7 Tips to Date Colombian Women

If you fell in love with the country or just the ladies here are some tips on how to date a Colombian woman. Trust me, I have been in a relationship with one for over 4 years and since I am Colombian myself, I get them . . . like 60% of the time, and that is a lot mind you!

Ok, but before getting into details, what do you want in a Colombian girl?

I tried to select women for the article who are not super models or the super hot. Although I do include some of them, but most girls in Colombia have this beauty.
I tried to select women for the article who are not super models or the super hot. Although I do include some of them, but most girls in Colombia have this beauty. | Source

Tip #1: Define What You Want in Your Relationship

And this rule is universal before you begin any relationship. If you got over your first one you must now know not to select a girlfriend based just on her looks and sexiness.

Leave that for casual encounters. If you want a true partner to build a relationship with and possibly a family focus on her personality and background story.

Sex and Hot Hips?

If a hot latina is your main attraction in dating Colombian woman, don´t fool around with building up a family. Sure, at first glance Colombian women are all hot and you can snatch one that is both smart, caring and sexy, but if “hot” is your prime objective I guarantee you will end up with the gold digger that will only bite your ear for a Visa to America or Europe and require a credit card to stay “fun."

You will find the easy sexy latina on various dating sites and just by the bikini photos you can tell what kind of women she is. Date them and be nice if you do. Most are desperate in solving their economic situation and usually have a young boy they had at a young age. But don't go into it believing she will be the perfect wife.

Sexy Colombian girl wearing national team jersey
Sexy Colombian girl wearing national team jersey | Source

Is It the Latina Charm?

I would say most foreigners are charmed by the personality of Colombian women. I only know of Brazilian women to be even more charming and open to foreigners. I haven´t travel much to say women from other cultures are cold and dismissive, I do not think they are.

But there is some beauty and grace to people in tropical nations. The way Latinas dance, that mix of cultures between the Spanish flamenco, the tribal Africa and natives simplicity has a “I don´t know what” that makes you desire them… until they get mad.

If the charm you make sure to look under the appearances. Colombian women are charming experts and a gold digger can easily hide her true intentions. It all depends were you look for your date mostly.

Webcam and dating sites?? Hmmm. I would say most are opportunistic, but not all. My girlfriend came from a dating site and she is the perfect mother and business woman. But you can tell that if she asks constantly for money, a Visa and flaunts you in the process she is after no good. But if you can maintain a nice conversation on topics of interest, she is working or studying to progress on her own then that is someone worth dating. For me these are the true beauties.

So to sum it up just decide if you want a loving partner to build a life with or just a casual interaction and be smart whichever you choose.

Beautiful but not taken out from a manga film.
Beautiful but not taken out from a manga film. | Source

Tip #2: You Better Learn How to Dance!

Oh yes! This is way at the top of the list if you want to impress any Colombian woman.

As a Colombian, I am a terrible dancer. If you do not learn to Salsa in your youth, learning it as an adult is a pain.

But no worries, you do not need to be the floor master. Just learn the basic steps and try to follow the rhythm of the songs. Focus on the drums for pace and just keep her tight to your body. We Latinos dance very, very attached, and this is why dancing is key in the seduction game.

Hey, and don´t think they will judge by how good or bad you dance, they care mostly on the attitude you display. You might not even know how the steps go and it wouldn´t matter as long as you move her around and make an enjoyable time or both. Foreigners are not expected to know how to dance fluidly so there is no judging…but lots of smiling and giggling and this will make you look cute and funny. Ahhh, something to your advantage.

And no sitting!! Nothing turns down a woman more than sitting on the table drinking all night. Personality is what most woman want… heck! That is what they all secretly are seduced to. Dancing terribly is better that not dancing at all.

Colombian woman dancing salsa, and she burns!

Tip #3: Keep Talking to the Minimum on the Dance Floor Please

The music is loud so don´t go with expectations to talk about your hobbies and super job. Keep the chit chat to the basic “Ueepa!” “You are muy bonita” and short flirty lines. The club is a body language place, so leave the talking for the morning coffee.

