What Does Your Signature Say About You?

Updated on November 15, 2017

Why and How Can You Detect Personality in a Signature?

The art of reading handwriting is called graphology. The logic is pretty simple.

Handwriting is nothing but an output of the electrical impulses of the brain. Since it is an output, one can gauge the person/individual from the handwriting. Now, why focus on the signature?

In an ever-increasingly electronic world, you just don't write that often. You email, you text, and you surf. In all of these activities, you express yourself through manufactured fonts, and our society is becoming unused to expressing itself through handwriting.

However, you still sign documents, contracts, applications, and more. That is where your personality is visible.

Think about your childhood. In the early years of school, you were taught how to write through repeated exercises. Your teachers and parents may have spent a considerable amount of time trying to get you to write in that particular style of "standard" handwriting that everyone desires. But here is the kicker: all of us wound up with our own style of handwriting, didn't we?

That's because we are individuals, with our own personalities, desires, abilities, and experiences. How your handwriting differs from the "standard" handwriting is nothing but your individuality expressed on paper.

Your signature is a snapshot of that personality.

The Basics

There are some characteristics of handwriting that apply only to signatures, and those are the ones that we will be examining here. They are:

  1. Size of the signature
  2. Size of the first letter of the signature
  3. Slant of the signature
  4. Use of first name, last name, or initials
  5. Underlining of the signature
  6. Dotting of the signature
  7. Use of any backward loops in the signature

1. Size of the Signature

The rule of thumb is this: the bigger the signature, the more gregarious and outgoing the person.

A smaller signature can be an indication that a person is:

  • A miser with money, emotions, or self
  • An introvert
  • Unassuming

Whether a signature is large or small can reveal aspects of a person's personality
Whether a signature is large or small can reveal aspects of a person's personality

2. Size of the First Letter of the Signature

The size of the first letter gives you an idea of what the person thinks or feels about himself or herself in relation to the rest of the world.

The difference between the highest and lowest points of the letter is the percieved difference felt between the self and others. This is sometimes also used to gauge ego.

If the first letter is capitalized, then the person has more pronounced self-esteem.

If the first letter is in lowercase, then the person is more grounded.

Signature with a great difference between the highest point of the first letter and the rest of the letters
Signature with a great difference between the highest point of the first letter and the rest of the letters

3. Slant of the Signature

The slant of a signature can reveal aspects of a person's mindset. Here are three possible slants and their meanings:

  • An upward slant shows ambition and a forward-thinking individual.
  • A straight signature indicates balance in a person's approach to life and work.
  • A downward slant, i.e. the signature starts on the line and moves below may show someone who lacks self-esteem.

Upward and downward slanting signatures
Upward and downward slanting signatures

4. Use of First Name, Last Name, or Initials

Most people use both their first and last name in their signatures, so when they do something else, it says a lot. Here are some variations and what they mean:

  • Writes only the first name: the person has a strong sense of self and does not take stick too closely to family. These people are independent in thought, are very conscious of the money they make, and will most likely move out to work independently.
  • Writes only the last name: the person is a family person. This indicates a strong love of and loyalty to family, but this person may have issues surviving outside the protection that family provides.
  • Writes first initial, followed by full last name: the person has a balanced approach to life.
  • Writes last name, followed by first name: the person puts family before self.

Signature of first name only
Signature of first name only

5. Underlining of the Signature

Some people incorporate a flourish in their signatures to underline their name. Here are the meanings of some variations of the underline:

  • No underline: this indicates an unassuming person. People who do not underline their signatures are not too fussy and do not need to impress others with their accomplishments.
  • One line below the signature: the person likes people to know he/she exists. In order to ensure that their presence is felt, people who use one underline are bound to talk about themselves, but not to the point of excess.
  • Two lines below the signature: the person loves to take credit, and will ensure people know the favors he/she has done for them.
  • A line that cuts through the signature: people who do this may tend to go back on their word and generally have a tendency to contradict themselves.

