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The 10 Most Attractive Traits and Men in the World

Sheila is an artist who is often inspired by the beauty in the world.

Learn the top 10 ways to become a more attractive man.

Learn the top 10 ways to become a more attractive man.

What Qualities Make a Man Attractive?

As a hands-on artist, I'm inspired by all beautiful things, but especially by people. I can appreciate the statue of Michelangelo's David as well as the female form of someone like the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe. For drawing, at least, bone structure is the most important quality. But when it comes to finding men attractive, looks are only on the surface.

So what qualities make some men stand out from the other sheep in the herd? Unlike men, who are more visually oriented, women tend to use their mind when judging attraction. In simple terms, the fastest way to turn a woman on is to move her emotionally. How a man makes a woman feel is what makes him "attractive."

10 Qualities That Make a Man Attractive

Many things can make a man charming: giving out compliments generously, having a positive attitude and ambition, having no criminal background, a healthy lifestyle, being good with kids, smiling a lot, etc. However, I've narrowed it down to ten basic qualities that make a man attractive:

1. Having Confidence

When a man walks into a room and gives off an air of confidence, he instantly becomes more attractive. Even if he is the most gorgeous man in the room, the absence of confidence can kill his chances of keeping a woman's attention.

2. Being a Gentleman

He doesn't have to dress like Gary Cooper, but he should have his manners down to a "T" when it comes to courting women. That means: opening doors, letting the women go in first, saying "please" and "thank you," and being respectful. A bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates as a surprise on a date will win you bonus points. It's not that much of an investment, but it's a nice gesture that can mean the world to someone

3. Intelligence

You don't need to know the "Theory of Relativity," or have an IQ over 150, but at least tickle our brain cells with interesting conversation. Even if you can only describe in detail the origin of your family history, people are impressed with guys who have something to add to the conversation. Feel free to you compliment us, but don't get intimidated by our intelligence.

4. A Sense of Humor

There is nothing sexier than a man that can make a woman laugh so hard that she cackles uncontrollably and feels tingly afterward....sounds a bit like an orgasm, doesn't it? Well then—figure out why it's attractive to be funny.

5. Being Well Put Together

OK, so we like to be attracted visually, too. It's only fair. However, you don't have to look like Brad Pitt to turn us on—just take care of yourself and groom yourself appropriately, no matter what you look like. We'll get it.

6. Being Caring

It is so unusual to find a man who actually cares how a woman feels or wants to make her feel better. If you have the gift of wanting to protect us and be good to us, someone out there will want to do that for you in return. Remember: if you want to put a woman in "the mood," try doing the dishes or cooking her a meal. Not just once, but regularly—it's a total. Turn. On.

7. Being Honest and Having Integrity

Look at it this way: if we catch you in a lie, it's the opposite of attractive. It's not zesty, not cool, and it's just not going to "do it" for us. A man who keeps his word and makes good on his promises, on the other hand? We will jump through hoops to keep you around.

8. Having Honor

Doing what is right is a noble quality, and very few of us have it these days. If there is a dog to be rescued, or mother and child stuck in a ravine, a man who swings into action to be a hero will make us melt on the spot. The only drawback is that you will need a scooper and broom to gather us up from the mush pile you made us into.

9. Being Spontaneous and Adventurous

Boring guys are just that—boring. So if you can occasionally surprise us with something out of the ordinary, fun, and exciting, we will stick to you like sap on a tree—or we'll be like Jane women holding onto Tarzan as he swings through the jungle.

10. Being Responsible

You don't have to be rich to be our man—you just have to be cool with paying your debts. An independent guy who knows what he wants in life and is pursuing it (or has succeeded) is the pinnacle of a "catch" to a woman. Between a man who makes seven figures a year but is up to his eyeballs in debt and a man with modest salary who saves for retirement and splurges once in a while, we'll take the latter.

What Don't Women Like?

No matter what you look like, we won't put up with the abusive types—whether that be physically or emotionally abusive. And if you're passive-aggressive, manipulative, and narcissistic? Just move along, thanks!

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My Top Ten Most Attractive Men

Now, for the eye candy part. Here are my top ten most attractive men in the world. In general, I like tall, dark-haired men with blue eyes and good bone structure—also known as "pretty boys."

1. Enrique Iglesias

Just the right amount of gorgeousness and charisma to make a girl melt. I give him a 10+ for not just being a hot, young Taurus, but for also just exuding sexuality. He can feel my heartbeat, my chest, my thighs, whatever he wants. Hubba hubba!

2. Chris Evans

Have you seen him as "The Flame" in Fantastic Four? Talk about having the "whole package." Not only is he Irish-Italian mixed, but he is also gorgeous from head to toe and makes women swoon with that smile. And those eyes. And that body....oh, and guys, chest hair is attractive! Please, for the love of God, don't shave your chest!

3. Tom Welling

Those eyes, those lips, those chiseled good looks. Somebody, please save me!

4. Robert Pattinson

OK, I'll admit that I'm into the whole "vampire romance" thing, but ever since the Harry Potter movie, I've had a bizarre attraction to the asymmetrical features of Robert Pattinson. Something about the intensity of those eyes.

5. Ryan Gossling

"The Notebook." Need I say more? Oh, and I heard he stopped a street fight. *biting lips* And he's tall, intense, and mysterious. OK, I said more...

6. Chase Crawford

He's just so cute. And did I mention that I'm into "pretty boys?"

7. Christian Bale

He's passionate, he's tense, he's totally fine. Oh, and he's got an accent—that's always a bonus. Plus, he totally rocked it as a super-hero.

8. Tyson Ritter

This little-known hottie is the singer for the All American Rejects and is related to the late "Jack" from Three's Company, John Ritter. He sings about love and breakups, and did I mention I'm into tall, skinny, dark-haired men with blue eyes? Well, if he or anyone who knows him is reading this, let him know that I'm available, and won't break his heart. Also, I'm a fellow Taurus. Moo.

9. Antonio Sobato, Jr.

It's the dimples. And the smile. And the sexy, GQ underwear-model looks I got hooked on.

10. Zac Efron

Another "pretty boy" with dark hair, blue eyes, and a dreamy bone structure. The only drawback: he's a bit short and young for my tastes, although, I'd consider being a cougar for this hunk.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you handle a woman?

Answer: Gently, like a delicate flower.

Question: How can I be a gentleman?

Answer: Be considerate, polite, respectful. I love when men hold the door for me, or pull out my chair at a restaurant.

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