Why Aquarius and Libra Fall for Each Other

Updated on December 5, 2016

The Dualing Tornadoes

If you're needing a sound mental force to break through just about any structure, you need a combo Aquarius and Libra.

Aquarius and Libra will naturally attract to each other, whether as friends or more.

They will attract to each other in the way they converse, and also the way they think. With other indicators these two can have a heated romance. Aquarius will feel accepted by Libra, which is a big deal for the sign that's often judged and seen as too unpredictable. Libra will appreciate that Aquarius is trying their best to see the world as authentic -- Libra wants things to be fair and balanced, impartial, and has a love for equality. Aquarius blends well with this because it can't help but question the nature of reality. The two can easily have a long term relationship, some great creativity, and are constant movers and shakers.

What I know of an Aquarius and Libra combination is that many of the conversations will be memorable. They will have a genuine ESP connection, whether or not they decide to go sexual. I think wind signs often look into other places outside of the mind to get a spark, so this can make it difficult on the air signs and their compatibility. Libra will need to help Aquarius connect -- it is the one who more naturally flows into relationships. Aquarius constantly questions the nature of relationships and their own identity. This is a great quality and a great cleanser for getting rid of toxic portions of a relationship, but Aquarius often fears if its opens up its mouth it will ruin everything. So they hide their gift, as many zodiac signs learn to suppress wrongly what makes them here on this planet. All 12 zodiacs have lessons on matters of love. An Aquarius needs to accept their nature and go about critically thinking and turning over every rock for analysis.

The Libra and Aquarius Pairing

A Libra may enact on the crazy ideas of the Aquarius. They may also help the Aquarius cut down on crazier ideas it has. The same goes for the Libra who can come up with some moving and shaking ideas, and as much as they love balance -- I know plenty of Libras who are gamblers, into drugs, and into just a lot of hardcore nonsense. I think Libra sometimes gives up on its nature and doesn't want to find the balance, the harmony, the fairness. Aquarius can be warm to Libra here as the Libra experiments with the world, and give it a nourishing direction as it tries to find balance. The both of these have strong flirtatious vibes. Aquarius is a never ending bag of eccentric, original, and curious. Libra is constantly full of charm, sweetness, and charisma. Aquarius may get annoyed with Libra if Libra fake-charms their way through something. Aquarius will beg you to be yourself. Aquarius would prefer you be detached and honest than faking niceness.

Libra is fascinating because it sits between Virgo and Scorpio. Which in my opinion are total opposites -- this is why Libra seeks for balance and harmony. They sit between the virgin, the super independent, hard-working and overly cultivated Virgo. And they are in between the ever so passionate, constantly needing devotion, the sarcastic, devilish Scorpio. To sit between these two worlds makes for a hell of a person. The favorite parts that attract Aquarius to Virgo and Scorpio are what Libra has, without many of the downsides. Considering the Internet is full of information about Aquarius and Scorpio being attracted to each other -- I think Aquarius would benefit and be happy (if not happier) with a Libra.

A Libra may get confused by the Aquarius who is unpredictable because they are fully weird and fully normal. Most Libra that I know, are not as good at hiding their weird behavior. Aquarius is often attracted to Libras because of their fresh personalities, because they are so weird. And I think Libra can't help but like Aquarius who obviously is weird, but is better at hiding it and being even more unpredictable. This can be intoxicating in its own right.

This combination can move through the world without having to dive into other parts that they might not understand as well -- a Cancer can overwhelm an Aquarius with its emotions; a Virgo can scare it by its crushing perfectionist mandate; and a fire sign could make the Aquarius collapse in on itself when trying too hard to push forward with their own inner fire and end up neglecting their intuition. Each combination takes great care and study to understand why the combos work and are all necessary to help the world move into a better understanding of love. This is why I never say a combination has bad compatibility -- obviously the planet shows that every combination has worked at some point. We are here on this planet to learn about love. You need to first find self love before you move onto a relationship, otherwise you will be offering something too toxic and unstable to sustain.

The nice part about Aquarius-Libra connections is that they admire each other, they are both rebels, they get along, and they are more powerful together. The Aquarius will not care about what other people think, while a Libra may try to be a people pleaser.

Danger: Air Explosions

Be careful not to explode with air.

The two of you can wear yourselves out if you argue on end to get all your words out. You don't need to say every word. You don't need to have every thought. Meditate, pray, be still. Be like water. Flow instead.

Try fueling that powerful air energy somewhere else because you both are creative. Having a shouting match will hurt you both. Don't go crazy cleaning the house either and avoid talking. This is a defense mechanism. You must be balanced in the air -- which is Libra's gift.

Remember: Aquarius wants a friendship first. They don't understand why you would be delving down into a relationship too soon. They'll question how genuine you are being.