Underlined signature
Underlined signature

6. Dotting of the Signature

Some people will dot their signature upon completion. Most will do so after scratching a line under the signature.

The line is to ensure that they underline their presence, but a dot is worse. Here it is trying to say:

  • One dot: "You should know who I am, what I do, and what I have done, but here is another reminder."
  • Two dots: "Don't forget who did this."

Dotted signature
Dotted signature

7. Use of Any Backward Loops in the Signature

A backwards loop could mean that the person is any of the following:

  • Someone who thinks a lot about everything
  • Someone who will take everything upon himself or herself and will be miserable until everyone is happy
  • Someone who will go about explanations in a roundabout way
  • Someone who may fib if the situation requires

Signature with a backward loop
Signature with a backward loop

How to Analyze Handwriting Yourself

Handwriting or signature analysis is not an exact science. I recommend that you take note of these seven characteristics in the signatures of your acquaintances and draw your own more detailed conclusions about how it reveals their personalities. I started many years back, and over the years I began to piece together patterns that I observed.

Before you begin your own observations, consider the following guidelines:

  • You can use a person's signature to try to gain an initial impression, but please do not use it as a criteria for hiring.
  • After you have gained an initial impression of a person based off of his or her signature, don't stop there. Let that person's actions continue to contribute to your mental picture of his or her character.

Do You Believe That Handwriting Reveals Character?

Does a person's signature reveal his or her personality?

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      Maybe it's because i am stoned right now. But I thought this was the most fascinating thing I have read in a while. My signature is *constantly* changing. What does that say about me? Is my brain just a jumbled mess?

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      Hi Prabhjot,

      Thanks for this wonderful article on signatures. I would like to know about my signature style. I only use my first name while signing. I have a slightly upward slant and underline my signature which sometimes cut through the alphabet "J" and the stroke of my "i" is going upwards. I will ensure that I will draw the horizontal line below "J". I want to know if the way the "i" (curve going upwards) is written is okay. Also if I underline my signature with two horizontal strokes will it bring a positive difference in my life. Thank you for your guidance.

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      Hi Prabhjot,

      I write my full name i.e. my first name and my last name starting with initial names in slanting upwards from left to right. Moreover I underline the initial and last name and the underline is followed by a dot. Please analyse.


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      Basant Singh 3 years ago

      I while signing use first letter of my first name in capital and continue with full surname in small letter and underline the sign and place a dot at the end of line which is little above line and another dot just above i. my sign slants upward with straight parallel line beneath it which i draw.

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      Increasingly switching your hand to sign, might suggest you want to be something/someone different for the world.

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      Really very interesting and informative article . It will help many people to make their life better only by changing their signature. My signature starts with big "R" and ends with small upward "r" , but the first letter "R" and small "k" go below ,also I do underline my signature . But I do not know whether it is good for me or not. Kindly make your valuable comment and give suggestion to improve it.

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      My signature has always been tight and neat, but big on the flourishes. The basic examples that you gave really fit me pretty well, particularly the part about backwards loops. I love ending my "a" and "h" with an exaggerated loop backwards to cross any t's (and not, for consistency). Every bullet explained me to the T! I am curious though--how might you view a person who loves writing backwards and switching to the left hand for fun? I have started doing that for my signature so that it is harder to copy my signature, but I wonder what that says about me as a person?

      Thank you for your time!!!

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      A woman in my husbands office is sending him notes. We believe she is starting to stalk him. When she writes his first name (which ends in the letter "n") she extends a long horizontal line at the end of the "n" with a slight downward stroke at the very end. Thoughts...

