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2 Dating Apps Like Tinder, but Better

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Which Apps Are Better Than Tinder?

Which Apps Are Better Than Tinder?

Apps Similar to Tinder

Since its public debut in 2012, Tinder has been a popular dating app, but it's no longer one-of-a-kind. Now there are several dating apps offering similar, if not better, features that are free of charge. I still use Tinder, but it yields the least amount of matches for me compared to other apps. The never-ending fake profiles and bots have always been an annoying problem, but it's a lot worse than other apps I use. In this article, I go over two free dating apps worth checking out if you're sick of Tinder and want to expand your options.

How Facebook's Dating App Is Better Than Tinder

How Facebook's Dating App Is Better Than Tinder

Facebook Dating App

I get more matches and dates using the Facebook dating app than Tinder and other apps I've used. When I first started using Facebook dating there weren't many people in my area using it yet because it was still new at the time, but it's grown a lot in popularity since then. Unless you live in a rural area with a small population, you should have plenty of matches to choose from. Practically everyone on the planet uses Facebook and many of them are single folks using the dating feature.

The one thing that sucks about most dating apps like Tinder is you only match with someone you're interested in if they also happen to swipe right on your profile, and in my experience, this reduces the amount of matches you get big time.

With Facebook dating, the person is notified of your like when you swipe right or tap the heart symbol. You can also send a like by commenting on a photo. I find it a lot easier to get matches when my "like" is sent directly to the person I'm interested in instead of rolling the dice and hoping they swipe right too. I also find likes via photo comments to be more effective. Unless they have notifications turned off on their phone, they will be notified instantly when you tap the heart symbol.

What I like about Facebook Dating:

  • Swiping. When this app first came out there wasn't any swiping, but instead, you would have to tap either the heart symbol or the "X". If you prefer swiping, this is a nice improvement with the Facebook dating app. You can swipe on the app over and over until matches run out, or the "time to take a break" message pops up.
  • Fewer fake profiles. All dating sites have them, including Facebook, but it's nowhere near as bad as Tinder, which is overrun with bots and scam artists. There are fake profiles, but they're usually easy to identify if you know what to look for.
  • More matches. Since there are fewer fake profiles in my area, it's easier to get more matches, and the fact that the person is notified when you like them makes it easier.
  • Second look feature. Unlike Bumble and Tinder, you have the ability to go back and see profiles you took a pass on. Bumble allowed this before but removed the feature. Sometimes I accidentally pass up a profile. It's nice to be able to go back to those profiles.
  • Detailed profile. The profile section lets you add quite a few details about yourself including height, relationship wants, occupation, education, hobbies and interests, and more. The profile details on Tinder are very limited in comparison, although it's gotten better.

What I don't like about Facebook Dating:

  • Profiles you deleted show up again as likes. If you delete someone from your match and conversation queues, their profile eventually shows up again in the "Liked You" section. This is kind of annoying. I see the same profiles over and over again. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or what, but it happens. The problem seems to have improved though.
  • The app times out from heavy use. Similar to Tinder and Bumble, your daily activity has limitations. Although there is a limit, it is definitely a lot longer than other apps and only happens from heavy use. When you get timed out, a message pops up that says "time to take a break." I can swipe a long time before this happens.
How Bumble Is Better Than Tinder

How Bumble Is Better Than Tinder

Bumble Dating App

The Bumble dating app is unique in that women control the initial interaction and send the first message after you both swipe right and match. She has twenty-four hours to send a message after matching. If she sends a message, you have twenty-four hours to respond, but after you reply to the message, the time limit is gone and the conversation remains in your inbox.

I like Bumble because the women who message are genuinely interested, in most cases, but not always. I've had instances where the person vanishes during a conversation but doesn't unmatch me. I find that there are fewer fake profiles on Bumble than on Tinder.

What I like about Bumble:

  • More dates, fewer flakes. Girls are usually less flaky on Bumble because they're in control of sending the first message after matching. If you get a message, the person is usually pretty interested otherwise they would have let the match expire.
  • Less fake profiles than Tinder. If you use Tinder a lot, you will notice right away that there are fewer fakes on Bumble.
  • Spotify music list. You can list your Spotify artists at the bottom of your profile. I prefer meeting people with similar music interests, so this is a nice plus.
  • Profile details: Bumble now allows you to add what they call "Profile Prompts". You can add several details about yourself.

What I don't like about Bumble:

  • Super swiping isn't free. Like Tinder, the Bumble dating app has a super swipe button, but you must pay for it, which I haven't done, or plan to.
  • The girl messages first. There are pros and cons to this. An interested woman is more likely to message you, but there are times when I match with someone and they never send a message, and you have no ability to send them a message until they send you one first.
  • No activity date. There's no way to know whether the person's been active on the app, so you could be swiping profiles that are no longer used. Tinder started allowing you to see if someone's active, or not.

If you're looking for dating apps like Tinder, both of these apps have worked well for me, but your experience might be different, depending on your location, profile, and how you interact with people on dating sites. Either one costs nothing to swipe profiles and send messages.

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