Why Cancer and Aquarius Attract Each Other and Tips for Compatibility

Updated on June 20, 2019
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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

Are Cancer and Aquarius a good match? Read on to find out.
Are Cancer and Aquarius a good match? Read on to find out.

Are Cancer and Aquarius Compatible in Relationships?

Opposites attract when these star signs come together. Aquarius is known for being extroverted and at home in social settings, while Cancer is introverted and likely to retreat back into its shell in social situations. Cancer is also much more in tune with their feelings and apt at expressing them, while Aquarius tends to be outwardly aloof, even with people they care about.

These differences can create tension—for example, if Aquarius sees Cancer as too emotionally demanding or Cancer sees Aquarius as too emotionally detached. The following tips will help mitigate that tension.

Prioritize One-on-One Time

Cancer craves attention, affection, and the full extent of everything. Aquarius craves authenticity, originality, and intellectual stimulation (they can be quite existential). What these two need is plans. Try setting up time where you can really focus on each other. Give more of your heart than usual. Need some inspiration? Check out these creative ideas for date night.

I think a good way for these two to handle each other is to spend time one on one—and not necessarily on lavish dates, either. Cancer does love the extravagant, the dazzling, and the quirky, but they don't need money-fuelled dates to be happy in a relationship. When it comes down to it, they are romance-obsessed, so as long as the feeling is there, that's enough. Spending a night in and asking questions to get to know each other better can do wonders for your relationship.

If the Aquarius is open to it, Cancer can teach a lot about romantic love. As for Aquarius, spending time with their partner one on one will help them delve into their thoughts and access their intellectual side, which is very important for Aquarians.

Balance Introverted and Extroverted Activities

In order to balance this relationship, try new things out in the city, and try staying at home together. This will help with the flow of the energy you are experiencing. Cancer has some introverted aspects to it, but leaving it alone to its own devices can backfire. It can make them depressed partly because they need to experience people to express love. Aquarius has some introverted aspects as well since they love ideas so much, but they are natural social mayors.

Try to Understand Each Other's Ways of Expressing Love

Cancer's love is about expressing themselves fully, while Aquarius—as the existential warrior—is about finding the truth of love. It will be good for Aquarius to experience the expression of love and not just experience it in the mind, though as Aquarius is known for being somewhat distant, this can be very challenging for them to do. But if they can manage to open themselves up, delving deeper into the experience of love will help them understand it better. This may scare the Aquarius at first; they are idea champions and like to study ideas in order to better the world.

Cancers—try not to be too needy with your Aquarius. Asking for more before they're ready might end up pushing them away.

Aquarius—try not to see your Cancer as needy just because you don't operate the same way. Ask yourself if they really want too much or if you're not offering enough.

Spending one-on-one time with your partner—both at home and while out and about—can help you feel more connected, reassured, and secure.
Spending one-on-one time with your partner—both at home and while out and about—can help you feel more connected, reassured, and secure. | Source

Learn to Appreciate (and Benefit From) Your Differences

Don't expect to be mirror images of each other; you're both yin-like, but not in all the same ways. One is more dominated by emotions the other more by intuition and logic. But this is what makes this couple so special.

The great thing about this match is the support they can find in each other. Cancer is incredibly kind, forgiving, and gracious—they will be there for their partner and do all they can for them. But Cancer needs to reject judgmental thoughts in order to understand and appreciate Aquarius more. Cancer can help Aquarius by showering them with love—but remember, Aquarius takes a while to reciprocate in the same way. I think experimentation will help. You don't need the hard rigid walls that some combinations require.

I think this combo is more about finding and exploring your similarities and differences. Be open to each other and explore how you are both weird and eccentric. Aquarius is a fast-paced thinker and may get ahead of Cancer, which can make Cancer jealous. Cancer needs to learn to appreciate Aquarius's mind if they want Aquarius to manifest physical affection. In turn, Aquarius needs to appreciate and nurture Cancer's major moods. Listen, don't talk over it. When Cancer hurts, don't try to talk it all away.

Quick Tips for Aquarius-Cancer Couples

Don't always wait for your partner to initiate. Both of you need to step up to get the ball rolling. Tell your partner you need some initiation on their part.


Reassure each other. Be devoted to each other. Push your strengths. Find your weaknesses and help each other to better them.


Don't let fear, insecurity, or arrogance guide you. Seek love first, and it will unveil what you need.

