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5 Reasons A Guy Might Like You, But Doesn't Act Like It

Updated on June 20, 2016

In a world still awash in the "he's just not that into you" mentality, this article makes the case that sometimes people, even guys, may not always be what they seem. Indeed, trying to decipher a man's motivations and behavior can yield as much uncertainty as trying to understand the cryptic inner workings of the female mind.

More than what a guy does, we must take into consideration what he thinks. Needless to say, two men may do the same thing but it may mean something completely different in each case due to their differing motivations. Examining what a guy does and trying to figure out if that means he likes you is not as useful if you fail to take into consideration what kind of guy they are. If it's a guy who is slightly on the shyer side, things might be a little more vague.

To this end, I present five reasons a guy might like you even if he doesn't act like it.

1. He Thinks You Have Someone Already

Maybe he thinks you're already taken, or maybe he noticed another "shark in the water" circling around you and he doesn't feel like getting into a competition. Maybe he thinks some other guy you're close to would be a better fit. Maybe his best friend likes you more than he does and he wants to let the man have his shot.

All sorts of reasons. If he thinks you're in some kind of relationship already, even if it's only like a half-relationship or an "it's complicated" relationship or something equally vague, he'll usually see that as your being taken, unless he's the kind of guy who has no qualms about breaking up a relationship (or joining one).

So if you're available and he has any reason to think otherwise, make it clear. Sure, a lot of people like what they can't have, but you don't just want him to like you without having you, right? (Unless you do, in which case one would have to wonder why you care that he likes you or not.)

2. He's a Coward

He could be scared sheetless of you. Maybe he's faking disinterest because he doesn't want you to know that he likes you.

It's arguable whether you would want to be with this kind of guy at all, but he might be nervous at the prospect of making his interest obvious because then he's in an emotionally vulnerable position. What if you notice his interest and reject him? What if he has a teeny tiny ego that does not easily recover from such things? Maybe he's afraid of humiliation, afraid that you'd make fun of him, afraid that others would think him a loser for being outwardly rejected.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's not arguable. If the guy is feigning disinterest to that degree and for those reasons, don't date him.

3. He Thinks He Isn't Worthy of You

He might think you're out of his league somehow, and so he doesn't want to bother even trying because he's afraid he'll look pathetic. He's afraid it will be a futile effort. Maybe he's putting you on a pedestal that you weren't aware of and feels like he doesn't deserve you and that he'd be incredibly lucky if you didn't reject him, but he doesn't want to take his chances (because of reason number # 2).

On the one hand, this is kind of a compliment because he sees you as someone so highly desirable, but on the other hand if a guy really feels that way himself he probably isn't worthy of you. Worthiness is largely a mindset and if he doesn't have it then he doesn't have it by his own choice.

4. He's Ashamed of Liking You

Uh-oh. It could be the whole backhanded compliment type of situation where he likes you personally, but can't help the barrage of thoughts: "What would my friends think?" / "What would my parents think?" / "What would my wife think?"

This is sort of the reverse of Number 3, where he might see you as, on some superficial level, not being worthy of him, though he likes you in spite of this.

Maybe there's something about you that someone he knows or that society at large would blame him for. Maybe there's something about you he's afraid others wouldn't understand. Maybe there's something about you that goes against some kind of belief system he has. Maybe you're a Satanist, or an Atheist, or gay. It scares him what others will think of him when they see him with you.

But such is the mark of a weak man, if he lets other's (perhaps baseless) opinions get in the way of his desires or judgment of your worth.

5. He Thinks He Won't Be Able to Give You What You Want

Maybe it just seems to him that you want something that he can't provide. Maybe he thinks you have an image of him that isn't true and that you like him for things that don't exist and that he can't give you, like money, or a big . . . intellectual capacity, or a world view that he just doesn't share with you.

Maybe he likes you, but thinks that you like him for the wrong reasons. Maybe he's right. Check it out. Is he really the guy you think he is? Have you already voiced expectations you have for him, even without realizing it? Are you the kind to rattle off a list of specific, unrealistic things you want in a man? If he likes you, he's probably listening, and he'll probably pick up on these things.

So think about it: Maybe he does like you. But . . . then again, if he's not being obvious for most of these reasons, maybe you shouldn't like him back.


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    • profile image

      Coward 7 days ago

      So theres lots of truth in these, and my self-deprecative thoughts are building up hastily. But honestly, I really think like this, good observations.

    • profile image

      Tayla 5 months ago

      I reckon that if he usually goes out with anyone in a heartbeat but he doesn't with you but still LIKES you, then he probably doesnt want you for a booty call but for an actual relationship

    • profile image

      Mari 9 months ago

      I hate number 5 how would they say that if they don't even know we want

    • profile image

      tray 12 months ago

      he likes you and he just scared of telling you

    • profile image

      Laren 12 months ago

      These are all too hard to read

    • profile image

      Pearl Sepuya 22 months ago

      #6, he already has someone

    • nadinelopo profile image

      Nadine 2 years ago from ohio

      Guys really are a lot different than girls. My boyfriend is such a simple guy, but thinks he is very open and I should know how he is feeling. Sometimes guys just don't know how to tell a girl they like her.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      It's also possible that he's acting like he doesn't like you because he really doesn't like you! It's a mistake to believe a grown man is rude to you because he likes you. This type of thinking can be a gateway to accepting abuse later.

      One of the problems a lot of women have with men is trying too hard to "read signals" and look for "hidden meanings" behind words that are said or unsaid. If someone behaves like they're not interested in you don't bother wasting your time trying to "figure him out". Move on! One man's opinion! :)

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde

    • Kenneth Marshall profile image

      Kenneth Marshall 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Great informative Read!

    • oosoom profile image

      andrew 2 years ago from new york

      There is a difference in liking a girl and thinking she's attractive. If he thinks you're attractive then this is good advice, but if he likes you then it's all crap. Try approaching him and asking him out. Women need to get over this fear of rejection.

    • profile image

      america 3 years ago

      will why are guys scarde to talk to girls

    • profile image

      cyrus 4 years ago

      Im guilty of 1, 3 and 5. However, I would like to add a 6. He doesn't have time for a relationship.

    • jennshealthstore profile image

      Jenn 5 years ago from Florida

      You know it is so true. We all are guilty of it at times, trying to figure things out that we will really never know unless of course it is straight out told to us. Really how can we know how another feels unless they tell us. Everyone is different and feels and acts differently. I really like this hub. Thanks for sharing.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 7 years ago from USA

      Good insights. I especially like 1 and 2.

      Good hub :)