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What You Need to Know About an Aries & Leo Romantic Connection

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Aries + Leo (When Mars Meets the Sun)

Aries and Leo have a lot in common. They're both fire signs. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Leo is the fifth. Aries wants to get everything started. Leo wants to rule from a throne set at the center of the sun.

The Aries Profile

Aries is a cardinal sign that occurs at the beginning of spring. They see life right from the beginning. They are very present-minded people.

Aries is marked by the mind and is often represented by ram horns.

  • Aries moves on instinct. They will quickly move in relationships. People born under this sign are impatient and confrontational.
  • Aries has high expectations, and they will shelter those they love.
  • Aries is intense. They want you to be intense. They want you to show you care. Telling them you care isn't enough—they're big on actions, not words. (Though they're also bigger on words than on gushy emotions.)

The first sign of the zodiac is ruled by the crown chakra. They have so much energy in their heads that they're prone to headaches and migraines.

Astrologers often focus on the mental energy of Aries. The horns of the ram are supposed to symbolize the mind and its instincts.

Some Important Notes About Aries

  1. Aries is drawn to leadership. They jump into battle, give soldiers commands, and take on their enemies and competitors directly. Aries are great partners for air signs, who love to think and be visionaries but don't always have the willpower to match it.
  2. Aries likes to be with a fire sign because they'll help their willpower grow. This sign is all about keeping momentum. They never pause.
  3. Aries is a sign of independence. They are like a newborn who has separated from their mother's body and has now begun their own story. Aries wants to show everybody that it can stand on its own.

The Leo Profile

Leo is a fixed sign. They are the center of summer and all the symbolism that goes with it—passion, heat, and flames.

Leo is the lion. They are like both a fearsome opponent in the battlefield and a giant kitten who craves attention. Where Aries could care less about compliments, Leo is dazzled by words. They rule the heart chakra; they will be loving and warm to the people who need it most.

Hear me roar! Leos are LOUD. They've got BIG personalities and are very charismatic. They're loyal, fun, and A+ leaders.

Leos get involved in any and all conversations. They seek out fun and show off their best traits. If they're muscular, they'll show their muscles to everyone.

  • A Leo needs someone who compliments and dotes on them frequently.
  • They love affection, whether or not they come right out and say so. Most Leos are cuddle bugs.
  • Leo knows what it wants and is very forward.

Aries and Leo need to agree on where they want to go—otherwise a fight or disagreement will ensue. The two need to be comfortable with compromise.

Some Important Notes About Leo

  1. Leo is passionate. They're all or nothing. They don't hold back when in love. They want to be fully embraced.
  2. Leo needs constant activity in their life. They are a great ball of energy. They don't do well in a setting that forces them to sit still, be quiet, and hunker down. They're not known for their patience.
  3. Leos are competitive. They'll even make flirting a competition.

Who Is the Boss in This Relationship?

Aries and Leo will get into heated lovers' quarrels over who is in charge. This will both frustrate them and be cause for great passion. Aries is super independent and wants to take action all the time. They sometimes needs help learning to see the past and be introspective.

Leo feels that they are a king and deserves to be treated as such. They'll have entitlement issues—and Aries won't always put up with it. Leo expects and demands praise. They require respect.

Aries is a warrior and doesn't always care for perfection, for pampering, or for showy displays of affection. They are guided by the warring planet Mars. Leo is guided by the sun, which represents happiness, energy, and excitement.

  • Leo will try to prove themselves through their might. They like to put themselves and their talents on display.
  • Leo will be up front about their best qualities to attract a mate.
  • Because Leo is so focused on showing off, they can make for poor listeners.
  • Leo wants a trophy spouse.

Expect Lots of Competition Between the Two

Aries and Leo will definitely make for a competitive couple. They both want to be the top dog. They don't take loss or failure well. The constant need to be "the best" could easily frustrate and tire them out. However, for the most part their competitive ways will ignite them and push them to greater heights as a unit of two. Together they have more strength and power than they would alone.

The fire, passion, and explosiveness can be addictive to both partners. The couple wants adrenaline. They want challenges. They want to show they can do anything. They'll need to be careful about their word choice so that fights won't be a daily issue. (You can ignite passion in ways other than fights.)

Leo Is Used to Being the Alpha

Leo has the voice of a lion, so they can make themselves heard. They are the king of the jungle; other beasts bow down to them.

  • Leo's personality inspires others to take charge.
  • This sign is decisive. Leo believes they are always right. An immature Leo doesn't like to be questioned.
  • The summer sign is also very empathetic and gets drawn to social causes. Leo is known as the champion of others.

Leo needs to be careful. People often depend on them; they don't just live for themselves. Children look up to the Leo, businesses are stabilized with their leadership, and social movements are pushed forward with their energy. Leo is the king, and it is a great loss to the community when the king doesn't take charge—this can lead to a power vacuum. Leo has to take responsibility for their role as a monarch; they aren't as independent and instinctive as Aries.

