Why Cancer and Aquarius Attract Each Other

Updated on November 28, 2018

Two Yins

My initial thoughts on a Cancer and Aquarius pairing is it comes off with a lot of yin.

Cancer is moody and fits a lot of the spiritual metaphors found in looking at the moon. Aquarius is full of energy that it hides, it is highly receptive, and usually prefers someone else (a yang) to initiate. So this kind of relationship is going to have a lot of creative energy, emotional currents, and depth. And I like Aquarius pairings with water signs. I think Aquarius has a lot more emotional power to it than people give it credit, but it's so complicated that people don't always see or connect with it. They live powerfully in their heads, but they are water absorbers, they are symbolically the water bearers. Cancer is full of emotional depth, moods, tide shifts, and intuitive shifts. I think how these two connect well is through intuition. Aquarius' emotional disciplines are a lot different than Cancers'. I know Cancers are affectionate, honestly some of the most emotionally intelligent zodiacs you'll find, and, yes, they can be a powerhouse of emotion. This is good for Aquarius so that it will also open up its heart and it's big -- X-Men / Phoenix emotions.

Cancer is all over the place, almost as aloof as a wind sign, but coming from a much, much different place. So when these two forces come together, you can expect a lot of power feeding back into itself, over and over, making for a weird grinding creature. If they can figure out how to blend these very yin like personalities together, you have an unstoppable force.

So What is the Magic Here?

Being both receptive zodiacs, they'll need to step up their game to fill that gap. This comes with sucking up your pride, and mustering up some courage to get there. This won't exactly be easy for either and can leave both feeling worn out -- so compliment each other a lot for taking initiation. Cancer craves attention, affection, and the full extent of everything. Aquarius craves authenticity, originality, and the existential. What these two need is plans. Try setting up time where you can focus on each other. Give more of your heart than usual. The great thing about this match is the support they can find in each other. Cancer is incredibly kind, forgiving, and gracious -- they will be there for you and make it happen. Cancer's love is about showing the fullness of the expression, Aquarius as the existential warrior is about finding the truth of love. It will be good for Aquarius to experience the expression of love and not just experience it in the mind. Also, delving deeper into the experience of love will help you to understand it better. This may scare the Aquarius at first; they are idea champions and like to study ideas in order to better the world.

I think a good way for these two to handle each other is spend time one on one and not necessarily lavish dates. Even though, yes, Cancer loves the lavish, the dazzle, and the quirky. They are romance obsessed. They can teach from this point-of-view. But spending time together one on one helps an Aquarius delve into their thoughts like they desire to do. In order to balance this relationship, try new things out in the city, and try staying at home together. This will help with the flow of the energy you are experiencing. Cancer has some introverted aspects to it, but leaving it alone to its own devices can backfire. It can make them depressed partly because they need to experience people to express love. Aquarius has some introverted aspects as well since they love ideas so much, but they are natural social mayors. These two are really different, but there are some similar qualities in being both in being so very, very yin like. I think studying yin and yang will help to appreciate each other. Sometimes relationships that are yin-yin and yang-yang can feel unfulfilled because there are certain parts to the energy exchange that are missing. This is why it is important to really seek how yin-yin would benefit. You will have a lot of emotion, mood swings, and sentimental nature.

Be open to each other and explore how you are both weird and eccentric. Cancer needs to reject judgmental thoughts in order to understand and appreciate Aquarius more. Cancer can help Aquarius by flooding over them with love -- and remember Aquarius takes awhile to turn and pour their love onto someone. I think experimentation will help. You don't need the hard rigid walls that some combinations implore. I think this combo is more about exploring and finding the similarities and differences. Aquarius is a fast paced thinker and will go far ahead of Cancer, which can make Cancer jealous. Cancer needs to learn to appreciate Aquarius' mind if they want Aquarius to manifest physical affection. Aquarius needs to appreciate and nurture Cancer's major moods. Listen, don't talk over it. When Cancer hurts, don't try to talk it all away.

Both of these zodiacs are deep, spiritual, and big. Cancer needs Aquarius to reassure it. Cancer can at times feel insecure with the waves of emotions it feels. Aquarius should never poke fun at this or make them feel uncomfortable. Try building a safe space for the Cancer to delve into their emotions, just as Aquarius needs a safe space to explore ideas. I think having a spiritual connection is what helps here; try going to church, exploring music, philosophy, or even the new age. You need a place where both of you can fill up the home with your thoughts and feelings. It's all about finding balance together, learning together who you are, and motivating each other. Knowing how you are different and seeing what are your different goals will help you to be good cheerleaders for each other. Don't be afraid to share anything with each other. The more you learn about each other and how to depend on each other, the more you will stick together. There is a certain strong, royal like vibe from this pairing. If they come together and enlighten each other, they will be able to trust each other and be a force no one can reckon with. Cancer needs to fall in love with Aquarius' mind; Aquarius needs to fall in love with Cancer's emotions. They need to nourish and cater to these. Aquarius will be doing things in their own rhyme or reason, and Cancer will have a certain amount of tradition, sentimentality, and regularity. This won't be the easiest to balance -- but if you can balance it in the same space, both will learn form each other exponentially.