Create a Safe Space for Emotional and Intellectual Exploration

Both of these zodiacs are deep, spiritual, and big-hearted. Cancer needs Aquarius's reassurance, as Cancer can at times feel rocked by the waves of emotions it feels. Aquarius should never poke fun at this or make them feel uncomfortable about it. Aquarius needs to listen and think before they speak. Give your Cancer room to speak, and resist the urge to talk over them.

Aquarius should try building a safe space for the Cancer to delve into their emotions, just as Aquarius needs a safe space to explore ideas. Cancer needs to be open to Aquarius's need for mental stimulation: Cancer should talk, explore ideas, try new and bizarre things, laugh, be witty, and push their own intellect. Aquarius—a true sapiosexual—will appreciate it.

I think having a spiritual connection is what helps here; try going to church, exploring music, philosophy, or even the new age. You need a place where both of you can feel at home expressing your thoughts and feelings. It's all about finding balance together, learning who you are, and motivating each other. Knowing how you are different and seeing what your goals are—both individually and as a couple—will help you to be good cheerleaders for each other.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

Don't be afraid to share anything with each other. The more you learn about each other and how to depend on each other, the more you will stick together. There is a certain strong, royal-like vibe from this pairing. If they come together and enlighten each other, they will be able to trust each other and be a real force to be reckoned with.

Cancer needs to fall in love with Aquarius' mind; Aquarius needs to fall in love with Cancer's emotions. They need to nourish and cater to these. Aquarius will be doing things in their own rhyme or reason, and Cancer will have a certain amount of tradition, sentimentality, and regularity. This won't be the easiest to balance, but if you can find that equilibrium, both signs will learn from each other exponentially.

Are Aquarius and Cancer Sexually Compatible?

Developing a healthy sexual relationship between these two signs takes a lot of work on both sides. Cancer is an extremely emotional sign, and they rarely engage in intimacy if they haven't already developed a solid emotional foundation with the other person. Unfortunately, Aquarius's tendency to remain aloof can make it very hard for these two to lay the foundation for a successful intimate relationship.

In order to make an intimate relationship between these signs work, Aquarius needs to let down its guard and make an effort to communicate openly with Cancer. Cancer, on the other hand, needs to relax and try to let go of unnecessary stress. It all comes down to communication!

What Is the Aquarius-Cancer Power Dynamic?

A relationship between these signs can end up being very unbalanced if the two parties don't make a concerted effort from the get-go to find a healthy equilibrium. Cancer has a hard time setting boundaries, as they really don't like letting others down. This can create problems in the relationship, as—for fear that saying no might cause their partner to think less of them—they may agree to things they don't really want to do. Cancer needs to realize this tendency and do their best not to let themselves be walked all over. At the same time, Aquarius needs to understand this tendency and know not to push Cancer too far.

A Zodiac Pairing With Two Yins

Cancer is moody and spiritual, which makes sense given that its ruling planet is the moon. Aquarius, on the other hand, is full of energy and emotions that it hides behind a cool exterior. Aquarius—an air sign, yet a water bearer—has a lot more emotional power to it than people give it credit for, but the sign is so complicated that people don't always see or connect with it. Aquariuses live powerfully in their heads; they are highly receptive and usually prefer someone else to initiate. That said, they can pair well with water signs.

These signs connect well through intuition. Cancer is full of emotional depth, moods, tide shifts, and intuitive shifts, and though they might hide it well, Aquariuses are too. Aquarius's emotional disciplines are simply different than Cancer's.

Cancers are affectionate—honestly some of the most emotionally intelligent zodiacs you'll find—and, yes, they can be a powerhouse of emotion. This can be good for Aquarius, as it may encourage them to open up their heart and access their hidden reservoir of emotions. Cancer is all over the place, almost as aloof as a wind sign, but coming from a much, much different place.

What Is a Yin-Yin Relationship Like?

These two are really different, but there are some similar qualities in being both in being so very, very yin like. I think studying yin and yang will help these signs to appreciate each other. Sometimes relationships that are yin-yin and yang-yang can feel unfulfilled because there are certain parts to the energy exchange that are missing. Yin-yin relationships can have benefits, but they're just a little harder to find.

Yin vs. Yang Qualities


When these two forces come together, you can expect a lot of emotion, mood swings, and sentimentality. This may create a situation where power feeds back into itself, over and over, making for a weird, potentially destructive mix. But if Cancer and Aquarius can figure out how to blend their two very yin-like personalities, they will become an unstoppable force.

