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5 Creepy Things Men Do to Women on the Internet

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Scoop is a frequent internet user and knows a red flag when they see one.

Who lurks behind the keyboard?

Who lurks behind the keyboard?

The internet is filled with creeps. Unfortunately, a lot of the creeps are men, who seem to enjoy being creepy to women. The sad thing is a lot of men don't know they are doing creepy things to women.

Look, we're not trying to make anyone feel bad, but here are five creepy things men do to women online. If you are doing any of these, then stop it.

1. Hit On Women via Games

There are so many games that have chat features. One of the creepiest things men do to women online is hit on them via playing online games. This is one of the oddest things and it is beyond creepy. Games are meant to be played and not used as a pickup joint. We have a feeling it's either older men or those in their early 20s pulling this stuff. Regardless of the age of the person doing this, it's creepy.

2. Tell Women They Don't Know That They Care

It's creepy when men tell women they don't know that they care about them. After a few days of talking online, a lot of creepy men tell the women that they care about them and think about them. Ok, no this is BS because what it really means is that the man is:

  • Obsessed
  • Acting weird
  • Being creepy
  • Just trying to be smooth

If a man says they care about you ladies and you don't know who they are and they don't know you, then it's weird. It's creepy. It's bizarre and you should stop talking to them before they become even creepier.

3. Married But Say They're Having Problems

Creeps who are married are the worst. They will tell women online they are having marriage problems or paint their wives in a bad light when nothing is wrong and the wife is perfectly normal and nice. Men who do this are creeps and chances are they just like the looks of the woman they are speaking to online and they think they have a chance.

The bottom line is if a man is married, then they shouldn't be chatting up random women online. It's disrespectful to their wife. The poor woman probably has no idea her husband doing this. Look, one of the creepiest things men can do to women online is talk about their supposed marriage problems.

4. Says "I'm Different" Or Morphs Into The Women They Speak To

Men who suddenly morph into the women they talk to are very creepy and this happens more than you think. For example, if a woman they're talking to is into politics, working out, and reading books, then all of a sudden the man morphs into the woman and he too 'likes' politics, working out, and reading books.

On that note, another creepy thing men do to women online is telling them that they are different than other guys or they hate liars. No duh, everyone dislikes liars and everyone is different in their own way. There's no need to say these things to women.

Think about it, a lot of men probably wouldn't be telling other men that they are different. Saying it to a woman is creepy.

5. Expects Gratitude For Compliments

Listen, a lot of women online and in real life are hit on constantly. Many women just want to get on with their day without being hit on because it becomes a form of harassment, at least in the opinion of some women. Believe it or not, women don't like being hit on all the time.

This brings us to our next point that many men do. A lot of men expect gratitude from women they compliment online. If a man is speaking to a woman they barely know online and they start getting offended that their compliments are going un-thanked, then this is creepy. Sorry, but it is and if you have a habit of always complimenting women and expecting a thank you or gratitude, then you're exhibiting creepy behavior.

Do any of the men do the above creepy things online when you're talking to them? If so, then stop talking to them because chances are they will become creepier as time goes on. Taking things further and getting into a real relationship with them could prove disastrous because they will likely be:

  1. Controlling
  2. Psycho
  3. A cheater
  4. Abusive
  5. Insecure
  6. And much more

Sure, you may get lucky, but chances are sooner or later the relationship will crumble. If that happens, live and learn and stay away from the men who exhibit the creepy behavior described in this article.