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Why Aries and Libra Make a Strong Couple

Aries and Libra are an interesting combo of similarities and opposites. This makes for a compelling romance.

Aries and Libra are an interesting combo of similarities and opposites. This makes for a compelling romance.

Why Are Aries and Libra Attracted to Each Other?

Aries and Libra are often magnetized towards each other because they're complete opposites. Aries is born at the beginning of spring and Libra is born at the beginning of fall. I am not one to say that relationships have to be one way or the other—some prefer dating someone who is their opposite, others prefer a partner that is a mirror to their soul. Any relationship combination of Sun signs in the zodiac can work.


According to the internet encyclopedia of philosophy, yinyang comprises three primary concepts:

(1) yinyang as the coherent fabric of nature and mind, exhibited in all existence, (2) yinyang as jiao (interaction) between the waxing and waning of the cosmic and human realms, and (3) yinyang as a process of harmonization ensuring a constant, dynamic balance of all things.

In this particular pairing, your partner is bringing to the table the skills and traits you don't have but need, harmonizing your shortcomings. I find the way we view yinyang traditionally in the zodiac isn't always clear-cut. Traditionally speaking, fire and wind signs are yang, while water and earth signs are yin. Libra has more yin quality to it than Aries, who is incredibly yang, despite being technically classified as yang.

Planetary Connection

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love and following your emotions. As a result, Libra has a certain romantic, idealistic mindset about them. They like to soak in the beauty of what is around them, and they crave fine things and to be refined. They want balance in the world rather than manifest a new reality. Libra is trying to balance all paradoxes; unfortunately, not everything in this universe is meant to be balanced or understood that way. This is difficult for Libra to reconcile. Aries, on the other hand, is all about manifestation.

Love is supposed to feel spontaneous, not forced or contrived.

Love is supposed to feel spontaneous, not forced or contrived.

How Aries Is Compatible With Libra

Aries is the first child of the zodiac; they are independent, creative, and action-oriented. They don't like to sit still for too long. There's too much adventure to be had to sit by and let it all go to waste.

Libra, on the other hand, is in the middle of the zodiac. They were born with half the year through, and thus are preparing the seasons for the next half of the year. This is why Libra is more balance-oriented. Libra cares about living in sustainable harmony with what is to come.

This is good for Aries who needs a partner who balances them. Sometimes Aries needs romance but can be thrown off by too much mushiness. Libra offers balance in romantic advances and straightforward care. That can make for a desirable relationship for Aries.









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How Libra Is Compatible With Aries

Aries moves fast. They constantly want to be on the go. Libra is one of the more lazy signs. They will want to stay home and do absolutely nothing at times. Libra can be proactive and adventuresome but has the fear that they'll come off as stupid. Libra's ego lay in their intellect. Because of this, Libra often holds themself back from interacting with the world. Aries doesn't think this way. The Aries sign is a go-getter and will naturally pull the Libra out of its shell and into the real world.

Generally, Libra is popular in social settings. The Libra has an inquisitive air sign mind and is often compared to Gemini and/or Aquarius. Libra borrows a little bit from both signs and balances Geminian wit with Aquarian genius. Libra can be just as weird and eclectic as Aquarius, and just as open-minded and indecisive as Gemini. One of the biggest balances Libra strikes, though, is between its polar opposite neighbors Virgo and Scorpio.

Virgo is known for putting off relationships. Libra exhibits this characteristic in moderation, flitting from one romance to another. Meanwhile, Scorpio is well known for passionate desire and imposing that on its partners. It is a demanding sign.

Libra is an idealist, so it likes the passion of Scorpio. Libra is also constantly thinking, so it understands the busy-bee mentality of a Virgo, but usually Libra doesn't want to push itself to that Virgo-degree. It can find a Virgo's mind exhausting. The two polar opposites illustrate a combination of Libra's habits in sex and love.

Libras are old souls, so they have high expectations for relationships. They can believe in soulmates, and if you are not their soulmate, they might see you as a psychic vampire taking them away from their true path. This can make Libras very picky, and at times they can't breathe with their own pickiness, and so Libras will flutter for a moment as a psychological release. This comes out from their flirtatious nature, but they are not players or seducers, generally speaking.

How Aries and Libra Energies Work Together

You may have a lot of battles about what to do. Aries wants to move quickly, and Libra is indecisive. Sometimes always having to do something can make sloth-like-Libra feel overwhelmed. Aries will sometimes have to calm down or do things by themselves. Aries will gladly do things independently, but Libra who is into partnerships will feel bad if they are not investing in time with you when you want to do something.