© 2017 Andrea Lawrence


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    • profile image

      Marlin Tech ITL 

      10 days ago

      this is interesting. I did not know this...

    • profile image

      Devaprioya saha 

      13 days ago

      cancer is a critical disease but if a cancer patient get mental energy and proper treatment s/he may be cure. Yesterday I saw a movie where a man make physical relationship with an aids patient but he wasn't attacked by it

    • profile image

      Precious K 

      6 weeks ago

      I’m an Aquarius woman and my man is a Cancer .

      We’ve been together for exactly 4 months today ,not the easiest relationship but definitely the most romantic and the first I’ve ever felt the need to let my guard down.

      I’ve always believed that I’m a great communicator in my past relationships but my current relationship has proved to me that I’m far from it and I need a lot of fixing , especially emotionally .

      My partner is quite soft hearted , gentle ,sensitive and pretty much quite emotional and me on the hand ? The exact opposite ( but I am really working on it because I think it’s necessary for our relationship to survive ).

      We met at a friends wedding and although we couldn’t speak the minute we saw one another , we later on found a way to each other and believe me you , when I say the hug that man gave me felt very different , I mean it .

      That hug was so affectionate, full of love and I could feel my common sense leave my entire body

    • profile image

      Cancer Cat 

      7 weeks ago

      I have been talking to an Aquarius,and as a Cancer l am at the stage in my life that l love the fact they love their independence and freedom. We are just getting to know each other but my gut instinct tells me this is everything l have been looking for in my life,and l do have some psychic abilities. This feels really good!

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I am what they (whoever created all the zodiacs and their meanings) call an Aquarius . However my best friend of 13 years is a Cancer . Nothing breaks us apart . I truly believe in my heart that he’s my soulmate . I find these articles interesting and quite informative but truthfully true love never dies and no matter what SIGN(s) are compared I feel that we all are entitled to love.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I'm an Aquarius women (who turns 40 on the 25th) dating a Cancer man (who turns 30, on June 21st). We have only been dating a few months, so we are still getting to know each other. Now, since he is younger, I was a little reserved about dating him, but decided to try something new. The other day, we had a phone conversation, where he asked me if I've always been so confident in relationships? Which I told him, no. I then told him of when I was in my early 20s, I had a guy friend that was already financially stable in his career, and wanted to date me, but I felt inadequate compared to him, because I wasn't on his "financial level". (My own personal insecurities, of course)..So I told him now that I've grown, I do not allow that kind of mindset to even remotely control my decisions. Well, he took that conversation and made it about him, he said that he can "get a hint", I act as if I miss my ex, and he would never have "disrespected" me by bringing up and ex...

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      Scott Harvey- id advice you to fly. Im an Aquarius guy and i dated a cancer for over 10 years. She was amazing but he moods wings were above normal we are two different. Youd get frustrated dating an Aquarius and youd cause her too much stress as her love for freedom will cause you a heart break and put you into an emotional roller coasters. I’d advice you let that one go. It may hurt now but its an easier hurt than it will be if you stay with her.

    • profile image

      Scott Harvey 

      3 months ago

      I'm a cancer guy and am thinking about starting up a relationship with an aquarius woman should I try? Or fly?

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Aquarius woman who’s soulmate is a cancer man. The 2 times I’ve loved they were both cancer men. They both taught me how to love unconditionally. I was able to open up and allow them to teach me how to love and live and I’m forever grateful for it.

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Well I’m a cancer and this guy is an Aquarius we have just started to hang out on a regular basis . So at the start , everything was perfect , smooth sailing even the intimacy is spot on. But what I’ve noticed he won’t open up to me emotionally, it’s like talking to a wall I feel paranoid he’s not being honest with me . I saw he had “ muted “ me from his Instagram stories I had brought that up out of curiously and he full blown denies it and try to put it under the rug. I’ve been nothing but honest and tried to get him to open up. In all honesty I’ve done things to make him happy and honestly I think he will still end things with me all because things hasn’t been flowing ever since I’ve been getting these vibes he’s not being 100% honest . He gets angry when I try to even have a heart and heart conversation and being told “ I worry too much “ . The trust isn’t there . I don’t know what to do with this . It’s something I’ve never dealt with before . I feel like I’m going to feel extremely used . I even said to him I needed “ reassurance “ and “ validation “ and he response was “ why do I keep bringing this up “ . He much rather sleep together than be honest and talk about how we are actually feeling . I want him to be free to do that . It’s a big elephant in the room .

    • profile image

      cancer girl 

      4 months ago

      Well, me and my man always trying to understand to each other Im a cancer girl and he is a aqua sometimes we fight a lot but my man was always sweet to me even though Im always moody and we still work together miss each other we've been in a break up situation for 1 week but after that he try to comfort me and try to get back each other cause he said even if he try to break up and do want he want there still missing so here Im happy and getting married soon.

    • profile image

      cancer girl 

      4 months ago

      Im a cancer girl and my man is aqua

    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      4 months ago from Chicago

      Don't let other people's comments scare you. Everyone is in their own unique situation -- and there is no guarantee they're all being honest. If you love the person and it feels right, keep at it.

    • profile image

      Cancer girl 

      5 months ago

      I am falling for an aqua guy but these comments scare me. I think a cancer man and aqua woman go well.. but in my case, who knows. He is not as attentive as I would like

    • profile image

      Emma B 

      6 months ago

      I'm an Aquarius woman and I've been dating an cancer guy for 9 months. I can easily say he's the loveliest man I've ever dated. He is sensitive and gentle very loving and a extremely gentle and attentive lover. I am proud to say he is mine! I love him completely.

    • profile image

      Aquarius :) 

      6 months ago

      My soulmate is a Crab man. We dated for only 2 years, he partied too much, so this girl ran away. We can be across a room, and speak just with our eyes. We can be in different states, and just know. This tenacious Cancer chased me for 20 years. As soon as he stopped partying, y'up it took awhile....we rekindeled and got back together. He is my soulmate, and I am his.

      This Aquarious (me) woman has a cancer rising sign and a leo moon!

      My lovely Cancer man has a Leo Rising sign.. (so Aquarious is in his 7th house of partnership.) and a Gemini moon. Other things are compatible as well.

      When we first met, in the first 5 second it felt like we had already spent a lifetime together, a past life. It is deep.

      So thank you all you Crab men and boys, don't give up hope if your Aquarius ever loved you, just find out the one thing that scared them, and do it differently.

      My Cancer did not have to change the core of who he is/was, just that party craziness. Aquarius are very loyal and I have 8+ life long friends. If we feel free to be ourselves and respected, we will never forget you. xox

    • profile image

      Aqua Woman 

      6 months ago

      I'm an Aqua woman who's always been attracted to Cancer men. My strongest relationships have always been with Cancers. Cancers are my people! My soul mate who I've know for 30+years is the one who taught me love and that I could be loved.

      We dated for 10 years; things were not perfect, but we loved each other fiercely. He knew me better than I knew myself. We had so much in common & so many differences. He did everything right. He always made the right decisions; me not so much. I was a F****up back then. Even though things didn't work out in our romantic relationship; we still remain good friends. We still have genuine love for each other and always will.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Cancer guy dated an Aquarius girl for a year.. my advice is don’t do it.

      Obviously all women are different but I just found it’s all take and no give. Never would tell me what was wrong, would be super into us one day then just randomly ignore me for a week, then say nothing was wrong.

      I think cancer Aquarius make good work colleagues and acquaintances, and I think there’s a lot on the love front that works..

      But when it comes down to it we’re emotional and needy and they are emotionless and cruel.

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Hmm from what i observed from comments i think an Aquarius woman and a cancer man can work but An aquarius man with a cancer woman looks like a nightmare..am a lady and cancer and av an Aquarius male frnd ,it can't work..and d last thing i want in my life is make a mistake that will leave me unhappy in my marriage..

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      I am a Cancer woman and My yet to be husband is an aquarius man. We been together for eight years now. We have three beautiful children together and have built a life with one another. He is my high school sweetheart! It honestly has took "ALOT" Of effort in building our relationship to exactly where we are at today! I am grateful to have met my soulmate. I feel as if we were made for one another. We are both completely different people with different personailites but when we came together, We became one! It still takes both of us to actually make our relationship work but at the end of the day. its true love that connects us

    • profile image

      Aquarius woman &cancer man 

      12 months ago

      I am aquarius woman and my man is cancer wow I really love him so much and he love me a lot. We made to each other and I felt he is my soulmate forever. BK

    • profile image

      Billie Bob Joe 

      12 months ago

      Im a cancer and i like my bestfriend and she is a aquarius and she likes me to but we are kinda on the low about it because we both know we like each other but then agian we are still bestfriends and we've been bestfriends since 6th grade and i think were both scared that if it dosnt work out that it will ruin our friend ship forever but we still want to take a chance on each other even though were so scared that things will change forever

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      I am an aquarius woman and ive been dating a Cancer man for the last last year, we are very similar in how we deal with stress which is shutting down. Our biggest thing we have to work on is communication. I dont like talking about my feelings or small trivial things and he feels like I'm hiding things. We joke around that im the man in the relationship! I think it can work, it just takes time to acknowledge where you are willing to compromise and where you arent.

