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Why Sagittarius and Aries Are Attracted to Each Other

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Sagittarius + Aries

Sagittarius and Aries are two very different fire signs. They will connect in that they are the same element, but they occur in such different parts of the year.

Aries is at the beginning of spring and trying to manifest life for the rest of the year. Aries wants to be independent. It feels like it needs to separate from its parents and strongly be its own thing. Aries inspires life to happen. It plants the seeds and gets flowers to grow in its initial stages. Aries can be aloof here, where it starts projects and sometimes moves on before doing the task of managing those creations. This is a typical hallmark of the Aries sign.

Sagittarius is near the end of the year and the end of the astrological year. It is the 9th house. (Aries is the first house.) Sagittarius is the part of the year with the bulk of holidays. You get the American Thanksgiving (generally speaking, the fourth Thursday in November), Hanukkah, and almost Christmas. So Sagittarius is a playful, holiday-loving, and idea-driven soul. They like the coziness of being with everybody for a holiday, and they like the superficiality and fun, childlike manner of it, but they also carry a sage-like quality as the centaur.

As the astrological year goes by, each sign has a less intense temperament. The last six are more relaxed (in a way) compared to the first six. You can really see that in the comparison of Aries and Sagittarius.

Fire Sign Compatibility

Sagittarius is a competitive and fire-born soul, but not in the way that Aries demands for leadership, moving people to rise to a higher calling, and so on and so forth. Sagittarius will playfully lead you into a higher calling, and the centaur aspect of them may show up. They are highly ambitious people for goals, and they have great focus for achieving them.

The archer aspect means that they have the arrows and the bow to get what they want with precision.But they also are a wild horse; they have the body of centaur, and so they like to have free range to go where they want. Sagittarius can seem to have a lot of paradoxes built into them, which is true.

Some people may think the Sagittarius is shallow, but in actuality they have deep souls. However, they don't always feel like there is a stage for them at the time or that it is relevant or necessary to be deep. Sometimes, they believe in just setting the right mood, having fun, and letting others have fun. Most Sagittarius people that I know try to make things lighter and more engaging, and they work from there to get to the serious.

This is good for Aries, who can feel weighed down when interactions with their mate are too heavy or too gushy. Sagittarius can definitely pull away from that heaviness and instead make things more charming, romantic, and light. Sagittarius can have commitment issues for this reason, so Aries and Sagittarius can easily be a thing without labeling it for awhile. I don't think labels are as important to them as they may be for water or earth signs, who really like things written in stone.

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Centaur / Archer





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End of Autumn



Heated tempermant


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Open Minded


Searching for a party

First born child

Uncle or random cousin


Wild horse

March 21 – April 19

November 22 – December 21

1st House

9th House

A Well-Suited Match

I really like this combination. Usually, signs of the same element mesh well together. I think every combination has its perks and also its hang-ups. I think these two will be able to relax around each other and also support each other.

Fiery Aries, Lazy Sagittarius

Aries is going to bring in a lot more fire, and this has the chance to help Sagittarius to be more serious in a way that doesn't threaten them. Aries will want to take control of the relationship, and Sagittarius is okay with that (to a degree). They don't mind you steering the relationship, and then they'll conserve their energy and wait until they have to make an appearance.

Sagittarius is kind of like Libra in how lazy they can be. Libra puts so much pressure on balance that sometimes they don't want to make a decision. Sagittarius puts so much pressure into enjoying life that they can honestly let some things pass them by with ease. Remember, Sagittarius is full of paradoxes and paradigms—almost more so than Gemini. Both of them are mutable, so this may be why there are so many complications and dimensions.

Sagittarius has a lot of range in its desire to have fulfilled will power. It does remind me of holidays. Holidays are complicated. You are supposed to be happy, put on a good show, and be surrounded by the people you love. But often it ends in loneliness, being around people you don't care to see, or not getting a lot of affection, attention, or gifts. Sagittarius is creative and will offer a lot to you, but it just has a different ease and flow to it.

Compatible Egos

Aries will like that they are of the same element, and Sagittarius doesn't have the same fierce ego. An Aries and Leo combination can run its course because those two have such dominate egos that they both want to pull the relationship. The mutability with Sagittarius in some ways makes it a more desirable mate for Aries. It's good for Aries to be with someone that can hold their own, but it is also good if it isn't too much and overpowers the Aries (if that were possible) or if their partner is too dependent on them for love and life.


What Is the Sagittarius?

Consider Sagittarius' neighbors:

Sagittarius is picking up the pieces after Scorpio, which sends a strong sexual message into the astrological year. Scorpio is the season when everything shifts and is starting to die, and it has a lot of pageantry and emotions. Sagittarius takes that energy and is pacifying it, in a way, so that people can focus more on other individuals.

