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6 "Single Life" Habits You Should Never Give up in a Relationship

Updated on November 20, 2017
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How much of yourself or your "single life" habits should you sacrifice when entering into a relationship?
How much of yourself or your "single life" habits should you sacrifice when entering into a relationship? | Source

1. Going Out With Friends

Assuming you went out with your friends a lot or even occasionally while single, you'll want to make sure you continue to do this. We all know that in the beginning of a new and exciting romance, friends tend to take a back seat as you disappear off into the sunset with your new love.

Don't forget your friends.

After you get back from the new romance hiatus, try and make quality time for your friends. It's healthy and you should encourage your partner to do the same. Not to be too pessimistic, but in the event that you and your partner break up - friends are going to come in handy.

Hanging with your friends while in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean you're going to go out bar-hopping or setting the town on fire. It could be simple drinks, eating out, hiking, or coffee meet-ups.

Don't cut yourself off from your old friends just because you're in a relationship. Friends are important. If your new partner doesn't understand that, then maybe you should be single again. Enough said.


2. Working Out

Once people enter into a relationship and become a couple, it's common for them to start doing a lot of things together.

If you were the type who loved to exercise when you were single and your new mate is not into doing that, you might end up slacking on something that is important to you.

Don't slack.

Unless you hate exercise and never engaged in it, one should always keep themselves feeling fit and energized, regardless of the temptation to just Netflix and chill with your new love all weekend with a big bag of chips and dip.

If you went out for walks, were part of a yoga class or visited the gym on a regular basis while single - don't stop. Keep it up. You'll find that it's not only a great stress release (relationships can sometimes be stressful) but it's something you can do on your own. If your partner ends wanting to join you - awesome.

Don't compromise your fitness routine just because you're in love
Don't compromise your fitness routine just because you're in love | Source

3. Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Those slightly odd things you do when you're alone which are enhanced significantly when you're single. Things like eating crackers with hot sauce while binge-watching reality television, spending hours in a homemade face mask, or walking around the house naked are those things you do to wind down and zone out.

Don't throw away your adorable quirks.

Just because you get into a relationship doesn't mean you have to stop these behaviors. Generally, people try to hide the guilty pleasures they love to engage in when a romance is fresh for fear of scaring the new love interest off.

It makes sense not to be a total slob or do super gross things when sharing a space with a new partner, but keep your guilty pleasures and share them. If your partner thinks your guilty pleasures are a deal-breaker, it's better to know sooner than later.

If your new love can't handle the guilty pleasures that bring you happiness and enjoyed doing while single, then don't bother. Don't hide the way you are. Embrace it and allow your partner to do the same with their own guilty pleasures.

Guilty pleasures are awesome.
Guilty pleasures are awesome. | Source

4. Your Favorite Hobby

If you had a special interest or hobby while you were single, such as painting, writing, fixing cars, or building things, don't throw it all away just because you found love.

Relationships tend to do much better when both people in the relationship have their own outside interests. There is such a thing as being too clingy. Just like a regular exercise routine, keeping yourself inspired and busy with your own projects is healthy for maintaining a long-term relationship.

Hold on to your passions.

If you ask people who have been in a relationship together for a long amount of time, generally, they'll tell you they both have their own interests and passions that they pursue separately.

This doesn't mean you can spend days on end in the garage ignoring your partner while working on your special projects. Balance is the key. You might even inspire your partner to engage themselves in a new hobby while you're at it.

Don't dismiss your hobby for a new relationship
Don't dismiss your hobby for a new relationship | Source

5. Owning a Pet

If you had pets that kept you company while you were single and you came home to their cute little faces every day - then those are true members of your family.

If you enter into a new relationship and the person hates cats, dogs, or is allergic to any kind of animal, this could be an issue. Animal lovers and non-animal lovers can have a hard time figuring out a romantic partnership if one of them enters into the relationship with a beloved pet or pets. Many times, the pet can be a real deal-breaker.

Getting rid of a pet in favor of a relationship is never a good idea. Whether it's was one pet or more, they have probably been with you through break-ups, divorce, or other painful life events. Don't abandon them now.

Be loyal to your pets.

Plus, who's going to comfort you if the relationship you gave them up for doesn't work out?

If your new love is allergic, find some good allergy medication. If your new love hates cats, they'll just need to get over it. What comforted you during your single days can be adapted into your relationship life.

If you love your pet, don't give it up for romance
If you love your pet, don't give it up for romance | Source

6. Your Sense of Style

This one seems simple but it's actually quite important. Many times, people get into relationships and forget themselves. One clear way people have of expressing who they are is through their own personal style. This could be expressed through clothes, makeup, hair, or accessories.

If your fresh mate wants you to change your potentially wacky or unique sense of style, don't do it. Encourage yourself and your partner to both be individuals mentally and also on the surface. If dressing in goth, punk or some other style makes you happy - keep it.

Love yourself, love your style.

The most successful relationships are those where both parties involved feel comfortable and accepted by their partner for being themselves. If you end up changing your look because your partner is embarrassed or just doesn't "get it" then chances are your relationships may be headed for a dead-end.

If you like your unique style, don't change it for anyone
If you like your unique style, don't change it for anyone | Source


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    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 6 months ago from California

      Love it! Thank you for the great comment!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 6 months ago

      Excellent advice!

      "Take me as I am or watch me as I go."

      The problem with a lot of relationships is both people tend to bend over backwards to impress the object of their affection.

      There's usually an "infatuation phase" to new relationships.

      During this period laughter comes easily, long conversations flow naturally, the word "no" is seldom if ever used, and sex is off the charts! Is it any wonder some people with little dating experience believe they've found their "soul-mate"?!

      Bait & Switch.....

      After having been spoiled to death your man or woman suddenly starts "distancing them self" to go out for drinks with the "boys" or the "girls", going away to spend time with friends or enjoy their hobbies. Their mate may now be saying to them self:

      "He/she is not the same person I fell in love with!"

      Once there is an "emotional investment" we tend to reveal our "authentic selves". Had this person (known) this is how it was going to be they may have chosen not date him/her.

      Some people truly believe that the "infatuation phase" of a new relationship is what their entire relationship will be like and thus they feel victimized when they sense a "bait and switch".

      Instead of getting a loving phone call they now get a short text.

      It's probably best for all concerned to NEVER stop living your life (the way you want) even in the early stages.

      This avoids having the "you changed" conversation later on.

      "The same thing it took to get your baby is the same thing it's going to take to keep them." - Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions.