Why Aries and Virgo Attract Each Other

Updated on June 23, 2020
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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

Be conscious in an Aries and Virgo relationship about how much stress you are putting onto yourself and your partner and what you can do to ease the pains. This will come with Aries thinking more and Virgo talking more about what happens to it.
Be conscious in an Aries and Virgo relationship about how much stress you are putting onto yourself and your partner and what you can do to ease the pains. This will come with Aries thinking more and Virgo talking more about what happens to it. | Source

Aries and Virgo: Are They a Match?

I am someone who believes that any zodiac combination can work but can also fail. This is why I think we have to look deeper at what is at stake. It's important to remember that each combination—whether romantic, platonic, or demonic—is like a recipe. Some recipes are much more complicated, but that doesn't mean the end result is any less or more.

What you will learn in this article:

  • Traits common to Aries and Virgos as individuals
  • How exactly this relationship works. What is the blueprint for an Aries and Virgo match?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of both and how each partner can satisfy the other's needs

Quick Glance: Aries and Virgo

The Ram
The Virgin
1st House
6th House
March 21-April 19
August 23-September 22
Active, leader
Oriented by acts of service
Mercury or Ceres

What Are the Characteristics of Each Sign?

Aries Is a Fire Sign in the First House

As the first house of the zodiac, it is the forerunner for the other 12 signs. It is the firstborn child, often doted on by parents, and symbolizes the independence we all have when we separate from the womb.

Aries is profoundly influenced by seeing winter, the clean slate of life, and the transition into spring. Aries is about making flowers grow. Now, this sign wants to take charge and make sure those plants can survive and withstand the harsh conditions of spring—excessive rain, varying temperatures, and a resurgence of life around the world.

Aries is when we step out of hibernation and take charge of the world around us. We wear brighter colors, we are more comfortable with ourselves, and we see the appearance of the ram. Aries knows its importance and has a great ego about it. Without the appearance of Aries, nothing would come to follow it. It decides what things will come into the year, what new life will work, and the plan of attack for all.

Virgo Is an Earth Sign in the Sixth House

It's right in the middle of the year. It comes at the end of summer, right as the leaves start to fall from trees and as the long summer days start to peel back a touch. Virgo is aware of what needs to be attended to at this point in time. It sees how much spring has given, and now has to manage all of it. Virgo is aware some of these jewels are about to fade away and decompose, so Virgo feels a lot of pressure to do things right.

It feels anxious from the task at hand at perfecting what the earth has given it. This is why Virgo is symbolized as the nervous system or digestive system. It's as though the other signs picked the food to eat and now it's going through the process of deciding which nutrients the body needs while in Virgo. This sign makes for hard, competent workers capable of mastering anything they set their minds to. They carry the weight of the world with them and have standards at 120% if not more.

Virgo is considered the most single of the zodiac, partly because it has its mind and processes looking at so many other things that it is hard to stop and smell the roses of romance.

It craves taking care of another, chivalry, and wanting a passionate, consistent relationship. Virgo as a partner wants to give intensely and make absolutely sure that their partner is being very pampered and very supported. If you are wanting someone who can really take care of you, a Virgo is dynamite.

Strengths of Aries and Virgo

Aries and Virgo will be attracted to each others' complementary strengths.

  • Aries wants to take charge, go into battle, and make a difference.
  • Virgo is constantly on the lookout for how it can best serve you. It'll come to your house and repair your car, change out a broken light bulb, and organize your home into something that makes sense or gives you better access to your resources.

Together these two cover all the necessary ground. You have one person who loves to lead and one person who leads by service. Aries has the willpower and Virgo has the resources to complement it. This may end up feeling like a perfect match puzzle wise. However, Aries and Virgo both need to work on strengthening their weaknesses and not completely depend on their partner for that strength.

They Need to Strengthen Their Weaknesses

Aries needs to learn humility, how to serve others, and to think before speaking. They are always on the go, but being completely present-minded means that they sometimes forget to be reflective and see how their choices can leave an impact, whether positive or negative.

Aries sometimes needs to hold its tongue back from speaking too quickly and too sharply at Virgo.

Virgo also must remember that Aries is sensitive and not to delve into a long diatribe. Pick your battles, Virgo.

Virgo needs to take charge and lead and not always manage. They can get lost in the finer details, and this can cause them to lose precious time when they need to be more active. Virgo would do well to pull themselves out of reflection and instead take action in life.

I'm going to repeat some points here, but these points really need to be driven home.

  • These two are sometimes going to have a hard time finding middle ground. Virgo is reflective and highly analytical, and Aries just doesn't have time for that.
  • Aries needs to slow down and be patient with their partner to better understand them.
  • Virgo needs to be honest about how they feel and find a partner who won't fight them off for having anxiety and worries in life.
  • If Aries can be a comfort to Virgo's concerns, then this will work in the long haul.

Aries sometimes needs to rethink how it speaks. Take your foot off the gas on commands and ask questions instead. At the same time, Virgo needs to think before giving criticism. Aries is sensitive to criticism, so if you plow into all their weaknesses, they might not understand what you are doing and feel worn out. Pick your battles carefully so as to have harmony. Virgo needs to defer to their partner and Aries needs to reciprocate.

How Each Sign Relates to One Another

Let's talk about manifestation. Aries is a leader in making things happen. Virgo is managing what has already been manifested. Aries helps initiate, and Virgo takes what's in the middle. So it will help to think about this connection with some of the natural metaphors that these signs entail.

Aries Lives in the Present Moment and Lets Virgo Deal With the Consequences

Aries thinks about food when its stomach tells the brain it is hungry. They will envision food, the smells, the scents, and the salivating. They will pass that food down to Virgo for it to process.

