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Why Aries and Aquarius Are Attracted to Each Other

Andrea writes on various topics from dating, couples, astrology, weddings, interior design, and gardens. She studied film and writing.

This meeting of fire and air is sure to make sparks fly.

This meeting of fire and air is sure to make sparks fly.

Aries + Aquarius Compatibility

Aries is a commander—strong-willed, and intelligent—with the secret power to inspire Aquarius' creativity. Aquarius has the capacity to cool and understand Aries, making them soften and sweeten. This is a dynamic duo, giving both what they've secretly wanted, while also giving them a power-couple image. These two really have a boss-like relationship, one where they could easily manage a business or home together.


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Why Are Aries and Aquarius a Good Match?

Their Intellects Match Well

Aries and Aquarius are both strong thinking signs, but from different angles. This relationship can have a lot of yin and yang, with Aries being a fire-sign—an uncannily strong, leading force. Aries have a certain boss-like mentality that goes well with Aquarius, which can be more peaceful, yin-like, and unique.

Aries appreciates the bizarre mental choices Aquarius makes and learns a great deal from the water-bearer. Aquarius is drawn by the ram's capability to march forward seemingly effortlessly when the Aquarius knows that it takes some amount of charisma and luck to be forward.

Aquarius Isn't Afraid to Stand Up to Aries

Aquarius is naturally independent, making it easier for them to take on Aries' combative tendencies. Aquarius can stand up to the Aries and tell them when they are being false, and the Aries will—amazingly—listen. This is because Aries' energy itself is wise and trusts the Aquarian intelligence.

Sometimes when Aquarius steps up to the plate to tell someone they are in the wrong, the person will just ignore Aquarius or retaliate. This is really hard on Aquarius personalities who, even though they have a childlike nature, tend to be very prophetic, keen, and intuitive.

They Balance Each Other Out

Aries like to do the chasing; Aquarius likes to be the listener. A traditional male Aries and a traditional female Aquarius will enjoy this dynamic unlike any other pairing. Aries is a very physical sign; they like to have lover's quarrels, but they need to soften with Aquarius, who can be put into a state of panic with too much conflict. Aquarius needs to be open to Aries' learning style to push conflict forward to resolve it.

One of the benefits of this relationship is the power of manifestation. The Aries brings out the best in Aquarius, and the Aquarius helps bring peace to Aries. Aries trains Aquarius to be a better peaceful warrior in the world, while Aquarius reminds Aries that there's more to the world than war—there is also the garden, the magical, and the fantastical.

They Help Each Other Accomplish Their Goals

Aquarius men will be fiercely protective of their Aries partner's capacity to make things happen. The ram craves the manifestation of their goals and dreams. This is why it's the first zodiac. Aquarius is all about finding the truth and making sure the world is genuine; their ultimate goal is peace.

Aries aligned with Aquarius helps manifest peace, creative accomplishment, and strength. The zodiac is all about lessons on love—Aries and Aquarius help manifest that with their internal goals. Together, the two will feel more alive and more capable of accomplishing their desires.

Aries will push Aquarius to be a better person in the end, and procrastination will turn into productivity. Interestingly, age isn't going to matter as much in this relationship—the Aquarius may end up being younger (at least in spirit), with the Aries acting as a mentor.

Aries and Aquarius are both deeply emotional signs.

Aries and Aquarius are both deeply emotional signs.

What Makes Them Tick?

Both Signs Use Sarcasm as a Defense Mechanism

These two will do well to be original, eccentric, and sarcastic with each other. Air signs are automatically sarcastic, partly as a way to psychologically defend themselves against powerful emotions; sarcasm is a way to buffer those emotions. Aries can have sarcastic traits as well. This is comforting to Aquarians who want someone to defend them from the world and its harshness.

Both Signs Experience Powerful Emotions

Both of these zodiacs can be impartial, but they also have powerful emotions. Anyone who tells you a zodiac is without emotion isn't seeing the full picture. Aquarius is like Jean Grey; they stay in this peaceful, mind-reading zone—but as they absorb emotions, they eventually turn into the mover and shaker, the Phoenix.

Aries, too, is an emotionally absorbent personality. They take in what they can, quickly start experiencing biting and sassy emotions, and can suddenly turn into the thunder of the sky. These two can help matters by making it clear that they are comfortable with each other.

Playing mental games can help them relax. Focus on trying new things and opening up how you can be vulnerable. More vulnerability will glue these two together. And joke around! You would do well to engage in witty banter.