Salsa dancing in the streets of Cali

Tip #4: Drink Aguardiente but Not Too Much

Aguardiente is like Colombia´s national drink. It is literally means "hot water" and I don´t know its other English names, but its basically alcohol from sugar cane. It's very basic alcohol and extremely strong, both of flavor and drunkenness. We drink it in tiny glass shots and do not even taste it as it doesn´t taste good. It’s like drinking antiseptic alcohol. Foreigners do not get it. But drink more than three and there is no beverage in the world that will make you smile more. The odd flavor won´t even bother you after it.

If she drinks aguardiente, which is normal, try to do so as well. This means she is a fun girl. But watch it, if you are not accustomed to strong drinks you might end up outside of the club sitting on the corner trying to throw up. Even if it doesn´t get to this, the headache the next morning will be horrible. This doesn´t happen with vodka or even tequila.

So drink aguardiente but make sure to space out your shots in long terms, especially by the end of the evening. And dance a lot to wear down the drunkenness. Do not stay still or it will be the worst. Drink lots of water after every shot because you will be dehydrated by the end of the evening and eat something before bed. It helps a lot.

This is called a "media" in Medellin, which is half botle of aguardiente. In Cali it is called "caneca"
This is called a "media" in Medellin, which is half botle of aguardiente. In Cali it is called "caneca" | Source

Tip #5: Say Nice Things About Her Personality and Beauty

Latinas will appreciate any nice comment about her as long as you have proven yourself as a nice and enjoyable person. If she smiles with both lips and mouth, she is yours. Just do not overdo it and no rushing.

Colombian girls can be hard to understand. Sometimes they seem to dress to incite and they are very sensual in their gestures. Compared to other cultures, physical contact is very normal and they might stay close to you. But do not interpret this as in invitation to bed them, try it and you will ruin everything.

It is a game of give and let go that they play, they might even kiss you on the first night out but forbid any more advances and can even be more cold the next day. They are like that. They want to be chased.

Woman at the Medellin Flower Festival
Woman at the Medellin Flower Festival | Source

Tip #6: Colombians Are Hard Core About Hygiene!

We just do not understand why Europeans would not shower any given day. We shower every day and most people shower twice a day. We have keen noses and we can tell if you showered.

And dress well. Leave the tourist shorts at home, shave well and dress your best when dating.

This is very important. Girls notice shoes first, I don´t know why, but they do. Have them clean and proper.

A few other tips about Colombian woman on youtube

Tip #7: Not Everything Is Perfect. Be Prepared to Face the Most Jealous Women in the World

Oh yes, and I do not only say this from personal experience. I have heard foreign friends with Colombian girlfriends complain about how jealous they are from other women they talk with, even if they are just friends or a waitress taking your order.

They see every other girl as a rival and react by giving you “the look” and talking a bunch of nonsense. This is unavoidable and it will happen more often if you are dating middle class women. They are very possessive.

The important part here is how you react, and the Golden Rule is not to let her have her way. Hey, if you got female friends and she wants you to get rid of them then maybe you are with the wrong girl. Do you really want to be with someone who controls who you can have as a friend? If she cares about you she won’t interfere with your private life. Just do not pay attention to her tantrums and don´t react in an angry way either. Just continue on, she will give up eventually and then you can talk it over and make her come to sense when she is not moody.

But it is almost impossible not to end up with a jealous girl. She will watch were you eyeballs move, check your cell phone, require your Facebook and email password… now you know, and do not let them have their way.

This is it, the average colombian girl.
This is it, the average colombian girl.

Tip #8: Meeting the Family

We Colombians have large families and keep close ties. This must be the strongest cultural disparity compared with Americans and Europeans. If you plan to take the relationship to the next level, you need to be liked by the family, and not so much dad or mom, but grandma.

Being liked by grandma is a huge, huge plus. She is the one that makes the “He would be a perfect husband” call. So be nice to grandma and require to meet her. Take her a gift, preferably a sweet from your country. They love it.

Dad would like to hear from your line of work and your studies. He wants a nice stable future for her daughter.

Mom is happy if dad, grandma and her little daughter are happy. She would become your best supporter in the relationship.