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      I start my signature by my first letter & dad's first letter & then i write my surname by striking both first letter's. What does it indicate as i use my Name's first letter, Dad's First Letter & My last name Complete

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      I have the same issue as with other as my signature starts with "S" it rises and then turns back and then up finnally into a number "8" and moving with my surname.But when I start my surname I stop and have a long stroke for "K". I at times underline and put dot sometimes I don't.What would be the best option for me.Please help

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      I liked your views about the signature concept and more i also very much intrested in how our signature does work? so for that i am doing my signature like first alphabet of my name and than using my full surname continue with it. so how it would be for me? please suggest me.


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      It could be that you do not like people knowing the real you or you generally like to behave or put up a front so that people like you.

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      Abhijit 6 years ago

      Can you analyze mine - I write my first letter A in star sign... I keep a space after every letter... I write my first name and surname as well... My signature is going upwards... The dot on my i is a big circle & I draw a line going upwards below my signature... plz reply at djabhijit@yahoo.com

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      I use first letter of my name & last name full, but i covered whole word in a round with 2 dot......so would u help me out, is it good for me.or i need to change my signature....plz suggest..

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      Dear Sir,

      I have a problem with my signature, i fail to make same signature each time i make them.

      however my signature is Dshikha i.e(first letter and then second half name) also i keeps on changing them.

      plz guide.

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      I mostly use my fisrt name initial in letter case.. and attach my last name to it, then a line underneath the last name and 2 dots, what would that tell.

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      Adriana 6 years ago


      I found this article extremely interesting. It made a lot of sense to me. A currently go backward on my A for my first Name and i Make all my Initals Large. Adriana I. Vazquez. Im engaged and now looking to change my signature. Most likely drop my middle name and only use Adriana Sanders

      Would it be weird to Add Mrs. to my signature? lol yes im that kind of gal the lovey dovey kind.

      Warmest Regards,


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      Dear Mr. Bedi,

      Really nice article...composed in a very simple way. Thanks. From my very childhood I am interested in reading such article. I do believe that by changing pattern of signature, human can change their attitude towards life. Thanks a lot...Will send you, scan copy of my signature for your kind analysis. God bless u !! Regards.....

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      Hi Mr. Bedi,

      It was certainly good knowing about you skills and nature of helping others with your valuable and amazing expertise. I would like to fetch your gaze towards my signature too where in I put 2 dots after underlining my name. eg. My name is Abhishek Bharat Verma (Bharat is my nick name) however in my signature, I use capital initial A surrounded by middle initial Capital B, connected with my complete last name in script writing letters with Capital V.

      Please advise with your analysis on it.

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      z the rzn z mh signature

      wt kind of change i hv to do in mh sign

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      I am interested in e-learning Signature Analysis. Is it possible to get a certification and online course about this subject matter?

      I am working on this subject since over 15 years but search for more information. Could you help me further on?

      this is my turkish website: www.imzabilim.com (in turkish only)

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      sabrina 6 years ago


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      venkateswara rao 6 years ago


      Prof. Wingle – Graphology professor

      Practicing SMS gradually kills the speed of writing in exam, time will not be sufficient. Impact on brain.

      Hand is only tool writing comes from brain.

      Minor changes in your handwriting/Signature can bring major success in your life

      Handwriting changes from time to time i.e. 4 times in life

      1) First change upto 8 years do not get grip

      2) Second change 8 to 13 years teenage physical, biological handwriting changes

      3) Third change 14 to 27 years major changes

      4) Fourth change 28 to 45 to 50 years age may change or may not.

      Change of handwriting is myth

      Slant, size, degree of pressure, spacing between words does not change

      Look of handwriting may change but not the basics of the hand writing of the individual

      Key letters of handwriting does not change even hand left or right changes

      Depth of pressure

      Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience

      Written words are the symbols of spoken words by Aristotle

      Color red indicates anger

      Pink indicates love

      Mind impacts body vise versa

      21 days minimum and maximum 41 days for changing of writing

      What is graphology

      Graphology is the Greek for writing

      Logy means studying

      First symbol is circle

      Second symbol is arrow

      Alphabets invented by chines however Europeans continued research

      First 58 alphabets reduced to 48 then to 28. from 28 to 26 alphabets

      Each alphabet i.e. a to z reflects head to toe.