    • profile image

      Uroosa Khan 

      12 months ago

      I m cancer woman and love with Aquarius man at initial stage it was marvelous relation but after 3 years I felt he is going away from me he is careless and never understand my feelings he never express his feeling... Why.. I can't live without him but we are facing problems to living with each

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      ok and so i like my cancer best friend, and i am a aquarius women. the thing is he's dating my other friend, who is also an aquarius. what should i do? my friend used to like me but.

    • profile image

      Drew an Diana 

      14 months ago

      see other I either Aquarius in cancer partners get a answer stellar soulful spiritual and most enlightening ceremonial if you do have you relationships and most of me and my wife have been apart since December there has been some up and downs we're just now starting to come together mentally and emotionally I seen the power I love the heavens in February 1st my birthday Uranus made my ruling planet in the retrograde and the eclipse is up January says I see how it is hacked and how I smoke and how planets and their bodies are there stages more affected by my love toward my mind and she had seeing as well how do you spell Victor in in sexual rated me to know that weed is true people that love have the ability that are words can reach to heaven and affect those heavenly bodies and I most empowering way to remind us that we are unique and we are created by a Divine Creator this is where I am reminded each day and grateful for this knowledge ability and my joy to see so many others who having the same beautiful inspiration that I found in my cancer woman my love so much reactive love and spiritual connection I've seen you love in this life I found it and my partner and I thank God for that knowledge God bless you

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I'm an Aquarian woman in love with my Cancer man... its been rocky throughout our relationship. breaking up to make up. It seems like we can't live with or without each other. I do believe we are twin flames. this article makes perfect sense. I'm emotionally detached and always told myself i know most things and didn't really give him time to speak up. we decided to stay together despite our differences and that helps us to love and support each other unconditionally. the storms have settled. I hope other wind and water signs will be able to find this balance in their relationship.

    • profile image


      16 months ago

      I'm an Aquarius woman engaged to a Cancer man, and we've learned each other's strengths and weaknesses and we are rolling with it.

      I went back to school in the sciences at 30 after 8 years in the visual arts He's buckled down and told me not to worry about home, just worry about school and my education. He pushed me to go after my pursuit of knowledge because he realized I wasn't happy just settling for a job that paid the bills.

      I am trying to give back to him, make space for him, allow him the socializing that he needs, but we know that the next couple years will be hard, and I know he's making a lot of sacrifices.

      What I need to make sure I do is listen to his needs. When he no longer needs to support me, and--let's shoot high--when I have my own environmental research lab, then I can support him. He'll get to live his dream of being the stay-at-home-dad of a littler of corgis like he's always wanted, while playing and writing D&D campaigns in his spare time. Or even I can support him while he returns to school to study ancient history.

    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      18 months ago from Chicago

      I always tell people that we can find on this planet every match under the sun -- there is a way for every match to succeed and fail, but the design and mechanics of it is unique to each pair. There is no such thing as a bad match between zodiacs.

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      My ex husband was an Aquarius. I’m a cancer woman. He was good to me, I was good to him for about 6years. After time passed, I started to feel like the love died, we didn’t talk or do things together, I felt clingy and unloved. I almost forgot what made me love him in the first place. We went separate ways. Later we became friends, it’s was fun,exciting, and then I remembered why I loved my Aqua so damn much. We really are a couple of goof balls together. Don’t forget that all relationships take honesty, communication, affection, patience, and respect on both sides. If the signs aren’t a great match, don’t let it stop you from loving a wonderful person.

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      They are not on the same page and they wont be ... their perception in life is different. Though we resemble but many things do not match.

      As being an Aquarius trust me a Cancer woman was biggest mistake and waste of time in my life, no disrespect to Cancer woman.

      If you are Aqua go for Gemini or Libra!

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      How to make sure they are on the same page ,in love?

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I do the same.next time I,ll think before talking.


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