Tips for Aquarius-Aries Relationships

Take Things Slow

Remember: Aquarius put friendship before passion. Don't become impatient as a fire sign; Aquarius needs your attraction to them to be consistent, but they need to test the waters of friendship first.

Read More From Pairedlife

This can be a challenge to understand since Aquarius has an army of friends, so you may have questions about how a platonic friendship can turn into a romantic relationship. Don't rush it. If Aquarius feels things are happening too fast, they will question what they are doing and may be scared off. Aquarius is a strongly existential soul.

Be Sensitive to Each Other's Needs

Aries will need to be careful not to get too pushy with Aquarius. There will be times that Aquarius has to cycle through their personalities, and they may have to move around their energy to focus on something more internal—meaning their creative output into the world slows down.

This can be hard on an Aries who puts pressure on the Aquarius to be more outside their head in order to help the planet overall. But the Aquarius has a lot to work through internally from their own experiences in the relationships that matter to them. They may also be dealing with unresolved energy from their childhood. The more understanding and warm Aries can be to Aquarius, the better. Sometimes Aquarian energy slows. Sometimes Aries energy speeds up. Be sensitive to each other's energy needs, and know when to take some time and space apart.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

The worst thing you can do to an Aquarius is go cold. They really don't understand mixed signals or why they would suddenly be shut out. They will think something is wrong if you're freezing them out, perhaps worrying that they are too weird for you.

This, ironically, is a big reason why Aquarius can have commitment issues. They are afraid if they get close to you, they'll suddenly be shut out, which would be far worse than never being in love in the first place. They need openness, not confusion. When something is wrong, let them know it's not their fault; this will be a huge relief for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Aries can awaken each other, both in body and in mind.

Aquarius and Aries can awaken each other, both in body and in mind.

Don't Ignore the Power of Intimacy

Aquarius can be a tough catch but can also ignore their sexual side in many circumstances. Scorpios cause a certain sexual awakening in Aquarius that makes them realize how much they long for a connection. Aries—another passionate zodiac—can have this power on the Aquarius as well, but they need to make it clear that they are attracted to the Aquarius. Seeing someone be interested in them will help Aquarius open up and express their sexuality.

Know When to Chase

Aquarius personalities often prefer someone to chase them—this zodiac is intuitive and can sometimes have premonition-like moments out of their control since them leading can be confusing for others. They have moments where they zone out to understand the world better than they did previously. An Aquarius can be a chaser if it wills itself to be, but you'll need to put in a lot of your own energy so they don't collapse.

Be Vulnerable and Accepting

These two will have a relationship that manages itself well. Aries will enjoy the strange, creative things Aquarius can bring to the table, and Aquarius will enjoy Aries' ability to stay committed.

Aquarius doesn't just want emotional vulnerability or passion between the sheets; they want someone loyal who will last, who will accept them for their eccentricities. This is why an Aries fits the bill with ease. Aries doesn't scare the Aquarian psyche.

© 2016 Andrea Lawrence



I’m an Aquarius myself and am trying to find my best match. I get along well with air and fire signs, but I am wondering if we are at all compatible with earth and water signs, which I know normally don’t get along well with air and fire signs.

PERSON on September 04, 2020:

I ship this lol.

Leira on August 30, 2020:

I’m an Aries woman. I seem to attract a lot of Aquarian males (I’ve had flings with 5 only 1 was serious). I don’t know if other Aries people can relate to an attraction to this sign?

Anyways currently my male best friend who is also my lover is an Aquarius. We can’t seem to get enough of each other. Our energies just bind together wherever we go. Certain circumstances don’t allow us to be together officially but I wonder why we even met & have a strong non forced connection. It’s totally weird, I wonder if it’s meant to be.

Shi on August 19, 2020:

Im Aquarius n he is aries. I still remember that time when we met 4 yrs before. We were so understanding. He also loved me so much. N after in this very long journey their is nothing which we dont know about each other. But things are not the same.

He dont understand me now . Now i have to choose things according to him. He dont like my friends even bothered about them. Sometimes i feel im loosing myself in this relationship bcz he talks about self liberty but he hadnt give me one. He was not like this before Bcz he was very cool n understanding but with time i think he became over possessive n over protective about me. But i love him so much n he too we still miss each other love each other and still even after 4 yrs i hadnt found anyone better thn him. I wish he will understand me the way he do before. Thn i will be the most happiest person in the world.

Emilee Hughes on August 10, 2020:

I am an Aries, he is Aquarius. We are both 12.. yet he is like...... 2 months an 21 days older than me I think.... We both have a crush on each other.. and he has said to another friend of mine that we wish he could like me as in more than a friend but he can’t because his parents say he can’t date till collage

Allyssa Smeth on July 23, 2020:

I am a Aries and he is aquarius guy but I feel comfortable for him when I talk and discuss about love.