Virgo will actually engage with the food and decide what to do with it. It's going to prepare that food for the rest of the body—for the digestive system, for expulsion, for the blood system, the nervous system. It has a lot of considerations when taking in food.

Sometimes what the mind produces and what the stomach eats are upsetting results in the end. Virgo may get food that was intended to taste good, but in the stomach, it tastes bad or harms the body. This is why the conversation between Aries and Virgo is vital: Aries shouldn't just consider the present moment and how it feels but also how the choices go later down the pipeline and affect the body.

Aries and Virgos Need to Communicate Clearly

Virgo needs to speak about what is happening to it because Aries does not experience the same thing. The pains you may get from Aries' choices are felt by you. So you need to tell Aries when something works, and you need to tell them when something is remiss. Aries needs to take these thoughts into consideration.

Having a good relationship between Aries and Virgo should produce a well-balanced body. If Aries isn't communicating well with Virgo, the body gets out of shape. You either get too skinny, or you put on too much weight.

Aries needs to remember how its choices influence Virgo. Don't keep making the same foul choices that hurt Virgo's feelings. This will make Virgo feel like they are trapped, and you are never going to respect or listen to their feelings. Then Aries is going to feel hurt because Virgo is out of whack, and that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Digesting is a very important part of the body, and Aries needs to accept this. Think of it like how Aries is the firstborn of the zodiac, and some of the hardest parts about being a baby is passing food and passing gas. One of the first relationships a baby makes is with its own body and understanding it, particularly in the Virgo region. Parents have to teach their children how to soothe themselves and release that tension.

Be conscious in an Aries and Virgo relationship about how much stress you are putting onto yourself and your partner and what you can do to ease the pains.
Be conscious in an Aries and Virgo relationship about how much stress you are putting onto yourself and your partner and what you can do to ease the pains. | Source

How to Thrive Together

If you are in an Aries and Virgo relationship, one of the first things you need to do is figure out how to resolve the tension. This is a primal part of what all humans experience.

  • Be open to releasing your negative energy and opening yourself up to positive energy.
  • Don't put too much pressure on the digestive or nervous system.
  • Take things in stride.
  • Only consume to the degree that you can output. If you put too much pressure on your mind or your digestive system, it can get clogged up, in pain, or just flat out stressed.

Be conscious in an Aries and Virgo relationship about how much stress you are putting onto yourself and your partner and what you can do to ease the pains. This will come with Aries thinking more and Virgo talking more about what happens to it.

These are really important conversations because eating food should be an enjoyable experience and being in a relationship should be an enjoyable experience. Aries can learn a lot by thinking about its own digestive system and what that means for itself because many of the secrets of the Virgo have to do with those processes. And Virgo needs to think about the mind and the processes it goes through.

What is so appealing about a Virgo and Aries relationship?

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Pushing for a Healthy Relationship

Respect each others' differences and be willing to compromise. Try to play fair—don't always let one person get only their way and make the other person submissive. This is a lesson Aries will need to endure in any relationship. Sometimes Aries is trying to make someone a pawn of theirs and not a spouse.

Aries needs to remember it takes two people to make a relationship work, and sometimes the focus is on the other person and what they want.

If you are having a hard time understanding each other, persevere. It may help to have a mediator who can help guide you through difficult conversations, tell you when to breathe, and help you to use emotionally intelligent language. You don't need to be at each others' throats in order to learn about each other and figure out how to make things work. Sometimes you need to go think about things and what you want by yourselves, and then come back together and say what you have learned or that you resolved the issue for yourself and it is okay now.

Virgo is not trying to hold Aries back; It is trying to help Aries be realistic and take care of the things it created rather than just create more things. Aries is not trying to make Virgo feel incapable or slow: Aries appreciates and is fascinated by Virgo's efforts at life. Both have different insecurities they need to work through and be honest with each other.

Encourage passion from each other. Encourage having a healthy dialogue. Your relationship matters and there are concrete ways to handle it. Virgo should be able to remind the pairing there are tangible means of fixing a relationship, and Aries should remind the two they have the willpower to do it.


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    • profile image


      3 days ago

      I found my soulmate a kind compassionate considerate thoughtful protective slow to anger beautiful aries man. We met shortly before the covid quarantine began. We ended up quarantined together, at first we seemed to be too formal with each other turns out both of us tespect each other toobmuch to move too fast in our relationship. Our minds souls are connected. We are wating to make love.........this man is a keeper.

    • profile image


      6 weeks ago

      I am Virgo who has Aries man we both have strong personalities/ and we are both independent and load of challenges in our relationship to work out

    • profile image

      Xoe Kahlo 

      3 months ago

      Thank you ! This is the best thing I've ever read regarding the Virgo and Aries relationship. I am intimately involved with an Aries man and when we met I was dying. He fell in love with me and his perseverance and determination in his love literally changed the direction of my health and saved my life.

      I was consumed with trying to stay alive and had no energy for frivolous things like falling in love anymore. I am very practical matured & thought he was foolish. Little did I know what a world he would open the door of for me and us. In fact I slowly learned that I had been trying to open that same door but had gotten exhausted from doing it alone. By the time he'd come along i had decided it was better left to others to believe in true love.

      My Aries man is to me is every dream I ever had and a bunch I never dreamed I'd ever want. He is an incredible team mate to have in the game of life. My respect, admiration and love keep growing. I understand why it is "fall in love" because after 4 yrs I have not come close to hitting bottom.

    • emge profile image

      MG Singh 

      6 months ago from Singapore

      Very interesting article. A bit out of the ordinary as I never thought about the Star of my love while kissing.


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