Leo should take breaks from overseeing the world and interacting with it. Aries should help Leo with this so that Leo doesn't burn out. Aries should invite Leo to go on spontaneous adventures.

It is hard to say who out of this match would come out as the stronger, more alpha-like leader, but remember that at the end of the day it doesn't matter who growls louder or who makes the better pie. You're in a relationship, not a wrestling match.

Some of the later signs in Western Astrology understand that there is more to life than competition. The later signs know how to lead from different places, like long term strategy or collaboration.

Leadership Isn't Just about Being Top Dog

Advice for both Aries and Leo: don't become too headstrong or harden your heart. That can lead to folly, failure, diminishing returns, and sketchy results.

Great leaders are also great servants. They don't put themselves on a throne as gods. They get their hands dirty and get to know people.

My advice: look for problems in the big picture, not just those in a fleeting moment. Also, stop caring about who wears the pants in the relationship.

Aries and Leo have more passion than most people can handle. Together they can take on the world and change it to their liking.

Aries and Leo have more passion than most people can handle. Together they can take on the world and change it to their liking.

The Independence of Aries

Aries is an independent leader. It starts the new zodiac cycle after Pisces finishes the old one. Aries is a symbol of youth, energy, and creativity.

Cancer is considered the mother of the zodiac. She gets pregnant, and then nine months later introduces the new cycle with her first child: Aries. It's important to remember that in order to be independent, a child must separate from its parent.

Aries continues to feel an imperative toward independence their whole lives. They are the most profoundly touched sign by the experience of birth.

Aries shows us that we can step into new territory, that we can take on new worlds and dimensions, and that even though you start small and helpless, you can become brave and powerful.

This sign will focus its energy toward causes it believes are right. Aries will inspire others to take action.

Aries in Relationships

  • Aries is aggressive. They push the envelope. They like to make stuff happen. They're bossy.
  • Aries is sensual.
  • They like actions more than words. . .they like words more than emotions. Sadness moves too slow for them; they don't entirely get it. Sometimes they suck at comfort.
  • They're often too fast and forward thinking for earth and water signs.
  • They don't sit idle. They will get into the thick of action.
  • They'll move on from you if you don't reciprocate.
  • Aries = passion. They love you. They hate you. They're not neutral.

Show Leo Affection

Aries needs to remember to offer its passion and affection to Leo. Aries can easily handle the physical part of their relationship. That is something they need too.

But Aries might struggle to flatter Leo; you must dote on the Leo if you want to keep them.

  • Aries loves passion, but being gushy isn't always their favorite cup of tea. They struggle to be sugary sweet or cloying.
  • Be flirtatious. You can use spice and sultriness to also speak to the Leo's heart.
  • Leo just wants to be adored! How you show your affection doesn't really concern them.

Leo wants to be the sun in your life. They want you to feel like you need them. They want you to feel like without their energy, you might die.

  • Leo will take any show of flattery, even if it's faked. Why? Because they will take it as an opportunity to play with you and get you on board with their needs.
  • Leo is dramatic and can be over the top.
  • Angry Leo and angry Aries can make for a steamy evening.

Instant Attraction

These two will attract to each other because they both want to leave a mark on the world.

  • Aries may get annoyed with Leo for assuming its importance.
  • Leo may get annoyed with Aries for not communicating plans well enough and leaving them behind.

Both have many goals, a lot of energy, passion, and bigger-than-life egos. They want go out on as many adventures as possible. They're not hermits sitting idly in cave—long term strategies are not their thing.

Words of Wisdom for Aries

Aries, don't be surprised if Leo pouts because their ego hurts. They'll bounce back, but they might be a little vindictive and butthurt while they heals.

Leo opens its heart for the world to see. They'll take it very hard if you betray them.

Words of Wisdom for Leo

Leo, Aries must feel like they are the only one in your heart. Aries doesn't waste time on people who can't focus.

In Conclusion

Aries will fight for what they want, and Leo will get offended if they don't get what they wants. The cycle of anger and hurt could continue forever.

These two will harmonize on a number of ideas. They are a sexy, passionate combo. They have enough combined charisma to take over the world.

Relationships where two people are the same element tend to do well long-term.

Aries and Leo are full of fire, sunshine, and power. They're an in your face couple. They stand out from a crowd. They're bold and meant to be conquerors.

Aries and Leo are full of fire, sunshine, and power. They're an in your face couple. They stand out from a crowd. They're bold and meant to be conquerors.

Aries + Leo






March 21–April 19

July 23–August 22


Early Spring

Mid Summer


The Ram

The Lion







Ruling Planet


The Sun

Opposite Sign




Head, Mind





Motivated by

Free-will / Manifestation

Free-will / Manifestation

Yin or Yang





Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold


Dominate, aggressive, creative, independent, brave, smart

Boisterous, expressive, energetic, alpha, empathetic, advocate for others

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