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Why Cancer and Pisces Are a Good Match

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Pisces and Cancer are a natural match, but what exactly makes these two water signs so deeply compatible?

Pisces and Cancer are a natural match, but what exactly makes these two water signs so deeply compatible?

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is a crab and Pisces is a fish. They both belong near and in water. They see the world in different ways—through their sensitivities, intuition, and emotions. So what do you get when these water elements meet?

Pisces and Cancer fit each other like tailor-made gloves. Cancer—who is all about emotional expression, moodiness, and the currents—wants to express the fullness of love and wears their heart on their sleeve.

Pisces—the wisest of the zodiac, being in the final house—is all about unconditional love. Pisces has the power to bring about miracles and has a mentoring instinct. Cancer will appreciate Pisces' wisdom.

The energies these two signs offer will match well. Cancer will enjoy having someone who gives them the affection they crave. Cancer requires adoration more than any other sign, except maybe Leo. Pisces will enjoy how much they can be loved by Cancer because Pisces wants to see and experience love—and Cancer wants to express it. This creates a positive current of give-and-take energy.

Tips for Pisces-Cancer Relationships

Here are some tips for a successful Pisces-Cancer relationship.

Find Ways to Manage Your Moodiness

It can be tough for two water signs to date each other, because they tend to get moody and take it out on each other. Both of you will have to be careful about your moodiness. Remember — you are a team.

The more self-development you undergo, both before getting into a relationship and once you're in one, the better you will be able to navigate through these ups and downs. Try to acknowledge when you're being moody and resist lashing out at your partner.

Cancer needs to open their eyes to their partner’s needs. Have your own opinion and don’t be afraid of your partner having a different one. It’s okay to be stubborn occasionally; I find Cancers to be one of the least stubborn signs, and thereby one of the moodiest because they constantly are changing what they think.

Recognize When Expectations Are Unrealistic

Pisces is a lot like Aquarius in that it wants to explore its creative talents, but Pisces is not pushing so much for rebellion or authenticity—they just want unconditional love. Without it, they're prone to deep mood swings and existential crises; love is what they want, and without it, what's the point of it all? This desire to be doted on can be overwhelming for their partner.

It's okay to have high expectations for love, but it's important to realize when those expectations are unrealistic. It's important for both partners to give and receive love.

These kinds of ideas can either scare Cancer or really charm them. Cancer would love to give their heart and nurture someone out of deep, sad thoughts, but it's critical that Pisces do a little doting in return. Relationships are all about give and take, and with a little work, this is something that Pisces-Cancer relationships excel at.

Patience is key in any relationship.

Patience is key in any relationship.

Be Patient With Each Other

Be comfortable with each other when the other is cranky. It's okay to have bad days. It's okay to cry. Try exploring your emotions together and don't be afraid; you are both in good hands. That said, you must prevent yourself from trying to manipulate your partner just because you're hurting.

Usually, when you are manipulating something, that means you are really wanting love. Be patient with love. Be kind with love. Don't try to make it fit your exact specifications; it just doesn't work that way.

Sometimes water signs need to trust destiny and not get so attached to their particular image of how things should be. Look at fire signs. They know how to balance their wills with reality—and to come out as fierce forces for that reason (even if they can become a little egotistical about it sometimes). Sagittarius, especially, has this lesson down to a tee.

Take Time to Relax and Recharge Together

Water signs are experts at navigating their emotions. They trust their emotions and intuition when they can and are extremely empathic signs. They can often understand others' feelings and pick up on and convey messages without having to use language.

But constantly opening oneself to the emotions of others can be taxing. Oftentimes, water signs prefer quiet company over long conversations, which can be a lot for them to process and leave them feeling drained. Make sure that you and your partner find ways to recharge.

Don't be afraid to set boundaries. They can strengthen your relationship with your partner and with yourself.

Don't be afraid to set boundaries. They can strengthen your relationship with your partner and with yourself.

Learn to Set Boundaries

Pisces, be careful not to focus on someone who is narcissistic. You deserve a partner who cares about your needs as much as you care about theirs. Avoid becoming a martyr or punching bag for someone else. A good partner will respect you and allow you to have boundaries.

Because of your tendency to love unconditionally, you may have trouble setting boundaries because you want to give, give, and give. Water elements have a hard time establishing boundaries because they want to flow and boundaries seem counter-intuitive. They aren't; good boundaries allow you to respect yourself and protect yourself from those who only want to take.

Cancer also needs to have boundaries. Sometimes you need to rest instead of exploring the extent of your emotions—give yourself these boundaries so you don't wear yourself out. You want to give in totality, but over time you will tire yourself out. You don't have to give your whole heart in one sitting. Don't eat the elephant in one bite!

Try Meditating to Clear Your Mind

I recommend meditation for water signs to clear the mind. This will help you to develop your intuition and also clear out language, so you can harness your empathic abilities without becoming drained by them. This isn't to say you should be afraid of language, but it can muddle things up in your mind more than with other signs.

Air signs can live on language all day long—that's how they operate. Not so for you. As a society, we have become adept at blocking out emotions rather than attempting to understand them. As someone who is deeply in touch with both your own emotions and those of others, this can make your existence all the more confusing.

Remember that you have an identity that is separate from and undefined by your partner.

Remember that you have an identity that is separate from and undefined by your partner.

Be Independent

Having boundaries also helps you to create a relationship that allows both partners to retain their independence. Water signs are big lovers, and sometimes they put so much into it that their relationship ends up being their security blanket, their identity. But co-dependant relationships aren't healthy. Don't let your relationship define who you are.

It's okay to spend time away from your partner, it's okay not to know every minute detail about each other, it's okay to have fights, and it's okay to change over time. In a healthy relationship, you will find ways to grow and change together without losing yourselves in the process.

Cancer and Pisces Balance Each Other

A Cancer-Pisces relationship will do well to lead and follow. Cancer loves to be chased, as does Pisces, but they like leading as well. When this give-and-take element is established, their relationship will be unshakeable. Both signs are sweet and have much more to them than people usually see on the surface.

Cancer will encourage Pisces to pursue their creativity and exercise their intelligence; Pisces will encourage Cancer to express more of themselves and to be comfortable with their voice. Pisces can help Cancer find their voice — much to Cancer’s surprise — because Pisces understands why Cancer has mood shifts.

Astrology can act as a guidebook for love. Ideally, everyone should feel comfortable opening up their heart, but perhaps Cancer and Pisces are the forerunners we need to better understand and unlock our real emotions for ultimate healing.

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