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15 Things You’ll Probably Do Before He Comes Over for the First Time

I love giving advice on how to prepare when your boyfriend pays you a visit.

Tomorrow is the big day. Your boyfriend is coming over to your place for the very first time. Are you nervous? Heck yeah! But since you know he will be over tomorrow afternoon, you have plenty of time to start getting ready.

Always plan on giving yourself at least 24 hours before having your guy come over for the first time. That way, you have plenty of time to clean up your place, get rid of the junk lying around, and get your own self all beautiful and ready.

You will have to think of entertainment. Will you watch videos or listen to music together? Will the two of you be going out for dinner later on or do you plan on cooking something for the two of you? Maybe he wants to do the cooking? Find out now so you can plan and maybe stop by the grocery store at some point.

So much could go wrong if you don’t prepare for this special event, but if you follow through this list, all the basics will be covered, from cleaning up and clearing out to being absolutely beautiful and in total control. Everything goes best when you plan for it.

Check On Pets

Back when I was a teenager, I had a guy visiting for the first time. I straightened out the living room and got myself ready. When he got there, much to my embarrassment, the dog had pooped on the kitchen floor. I could have died, and in my embarrassment I practically shooed him back out the door. That was the last time I saw him.

Before your guy comes over for his first visit, make sure you take care of your pets. Clean out the cat box and, if possible, take your dog for a walk so that he is calm when company arrives. You may want to put the dog outside, if possible, and let her back inside after your boyfriend comes in so that your dog doesn’t jump all over him right away.

If you have a gerbil, mouse, or any small, caged pet, make sure the bedding is clean and doesn’t smell.

Clean Medicine Cabinet

Almost everybody does it. When they go into someone’s bathroom, they sneak a peek inside the medicine cabinet. Maybe they are nosing around in your business or maybe they are looking for an aspirin. Whatever the case may be, go look inside your medicine cabinet before your boyfriend shows up. Remove any prescription medications from it and put them in a drawer in your bedroom for now. Also, remove any personal items that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. Leave in your contact lens solution, aspirin, tweezers, bandages, and other non offensive stuff.

While you are at it, clean up the sink area and put away the makeup and straighten the hair products. You don’t need him seeing how you make the face magic happen. Put away all feminine products. It’s not that he doesn’t know you have a menstrual cycle, it is just that visitors don’t need to know your favorite brand of tampons.

Look Under The Bed

It is the land of dust bunnies, lost socks, and possibly a few embarrassing items you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to see. Honestly, you should give the space under your bed a quick clean out once a week. If you have a cat, you are probably going to find a lot of strange things under there, from old chicken bones to a dirty pair of underwear. What is it with cats and underwear?

Normally your man wouldn't be looking under your bed, but you never know if his shoes will get kicked under there or if he will drop something and have to search for it on the floor. It is better to be clean and safe than embarrassed.

If you keep your bed on the floor, you still need to check around the sides. Pull your bed out from the wall and pick up anything that has fallen between the cracks. Give it a quick vacuum and push it back. Safe and clean.

Toss Aged Leftovers

When was the last time you cleaned out your refrigerator? For me, I clean out the fridge whenever there is something else I should be doing but don’t want to do. It is how I punish myself, but, by goodness, I never have lingering leftovers sitting about.

Men, being as they are, often start rooting through a refrigerator in search of food. To avoid any embarrassment or strange, unidentifiable finds, get in there and start pulling things out. Toss anything that is older than two days. If you haven’t eaten it yet, you aren’t going to. Check expiration dates on packaging and jars, too. How long has that jar of relish been sitting in your refrigerator? Throw away anything that is questionable.

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When you are done with the great toss out, give the inside of your fridge a wipe down. For a quick wipe down, I use a soapy sponge and then dry the fridge out with a few paper towels. A clean refrigerator shows him that you care about food safety and your health.

Change the Bed Sheets

Whether or not you and your boyfriend are planning on testing out your bed, change the bed sheets. Unwashed bedsheets carry an odor and while you may think the odor is just fine (your nose is used to it), your boyfriend might be overwhelmed. We sweat at night and that sweat gets a soured smell when left on the sheets. Be on the safe side and put fresh sheets on the bed. Fluff out your pillows and, if there is time, put them in the dryer, set on low, with a dryer sheet for a few minutes just to freshen them up.

Make your bed. Simply making a bed can make a room look so much neater, even when there is a bit of clutter lying around. A made bed is an inviting bed, and if the two of you are just hanging out, it is easier to relax on a made bed than on a messy bed.

Dead Houseplants and Flowers

Pretend you are walking into your house or apartment for the first time. What do you see? Are there houseplants around? That is something many people usually notice right away. Are your houseplants alive and green or brown and beyond dead?

I cannot remember how many homes I have gone into where the houseplants were nearly all dead. It gives an unsettling feeling to guests and it makes them wonder what else you are neglecting.

If you have dead houseplants on your windowsills, now is the time to get rid of them. Just chuck them because, honestly, they aren’t going to miraculously spring back to life. Next, remove all the dead leaves from the remaining living plants. If you have the time, take them outside and spray the leaves with water to wash off the dust. Pat them dry and bring them back in.

Houseplants can make a place look great, but only if they are taken care of.

Clean Out the Sofa

Before I had kids, the sofa was the magical place where I could pull out the cushions and find spare change. After kids, it became a scary place where I would find cereal bits, a hard chicken nugget or two, and toys. What is in your sofa cushions? Better yet, when was the last time you lifted those suckers up and vacuumed underneath them?

