10 Date Ideas That Are Totally Free!

Updated on November 15, 2017

Date Idea #1: Movie Night at Your House (or Theirs)

Going out to the latest movie is always fun and entertaining, but what if you don't have the extra cash at the moment? No problem! Just grab a movie off your shelf (or theirs) and opt for a movie night in! Pop some popcorn, toast up some s'mores using the burners on your stove (be careful!), and hit play! There's nothing like cozying up to your boyfriend on the couch with a big, comfy blanket draped over the two of you as you snuggle. It's way better than spending $15 or $20 to sit in those uncomfortable movie theater seats and struggle with the armrests! Movie night at home for the win!

Date Idea #2: Open Mic Night

Go to a friend's Open Mic Night, or host one yourself! My hubby and I have a friend who hosts these at his house quite frequently (once every couple of months). People come and read poetry, play guitar, or sing, and enjoy each other's company. If you ask everybody else to bring the snacks and drinks, and use whatever else you happen to have on hand in your pantry and fridge, hosting a night like this shouldn't cost you any extra at all! If you really want to make things interesting, have your friends bring their original artwork to display as well.

Date Idea #3: Shakespeare in the Park

Most cities offer fun evenings like "Shakespeare in the Park" that are free to anyone who wants to attend. Just bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on and something to drink and snack on. Then sit back in each other's arms and enjoy the show!

Date Idea #4: Go on a Hike

Being out in nature is usually an activity you can enjoy for free. What could be more romantic than hiking up to a waterfall with your significant other and watching the sun set? It's a great time to have meaningful conversation, as being out in God's creation causes you to ponder life in a deeper way. Of course, if you want to keep things at a shallow, surface level, you're free to do that, too... Just kidding! But seriously, hiking is great exercise and it's a really fun, cost-effective date idea.

Date Idea #5: Put on a Puppet Show for Your Nieces/Nephews, or Little Cousins

Ok, this is kind of a unique one. Wouldn't it be fun to create some funky sock puppets, a stage, and some silly little props, and put on a puppet show for the cute little kids in your life? You and your boyfriend or girlfriend will have a ball creating together and then laugh yourselves silly as you put on a little show for your nieces and nephews or little cousins. Plus, it doesn't hurt to show your girlfriend or boyfriend how sweet you can be with the kids in your life (especially if you both want kids of your own someday!) What better way to bond with both your partner and the kids your heart holds dear?

Date Idea #6: Cook or Bake Together

Why not cook a meal together, using ingredients you already have, rather than going out to an expensive lunch or dinner? Or, better yet, bake some cookies or brownies together, and pass them out to your family members, friends or neighbors. It's a great way to spread goodwill and cheer (especially if it's around the holidays) while also bonding with your boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time!

Date Idea #7: Game Night

Playing board games is so much fun, and it's something that many of us stop doing as much once we get older for some reason. Lots of us had game night when we were kids, but what about as teenagers or even adults? Recently, my husband and I have been having a lot of fun having friends over to have coffee and play Scrabble. We've also had a ball having late night Scrabble matches together, as well. It's a fun activity that is totally, 100% free! If board games isn't your thing, why not have a video game match with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Trying to beat each other in Mario Kart can be pretty fun and entertaining and makes for a great evening in. Another neat idea: Put together a puzzle. It challenges your brain while also allowing you to spend quality time together. It also makes a great date idea if it happens to be raining or snowing outside.

Date Idea #8: Museum Day

Many museums have free days, so check them out on their website before visiting. If you're a college student, you can usually at least get a discount, but it's definitely better to go on a free day if you can. Admiring art together is both educational and entertaining, and can be really fun and romantic. Many museums also have cool outdoor areas you can hang out in and walk around.

Date Idea #9: Beach Day

If you time it right and find a good free parking spot, going to the beach can be a really fun and romantic date idea. Walking on the beach with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to relax, enjoy the beauty of God's creation, and also woo them at the same time.

Date Idea #10: Swimming or Hot Springs/Jacuzzi

If it's summer time, going swimming with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a fun date idea that doesn't have to cost a thing. Go to a friend's pool, or to your local public pool, or to a lake or ocean. If it's fall/winter, sitting in a jacuzzi or hot springs together can also be a fun and relaxing date idea. At the Bible college where my husband attended school, they have naturally occurring hot springs that are really fun to sit in and relax. Some meaningful talks can definitely be had while soaking your cares away in the hot springs (wish I could go there right now!)


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