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10 Secrets for a Successful Shopping Trip With Your Boyfriend

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It is a known fact that there are things that are dependent exclusively upon women. Certainly, one of the top three is shopping. When most women go shopping, they usually take their best friend, sister, mother or even their aunt along for the ride. Why is this? Because women love shopping and they really love to go shopping with other women. Still, it is not always possible to bring a female companion; sometimes it is just the boyfriend.

Some women fear bringing their boyfriends along for the ride, worried that the shopping trip will be unproductive or boring, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many tricks that women can use to have a fun and successful shopping trip with their boyfriends.

Before you even start, understand that you’re going to have to use special tactics to avoid his complaining.

Often, women do not even think about the man's feelings when they take them shopping, some women just want someone who will carry their bags and leave it at that. The plan is that they will simply tell you that your dress looks great on them and maybe they will be generous and buy matching shoes for you as well. But most ladies understand that this undertaking can be very risky and that guys may not tolerate these situations. However, not everything has to be so black and white. If you have already decided to go shopping with your boyfriend, a certain dose of skill and understanding can help you both have a good time.

To get to the bottom of this, we asked a few girls and guys what they do to make shopping fun for both.

1. Spend Less Time Window-Shopping


Rachel told us that her boyfriend gets terribly upset when she stops in front of each and every shop window and spends more than 15 looking inside before going into the store where she spends twice as much time in there, only to leave without purchasing anything.

This situation would perhaps be painless with your friends, but if you already took your beloved shopping then try to spend less time standing in front of the shop window. Simply take a look, go inside and if you find that there is something for you, check it out, but if you want to spend that half-hour tour just looking, then you should come back alone and everyone will be happy.

2. Take A Break To Keep Him From Getting Bored


Most of us get pretty tired after hours of any physical activity, but let's be honest, when it comes to shopping, women are able to walk for hours. With the power to enter in each store and try out every possible dress, skirt, and shirt without ever get tired. But your boyfriend will very likely get tired quickly.

To avoid this situation, you could, for example, take a break, have a drink, share ice cream with your darling, devote some of your attention to him and then move on. But remember, if you notice that he is still rolling his eyes and he's already got that bored look on his face, then do not force the issue. Let him go home, go shopping alone or with a friend, and when you're done, show him what you have chosen.

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3. Do Not Ask For His Credit Card

Do not ever go shopping with your partner with the assumption that he will pay for everything for you, unless of course, you have such a deal in place prior to your trip, or it is a custom in your relationship.

Why? Because that kind of ruthlessness makes any man crazy. It's okay for your boyfriend to buy you something if he wants to, but asking him for a credit card or his wallet as if it were simply implied is not polite and leaves a very bad impression. Maybe he is not in a financial position to do so, or there are some other reasons. So ladies, be emancipated to the end, buy as much as you can afford, unless your dear really wants to be gallant in that situation. In that case, do not be rude, refusing might offend him, don't you think? ;)

4. Buy Something for Him Too

Another good idea is to buy something for him too. Men love to be dressed up and have nice clothes too, don’t they? Although men, at least most of them, has a completely different approach to shopping than women do. Guys like to shop okay, but they don’t turn it into the experience that women do.

Unlike women, men know what they want and usually know where to find it so they do not waste much time. But, if he is with you, while you are looking for a dress for yourself, why wouldn't you look a shirt for him so he can look and feel good standing next to you in new dress? That could make him happy and make shopping more fun. But, never force him to go ten rounds in the dressing room and try out everything you like for him. That could be a bit much.

Check out this video if you need some tips...

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5. Make A Fashion Show For Him


There are also other ways that can make shopping more fun for both of you. One of the ways you may succeed in this is to take a bunch of clothes, put your beloved on a chair in front of the changing room, go in and try a lot of combinations...and make a fashion show just for his eyes.

Try out the cutest outfits. Do it right and you might even get a free gift out of the deal! Just make sure that you are not lollygagging, if every time he waits a half an hour for you to come out, and if your show is lasting too long, you may be surprised by an empty chair when you come out.

6. Do Not Go to the Same Shop More Than Once

One of the totally illogical things that many women do while shopping is visiting the same shops over and over again without ever actually buying anything. Only women know why they do this all the time but if you do it while you are with your boyfriend, it's likely that he will roll with his eyes when you look at him.

This is something he will find pointless, and he will think twice before he accepts going with you next time. So, if you are already shopping together, you better be sure that you are in the store where you do not like anything, or if you like, just buy it without annoying your partner by coming back.

8. Imagine Yourself in His Position


I recently read an interesting story about male-female shopping, with the difference in this case being that the girl accompanied her man and he was buying, believe it or not, beer, but not just any beer would do. Being a perfectionist inside of specialized store dedicated to beer, he tried eight kinds of beer, and even then did not find the one that he liked. Tired of waiting, the girlfriend started to yell, telling him that he was crazy and slapped him across the face before demonstratively leaving the store.

When they asked him what happened, he said "I really do not understand her reaction. It's completely normal to try out many beers to know what is best for you, and you can not buy the first thing you come across, it is better to spend a little more time and choose the best beer that reflects your personality” Hmm ... I guess this is exactly how most girls would respond if someone asks them why they try on that eighth dress, don't you think?

9. Try to Appreciate His Opinion

Ladies, if you are already taking the boy with you... then at least try to appreciate his opinion. If you turn your head every time he says that he likes something on you, then he will definitely be convinced that he is superfluous and ask you why have you took him in the first place. You know his favorite sentence "you are beautiful in everything you wear."

It is so easy for them. But if he's already made ​​an effort to analyze and give you his opinion then at least try to listen to him. Of course, you do not have to buy everything just because he likes it, but sometimes a compromise can be a very good thing.

Even though to you it may not be your first choice, if he likes it that much, then buy and wear it sometimes, even if it is just for him. It will make him feel important and he will be glad that you listened to him and you will feel good as well.

10. Show Your Gratitude

From everything said so far, and from your own experience, I'm sure everyone understands that shopping with you means a kind of sacrifice for your boyfriend. He will spend some time with you even if it isn’t really his thing because he wants you to be happy.

The least you can do for him is to be grateful. But there is something else that would be really nice of you to do, something your sweetie will definitely appreciate and will lead to future shopping trips, and here it is: If he wishes to take you with him to the football game or other similar event ...doesn't matter how much you do not like the idea, do it for him.

He did something for you, didn't he? In any case, show him that you are willing to compromise too, he will love you for it.


So, it is not necessarily a bad idea to go shopping with your boyfriend. Basically, you know best whether some of these tips can help you or not, but, as some final advice, if you still think that going shopping will absolutely spoil his day and compromise your relationship, then do not enter in this adventure and consider going shopping on your own or just calling your best friend and the problem will be solved.


JL Reyes from Saturns Rings on March 16, 2017:

I think these tips are great, these can be generalized. No one wants to go into the same store twice with anyone. This piece could've expanded to touch other situations. For instance, I am a woman and sometimes, my sister might do these things. We are not dating however, that would be weird. For number one, when anyone takes anyone shopping, I'm sure we all want honest opinions. Not rude ones of course but honest. Definitely appreciate number 4, this is something that can be turned into an entire article in itself targeted to young girls just starting out in the dating scene. :) I hope I am not too harsh. I do mean it when I say this was engaging, funny, and I liked it. I just wish it were a bit generalized.

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