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Why Traditional Men Make the Best Husbands

Why traditional men make the best husbands

Why traditional men make the best husbands

When you are looking for a man to marry, keep one type of guy in mind: the Traditional Man. These men are like treasures in a sea of broken shells.

This article will tell you why you should snag one of these guys whenever you find him. Here's why traditional men make the best husbands.

Traditional Men Make the Best Hubands Because ...

  • They stick it out in tough times. They don't run away from home after the honeymoon phase of marriage is over and reality sets in. They hold you and comfort you when your loved ones pass away. They take care of you when you're sick.
  • They know how to be a good fatherly figure to children. The traditional man teaches children right from wrong, raises them to live a clean lifestyle, teaches them self-control, and shows both male and female children what the next generation of men should be like. He also reads to them and plays with them.
  • They will put your comfort before theirs. The traditional man will make sure that you are covered from the rain from door to door, even if it means he gets soaking wet. He will also make sure to be gentle with you physically and listen to your cues.
  • They will happily be the main provider if you want to stay at home to take care of the house or children. Traditional men take a sense of pride in having a strong work ethic and being providers.
  • They are natural leaders. They know how to be the man and expect you to be the woman. He isn't a pushover and there is no question as to who heads the house, but he collaborates with you and takes and your well-being into consideration before putting the stamp on anything.
  • They know how to fix things around the house. If your ceiling plaster falls, your pipes clog, your lock gets stuck, or your lawn mower breaks, chances are the traditional man will be able to fix it for you.
  • They are natural protectors. The traditional husband wants to keep you safe from predators, natural disasters, and people who would do you harm. When he gives you unsolictied advice on how to handle potentially threatening situations, it's his protective side coming out.

The traditional man still exists. Usually he has had his own strong fatherly figure and was raised in a steady, healthy household.

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