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15 Cheap and Romantic Ways to Chill With Your Sweetheart

Sadie Holloway is exploring how to live more intentionally, everyday. Her favorite self-help authors are Deepak Chopra and Julia Cameron.

Coffee in the morning can be as romantic as you want it to be.

Coffee in the morning can be as romantic as you want it to be.

Planning on another quiet, low-key weekend with the love of your life? Here are 15 cheap and romantic ways to chill with your sweetheart.

1. Try making a fancy dessert coffee at home and pretend you're in a cafe. Sit and talk to one another as you would sit and talk to your best childhood friend whom you hadn't seen in a long time. Don't talk about bills or work or day-to-day problems. You wouldn't thrust those boring subjects on someone you haven't seen in ages, so why thrust them on your partner? Enjoy the moment and rediscover why your lover really is your best friend after all.

2. Go to the museum when it’s free. As part of public service, many museums open their doors to the public for free during less busy times of the week. Head down to your city's art gallery and take in an exhibition with your partner. It will be less crowded and there will be more opportunities for random PDAs (public displays of affection). Hold hands and steal a kiss in front of Boticelli's The Birth of Venus or In Bed The Kiss by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec.

3. Do a crossword puzzle together. Team 'sports' are always good for bringing people together, so cuddle up on the couch and tackle the Sunday New York Times Crossword.

4. Read each others’ horoscopes and the comics sections of the newspaper aloud to each other. Lying with your head on your partner's chest while he reads can be quite soothing as his voice sends gentle vibrations through his body to yours. What a sweet and comforting way to enjoy each other's company.

5. Watch a classic romantic movie together. According to a recent research study, watching romantic movies can help couples reignite romance in their relationships. The study says weekly date nights spent watching box-office romances movies that feature couples in intimate relationships can reduce your chances of breaking up by more than fifty percent! Talking about the movie’s plotlines with your spouse is good for your relationship because the love lives of the characters on the big screen help to make your own relationship issues seem less threatening. The researchers say that connecting with your partner by watching romantic movies is just as effective at reducing the risk of breakup or divorce as spending time in couples counselling! (Source: Chatelaine July 2014)

Watching romance can help spark yours!

Watching romance can help spark yours!

6. Go visit some show suites in condo developments for decorating and renovation ideas. Planning a beautiful future with your partner is a dreamy way to spend time together.

7. Put your electronic devices away and play cards or a board game together. Whatever news is popping up in your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline can wait. A simple pack of cards can be used to play a countless number of fun and stimulating games together.

8. Bake cookies together. Baking cookies with dark chocolate is an especially good idea because dark chocolate is known to increase your serotonin levels (the happy mood hormone).

9. Make homemade sundaes. Don't forget the dark chocolate sprinkles!

10. Give each other reflexology foot massages. Anything that the two of you can do to help one another relaxes and unwind is a sweet way to spend time together. The video below offers some tips for how to do a foot reflexology massage.

11. Have a nap together on the couch. Falling asleep together entwined on the couch is a cozy way to refresh your overworked minds and bodies.

12. Stay in bed just a little bit longer in the morning. What's the rush?

13. Brush and comb each other’s hair. Do you enjoy the tingly sensation of getting a scalp massage or having your hair done? Then why not recreate that tingly vibe at home by gentling caring for and caressing each other's lovely locks.

14. Take turns doing life drawings of each other. The scene in the movie Titanic where Jack does a sketch of Rose posed while nude is definitely one of the film's most romantic scenes. You don't need to be a good artist to appreciate and admire your spouses' one-of-a-kind curves or lovable physique.

15. Use face paint and do some body art on each other. The playful tickle of the paintbrush If you don't have any face paints on hand, you can make your own with a few common household ingredients.

Bring back the romance—on the cheap!

Bring back the romance—on the cheap!

This list of cheap and romantic ways to chill with your sweetheart could go on and on. The number of ways to spend time together doesn't have to be limited just because you have a limited budget. When you really think about what your partner means to you and how much you would miss his presence in your life if something tragic happened, you realize that creating warm, loving moments together is more valuable than money or fancy meals at 5-star restaurants.

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