Why Sagittarius and Aquarius Fall in Love

Updated on January 14, 2017

Fire Meets Wind

What are these two signs? Sagittarius and Aquarius get along partly for being in the latter part of the zodiac.

Wind signs and fire signs have a certain amount of innate comfort in each other. They push each in the right direction and inspire one another. The latter part of the zodiac becomes more soft, often weirder, and more chill. Your first few signs in the zodiac have a lot bravado, aggression, need for the ball to get moving. They can be impatient, but mighty.

As for Aquarius and Sagittarius, these are the last wind and fire signs of the zodiac. Sagittarius signs are the 9th house, and Aquarius is the 11th.

They are both freedom seekers, open to reality, and sharply intelligent. What is nice about the Sagittarius is it has natural leader qualities from being a fire sign, and Aquarius will appreciate that energy which helps bring out its rebellious, quirky nature. Sagittarius has a yang like quality where Aquarius is its yin.

Aquarius will enjoy trying to unmask Sagittarius who can put on a different face in front of others and in private. They both are charismatic personalities. Both will appreciate that they have a wide circle of friends. They can pick up things with each other in a split second. They feed off each in a positive way, Sagittarius doesn't disrupt Aquarius but stays chill. Sagittarius keeps a good, healthy tempo for Aquarius who has an incredibly soulful, musical way that needs to just run all over the place. Aquarius will be a great protector for Sagittarius who it knows people will use -- this is partly why Sagittarius starts to wear a mask.

Natural Connection

This is a natural connection. Sagittarius allows Aquarius to be what it wants to be. Neither have to push and pull on each other to make things happen. They want to be healthy, balanced, and they stay open-minded. Sagittarius has the focus Aquarius wants -- Aquarius is looking for a devoted, loyal, and also respectful partner. Aquarius doesn't want someone who clings to them, who doesn't allow them to have freedom, or accuses and judges them. Sagittarius likes and is very flattered by being Aquarius' shoulder to cry on, think on, make-out on. Sagittarius knows how to raise an eyebrow and flirt in a way that invites Aquarius in a comfortable, yet desirable manner. It's a match that honestly is going to work well for both. They understand each other in a way that others might not, Aquarius brings in the fullness of ideas and Sagittarius helps ignite it with its will-card.

Sagittarius likes to be flattered, and having the Aquarius around as a beautiful, intelligent, and unique soul -- is a major compliment. Just being Aquarius is a compliment, but Aquarius will do well to dote on Sagittarius from time to time. Just remember to help them be humble and not inflate their ego beyond reason.

I encourage these two to be more vulnerable. Sagittarius needs to remove its mask and allow its emotions to escape. Aquarius requires its partner to be authentic, so it will gladly remove the mask for you. We hide our real emotions when we are afraid of what people will see or that they'll abuse us. Sagittarius will find that Aquarius will be gentle with them, and they don't have anything to fear. Letting your guard down will help the relationship.

Aquarius needs to be comfortable being as weird as possible -- this helps with vulnerability. Aquarius is constantly absorbing emotions as the water bearer -- and being weird helps release it. A held back Aquarius is playing with fire. It needs to express itself. Sagittarius has great focus as the archer; it is the philosophical centaur. Sagittarius has a strong desire to catch something intelligent among all the bright stars. Centaurs are known as the astronomers and astrologers. They are study-holics. They love education. The opportunity of an Aquarius to a Sagittarius is like a steak to a hungry wolf. Sagittarius will be excited by the very hunt and will keep at it if they believe it is worth while. They don't want to scare Aquarius, and know that is child's play. Sagittarius wants to be seen as skillful, not amateur. This is why they consume so much education, finesse, and pride. They want to be seen as refined. They believe in having nice things, or at least having refined tastes. They feel this is a way to show love. Aquarius wouldn't just be a nice thing -- Aquarius would be well pampered by the Sagittarius who really wants the best of company. It really can get star stuck by the Aquarius and its wide range of capabilities. I think inevitably these two have a lot going for each other as a romantic match.

Sagittarius by its nature is looking for a good hunt. It doesn't want to settle for anything less. Sagittarius encourages us to go for greatness. Its lesson on love is greatness, not a puny, deformed version of love. Sagittarius' temperament is similar to Aquarius'. They both want to have fun, they both want to think, and they both are looking for a higher reality. There's a lot of flexibility and malleability. They are sensitive to each other and know how to brighten each other with tiny details. Aquarius is a highly spiritual sign. It wants to roam, explore ideas out of control -- and Sagittarius can handle this. I think what's nice for Aquarius is there is so much room to explore; there is a lot of understanding and acceptance.

How do you get on the same page in order to maintain a relationship?

These two are so open minded that commitment might not be the first word to pop in their brain. They need to explore each other and be conscious of the idea for awhile before rushing off into complete commitment. They want to see you can be loyal before putting a title or ring on it. They want to give you that option.... and test. So if you want a long term relationship, keep at it. Don't force it, let it come up naturally. Don't be afraid to speak about your desires, and make sure to be courteous. Even if you decide to be only friends, there is great value in this. Stay connected and look for how you can create a long lasting healthy connection. If you want to see sparks, spend time together one-on-one, try exploring your emotions through creativity, try new things together, and throw in some candlelight dinners. Make your romance conscious and active. Flirt, serenade, smile, wink, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. You'll be okay one way or the other.

1. Making spending time together a priority.

2. Discuss anything and everything you feel is important.

3. Have long conversations over coffee or tea.

4. Focus on music, poetry, creative expression to get your abstract brains going.

5. Treat your partner as you want to be treated.

6. Spend time complimenting each other.

7. Tell all the friends you have to go home so the two of you can be together.

Sagittarius Wants:

To date someone awesome, a worthy partner, to grow and learn throughout life, someone they can show their real side to, someone they can pamper, someone who has their crap together, someone who they have pride in, a good conversationalist, someone with a sense of humor, someone who will pamper them, someone romantic and endearing, someone who feels like home. They also want: compassion, wit, aesthetics, pleasure, variety, fun, mystery, and warmth.

Aquarius Wants:

To date someone who accepts them, a loyal partner, a place free of judgment, someone deeply interested in them, an open-minded partner to play their games, someone who is authentic, someone who can make them feel comfortable, adventure around the corner, inspires them, holds them, pursues them, communicates well, consistency, initiates, inquisitive, spontaneous yet secure. They also want: devotion, nutrition, variety, honesty, unwavering love, acceptance, dreams, truth, and integrity.

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