10 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Updated on February 4, 2020
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Sarah is a certified yoga teacher and artist who believes in the importance of holistic wellness.

Happy at Home

Staying at home may not seem very romantic or glamorous, but with a little creativity, it can be both! The home is a very special place even though it may seem ordinary to you. So whether it's the weather or your budget keeping you inside, all you need is a set of fresh eyes. What was once the living room can become an extravagant movie theatre or art studio!

New couples and couples who have been together for years will both benefit from these unique yet simple experiences. Each activity can be modified to your own comfort level. The idea is to have fun and enjoy each other's company right at home!

Collaborative Painting

Painting together is definitely an excellent way to get you and your partner playing creatively together. Get a blank canvas and some paint...choose three colors, if you use more you might end up with a grey mess!

About every 10 minutes rotate the canvas so that you both work on every part of the painting. Just have fun and remember it doesn't have to look like anything in particular. The best part of this date is that you will have something tangible to remember your time together: a masterpiece to hang on the wall!

Twister With a Twist

Get ready to get tangled! Bring out the twister mat and spread it out on the living room floor. Alternatively, you can use colored paper plates, just be careful not to slip. You can play the normal way, or if you want you can spice it up a little. I'll let your imaginations take it from there! Feel free to make up your own rules as you go.

Forts, Not Just for Kids

When I was little I loved building forts, and you know what, I still do! Assemble a collection of blankets, sheets, and pillows. Create a safe and cozy place for you and your loved one. You can fill your fort with flowers and play soft music for a whimsical effect. If you want to have a more camp indoor feeling, try roasting marshmallows over a candle for smores.

Movie Marathon

Choose a movie or two that both you and your partner will enjoy watching. I personally love to be held while watching a scary horror flick! Be sure to have lots of blankets to snuggle under, and of course, snacks! The nice thing about watching films in the comfort of your own home is you can talk to each other during the show. Dim the lights and let the entertainment begin!

Board Games

You may think board games are an ordinary or boring date, but trust me once you get into it, you'll be having tons of fun! The choices for games are endless, from monopoly to candyland. You can change up the rules to make the games sexier or have a special prize for the winner. Many classic board games have spicy alternative methods of playing.

Cooking Together

Cooking together can be very intimate. Make sure you have all the ingredients for the meal ahead of time and don't try anything too complicated...unless you are feeling adventurous of course! Set a nice candlelit table and enjoy all of your hard work. It will feel great eating something you have both created with your own hands.

Indoor Beach Party

This can be a lot of fun on a rainy or wintery day when you are missing the beach or hot, sunny days. Have you and your partner dress up in your bathing suits and play games such as beach ball in the basement (or wherever you have substantial space). Lay out beach towels and rub "sunscreen" (massage oil) onto eachother for a nice massage. Don't forget to make yourselves yummy tropical drinks! You can also play upbeat music or may even want to play soothing ocean sounds.

Indoor Picnic

Spread a large blanket across the living room floor and pack a picnic basket for indoors! Eating on the ground is a way to break free from the norm and enjoy each others company more intimately. This is especially fun to do during the winter time when the view from the windows is a snowy winter wonderland.

Create a Vision Board

Use momentos and souvenirs from past dates and paste them in a pleasing way to a large poster board as you remember all the great times you have had together. Make a space and use magazines to create an image of what you would like your future as a couple to look like.

Photo Shoot

Dress up in sexy, funky, and crazy clothes. Don't wait for another occasion to put on that glamorous dress and heels or tuxedo. Use props and have your very own photo shoot! Don't be afraid to get out your old Halloween costumes and perhaps even do a little roleplaying.

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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      8 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this. I have used some of these.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      8 years ago

      All wonderful ideas for those nights when you don't feel like going out but need something to do. We have had some really fun picnics in our living room. Of course, as you mention, movie marathons are a big favorite of ours.

    • chipped teacup profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pennsylvania

      @Michelle Taylor Thank you! As a creative person also, the painting together date is a favorite of mine. I hope you have fun and thanks again!! :)

    • Michelle Taylor profile image

      Michelle Taylor 

      8 years ago from New Jersey

      Oooh these ideas are a lot of fun! I am a crafty person so the collaborative painting idea is definitely a winner for me! Voted up and sharing!


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