Don´t think that by being a foreigner Colombian families will shun you. On the contrary, blonde hair and tallness are considered as good genes to have around (although no one talks about it), and the best dinner conversation with the uncles and cousins would be how advanced your country is “The roads are perfect and everyone drives nicely… there is no homeless people on the streets… education and health are entirely free… our toilets clean themselves.”

And those are my dating tips to date Colombian women. I would like to hear if you are dating one or dated one. I know you got a story to tell.

Dating Colombian Women

What is your experience after dating colombian women?

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 13 months ago from Queensland Australia

Great hub and very helpful advice. Though I don't intend dating a Colombian woman anytime soon I do agree they are very beautiful. Look how often they make the finals of the Miss Universe contest. That says it all. This was an interesting read David.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 13 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

haha! Well yes.

I wrote it mostly for its SEO potential. I know there is a lot of foreign interest out there. Latin women are not easy to date. They are like "black widows", very enticing at first but could mean trouble!

Stuart 10 months ago

Great article, I agree Columbian women are some of the most beautiful women out there. I haven't ever dated a Columbian woman before as well as any latino girls but I can say I have dated mostly blondes and they are not that easy to date either haha. But it definitely depends on the girl, I also know of another pretty cool website that has tons of flirting tips for guys. Feel free to check it out if it interests you, Great Article David.

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 10 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Awesome website. I will leave a reply there.

Visitor in Sydney 9 months ago

I'm trying to date one now and what I can say is... Man, she is sooooo hot!

But this site is really helpful!!

David Trujillo profile image

David Trujillo 9 months ago from Medellin, Colombia Author

Sometimes they play difficult at first. Be warned, she will play the jealous part hard. Prepare to have every movement controlled, but do not let her from the beginning.

Rick 5 months ago

I am currently dating a lady from Columbia. I am from the states and totally amazed and overwhelmed by the affection and femininity I havn't seen in years. I just turned 59 and was divorced a long time ago. She is in her late 40's. So I have experience with US women but this is the first time I dated a women from Columbia. I currently live in Panama. Wow this type of feminine charm still exist and she is a professional and never ask me to buy her anything but I do anyway on occasion.

stemund 4 months ago

hahahah nice post!! good advices :) I am an european dating a colombian girl, and i can say most of it is pretty accurate. Specially the jealous part.... Is easy to get tired of maybe, but im just thinking it means she wants u to herself which is good. And yes, they love to shower and shower hahahah.

Well, but sure she is very charming too :P so this post got that good. So many nice words just by texting.... mi amor, mi vida, mi bebe, mi amor, tq, hermoso, lindo etc. etc. very funny, specially in the start, for a european. I can totally recomend colombian girls, but yes they are super jealous so be prepared for that. Posessive, but im so too a bit as a guy so it works. My advice would be to show her you care about her, and want her as more than a sex partner. Most likely she as a colombian is used to guys not respecting her, treating her badly. So if u treat her well, and act nice and put up with her different moods she will be charmed and u will have a good chance. And dont forget, she will see other girls as rival... But once u have her, she will most likely be faithful and always interested in much contact. She always wants to talk, whatever shes doing. Colombian girls love to talk with their boy or man i think. Before u have got a latina, specially colombian, u dont know what charming girls are....

Marcus 3 months ago

Recently broke up with a beautiful Colombian girl (for some of the above reasons). I'd say this article is ON POINT! Don't let a girl push you around just because she is good 'arm candy' to go out with around and show off to your friends.

Mohammadreza 3 months ago

You talk about jealousy. Heh

You haven't met an iranian girl!!!

To me as an iranian these two are the same except colombian girls seem hotter and more friendly

Will 3 months ago

Totally agree with the jealousy part.

Ramon69476 3 months ago


What do people think about Europan beautities.

