Why Scorpio and Pisces Are a Good Match

Updated on January 17, 2017

Water Meets Fish

I'm actually excited to write about this match. Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs. They have deep emotional and intellectual capability. I love both Pisces and Scorpio people. Scorpio needs someone that can explore the full range of emotion they offer. Scorpio deeply wants to be in a relationship, and not just have sex -- a lot of people target Scorpio for sex only. And that's not usually the case. Pisces is the old soul, a total romantic, and emotionally sensitive. They will have certain things in common by being both water signs. They care, they are imaginative, and they are powerful. Pisces is tender enough to handle Scorpio, and Scorpio is automatically protective of Pisces who often gets abused by society for its empathy and wide range of talents.

Scorpio is intense. It is one who gets obsessed with what it wants. It wants to be committed. It can be stubborn to a fault, really pushing people to follow a particular vision it has, and a good Scorpio will be comfortable with releasing that so you can be your own person.

Pisces is a fabulous mentor. They are the last sign of the zodiac, and so they have been through and seen it all. This is excellent for the Scorpio who needs someone who understands it and can also nurture it. Scorpio has the biggest emotional range of the whole zodiac. They go down into the depths of negative emotions like the Mariana Trench. But ultimately, their goal is to be the phoenix. Scorpio goes through all its emotions to learn the lesson of resurrection. This is one of the most complicated lessons of the entire zodiac. Pisces as the last house is unconditional love. Scorpio needs someone who is unconditional, and Pisces knows that people will go through tough times, they will fall short, but they also have the chance to be strengthen and to grow. Scorpio has to go through a lot of shortcomings, pain, and refreshing. Scorpio as a symbol is incredibly important to all of us. A lot of people misunderstand this zodiac, but if we are ever to go forward as living creatures -- we need to master the lesson of resurrection.

Water is about Healing

There is only one day in your life where you actually die.

You spend your whole life healing.

You get hurt, and your body magically heals from it. This is the real force you are dealing with in life. Scorpio is all about healing. They want to go deeply with a partner to find real emotional healing. This world and the way we have it setup currently doesn't always fit with a Scorpio who thinks in a much more broad way. They can go unnoticed for their thoughts. Scorpio is passionate and Pisces is tender. Pisces can also be extremely powerful, which is why they can stand up to the Scorpio. Pisces helps tame Scorpio, direct Scorpio, and sharpen their emotional range.

Scorpio can get obsessive, jealous, manipulative -- it's all coming from emotions that need to be refined.

Scorpios are hardcore and can scare off people who are not ready for them. Pisces could get scared off by this, or really annoyed.

Pisces wants a certain degree of balance. They want true love; they also want something grounded. Scorpio can be so dedicated to matters of the heart that it can backfire. They'll stop believing themselves and go into hermit mode or loner mode. They may strongly put up their guard and hide in their homes until they warm up to the idea of people again. For someone who can be a bright burning phoenix, they also know how to cool down and freeze people out. Essentially, a Scorpio can go through any form water can -- ice, boiling, steam, liquid, gas, solid, dew, rain, hurricane.

And the Pisces.... is symbolized by two fish.

Fish swim in the water rather than be the water itself. It knows how to live, deciding the direction, how to swim along with rough currents, be in places full of darkness. Christ is symbolized by the fish, and Christ is often explained as the era of Pisces. This means sacrificial love, miracles, gospel like power, an "others first" mentality, compassion, humility, grace. Pisces have all of this potential at their fingertips. This is why they are great mentors, they are under the symbol of the greatest teacher. Pisces have an understanding of etiquette -- chivalry, manners, sincerity. Pisces needs to be careful because there are a lot of people who would abuse this power. Pisces should especially be careful if they date a Scorpio, some that are unrefined could really harm the Pisces and its natural luck, good nature, and capacity to heal others.

Pisces wants a relationship that is devoted, that hits into the fullness of love, that is open and non-judgemental. Pisces doesn't want a shallow version of love. They want to give and receive affection, they want to take care of others, they want to really live by love. This makes them amazing people, and the zodiac would be pointless without them. There is a psychic intuition they can use to help others. They really have big hearts, but they can take on too much. They can be martyrs without end. Scorpio needs to step up and protect this. Scorpio needs to cherish the Pisces who makes a huge difference in Scorpio's wold. Where Pisces unlocks and helps Scorpio refine itself, Scorpio helps Pisces feel safe and at home. Both need to stand strong and be independent and not get lost in each other.

You are Worthy of Love

Pisces is worthy of Scorpio's immense love. And Scorpio is worthy of Pisces unconditional love. This is a very affectionate and very emotional relationship. I think it is naturally compatible, meaning you'll have to work to stand strong when a part. Pisces is incredibly intelligent, but can feel weird and out of place -- Scorpio who is frequently misunderstood for being grumpy and moody needs to validate Pisces.... because where Pisces is struggling to feel normal is coming from a scarier place.

Pisces is worried that its great big ideas on love are not real, and without that reality, Pisces feels that nothing is worth living. Pisces can feel completely unhinged by this. People tend not to relate to Scorpio because of its immense dynamic -- the Scorpio is loving while also has the capacity to go completely cold.


Don't only focus on emotions as a couple. Make sure to step away and focus on your home, your finances, your other friends and family, your life goals. It's okay to have some boundaries and foundation. This can help add security and understanding. Be open with each other, remember to think about your partner rather than just your own needs, and be good listeners for each other. It's okay to plan ahead, it's okay to have bad days, it's okay to not feel as into each other some days. It's okay to face complexity, and it's okay to have someone feel and go through your emotions.

Don't mock each other when you are weak. Think before you react.

There is a natural flow to these two signs. They will know when to take the lead and when to follow. I see Scorpio being the protector and Pisces being the mentor. There is more to it than this. This is a fairly loving relationship, but without proper maintenance and hygiene, this could turn toxic. You need to work on yourself and really know yourself before getting into a relationship -- especially one this powerful. Strengthen your own weaknesses so you are better able to face the circumstances life has to offer. We blame others and do fault finding when we are angry, but you are thinking from a more calm and healing mindset when you consider circumstances and why people were not ready for them. By healing, I mean you are trying to be a problem solver. Fault finding is more fear based and more shame based. Fear and love cannot exist in the same place. Scorpio and Pisces being signs for massive love need to be careful not to bend into the household of fear. Together the two should help each other stay positive and in the light of love. This will help keep the relationship on track.

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      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 3 months ago from Chicago

        Scorpio and Pisces are often recommended for each other as they share the water element. I think Pisces softens Scorpio and Scorpio often acts as a protector.

      • profile image

        valerie 3 months ago

        my pisces aunt has an aquarius venus scorpio mars, and she's happily married to an Aquarius man, so i thought that was interesting considering i got into astrology and started doing charts. They have an amazing chemistry and wonderful marriage. But, i do know a Scorpio/Pisces couple personally. She has a Pisces venus cancer mars. And he's very typically Scorpio, in that, he's a powerful magnetic individual. Most ambitious and independent women i notice don't like her, i dont know why..but going deeper i understand why. She is a stay at home mother and wife, type, sacrificed her career years ago, and he is a wonderful provider and protector for her. Pisces loves that.

        But yeah it really depends on the placements/houses. :)