Tips to Make it Work

  1. Don't expect to be mirror images of each other, you're both yin-like but not with the same angle. One is more dominated by emotions the other more by intuition-mentality.
  2. Don't wait for the other one to initiate. Both need to step up to get the ball moving. Tell the other one you need some initiation on their part.
  3. Cancer needs to be open to the fullness of Aquarius: talk, explore ideas, try new bizarre things, laugh, be witty, and push your own intellect. Aquarius is naturally a sapiosexual.
  4. Aquarius needs to listen. Give the Cancer room to speak, don't always be so ready to talk. Think before you speak.
  5. Reassure each other. Be devoted to each other. Push your strengths. Find your weaknesses and develop them.
  6. Don't let fear, insecurity, or arrogance guide you. Seek love first and it will unveil what you need.


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    • profile image

      Drew an Diana 

      4 weeks ago

      see other I either Aquarius in cancer partners get a answer stellar soulful spiritual and most enlightening ceremonial if you do have you relationships and most of me and my wife have been apart since December there has been some up and downs we're just now starting to come together mentally and emotionally I seen the power I love the heavens in February 1st my birthday Uranus made my ruling planet in the retrograde and the eclipse is up January says I see how it is hacked and how I smoke and how planets and their bodies are there stages more affected by my love toward my mind and she had seeing as well how do you spell Victor in in sexual rated me to know that weed is true people that love have the ability that are words can reach to heaven and affect those heavenly bodies and I most empowering way to remind us that we are unique and we are created by a Divine Creator this is where I am reminded each day and grateful for this knowledge ability and my joy to see so many others who having the same beautiful inspiration that I found in my cancer woman my love so much reactive love and spiritual connection I've seen you love in this life I found it and my partner and I thank God for that knowledge God bless you

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I'm an Aquarian woman in love with my Cancer man... its been rocky throughout our relationship. breaking up to make up. It seems like we can't live with or without each other. I do believe we are twin flames. this article makes perfect sense. I'm emotionally detached and always told myself i know most things and didn't really give him time to speak up. we decided to stay together despite our differences and that helps us to love and support each other unconditionally. the storms have settled. I hope other wind and water signs will be able to find this balance in their relationship.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I'm an Aquarius woman engaged to a Cancer man, and we've learned each other's strengths and weaknesses and we are rolling with it.

      I went back to school in the sciences at 30 after 8 years in the visual arts He's buckled down and told me not to worry about home, just worry about school and my education. He pushed me to go after my pursuit of knowledge because he realized I wasn't happy just settling for a job that paid the bills.

      I am trying to give back to him, make space for him, allow him the socializing that he needs, but we know that the next couple years will be hard, and I know he's making a lot of sacrifices.

      What I need to make sure I do is listen to his needs. When he no longer needs to support me, and--let's shoot high--when I have my own environmental research lab, then I can support him. He'll get to live his dream of being the stay-at-home-dad of a littler of corgis like he's always wanted, while playing and writing D&D campaigns in his spare time. Or even I can support him while he returns to school to study ancient history.

    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      5 months ago from Chicago

      I always tell people that we can find on this planet every match under the sun -- there is a way for every match to succeed and fail, but the design and mechanics of it is unique to each pair. There is no such thing as a bad match between zodiacs.

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      My ex husband was an Aquarius. I’m a cancer woman. He was good to me, I was good to him for about 6years. After time passed, I started to feel like the love died, we didn’t talk or do things together, I felt clingy and unloved. I almost forgot what made me love him in the first place. We went separate ways. Later we became friends, it’s was fun,exciting, and then I remembered why I loved my Aqua so damn much. We really are a couple of goof balls together. Don’t forget that all relationships take honesty, communication, affection, patience, and respect on both sides. If the signs aren’t a great match, don’t let it stop you from loving a wonderful person.

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      They are not on the same page and they wont be ... their perception in life is different. Though we resemble but many things do not match.

      As being an Aquarius trust me a Cancer woman was biggest mistake and waste of time in my life, no disrespect to Cancer woman.

      If you are Aqua go for Gemini or Libra!

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      How to make sure they are on the same page ,in love?

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      I do the same.next time I,ll think before talking.


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