in the bed of the truck and look up at the stars. If you’re lucky enough to have a clear night, this can be a very romantic experience. Just be sure to bring along a blanket so you can snuggle up close.

Get to know each other better by telling stories. It could be something from your childhood or a funny story from work. You can even take turns telling ghost stories if you’re feeling brave. Just be sure to keep things light and fun. If you want to really get intimate, share your secrets with each other. This is a safe place where you can tell each other anything without judgment.

8. Cuddle

Of course, you will want to do some cuddling. This is an essential part of any romantic date. So get cozy with your date and enjoy the moment. Bring some pillows so you can prop yourselves up and really get comfortable.

9. Bring Some Dessert

Sweeten up the night with some dessert. You can bring along some cookies, brownies, or even some fruit. This is a great way to end the night on a sweet note. If you're feeling particularly adventurous set up a little campfire and make some smores.

10. Use It to Celebrate a Special Occasion

If you’re looking for a way to make a special occasion even more special, have a picnic in the back of your truck. This is a great way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or even Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to bring along some champagne and strawberries. And don’t forget the chocolate!

11. Have Fun!

At the end of the day, just have fun and enjoy each other’s company. This is meant to be a romantic and special night so just relax and let things flow. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have a great time. Give each other a massage, play Truth or Dare, or just talk the night away. The possibilities are endless.

The Bottom Line

The key to any successful date is to plan ahead and be prepared. This is especially important for a picnic in the back of your truck. You will want to make sure that you have everything you need before you get started. This includes food, drinks, blankets, pillows, games, and anything else you might need. Once you have everything, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the night.

If you really want to make things special, make this a regular thing. Once a month, have a picnic in the back of your truck. This will give you something to look forward to and it will give you time to really get to know each other. Just be sure to switch things up so you don’t get bored. Try different locations, different foods, and different games. This way, you can always keep things fresh.

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