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100 Signs He Likes You

I'm a Midwesterner with a background in writing and media. My articles are mainly about relationships, dating, and heartbreak.

1. He offers to buy you coffee, a beer, dinner, or other items. Sometimes this is a sign of friendship, contrary to other people’s beliefs. It is a positive sign, and may mean he respects you.

2. He finds excuses to touch you, such as guiding you through a busy room by putting his hand on the small of your back, random high fives, hugs, etc. He wants you to be comfortable and used to him touching you.

3. He finds excuses to be close to you, such as being in the same group as you, sitting by you, standing next to you, etc.

4. He laughs at your jokes. He laughs even when it isn’t that funny. Sometimes he explodes with laughter. He shares a similar sense of humor with you.

5. He writes you notes or draws you pictures quite often. He is trying to build a connection with you.

6. He likes several of your pictures, statuses, Instagram, etc.

7. He tries to spend time with you one on one rather than with a big group. He will definitely act differently if he spends time with just you alone compared to in a group.

8. He treats you differently than the other ladies. He may give you special treatment. He may also tease you or neglect you as a weird game.

9. He’ll stand up for you when others are mocking, teasing, or insulting you.

10. He’ll encourage you when things go bad such as a crappy audition, terrible test grade, or bad day in general.

11. He’ll compliment you on your looks. “Beautiful” and “gorgeous” are the most revealing.

12. He’ll buy or bring you flowers. Dead giveaway.

13. He’ll say you remind him of his mother or sister. It sounds creepy, but he means it in a good way.

14. He’ll be anxious, jealous, or will check on you with his eyes if another guy is talking to you.

15. He’ll be overprotective of you, even for small things like a small growling dog in the distance.

16. He’ll do favors for you such as change your oil, help you move, mow your lawn, help you with homework, etc.

17. He’ll be interested in meeting your family. He wants to get to know them more, and also learn more about you. And who better from than your family?

18. He’ll ask you questions to gain your opinion about rather random things. Usually these are innocent questions. This means he cares about your opinion.

19. He will dress up nicer when just seeing you, he might pull out his nicest shirt and wear his best smelling scented cologne.

20. He’ll play with your hair.

21. He may tease you or initiate play. Men tend to be more playful than women, so if he randomly teases you about your oversized bag, momentarily steals something from your desk, punches you in the arm, or starts up tag—he probably has a thing for you.

22. He has a nickname for you. He may even have a nickname for your nickname.

23. He knocks on the front door rather than waits in his car when he picks you up.

24. He opens doors for you.

25. He talks about your Facebook or Instagram in person. He is letting you know subtly that he keeps tabs on you.

26. He cooks for you.

27. He buys you gifts from jewelry, concert tickets, to maybe even a pet.

28. He asks you out to a formal event such as prom, a marine ball, etc.

29. He says only nice things if you serve him terrible food. He holds back from hurting your feelings.

30. He has random concerns because he cares about you and what you think. He might worry if he is keeping you out too late, he doesn’t want to stay over at your house because of the reputation it might give you, he doesn’t want to leave you in his car when he needs to make a quick run to the grocery store, and he wants you to wear sunscreen.

31. He may become distant, cold, or less responsive if he feels that you don’t have feelings for him.

32. He’ll watch his language more. He may say less perverted of things or less curse words.

33. He’ll want to impress you either with his fancy car, good manners, taste in things, or his bear like hugs.

34. He’ll respond to your text messages with speed. Don’t over text him, but generally he won’t ignore you. Sometimes people forget to text, so don’t go crazy!

35. You might look like other girls he has dated who have a similar build, hair color, interest in choral music, etc.

36. He’ll want you to think he is strong, so he’ll do random macho things like pick up big objects, eat big servings of food, move giant pieces of furniture, and the like.

37. He may show you random things that he likes such as beer, knives, guns, pictures of deer—just go along with it.

38. He will notice the most odd details about you, like how you match your earrings with your shoes. He may pull a twig out of your hair, or wipe away a stray eyelash from your face.

39. He may have a special ring tone or text tone for you.

40. His competitive side may suddenly come from nowhere, he may want to show you how fast he can run, how great he is at trivia, how many drawings he can do in ten seconds, or how many grocery bags he can carry at one time. Congratulate him. Men are not necessarily as equipped with words when it comes to romance, so compliment them for their efforts.

41. He’ll know what your favorites of things are and perhaps buy them for you such as candy, chocolate, movies, etc.

42. He is happy when he sees you improve and become a better person. He takes notice of you and wishes you well.

43. He compliments you on completely pointless things, like being punctual.

44. His compliments never end from how smart you are, how funny, how clever, how sweet, how mature... it never ends.

45. He communicates with you in several different mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, email, text messaging, letters -- everything and anything.

