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2 Dating Apps Like Tinder, but Better


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Apps Similar to Tinder

Since its public release in 2012, Tinder remains a very popular dating app, but the app is no longer one of a kind. Most of the dating apps now offer similar functionality, allowing you to swipe profiles and send free messages. I still use Tinder occasionally, but the increasing number of fake profiles and swiping limitations lead me to explore alternatives. There are two dating apps that work better for me.


Clover Dating App

I get more matches and dates using the Clover dating app than Tinder. When I first started using the app there weren't as many available matches in my area, but it's grown in popularity since. If you live in a major city, you should have plenty of matches to choose from. I don't live in a heavily populated area and I still get daily matches.

You can message other users after they have also swiped right on your profile. In my experience, I find girls on the app to be much more responsive, and I get more matches.

What I like:

  • No swiping limits. You can continue swiping as long as you want, until the matches run out. Depending on your location, you could have lots of swiping to do.
  • Less fake profiles. All dating sites have fake profiles, some more than others. Clover does have obvious fakes, but less than Tinder in my experience.
  • Activity status. You can see when the profile was last active so you're not messaging someone who no longer uses their profile.
  • More matches. There seems to be less fake profiles in my area, so I get more matches and likes. What I have done to get more matches faster is to swipe every profile by repeatedly tapping the like button and then deleting the profiles I don't like.
  • Request A Date feature. You have the ability to notify other members with a date idea for meeting up. I haven't used this feature so I can't comment on whether it works or not, but it's an option.
  • Detailed profile. The profile details show body type, height, dating intentions and much more. Tinder doesn't list this information unless the user writes it in their profile.

What I don't like:

  • No super swipe feature. Honestly, I could care less not having this feature, but sometimes you want to super swipe a profile that you really like.
  • The app freezes. This happened a lot on my Android phone before, but not as much now. Clover does become unresponsive occasionally, which can be frustrating.

Bumble Dating App

Bumble is unique in that women control the initial interaction, being the only one who can send the first message after you both swipe right. She has twenty four hours to send a message after matching. If she sends a message, you have twenty four hours to respond, but after you reply to the message, the time limit is gone and the conversation remains in your inbox.

I like Bumble because the women who message are genuinely interested, in most cases. I don't find the app to be as interactive as Clover, but when I get messages, girls are responsive and willing to plan a date.

What I like:

  • More dates, less flakes. Girls are less flaky on Bumble because they're the only one who can send the first message after matching. If you get a message, the person is obviously interested otherwise they would have let the match expire.
  • Continuous swiping. Like Clover, you can swipe until there are no more matches within your specified distance.
  • Spotify music list. You can list your Spotify artists at the bottom of your profile. I prefer meeting people I have similar music interests with so this is a nice plus.

What I don't like:

  • Super swiping isn't free. Like Tinder, the Bumble dating app has a super swipe button, but you must pay for it, which I haven't done.
  • No profile information. Other than their location, profession and text the user enters into their profile, there isn't any personal details (body type, interests, height), as of this writing.
  • No activity date. There's no way to know whether the person's been active on the app lately, so you could be swiping profiles that are no longer used.

If you're looking for apps like Tinder, both have worked well for me, but your experience might be different, depending on your location, profile and how you interact with people on dating sites. Both apps cost nothing to swipe profiles and send messages.