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25 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I like writing articles that help bring people closer together.

There are more things to do with your girlfriend than you can believe!

There are more things to do with your girlfriend than you can believe!

Chances are you're here because you are looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with date ideas in a pinch so look no further! Enjoy these ideas!

1. Visit the aquarium.

Visiting the aquarium is a wonderful date for you and your lovely lady. Surprise her with something more--see if the aquarium offers opportunities to swim with dolphins!

2. Go to an art museum.

Any museum will do, really, but a good woman appreciates fine art and digs men with the same appreciation.

Go to the lanes!

Go to the lanes!

3. Take your date bowling.

Taking your woman bowling is a great date to let loose and really have fun.

4. Got to a carnival.

If that carnival is in town, don’t be a clown! Take her there, win her that giant stuffed animal that she secretly has her eyes on and you will win her heart.

5. Meet at a coffee shop.

Coffee shops are always a win, unless your lady isn’t into coffee. This is a great pitstop to make before a date night to ensure she is wide awake for anything you have planned.

6. Take your date to a concert.

Maybe her favorite band is in town, even if it’s one from her childhood such as Backstreet Boys. She will love it and have a great time; this alone should make it worth it for you.

7. Take your date to do crafts or to a craft fair.

Yes, it is possible for both of you to have fun with crafts. If you're not feeling artsy yourself, check out a local craft fair and buy your lady something handmade!

8. Go to dance classes.

Sweep her off her feet, literally. No lovely lady can resist a guy who loves to dance, and is good at it! Taking dance classes together is a terrific way to bond with each other while learning some sweet moves. You can also learn how to dance together at home with the help of Youtube!

9. Go to a dance club.

Took the dance classes, did you? Sweet! Now it’s time to show off those moves for a crowd at a dance club! Avoid the club at all costs if you learned your dance moves from Napoleon Dynamite.

10. Get dessert together.

If you took your lady out to dinner, or even if you didn’t, go out somewhere for dessert. Make it gourmet; you’re aiming to impress.

11. Dine in.

Taking the time to cook a delicious meal and serving it with wine will really show that you spent a lot of time planning, which also shows that she is worth that time. Make it a candlelit dinner for that extra hint of romance.

12. Dine out.

Going out for lunch or dinner is a typical date, so make it some place fancy. Experiment with cultural foods; something exotic.

13. Get some ice cream.

Everyone loves ice cream. Period.

Go ice skating!

Go ice skating!

14. Go ice skating.

‘Tis the season, or ‘tis not the season? That is the question. Whether ‘tis winter outside or you find an indoor ice skating rink, this always makes for a fun date.

15. Go lingerie shopping with her.

“Ooolalaa,” you’ll say to her as she tries on some lingerie at Fredericks of Hollywood. Buy her favorite one, or yours.

16. Go to the mall together.

Every woman likes to go shopping once in a while. Maybe she has been dropping hints about a purse she’s been eyeballing, or that pair of heels she is seemingly drooling over. Buy them. A little spoiling at the mall can go a long, looong way.

17. Go to the movies.

Okay, so it’s not exactly out of the ordinary, but there is normally something good playing at the theater. Splurge for the large popcorn...extra butter.

Have a picnic!

Have a picnic!

18. Have a picnic.

Plan a picnic at the park on a day that’s sunny, but not too hot or too cold. After the picnic, go flirt and play on the playground!

19. Take her putt putt golfing.

This one is a good time. We all hate losing but this is a time when you should let your lady win so she leaves in a good mood. Just don’t make it obvious.

20. Send her some flowers.

Find out what her favorite flower is if you don’t already know, and have them delivered to her at work. She will have bragging rights and feel like a queen. Better yet, if you have the time, hand deliver them yourself with a nice lunch.

21. Share a spa day together.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? Treat both of you to a couples massage at a spa, or plan one yourself at home bringing the ambiance of a spa to your living room!

22. Go stargazing.

Brush up on your constellations and impress your woman under the stars. You can even go all out like Landon from A Walk to Remember and “buy a star” for her. If you have not seen this movie, watch it. It’s not a movie to watch with the guys.

Go for a walk on the beach.

Go for a walk on the beach.

23. Walk the beach together.

Walking the beach is romantic and enjoyable, even more so at sunset or at night. Watch the sunset with your lady while walking the beach and stargaze after dark. Ever killed three birds with one stone?

24. Go wine tasting.

If you've noticed that your lady likes to have wine with her girls, take her to a wine tasting. If she raves about one, buy the bottle and save it for a special date.

25. Go to the zoo.

It’s a known fact that women are suckers for cute things, such as animals. The zoo has lots of these that she will adore.

Now that you have read through this list of fun things to do with your girlfriend, I challenge you do all of them. Some may not be suitable for your lady, and perhaps some are not quite age appropriate, but you have time. Print this list for quick reference and get started! Your chick will dig you for it.