Very different than Irianian or colombian females

stemund 2 months ago

Hahhah well Marcus, then its the relationship its smth wrong with....But if u think so of them obviously will be problems. Can be exceptions but my impression is that colombian girls are very sweet and charming, and they are okay with being humble for their man. Most of them are treasures i think. Maybe with a bad past that has made scars, but yes they are treasures. Not many like them in europe at least. Anyway im in favor of sharing everything in a true relationship so it doesnt matter if she want to see ur cell :P Of course i would prefer she trusted but jealousy can be cute also. Look at it the good way :) And never give up guys. Too many give up way too fast!!

paolo 7 weeks ago

I absolutely don't recommend starting a flirt with Colombian ladies. They materialist, they are unable to love, they are fake and liers and the only thing they want is money. The only thing they can do well is pretend! They are so selfish and femminist that they are really enable to please the man sexually.

You might think to be in bed with your girlfriend or wife, instead you will be in bed with a not professional Escort. Believe me, better keeping away from them all.

Mike 7 weeks ago

To Paolo:

You may have had a bad experience.

But that's not the true.

Colombian girls are the sweetest women and most of them are really hot and honest as well.

Tim 4 weeks ago

I'm so glad to see the positives and negatives of dating a Colombian woman. They sound absolutely wonderful, far better than the American women, it's like a nightmare with them.

Pancho1 4 weeks ago

I'm in a unique relationship with a Columbian woman over the net, and we communicate with live camera calling. So many things are true in this article! Especially with the jealousy thing, but if you piece together something else here, the trade-off is that they are very loyal in exchange, at least with where we are going. We didn't meet through an online dating site - it was actually through a Facebook page that I had originally setup to meet a friend's mother in law, which ended up in me finding Mariana through a friend request, because she was the mother in law's friend, and we hit it off much better. Anyway, we've learned a bit about each other's family along the way, and the family thing here is right on target. I'm 56, and Mariana is 54, so we don't have live grandparents. But my good standing with her mother, and her wanting good standing with my mother (and of course, she does) fall right into this article! Not giving in to their jealousies, at least to some extent, is like pissing into the wind! Forget about it, they will always have some of that! But that's because they want you to want only them - but hey, isn't that what you want out of them? Give it time, though, and you'll gain trust out of them if you're legit. My baby has a terrible temper when she gets mad, but that's when if it gets out of hand, you can say that enough is enough, and most of the time, it's agreed upon. Of course, for me, having Mexican-American blood, she's learned to laugh a little now after a disagreement, when I tell her that it's a Garcia-Roa battle of stubbornness, and she lightens up a bit. It will take some time, but I'm looking forward to us getting together in the flesh. We do have a tight bond, and I'm glad that I found Mariana!

Jim 3 weeks ago

To paolo:

You are right it is the most miserable experince with women i ever have ..

Colombian women are acting as hot women to seduce , use and abuse the man .

They use the fake charming as a weapon to completly destroy the man emotionaly and so easy to get out of the relationship even if they are married without any sense of guilt ,

They are the most liers ,cheaters .unfaitful,users and abusers with no consciousness .all what they think about is their pussy and they are very flirty women and the jeoluosy acts to cover how bitches they are ...

Dont mess with colombian women they are the vermont of the deadly sneaks they will poison you and will dance happily over your dead body .

Josh73 13 days ago

Some tips:

1. Learning a language in a respectable institution in Colombia costs a LOT of money, specially english. If the woman has amazing language skills, DO DATE HER!!!... That means: she is smart and had/has the money to pay for it.

2. Pursue the nerdy type, those girls have a sexy brain. In Colombia, worthless women do not read, they only think about partying hard.

3. Stay away from Medellin. The majority of women in that city date foreigners in a "professional" manner (If you know what I mean).

4. In regard to my wife, at first, I was rejected by her, and then by her family. The reason why was my origin (USA). Not every colombian family thinks that your genes are something good to have around.

5. If you don't have a profesional degree, no worthy woman will date you. No matter how good looking you are.

My Colombian wife makes me extremely happy!!!

Good luck!

Reuben 8 days ago

just wish that i could date one

Manny 8 days ago

I'm from the USA , , but have gone on dates with a few and current girlfriend is Colombian... I find them to be very good woman and the charm is incredible ... although at times a bit flaky .... never under estimate the fact that economics is a strong theme

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