Juliana Sagayamary on July 09, 2020:

Thanks sir

Sunski on May 27, 2020:

Just met an Aries guy and I'm Aquarius, feels like a really nice guy, we got talking and couldn't stop, he opened up his heart to me and allowed me to do the same. I have spent most of my life in and out of relationships with mostly Capricorn men and have had really bad experiences. I am reading through the reviews of other same zodiac sign couples Aries/Aquarius as us, and am praying its true, cause I really could do with a guy who supports me in return, is transparent, family orientated, and sexually intune with me. So far so good! Thanks

Sapphire on May 18, 2020:

Well I'm the Aquarius and he's the Aries and I dreamed about him before I ever saw him. (So I thought ,seen old pics of us when we were 3 and 4 playing at the park) I woke up from the dream thinking he was all in my head, I wanted to talk to him and 2 days later I saw my Aries and since we've been friends and we're very connected we just always know without saying anything we both dream things before it happens if it's about us. And we tried to date since we'd been friends for 6 years and this will be year seven in august when we met up as teens and it only took us to read this article to see what's been in front of us all these years!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot from both of us ! !!

Lalalalala on April 30, 2020:

I'm an Aries, my guy is an Aquarius. With him, everything feels like a partnership. We've known each other most our lives, and over the last year, friendship turned into more. We do have some issues about our relationship motion. But our connection is solid. If wither of us needs the other, 100% we are there. We spend the rest of the time wanting one another's company. I'm very comfortable with him and he appreciates that. He's very protective over me, and I respect that. As an Aries, that's not easy to do. We're both independent and want the same things out of life. Overall, we make l ife our bitch together.

Anxiousaquarius on February 09, 2020:

Hello, i am an Aquarius man dating an Aries woman. We have been together for almost half a year now, and have experienced a bit of a whirlwind romance that has taken us around the world.

I haven't felt happy like this in a long time, and she means the world to me. She is fierce and gentle with her love at the same time. I find myself feeling more confident by simply being around her.

She helps me believe in my dreams and myself. I feel like i have not only found a partner but also a friend.

We have our disagreements and arent always eye to eye on everything, but we make sure to talk things through together to understand one another even if it may be painful in that moment.

That feeling of having each others back makes opening up to each other worthwile.

I want to protect her dreams as she does mine, and love her passionate views about most everything she sees.

On a more romantic level ive found myself constantly excited and fulfilled by being with her, and love exploring new areas of our sexuality together. Our lives together has been an adventure full of excitement.

I love the way she turns head and commands attention with the way she is. I love how unaware she is of her effect on others as well. She is genuine and graceful. Funny and smart, and we can spend long times talking about nothing or the most serious of things with ease.

Most importantly though, i find it easy to confide in her, and am learning how to live outside of my head and be present with her. She helps me cope with my past traumas and i try to do the same for her.

While there are bumps in our road, ive never been this excited about a trip before.

I love you!

Keii on February 07, 2020:

What if it’s women on women ???

Alexis on January 27, 2020:

I'm dating an Aries. I have been for a year so far and yes we have had our ups and downs but it is amazing. He makes me so happy and I absolutely love being with him. He makes me laugh and he stands up for me and everything I want. I think the biggest argument we have ever had was about me thinking he was cheating when he wasn't. I thought I was the only one dating an Aries but know I feel like there is hope for our relationship because there is proof that it can work out. I'm not going to give up on him. I love him and nothing can ever change that.

Sudeepta on January 27, 2020:

Hi I'm an Aquarius and my husband is an Aries. I read your article. I can relate with my present condition. Its been 3 years now I am married to an Aries guy. He is very nice but very much introvert. We used to have peaceful life he understands me and so am I. But there was communication GAP from the beginning because of his introvert nature. I used to wait for him may be one day he will open up in front of me. I used to panic some times but still don't understand his nature. He always take care of me like for example he remember my lipstick shades and the brand names of my cosmetics but he is not concerned about my health. I says several times to consult a doctor but he may be so reluctant or casual in nature. i never argu with him regarding my loneliness. But finally i bust out. He said he understood I said about my affair he accepted that he said He wants to fix it want to give a chance in this relationship but may be he cant forgive me.