Scorpio is a hardcore relationship, passionate and brainy, that's looking for the ultimate mate and often getting confused by its strong sexual desires. Sagittarius has some pieces of that, but it also borrows from the more even-minded and hibernating Capricorn soul. So part of why Sagittarius is paradoxical is because its neighbors are essentially complete opposites, and so it has to balance out that and be its own thing at the same time.

Because Sagittarius is a wild horse, it wants what it wants and when it wants it. It does not like to be controlled or forced to do anything. It has one of the strongest wills in the whole zodiac, and that's because it's the last fire element in the series. It has some lessons that didn't get seen or fulfilled in Aries or Leo. This is why at times Aries might feel like Sagittarius is parental toward them and other times that Sagittarius feels younger than them and is difficult to harness. Sagittarius knows the value of living and accepting that for the innocence that is there. This also causes them to be sagacious, because learning lessons gives you wisdom, even if those lessons relate back to youth.

Aries is not as dualistic. Aries is pretty straightforward, so it might get confused with Sagittarius and its never-ending mutability. Aries is easy to read. You can get what they are chasing after instantly. You know what an Aries wants because they make their demands clear because they are focused on manifestation. By the time Sagittarius comes into the year, manifestation has already happened well on its own. Therefore, Sagittarius is in the state of living and giving thanksgiving.

Sagittarius will totally appreciate how die-hard Aries is, because Sagittarius loves success; it loves status, even, and it loves constantly being better than the last time. Sagittarius are idea collectors; they are know-it-alls and charmers. They are very charismatic. They need someone who is highly goal-oriented and wants to grow. They don't want to just stay the same, so it could really scare them if they are with a partner who doesn't want to challenge themselves and go new places.


The Differences Between Aries and Sagittarius

Since both Aries and Sagittarius have yang like qualities, they may need to consider how they can manage their relationship and the things they have in a practical sense. Both have leadership qualities and want to go forward, but sometimes neither want to manage and take care of the mess they make. Aries is the strongest born leader as the first of the zodiac. Sagittarius can shift into having some manager like qualities. It can borrow from its Capricorn neighbor. But Sagittarius will want to lead at times, so Aries will have to listen and give them a chance. Hold your words if you need to Aries, because leading in some ways helps the Sagittarius to become more of their own person. Sagittarius is turned on by a strong leader. But that's not because they have yin as their guiding post. They just think its hot when people take charge. They love to see someone really take action and have vigor, ambition, and creativity. That's kind of awesome to them that someone can be passionate. It is much needed to see. Fire can help but like fire.

Aries needs someone who can be independent. Aries doesn't do well with co-dependency, because Aries isn't someone who can really stay in a mode of co-dependency for very long. They'll start to come up with their own separate trajectory. Aries really hates being smothered, it makes them feel like they are falling behind on their goals. An Aries who lives an inactive life, will eventually have an existential crisis if they are in a co-dependent relationship. They need to have fire in their bellies. That is their nature. They need to have a path they can carve. They are not people who like to be walked all over, who are wallflowers. They need plenty of room to change, recreate, and reinvent. This energy is going to come out one way or another whether its a whole stream of arts projects, moving around furniture, or suddenly having the need to have another child. It's a busy and strong energy, that is needed to help people around them.

Sagittarius needs free reign. This doesn't mean they want to date multiple people at once, but they may struggle with settling down because then they have to commit and stick to that one option... when they like to leave doors open for as long as possible. When they shut that door, they usually are serious about it, but it depends on the Sagittarius in what they do with commitment. The longer you are with them the better.

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AriesPower on April 04, 2020:

@Tyrone Lawrence

Do you know by any chance Undertaker's zodiac sign is Aries ?

Please google and see.

So your comment is evident that no one can overpower that guy haha

I'm an Aries and we have the natural energy to overpower anyone!

Little Flame on March 18, 2020:

I’m dating a Sagittarius right now

We balance each other out so perfectly

Anonymous on March 06, 2020:

You wanna try me an Aries Lawrence!

SherryR on September 26, 2019:

My husband is a Sagittarius and I am an Aries. It is hands down the most amazing relationship I’ve ever been in or been around.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on May 23, 2019:

You as the Scorpio mama have way more power. Don't let this psycho get to you. Your daughter wants to see you. Go see her. Sagittarius is dumb as bolts to mess with a Scorpio. Sorry he has pulled strings like this.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on May 23, 2019:

No, I have not.

Mama Bear on May 22, 2019:

My son-in-law is a Sag. He married my daughter, an Aries. He is manipulative, tricky and possessive of his Aries. Now that she (supposedly as he tells it) only has 1 week to live, he's blocked her from talking to me, her mother, he had me barred from her hospital room last week as he never told me she was dying and when one of his friends came to tell me in a visiting room...I exploded. (I'm a Scorpio). Then....no longer able to talk to my daughter. Her words to the nurse were "I want my mother". Now, he turned off her cell phone and I'm unable to know her status. So....sorry to say Sag.....there are some of you out there are off balanced.

Vee on April 24, 2019:

Ha! You’ve never met this Aries

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