      Upper zone d t h k l

      Middle zone a e I o u s m n

      Lower zone y g

      Entire 3 zone letter is f

      Problem with knee y, g lower zone

      Upset with stomach middle zone

      Thinking with upper zone

      All zones dominating handwriting size is big may be 1 cm indicates leadership qualities

      What is grapho theraphy

      Signature – sing + Nature – Image shown to public

      Sign means symbol

      Nature means it reveals the nature of symbol

      By making small changes in your sign can change your self

      Handwriting – how it works?

      Your nervous system acts as wire from brain to hand. A thought in your brain is transmitted by electrical impulses thought nervous system and fibers of your body, arms and fingers. The fingers are only vehicles that put in writing. Handwriting is known as brain writing.

      Graphology today

      -Is more into our lives

      -to improve health to improve prosperity

      -to deal with fears and phobias

      -to do effective self management

      -to develop and achieve the goal

      Loops in letter t, incomplete y, left margin irregular indicates fear

      Any loops in letter t and l people will have fear of imagination

      Reducing loops in l, t can overcome fear.

      Your subconscious mind

      Design your brain

      Human brain

      The brain gives impulses to your hand. This gets imprinted on the paper trough the pen.

      The impulses released by the pen are interpreted and i.e. handwriting analysis and the science behind it is known as graphology.

      Do not change hand whether left or right of the child forcefully.

      Do not change to cursive writing by forcing the child

      Advantages of learning of handwriting analysis

      Understand yourself better

      Children –catch them young, teach them tuff, may them perfect

      9 warning signs to watch out in handwriting

      Measuring letters l, t, d

      1) falling baselines – Pessimism – easily giving up

      falling baselines have corrections in handwriting

      rewriting and overwriting indicates pessimism

      Practice writing upward

      2) Irregular slant – Dual personality – mixed slant

      Unpredictable nature, highly moody

      Reject these people from employment spoil themselves and team mates may be good leadership and also lazy

      (i) In Children, going through stress, trauma need help, disturbed, not happy

      (ii) In teenagers 15 to 19 years fall into depression

      3) T-bar left and abrupt – Procrastination

      Live in the past have lot of attachments

      Operate today based on the past

      Lot of postmen busy in imagination of past

      Plasibo method – blind belief without thought

      4) last letter tilting backward – self-criticism

      letter d tilting towards back letter d backward not self – criticism these writers are eager to learn new things, ready to buy new books love towards reading books, book lovers,

      Self destructive thought especially youngster except letter d, see for other letters tilting backward

      5) Bigger loops in letter d/t – Sensitive to Criticism

      Highly emotional

      Sensitive to criticism is dangerous sing. Carries lot of excess bagges feels entire world on their shoulders.

      Allowing somebody to bang you. These preoccupies what is going on. Making small things big.

      Emotional senses- start crying

      No loops in d – practical

      6) Horizontal and vertical strokes in i and j dots – Irritability

      Impatience, Irritability leads to blood pressure

      Impatience, irritability, restlessness, preoccupied thoughts

      Concentration skills are less for Horizontal & vertical strokes

      Tends to misunderstand

      Place dot properly

      Circle i is borrowed i – creativity, attention seekers

      Draw a circle and put dot in the circle increases concentration.

      7) Temper- Sharp ending strokes t

      Gets angry very fast; takes in hasty decision

      8) Inflexible initial strokes – Resentment

      Why only me, self-pity

      Initial stroke dragging too much, feeling bad about it.

      No initial strokes – fine

      Where initial strokes having different lengths

      9) Down turned y or g – Fear of success

      Loop turning down

      1) Convert falling baseline to upward baseline towards Optimistic

      2) Left side t bar to equal side of t stem – past attachments postponement

      3) Letters not going backwards

      Handwriting analysis: Success Traits

      How to increase your self confidence, will power, Ambition, Enthusiasm and Optimism

      No goal- no confidence

      1) For achieving High goals in your life and to become more Ambitious

      Start crossing your t-bars on the top of the stem.