I started liking a scorpio man and intimated. But im confused what should I do. he understands me very well but our way of communication is different. some times we argu. We are passionate about sex and some nature. There is a caste problem if i think for a future. He is waiting for me. But I cant decide what should I do? Should i leave my husband or stay with him? or I should start a new life with that scorpio man? I need your help please guide

Sunny on January 14, 2020:

I’m an Aquarius and my husband is an Aries. He is the most wonderful man and I love him with all my heart. We have our disagreements and they can be very explosive. It’s ok because we step away for a few hours and come back together seamlessly. We respect each other and are protective of one another.

My Aries shows his love and his desire for me daily. Even when I look a mess he tells me I am beautiful. When I have a crazy idea he is always happy to jump in and join me. He does keep me from going overboard and in hindsight I’m grateful. He an amazing father and his family is his priority. I love going hunting and fishing with him. He wants me to go and is so proud of me every time I catch a fish or get a duck. No jealousy but pure pride and encouragement from him.

One last thing. I constantly read how there is lack of intimacy between the signs. Well that’s not always true. Yes he is my very best friend but this man and I have always had a strong sex life. Because he brings it out in me in a way no man prior ever could. He is a confident and amazing lover.

We just celebrated our 27 anniversary. So I just want to encourage you to at least give each other a chance if your dating you may find your a perfect match. Both sexually and as friends. Just my two cents.

Savannah on January 12, 2020:

my boyfriend is an aries and i'm an aquarius we have been dating for a while now and when we read this we were thing oh my goodness that's how we get along so well

Angel on January 01, 2020:

My bf is an aquarius and I'm an aries, does this still make me the dominant one?

Aquariana on December 24, 2019:

Aquarius femme with an Aries man -

Amazing relationship for four years. We’ve dealt with some ups and downs in our individual lives (no relationship issues) and there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side. He’s loyal, caring and the most goofy/funny person once past his hard exterior. Understands my weird self.. we have a really fun relationship. We’ve had small disagreements but no fights; we have the utmost respect for each other. I will say both of these signs must be the “matured” and “developed” versions of their signs to work because the immature ones would not have the patience, trust or respect to make it work.

Also - freedom... we both LOVE freedom and would never impede on one or the other wanting to have some me-time. If either of us felt suffocated, it would defffinitely not work. Aries are loyal signs & won’t cheat if they love & respect you; so word from the wise - leave if they cheat bc they don’t love you.

Bianca on December 02, 2019:

I’m an Aquarius woman with an Aries man and I have to say he is by far THE BEST and most compatible. We have so much passion and intimacy towards each other. What I liked most about your article is how Aries will push Aquarius to be the best they can be. And true enough, my business ideas came to life and action because of Aries.

We’ve had the biggest problems a couple could encounter, but both our understanding nature and natural ways of complimenting each other makes us resolve things in the quickest way possible.

True enough that Aquarians are independent by nature and hates being controlled, but once we found someone worthy of taking the lead, we’d give up some control.

My aries man is a leader by nature, thus the most stressful encounters on a daily basis. But when we get together, our conversations ease out his tensions.

What this Aries man loves most about is my ability as an Aquarius to stroke his ego from time to time. I believe that this is inherent with Aries men. What I loved most about him is his willingness to give me ample amount of space for myself and my ideas, and him waiting at the end of the tunnel to hear it out and put it into action.

1yr into the relationship, only one big argument that only lasts for a few days. With constant and honest communication and reassurance, we managed to wade through it and laugh about it. As always.

- Aquarius woman (with Aries man)

Jack on November 28, 2019:

I'm an Aries guy and I am engaged to an Aquarius girl.

We've been together for 12 months now, and her X is living with her family still (he's a family friend).

She wants to go home and stay with her family regularly (which is fair) but her X partner is there and it means I am not able to be apart of their family.

She says she wants for him to leave before we can freely see her family but this really upsets me because all I want is for us to be a team but she makes it hard for me, and she says I should 'accept' this.

I know she loves me but I cannot help but feel hurt by this. What do I do? I suggest we move forward, and see her family regardless of her X being there or not but she says it's disrespectful to him and she doesn't want to hurt him.

Help please?

aries lady on November 16, 2019:

Im an Aries lady who has been dating an aqaurius man for just over two months.

We met via online dating site and the cinnection was very strong instantly.

the electrcity when we met eachother nearly made me cry as he was so nervous it was very emotional but

Very strange for me being tough as i am generally.

He has a lot of things going on in his personal life and we are unable to see eachother for weeks sometimes but we do speak everyday and he never ignores me.

He calms me down and has never lied to me he's told me all the bad which has took a lot for me to accept and I really want to get him through this stage in his life.