Be open with what each other has to say and know they are always supportive of you.
Aquarius can be surprised by how they feel because it'll sneak up on them. Aquarius absorbs emotions and then fires them out. You'll think the Aquarius is calm and wonderful with everything, and then they'll have an energy burst. This is why you should never, ever call an Aquarius unemotional. This is instinctively wrong and will confuse you. They absorb emotions and let them out at the right time. You don't understand Aquarius if you say they have no emotions. And shame on you. All zodiacs have emotions. I feel protective of them, so don't mind me. ;) You wouldn't call any of the zodiacs stupid, would you? That just means you don't understand them.

Tips to Soothe out the Problems

Be comfortable with each other and do your own thing. You don't need anyone else telling you what is a valid relationship or things need to be done a certain way to be successful. You guys just need to go with your own intuition. Libra and Aquarius relationships are great for the world. They help the world mature, see where things are falling short, and ask pertinent questions about reality. Both are in the latter half of the zodiac, making them mature, softer signs. This kind of relationship -- whether as a friendship or romantic -- can last for an incredibly long time. You two have plenty to learn from each other and you have the type of personalities that allow for you to continually have access to that new knowledge. You'll be able to overcome anything. You are there for each other in your weaknesses. Neither of you like being vulnerable, and will do weird things to prevent having to be vulnerable to the world. Aquarius is the heart of winter; Libra is the beginning of autumn. They both can reflect on the real pressing matters of what is around them, often remembering that death is right around the corner. This is both a loving and sarcastic bunch. Aquarius won't put up with a fake Libra, keep that in mind no matter how many times I try to say that. Libra will just have to get comfortable with being their full self. And Aquarius may have to stretch their parameters on what is bizarre, because Libra will likely shock them a time or two.

More Advice...

Keep everything in stride. Don't be afraid to experiment. Traveling would be good for the both of you. Try new things in the city -- you both like ideas and will find comfort in trying new places. Libra may take the dominant, yang role of the relationship. Aquarius really gets weirded out by leading often times, especially female Aquarius. They can lead if they have to, but it's not exactly her inherent nature. It'll just confuse her really bad and make her feel like her natural charms are not working right. Aquarius is like the moon, not like the sun. A Leo is a strong yang zodiac. But not every Aquarius will be a yin, consider their own unique nature.

You can have two yins or two yangs, but hopefully you figure it out fast and can make sense of the relationship rather than dish out the wrong roles to your mate. I think it's a great idea to study yin-and-yang along with the zodiac. There are some nice metaphors in all of these philosophies to ultimately teach us about love, and turn us away from manipulation.

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image


        13 days ago

        I feel like libra and Aquarius are a good match everything you said was true. I’m a Libra and I’ve dated an Aquarius and I can honestly say that that was my best relationship. But the cons of that relationship was that when I expressed my feelings about something they tend to fall back and act as if they don’t care anymore or invisible to the relationship. They don’t act the same and it does feels as they seem detached. And that’s what bothered me about the relationship. So after that happened I would fall back about my feelings about anything because I didn’t want to risk the relationship again. But that would bother and stress me so bad to the point where I thought as if he can’t take what I’m telling him and doing good out of it then he doesn’t derserve to be with me. Because when libras feel that something isn’t right they will speak up. But it was hard to do that with a Aquarius because I loved him so much that I didn’t want to jeopardize the relationship or let that same fall back energy happen again. But other than that the relationship was everything

      • profile image


        6 weeks ago


        I think you're wrong. As a libra I spoke too a lot of aquarius and i was able to feel a deep connection and a flow of conversation almost everytime, i do feel like we can understand each other,sometimes i feel the way they does and I even found what they're sayin accurate they're really cool ppl to be with.I think other libras could find this accurate and chemistry beetween aquarius and libras is possible . In your comment it seemed like you were judging libras by how the way they look and act and not deeply, maybe for example by the way they really feel?and in my opinion libras dont have time to be angry at someone that's maybe why you're think they're fake by talkin normally to these ppl anyway not all libras are fake bitchy liars like you think and you should not be blocked on this Idea

      • profile image


        8 weeks ago

        I really dislike the idea that Libra and Aquarius are a good match. I think every element has two signs of the same element that have better compatibility. In the air element Gemini and Aquarius are the two air signs that I believe have more chemistry, and in water I believe Scorpio and Pieces have more chemistry and fire Leo and Sagittarius are better suited for one another. I just felt like Libra's don't always have a deeper understanding of themselves and who they are in public. They are the kinds of people who "charm" (if you can even call it that) someone they absolutely loath. Usually they charm these people for personal gain or sometime they need the validation. I don't like when Libra's are two faced like that. I can be respectful to someone I hate but I will not engage in the same way Libra's engage with those who they supposedly dislike. Libra's seemed too dependent on the love and admiration of the wrong people. They seek it from the people who hate them and the ones who enjoy their company they blow off. I have not dated a Libra but have seen their "charm" in action and always found it to be too fake and insincere. This pair is not the best same element paring in my opinion. An Aquarius is just too independent and unapologetically authentic/real to deal with someone like Libras who seek to charm and fake their way through nearly everything. Aquarius is the house of friendship that just cannot put up with relationships that aren't real. Just my two cents on the paring...