      T bar not touching stem – day dreamers

      To change temperament place t bar equal both sides of stem t.

      No sharp stroke endings

      Confidence, self-esteem

      Different types of ts confidence fluctuating

      For achieving High goals in your life

      Letter I

      If you write the personal pronoun I in small size, turn into a large personal pronoun I – control on self

      Fear with interviews, exam increase size of letter I

      Size of signature should be larger than size of handwriting

      2) for boosting your self esteem and increasing your self-confidence

      i) increase size of you signature by making it larger than your writing

      ii) Rising line (less than 10 degree) tell of optimism and self-confidence – up slant

      3) To develop strong will power

      Rising strong t bars corroborate will power. The heavier the t bar, the stronger the trait t

      Letters I and t are prominent because when we write alphabets no need to lift for letters a to z except I, j and t.

      One letter t talks about 65 types of traits of personality.

      4) to become more persistent and enthusiastic

      start writing an extra long stroke while crossing your t, this helps to outshine the excitement and enthusiastic trait of your personality

      Long t bars on both sides of t

      Select any 3 traits and practice difficult to practice all the traits.

      People who are benefited from graphotheraphy

      Testimonials about Mr. Randheer KA

      1) Ram Charan (2) Jaya pradha (3) Kiran kumar Reddy (4) Chandra Babu Naidu (5) Raghavendra Rao (6) Sachin Tendulkar (7) Rajender Nair etc.

      Creativity with passion


      Lower zone in hand writing y and g speaks about ego.

      Letter I, left slant reveals about ego

      Wide loops in y and g are large indicates EGO

      Large handwriting size prone to ego

      7 types to make your signature successful

      1) Size of your signature should be larger than the script of handwriting (i.e. 1mm to 2mm larger than HW) to increase self-confidence

      2) make sure your first stroke in your signature should be larger than the rest of handwriting

      3) Always tilt your signature towards right

      4) Avoid dots in your initial

      5) Never break your signature

      6) Avoid left slant signature

      7) Underlines & dots

      First stroke of signature should be larger

      Dots in the signature road block in success.

    • profile image

      venkateswara rao 6 years ago

      very informative and good work

    • profile image

      sadia 6 years ago

      great information.....

      loop and underlined my signature straight.dot after line.... my signature is mix of my real and nick name... consist of 5 words...what does they implies?

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago


    • profile image

      abhishek srivastava 6 years ago

      may u suggest my lucky signature of my name? plz

    • profile image

      Rene 6 years ago

      I probably would have taken this article more serious if there weren't grammar mistakes and odd words like 'coz'. I had to read the sentence twice, it caught me off guard. Other then that, it's very interesting.

    • profile image

      Corina Turner 6 years ago


      I found your article to be very interesting. Do you have any idea what it means when you are communicating via e-mail and the other person uses correct punctuation except when using a certain persons name. The persons name is often written in lower case letters?

    • profile image

      Syed Sajid 6 years ago

      I want to the meaning of my signature?

    • profile image

      Ashley 6 years ago

      I just wish you would capitalize and not use the word cuz in an article besides that i fairly enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      Hi Prabhjot,

      Going by this analysis, I'm a Narcissist :O.

      I hope this is not too serious.

      best regards,

    • profile image

      Tasneem Yousuf 6 years ago

      Dear Sir, your article is very interesting and knowledgeable i would like you to analyze my signature how can i send u please advise me.


    • profile image

      Swanjan Setu 6 years ago


      It's really very useful and awesome.My signature describes me a bit at present.I want to get my signature analyzed and need some suggestions for better signature.As mentioned above in article, i use some of the things as said.please advice me.. i am sending you scan copy of my signature.



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