Before your boyfriend shows up, check to see what is between and under the sofa cushions. Give it a quick vacuum. You will be happy that you did because, I swear, if you don’t clean under the sofa cushions, Murphy’s Law states that he will drop his wallet in there and those cushions will have to come up. If there is a stock pile of cookie crumbs in there, it is going to make you look like a slob. If it’s already been cleaned, then there will be no worries.

Do a Smell Test

Rooms can hold a smell, whether it is a nice smell or a smell that makes your eyes water. Trust me when I say that you want your house or apartment smelling nice when you have your guy show up for the first time.

The best way to get rid of bad odors is to clean and take the trash out. If your carpet smells, use a store product or a natural product to get the odor out. Check your sofa and bedroom for bad smells, too.

When you are done, decorate with some scented candles and light them about 15 minutes before your boyfriend shows up. Be careful where you place the candles, though. You don’t want your first hangout at your place to end with fire engines. Incense works and you only need one stick to smell up an entire house. You can also use an aromatherapy burner to freshen up your place with a nice scent.

Let Someone Know About It

Before you ever have someone new come over to your place, let a long time friend or a family member know about it. I am not saying that your new guy is a serial killer, but it is simply safer to keep people in the know when having a guest over. Something else could happen, an emergency could turn up, and your family should know if you are available at that time or not.

Another thing to think about is what if any of your friends decide to just show up? Before your guy shows up, let your friends know beforehand that you will be having company and ask that they do not stop over unannounced. True friends will understand this and keep away until they get the all clear.

If you are close to your neighbor, you can let her in on your visitor. This works out well if you don’t live close to your family and don’t have any friends that you trust with being in the know.

Stock Up On Drinks and Snacks

Have you ever gone to visit someone and gotten thirsty while hanging out and talking? Then, when you asked for a drink, they looked totally bewildered because they forgot to get anything at the store. Then they offered you lukewarm tap water because they also forgot how to make ice cubes. Not fun, right?

Before you do anything else, make some ice cubes. It is really simple—just add water to the ice cube trays. While the cubes are chilling, make a quick stop at the store for something to drink and grab a few snacks while you are out, too.

If you are tight on money, you can stick with bottled water or, if you and your guy are sugar fiends, buy some drink powders and mix them up when you get back home. Get your potato chips or pretzels on sale. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just casual.

A Full Body Look Over

Plan on doing a full body once over one or two hours before he is expected to arrive. Take a shower if you need one and wash your hair so that it smells nice. Give your body a full body scrub to remove dead skin and to make your skin glow. Check your eyebrows for wayward hairs and make sure your nose hairs are in check.

Check your teeth while you are at it and give them a good floss and brush. You want to have great breath when he arrives so save the teeth for last and don’t eat any onions or garlic after brushing, unless you are worried about vampires.

If it is warm weather and you will be wearing shorts or a skirt, check for leg stubble. My biggest problem is missing a hair or two on my ankles. My friend says she always misses the hair on her knees. Give your problem areas a double check to make sure you hit them this time and if not, go fix it quickly before he gets there.

Check Your Computer

Once upon a time, computers were personal space that other people didn’t touch without explicit permission. Today, when someone walks into your space and sees a computer, they automatically sit down and start looking crap up. Before there is a chance that this happens to you, make sure your computer doesn’t display any questionable stuff.

Make sure that your desktop image is neutral and is not an image of an ex-boyfriend. Clear your browsing history. He doesn’t need to find out that you were running searches on his name in Google or that you were researching the menstrual cup. Also, check the names of your files that can be clearly seen. You don’t want anything named that could cause suspicions.

We all use our computers for private things, whether it is keeping a private journal or you are searching the internet for a solution to a problem. Not everyone needs to know your private business, especially not a fairly new boyfriend.

Remove All Traces of Another Guy

While I am certainly not implying that you are two timing anyone, just make sure you give your place a quick once over before he shows up. See your place through the eyes of a jealous man (not implying that he is a jealous guy, but pretend that he is). Remove anything that is from an ex-boyfriend or even a male friend. The only guy stuff that can be around is something from your dad or your brother.

This is also an excellent time to throw away anything from an ex that has bad memories associated with it. Any stupid, cheap teddy bears from an ex need to get trashed or donated. Love letters should be thrown away or hidden away where they cannot be accidentally stumbled upon. Photos, clothing, and everything else should be your own and not be related to some guy you used to know. You want your guy to walk in and feel comfortable, not paranoid that there is someone else waiting in the wings.

Empty the Trash

If you decide to throw out some bad memories before your guy comes over to your place for the first time, make sure to take out the trash, too. It is all too easy for anyone to reach into a trash bin or bag and pull out an old love letter to read. If the temptation is there, few will be able to resist it. Instead, remove the trash checking temptation before he ever shows up and walk your trash out to the bin or get it out to the garage or shed.

Since you are taking out your trash, don’t forget to get the recycling out of your place, too. It makes a place look cluttered and you don’t need him asking you just exactly how many diet sodas you drink in a day. Right now, that is no one’s business but your own. Out of sight, out of mind. Get the crap out of the apartment.

Clean Under the Toilet Seat

In a girl only apartment, the toilet seat is almost never lifted unless it is time to scrub clean the toilet bowl and even then I have seen women not lift up the seat. Listen, guys lift up the seat to pee. For the sake of hygiene, you do not want it to be dirty under the seat. If it is, it will make you seem like you don’t keep your place clean and it is also kind of inconsiderate since the guy has to lift the dirty seat with his hand.

Before he comes over, lift the toilet seat and give it a swipe clean. While you are at it, make sure the whole toilet is clean. It is one of the things he is going to notice because without a doubt he will need to use the bathroom while he is visiting. Of course, you could send him outside into the bushes, but that is kind of rude.

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