46. He wants to plan a trip with you to somewhere distant, like another state, another country, etc.

47. He tries to get along with your friends. He wants to make a good impression.

48. His eyes light up, his smile stretches from ear to ear whenever he sees you out of the blue.

49. In group situations, he may walk next to you rather often.

50. He’ll kiss you.

51. He will want you to read his favorite books, watch his favorite movies, and know his favorite television shows.

52. He will be able to have conversations with you for hours upon hours with nothing else happening, and he will be completely entertained.

53. If you end up in a relationship with someone else, this guy in question will noticeably seem depressed, avoiding you, and may even be somewhat cold or harsh.

54. He’ll look for an opportunity to hold your hand. Palm reading, walking across the street, games where you hold people’s hands, etc.

55. If he is into video games, he may name a character after you.

56. He may let you win at games so that you feel good.

57. He’ll let you in on a few harmless secrets, like what his brothers called him when he was little, the name of his first crush, etc.

58. He’ll show up to events that are important to you such as graduation, your art show, your violin concert, or your triathlon.

59. He’ll write you encouraging messages.

60. He’ll want to pick you up in his car. He’ll give you rides to different places if your car is broken or if you don’t have a car.

61. He’ll buy you a birthday gift, the more creative and intentional... the better.

62. He’ll buy you jumper cables. He wants to make sure you are safe.

63. He can wait as long as you want on holding off on jumping into bed.

64. He’ll like to cuddle with you.

65. He’ll tell you that he likes the way you smell.

66. He’ll notice when you’ve had a haircut, change of hair color, etc.

67. He’ll try to teach you different things like how to mow a lawn, change your oil, or how to fight a grizzly bear.

68. He’ll be sad when he knows you’ll be gone for awhile. He’ll have clear indications of missing you. He’ll say he misses you.

69. He’ll want you to show up to events that are important to him like graduation, the opening of his bar, or his football game.

70. He’ll scrap off the ice on your car.

71. He’ll want to help out when you’re sick. He may make you soup. He may make you toast. He may buy you medicine.

72. He makes a conscious effort not to look at the other ladies in the room. He does what he can to avoid talking about women or looking at them in front of you.

73. He doesn't wait too long, and he almost 100% will respond. That doesn't mean you should barrage him with messages and information. Try to restrain yourself somewhat because over messaging... could annoy the dickens out of anyone. Try to keep it a decent pace.

74. He tries to be in the same groups as you or be your partner whether for a school project, a board game, clubs, etc. He may be intentional about trying to get you on the same side as him.

75. He gives you a hug almost every time he sees you. He may hug you seven times when he sees you in one gathering.

76. He wants to get along with your pet, even if he doesn't usually like cats or dogs or turtles or sharks.

77. He'll ask your opinion about something random to see if he is lining up with your interests such as what are your favorite bands, colors, day of the week, mythological creature, etc.

78. He may show mild signs of jealously when you are talking to another guy. He may do something to distract you from this guy, or to cut the other guy off.

79. He'll send you "good morning" texts or "good evening" texts. Though, I don't think a lot of guys really do that.

80. He'll take you out to coffee or lunch when he sees an open opportunity.

81. He'll give you his coat if he notices you are cold.

82. He'll be willing to try something new that he usually does not do such as baking, ice skating, etc.

83. He'll randomly show up at places he knows you frequent. He'll try to figure out your schedule in a casual way. He may stop by your office desk.

84. Handwritten letters. What friends do that in this day and age?

85. He'll offer to drive you because he wants you in his car.

86. He'll joke about marrying you.

87. He'll gush to about you to his friends while he is drunk and later you'll hear about the long, never ending story about his deep confessions.

88. He'll call you.

89. He'll spend lots of time with you. He'll try to find ways to spend time with you that are out of his way.

90. He'll spend money on you from buying you gas, food, jewelry, anything and everything.

91. He'll ask you to be his dance partner.

92. He'll introduce you to his friends, family, and dog.

93. His body language will often mimic yours.

94. He'll keep an eye on you constantly. You might not even realize it, but he'll refer back to something that makes it obvious that he keeps his eyes on you.

95. He'll make a very obvious gesture like serenading you.

96. On a random encounter of you, he may reach to his sock to fix it. It's an odd unconscious thing that guys do.

97. He may try to keep something of yours like jewelry, a smelly-good scarf, something pretty.

98. He may attempt making a craft, like with macaroni, to impress you.

99. He'll take you on a picnic.

100. He'll kiss your forehead.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is it okay to tell a guy that you like him after waiting for him to say so in a long time period?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely.

Question: What does it mean when a guy friend lays on my bed and invites me to sit?

Answer: He is trying to make a serious move on you. Get closer to him -- things can happen.

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