10 Reasons Why It Is Awesome to Have a Bong Boyfriend

Updated on January 28, 2019

Bengali Guys & Their Traits

Bengalis, commonly known as Bongs, are prominent for many things. According to what I have observed over the years, Bengalis or ‘Bongs,' are a curious community of people. They are fun-loving, intense, politically motivated, and humorous too. All communities and cultures have their good and bad points. It is the same for Bengalis.

Being a proud Bengali myself, and having observed my own Bong boyfriend and Bong boyfriends of my friends as well, I have come across several common traits possessed by them all.

Let's take you through a journey of these traits of Bengali guys.

1. He’s Got Your Back in His Own Unique Ways

Bengali guys are special in their own cute ways. He is neither muscular like the rowdy Punjabi guys nor extremely witty as the Tamilian boys, but Bong guys are filled with all the righteousness and perfectness in between.

No matter if he is physically not very strong, still he will always try to make you feel safe in his company. No wonder, he’s always got your back in his own distinctive style which will make you feel special each and every time and make you feel like going around with him more than often.

2. He’s Liberal and Modern

Ask any girl and she will want her guy to be liberal and understanding. Bengali guys have been stereotyped in movies and soaps as being extremely traditional, boring and old-worldly. But in today's scenario its far from reality.

Bengali guys are very liberal, I can vouch for that (my boyfriend is very liberal). They won’t stop you from achieving your goals and dreams even if it's a bit contradictory from what you prefer, nor they will prefer it if you obstruct them from doing the same with their choices.

They are not at all boring.

P.S ( They do not only plan trips to Digha and Darjeeling!).

You can plan your trip to an unknown location and he will genuinely be eager about visiting that place. And if you are lucky enough, he might actually tell you the culture, tradition, and history of that place. You might also find him familiar with at least one foreign language.

3. He Has a Doting Mom Which Comes as a Double Bonus

Though many girls will take it in the wrong stride, if their boyfriend is a mamma's boy, but I suggest you think about it in another way!

Point 1: You will never feel the guilt of neglecting your beau once in a while as he has the best mom who dotes on her kid so much, that he will not blame you of leaving him lonely.

And the best point is, She will not only dote on her son, but on you as well. You will have a second set of wonderful parents, who will do everything in their stride so that you don't miss your own parents.

Remember the most important point of all: All Bengali men are mamma's boys, until they get married. As soon as you tie the knot, he will be your man.

Of course, you will have to deal with his tigress ‘mamma', but in the end he will most often take your side!

4. He Can Sing, Play The Guitar or At Least Write Poetry

Most Bengali men know their music very well. And by music, I do not mean sub- standard movie songs, but songs of Bob Dylan, Beatles and Pink Floyd.

He will sing for you and that too in a perfect tune – whether it is “Something” by the Beatles; “Tum hi ho” from the movie Aashiqui 2 or popular Bengali song like “Ami tomar chokher kalo chai” by Rupam. He will be versatile and will have experience in extra curricular activities.

Also don’t be surprised to see instruments such as guitar, table or violin at his home which he played back in school days and is still fond of.

5. He’s Opinionated and There Starts the Fun

Bengali guys are very opinionated- Don't take take in the wrong stride. I am sure you won't like a guy who nods his head to everything that you say.

Bengali guys have an opinion on almost everything under the sun & you will love having a healthy debate with him on anything and everything. They always have an opinion about everything, especially politics and really enjoy debating as a hobby.

You will never hear idle banter in a Bengali household but some serious debate that will be intellectually stimulating. You will get to know so many things when you are with him. Similarly he is also very eager to know new things, and will appreciate if you let him know something new.


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6. He’s Lazy Which Actually Makes Your Life Easy

Bengali guys are generally very laid back, and seems to take their own sweet time for everything that they do. Now the positive trait behind this is being lazy himself, he will never be behind your back to complete or finish any work that he had given to you – no matter how big or small it was.

So, life is at ease in his company. You will definitely enjoy this trait of his!

7. He’s a Foodie and Always Up for Food

Bengali guys are extreme foodies and love to gorge on food always. And if you are a foodie ( like me), this will double up the fun!

However I can assure you that this does not mean that you will spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking up meals for him, while he lazes around or watches his football match, but it does imply indulging in a gourmet affair or haute cuisine every now and then at a new small stall opening or a major restaurant.

8. You Will Travel A Lot

Bengalis travel a lot and you must have already noticed that. No matter where you go in the world, you will notice some typically Bengali families on vacation. You will travel a lot when you are dating a Bengali guy. And by vacation I don't mean near about places, but exotic and virgin places as well. Bengalis spend very lavishly when they are on vacations.

9. He Is Delightful and Entertaining

There is a general misconception that Bong guys are all about books, theatre and football only- in short they are the boring geeky and nerdy types.

But I beg to differ with these mis-conceptions.I am sure that they have never seen him after he gets drunk. While others might be a menace after getting heavily drunk, he is only funny and entertaining. Besides, nothing can beat his bisarjan or dhunuchi dance- I can vouch for that.

10. He Loves Non-Violence

Your Bong Boyfriend is gentle and in-offensive; he will stand by you always in the matters of love. He will not be caught in a brawl, and usually keeps his head cool. He is not short tempered and usually deals with everything with lots of patience and steadiness. This will help during moments when you two will have arguments


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    • profile image


      16 months ago

      Lol. the mutual admiration is clap-worthy! Bong boys are momma's boys, too much handled by their moms till late stages of their lives to really be independent mature adults. Bong girls can and do dominate them in every aspect of their lives. Bong girls find it hard to get along with boys from other communities - partly due to the huge ego they have after cramming encyclopedia into their brains and regurgitating it at every opportunity - as if that it all that matters in life, And partly due to their inability to cope up with the independent nature the boys whose personalities are not shaped by dominant mothers.

    • profile image

      salma akther 

      17 months ago


      i am from philippines,i married my husband bangali for a year now..but planning to divorce coz i cant understand his attitude..i am verbally abused by him,i dont see his respecting me..always he thinks for his own happiness and benefits only...i tried my best to understand him but im all up...Allah kareem,maybe as all mention a while a ago nobody has the same attitude ,i got one of a kind guy whose attitude is very bossy cant accept his mistakes and dont even see what is good within hus partner..i have no reason to be happy or to hold on from us..giving up!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      soooooo true


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