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10 Subtle Ways to Hit on Your Doctor

Are you due for a check-up?

Are you due for a check-up?

How to Flirt With a Doctor

Flirting is truly an art. Even if you’ve mastered the skill, there are situations when you can be caught off-guard. Coming in for a consult with a real cute doctor can be one of those tricky situations.

Timing, knowing the right words to say, and the ability to read body language is important.

Here are 10 subtle ways to hit on your physician.

1. Smile!

A smile can jumpstart the flirting action. Greeting your doctor with a smile gives off a good vibe and makes you both feel comfortable instantly.

Do not go overboard, though, and force it all throughout your discussion. Showcase your wonderful smile in good timing. Smiling when your doctor is saying you need to have an appendectomy will obviously make you look silly!

2. The Casual Chat

Being able to keep up a friendly conversation with a person you barely know can be challenging. But if you're interested in your doctor, you have to turn the charm on and start to chit-chat a bit.

Don't try too hard. Telling your doctor about how you're feeling lately is a good start, and it's something that your doctor expects you to discuss.

If you haven't been feeling too good, let your doctor know and seriously listen to what he or she has to say. Try not to forget that you're there to get a proper consultation. Hitting on your doctor should be your second priority unless it's been months since your last date.

You can also share funny things that happened to you during the week or during the day. Keep it brief and give your doctor a chance to react to what you say—your doctor's reaction will give you a clue if the attraction is mutual. So do not hog the spotlight; let your doctor talk too.

While chatting, don't forget about eye contact. It shows confidence, and also it indicates that you're interested in the person you're talking to.


3. Spill Some Personal Tidbits

You want to get your doctor interested in you, so tell him or her a little bit about yourself. Choose carefully what personal info to share, try to keep the conversation light - hold off on sharing any embarrassing or scandalous experiences.

4. Subtly Let the Doctor Know That You're Single and Available

Here are a couple of tips on how to do this.

You can get him to notice that you're ring-free. Touch your face a few times during the consult or pretend that your eye is itchy.

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Or you can squeeze this into the conversation:

"I drove myself here; that's the downside of being single. There's no one around to drive you to the doctor."

5. Fish for Info

Before seriously flirting with the doc, you need to find out for sure if he or she is unattached.

You can ask questions like:

"So, doc, what keeps you busy when you're not wearing that white gown?"

"I've always wondered about something, do girlfriends or boyfriends of doctors go to them for a consult?"

Or, if you're having your consult in the evening, you can say:

"You're a lifesaver, doc; please thank your girlfriend (or boyfriend) for me for letting you work nights."

6. Find a Common Interest

Look around your doctor's office and find a common interest. When you find one, appear that you're pleasantly surprised that you have something in common with him or her.

If you find that you both play tennis, then that's opening for you to invite him or her for a date match.

7. The Flirt Laugh

You need to give yourself away a little bit and encourage your doctor to also make a move. Laughing flirtatiously is a great way to make it obvious that you're attracted. Just don't overdo it; that would make the situation awkward.

8. Flatter Your Doctor

There's nothing like a sincere compliment to flatter and disarm anyone. Throw compliments appropriately, and it will help your chances of getting a date with your doctor or even a free consult.

Getting examined by a handsome doctor can give you that butterfly feeling in your stomach.

Getting examined by a handsome doctor can give you that butterfly feeling in your stomach.

9. A Slight Touch Sends the Right Signals

When the doc hands your prescription, use your finger pads to touch his or her hand lightly. A light touch is enough to show that you trust him and that you’re comfortable. Don’t linger too long, though; pull away at the right time and ignore the butterflies on your tummy. You don’t want to seem too eager.

10. Ask for His Number

After all the flirting and you’re quite sure that there is something there, don’t be shy in asking for your doctor’s number. If you’re confident enough, hint that you’re getting it for “social” calls.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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