With maturity and age, this should even out. Libra will realize that Aries does like doing things by itself, and Aries will realize Libra only likes to do so much in a day. At times, Libra will feel a lot of pressure to balance things out. Coming from the planet Venus, and wanting to maintain that love can be difficult when you have someone under Mars. This should make for nice, balanced energy. Mars makes for a strong masculine vibe and Venus makes for a strong feminine vibe.

What happens when Venus is in Retrograde?

What happens when Venus is in Retrograde?

Venus in Retrograde

The energy caused by Venus being in retrograde speaks to the varying pressures of these two signs. Libra is guided by Venus, so the flow of energy changes dramatically for Libra.

When Venus is in retrograde, it brings up the reality of certain situations, which puts pressure on certain signs. When Venus and Mars are pulling away from each other, it causes imbalance, making for strong weather patterns, and particularly confused romantic relationships. The energy is off and confusing. It may recover after a couple of months, but the damage can be real here. This kind of separation between planets that really connect to masculinity and femininity opens up existential crises when split.

You will probably come across people in relationships where their partner is cheating or considering meandering. People don't necessarily want to approach their partner with their affections because of a new fear of rejection. And so they're going to third parties to release the affections they want to give to their primary partner.

How Does Venus Retrograde Relate to an Aries and Libra Relationship?

Venus in retrograde causes dissonance between Venus and Mars. When the two are closer together, and in balance, they make for a calm, wonderful relationship that we all enjoy. This is the same for Aries and Libra. When they are pulled apart, it's noticeable. Magnets are not supposed to be split and taken to opposite corners of the universe. Aries and Libra are drawn to each other this way. They need to know that when there is a gulf, they will return to each other.

Aries is more likely to wander and get carried away with passions, so it needs to remember its contract with Libra. Just the same if Mars and Venus went off course in our solar system, breaking that contract would be devastating and would impact us here on Earth. There is an ebb and flow here, and even in individual times, you have to remember how you are influencing your relationship, leading with conscientiousness and empathy.

Retrogrades Leave You Vulnerable

People are vulnerable during a retrograde; there's a high sense of sexuality that tends to be unleashed due to Aries' nature when in this situation. And there's going to be a lot of murkiness all around. This will make you question your relationships, which, in part, is a good thing. Retrogrades happen so that we are aware of reality. They are big reality checks, and this one is a really big reality check. What's important to remember when this happens with Aries, it sets the stage for the year. Seeds will be planted at this time, so be careful what you do. Your actions do have ripples. Your thoughts do have ripples. There is nothing you do that is done alone. You as an individual are naturally also part of a collective. I say this not to give you an existential crisis, but to let you know you are part of a network. And your actions matter. You are living matter. So be careful about what you do in this season, because seeds are planted, and you don't want to plant seeds of despair. Those can be difficult to uproot later.

What to Do When Venus Is in Retrograde

  • Make a point to clean. Clean your house for an hour a day. This will clear the slate for your mind and keep you positive.
  • Be intentional if you are in a relationship. Give compliments, consider what they may want in the relationship, and avoid people who you suddenly feel are attractive. Don't fear them; just don't bother with them.
  • Spend time doing activities you love. Avoid negative energy.
  • Take emotional highs or even telepathic moments in stride. Know you are not alone. You are growing; you'll continue to grow until it's your time not to be on this planet anymore.
  • Be conscious of what you eat. Your stomach may have a harder time digesting food. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep is one of your best defenses against spiritual or sexual attacks. Eight hours is recommended.
  • If you are religious, review your holy book or your practices. This is a good time for self-evaluation. Get connected with your spiritual self again.
  • Any negative comment you make is going to have three times the strength it normally has. Your stress is going to be three times more than your usual. For the next few days, remember and say to yourself, 'If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."
  • Watch your wallet. Don't get into impulsive spending. If you already have it, don't buy it. Cook food at home and save money from eating out at restaurants.
  • Give to charities, churches, and other organizations to give positive energy back into your community.
  • Stay out of dangerous places or places that attract negativity. Places prone to shootings and disasters will get hit with this.

In Conclusion

Protect yourself and be conscious of your thoughts. When a lot of murkiness is in the air it can be confusing. Sexually charged retrogrades are great for creativity but can be destructive for relationships. You may see a lot of breakups, and many people coming to terms with their relationship and deciding it isn't for them. These are make-or-break moments.

Outside of a retrograde, with time and effort, Libra and Aries make a strong couple. Be communicative and empathetic of the needs of the other, and you'll have a strong relationship that can last a lifetime.

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