      • apaqua profile image


        2 months ago from copenhagen Denmark

        nooooo no

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        i have a crush. lets call him...b. he has brown hair, a mischievous smile, and super cute freckles. i know he likes me, because when i asked him how much he liked me, 1 being friends and 10 being love, he said 11. Im hoping to have my first kiss with him by the end of the school year. Were in middle school by the way. He is an aquarius and Im a libra. Im really nervous about my first kiss

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        well i met the Libra guy ....I'm Aquarius by the way ...at first i must say he intrigued me...but after two weeks of passion i broke it apart....only to realize a week after that i love him. these strange feelings consume me ...geee you are right we Aquarians do absorb emotions. I'm just scared cause i know he could hurt me since love makes us vulnerable. Truth is he says he's not sure what he wants, but at the same time treats me as if i'm his world. i don't know what to do with all these feelings and emotions it's overwhelming me. Thanks for the insight though I think I'm getting to understand my Libra more.

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        after all that I have read about Aqua as a man, and applying that to what is happening with mine I truly feel he may be running me through the traps of friendship, he is hot and cold but I am not surprised with all that I have learned about him. He is a "social avenger" of sorts and I support him in his efforts to make changes which will benefit a good deal of people we interact with online. Just when I think he is pulling away I just give him the space and freedom I know he wants and don't get in his face over my temporary feelings of doubt, mostly in myself. He always shows me his happy face after a cloudy day of communication...he is super careful I do know that by what history I have learned about him specifically and verified. I love the ride though, and willing to stay the course as we see where it goes...thanks for your insight as well and have a blessed day :)

      • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

        Andrea Lawrence 

        4 months ago from Chicago

        I wouldn't call astrology witchcraft, maybe some are using it in that way. It's more of a device that's based around the calendar. So it's more of a tool -- we can decide whether we find a tool esoteric or not.

        You should ask him what exactly it means by "coming between" because if you're not a couple -- then what is he saying?

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        thanks for your response, and that is the way I am going, cool and friendly. I have read that Aquariuis is not jealous but how do I take it when Aqua tells me I am letting random guys online "come between us" when all I am doing is reponding in chat room setting, I think Aqua thinks I am privately chatting with them which I am not...is it the known Libra nature he is accusing? he claims astrology is "witchcraft" and won't discuss any of that, bottom line I love everything about him and willing to be part of his mystery...have a blessed day...

      • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

        Andrea Lawrence 

        4 months ago from Chicago

        Keep it cool and friendly. This Aquarius doesn't want to be bothered too much, and likes their independence. They'll appreciate you if you respect their space. They might not want anything romantic.

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        I am a libra woman in love with an aquarius man...online only as we live a great distance apart...communication has been free flowing and interesting and we talk every day...i have been very open to him about my feelings but he is more reserved though i feel his feelings for me are genuine...today though he seems to think i am flirting with other guys when all i am doing is responding to comments in an online game we play...i asked him how i should respond to other guys and he said he didnt care...when i asked him why, he did not respond so i wrote him a short email about it though i doubt he will respond to that...he has not been confessional about his feelings for me but i really feel he was feeling it too between us...he has confessed to being wary of commitments like marriage...i am in early 60s and have been married twice just recently a widow so I am looking more for a very good close friend with benefits...he is not quite 60 and never married though very good looking he has managed to remain unattached...i dont want to lose his friendship but not sure how to proceed...i never pry in his business though he shares snippets of his life with me...i cant believe he is bored with me though one time he told me i bugged him but did not elaborate...we have known each other at least 6 months...

      • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

        Andrea Lawrence 

        8 months ago from Chicago

        Ah, unrequited love is the worst.

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        im in love with a aquarius he always ingorning me

      • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

        Andrea Lawrence 

        9 months ago from Chicago

        Universal love. I can jive with that. Peace, love, and joy to you.

      • profile image

        The Great one 

        9 months ago

        @Jade I'm an Aquarius male and will give my personal opinion. We are universal lovers and have an endless amount of love far stretching beyond time and space. We hide these emotions because it is us vulnerable. If an Aquarius man shows interest in you consider your self lucky as he will likely want to be a continued part of your life as BFF or a FWB. That being you must show him your interested always doing some light flirting, never be raunchy about it. He will never likey lose interest but we will move on if to someone a bit more forward.

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        Even though we are Aloof we still thinking about you..

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        After a few years of friendship I've become close to an Aquarius gentlemen. I'm taken by him in such a way that I haven't experienced before. He's interesting, complex and keeps my wheels spinning. I've noticed sometimes it's like a magnetic force between us. It will be an intense connection and then he'll back off for a few days or weeks.

        We're not in a relationship, we're friends. The type that text almost daily, see one another regularly and share social circles. Occasionally his aloofness brings out my insecurities. I have noticed even when aloof he's observing me from a distance. I've caught him a few times in the act. I don't think he'll make a move at any point to pursue me and I'm okay with that. My only worry is he will loose interest and not tell me.

        It's quite a dynamic between us when he's open. While my feelings may run deep, I have no idea how he feels. It's been quite an adventure opening up to him.


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