9 Super Qualities That Make a Woman Super-Woman in the Eyes of Men

Updated on January 9, 2017

Qualities of a superwoman


Noble woman

1. A Good Listener

There is nothing that drives men away from a woman like a lashing tongue. A woman who cannot control her tongue is a disaster. A good woman knows when to talk and when to be quiet. She chooses her arguments carefully.

2. Forgiving

No one is perfect. The problem is that there are women who demand perfectionism from their men. They set standards which they cannot also meet. A bad woman will always hold anger and grudge against her man. Serious men want a woman with a forgiving heart. A woman who knows how to control emotions. Forgiveness is always a path to a brighter future. She does not ridicule her man openly. She keeps her man’s ego high and above.

3. A Supportive Woman

Are you a woman? Do you support or suppress your man’s dreams or are you a selfish woman who pursues your dreams without giving a thought to your man? Men always want women who are supportive. Even when things get rough for example when there are financial challenges, do not blame him, support him so that you can emerge victorious. A supportive woman is a motivator. She will push her man towards success. She helps her man unlock the closed doors. Whenever she notices a potential in her man, she encourages him to go for the best. She fans into flames her man’s dying emblems of hope, dreams and vision.

4. Self Worth

Do you know your true value? A good woman knows that her value is not defined by the opinions of other people. She has high levels of confidence. She is a confident woman. Her mind is secure. A secure woman does not keep on questioning her man everywhere-about. She has the power over the feelings of insecurity. She does not accumulate unnecessary stress. A self worth woman will not blame her man for every failure. She is self aware and recognizes her own flaws. She has consistent good habits when it comes to dieting, exercising, time management etc. She sets herself high standards when it comes to dressing and speaking.

5. Faithful and Loyal to Her Husband

There is no man who wants a cheating or disloyal woman. She treats her man like a king knowing that she will be treated like a queen. She keeps the bedroom issues within the bedroom. The thought of another man touching you will drive your man crazy. A queen respects her man’s wishes, thoughts, dreams and ambitions. She is discerning and differentiates good things and God things.

6. Ability to Nurture

A dream wife has the ability to take care of the needs of not only her children but also those who around her. She will always seek for opportunity to help others who are in trouble. She treats her man and kids with love and respect.

7. She Is a Woman With Vision

A home with no vision is a dead home. A good woman will recognize her God given gifts and generate things which will help her family. She knows how to balance expenditure. She sees profitable investments which can be made to benefit the entire family.

8. Authentic and Honest

A noble woman is true to herself and will always give credit where it is due. She never uses others for selfish reasons.

Wedding rings


True Love Is Never Based on External Looks

Does your man claim to love you because of the way you look? If that is the case, chances of your relationship failing are high. You ask why? The answer is simple. Are you the most beautiful woman in the town? Probably not. He will get an opportunity to see others.

Beauty can also fade away. Never let beauty be the strongest factor that holds your relationship together. The fibers of beauty are never strong enough to be trusted. It is not all about the way a woman looks, talks or dresses. There are some extra things which define and separate a wife material from the rest. A serious man will always try to identify these things in a woman.

Let us now look at the real qualities that never fade away.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      gosh, among those you had listed our, I have 2 only !!

    • sujaya venkatesh profile image

      sujaya venkatesh 

      4 years ago

      a aye for women

    • roselinsojan profile image


      4 years ago from India,Kerala.

      James,It was very good to read.to tell the truth ,I think of my self and found some mistakes from my part as a wife,thank you.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      4 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      As a woman, I fully agree!

    • ValKaras profile image

      Val Karas 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Great hub, James! Let's hope some to-be-brides read it and match the way they are treating their men with your good pointers.


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