He says we will be together how we want to be and i believe him but sometimes i feel like we can't be and i have tried to break it off and then we have talked it out and get back on track.

feeling very confused but cant put him down either?? help

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on October 30, 2019:

If you keep breaking up, I must say, it is best to move on. These relationships are rocky and not really worth it. That instability will keep coming up and you deserve better. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS.

Melissa on October 29, 2019:

Im an Aquarius and i have been with an Aries for three months. My Aries man makes me feel im on a roller coaster. He's got me so confused. He's just so up and down. Everything is so black and white with him. If i don't do things the way he think i should. Then he gives me the silent treatment or just breaks up with me. He is so headstrong. I don't know if im coming or going with him. It's an emotional rollercoaster. He never takes responsibility for his actions. He puts the blame on me.

joy calvin on September 23, 2019:

am i get marriage with aquarius girl

Yash5 on September 18, 2019:

Hi Andrea,

I am aries guy and my boss(guy) is aquarius

I don't know but there is a spark between us

I kind of get Drawn towards him ,is that normal?

Subo on August 02, 2019:

I'm an Aquarius woman. Just met this Aries guy a little more than a month ago. He is loads of fun and a ball of fire (as in passion, energy, enthusiasm). I'm more chilled, laid-back and go with the flow type of person. He doesn't like to plan too much ahead but has lots of different ideas, which works well because I can go with the flow and I like spontaneity. The Aries guy is a refreshing experience that I have always dated Taurus men which proved to be suffocating for me. Let's see what the future holds for this Aquarius & Aries duo.

Mellrisz on July 10, 2019:

I'm a Taurus woman,35, my partner is an Aquarius man,30, cheated on me with an Aries lady,24....they are co-workers. I found out via Seecitv app, i confronted both of them, and i refused to be the loser, but he lied to me that it was over between them both, and yet i still hold on to this whole thing just because we have small kids of 7 years relationship, no wedding bells yet, but he's been caught up cheated with different ladies quite few times.

Aquarius gurl on July 02, 2019:

I've been with an aries guy for almost 7 months and am more in love with him with each and every passing day. When we are physically not hanging out or whatever it hurts. He is fun to be around but we both can be socially weird/awkward but it always just makes the other person laugh when we are. They're times when we don't get along or "but heads" but somehow we always seem to get over it and it just makes us stronger in the end. I would definitely describe him as a wonderful/crazy guy for dealing with me and we ARE a power couple even if sometimes we have shot fuses.

Princess on March 13, 2019:

I'm an aquarius woman, who been with an Aries man for approximately 11 years. For the first 4-5 years we were head over heels for each other, until everything changes when he cheated n got another girl (Aries) pregnant along with myself the same time. Things changes in feelings on my behalf but yet I stayed with him( my first bf). Even though that situation had happen we were still together, two years ago I then decided to cheat on him just for the fun of it n he found out n one year later he told me that he doesn't want us to be together anymore, I was devastated n still is ( finding it very hard to forget about him, cause every quite moment I get I'll think about him). Just to note I'm currently a final year nursing student. N yes aries men just know how to control an aquarius woman in the right way possible n yes the two signs are teams players n good parents.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 06, 2019:

Aries and Aquarius are an unstoppable force capable of high creativity, which is appealing to both. Aries wants to see a new and better world and so does Aquarius, but their way of going about it is different, though charming to the other.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 06, 2019:

Aries and Leo are a strong and natural match. I have on article on them somewhere... both are fire elements, and sometimes the familiarity of a similar element has its appeal, but it can also be a clash with two fire signs -- as they both want to prove themselves. Thank you for the book suggestion.

Aries1975 on February 03, 2019:

I’m a Aries Female who has been married to a Aquarius for 10 years; we Love travel; we rarely plan things & are very spontaneous; it is exciting for me & I Love it.

Our Attraction to eachother was immediate & in the Bedroom Fireworks fly & theres no denying, that there is a very powerful connection between these two Zodiac Signs Aries & Aquarius.

We see eye to eye on a lot of subjects; especially raising our kids;(rules; boundaries; disciplining) we reinforce eachother & stand behind eachother on our parenting.

We also enjoy our individual freedom & we get that as well due to his career choice. A lot of couples do not understand us; because we are not clingy & respect the fact we like our personal space, it is important to the both of us.

Hope this helps others

Have a Blessed Day

Aud1984 on January 20, 2019:

Thanks so much for your insightful understanding or Aquarius and Aries. I am an Aries woman who has just started a casual relationship with an Aquarius guy and believed that the way we were acting meant that he had no feelings for me but now I understand that the way to keep him will be to take things slowly as he the typical Aquarian and I am the typical Aries. I now feel more confident that if we do take it one step at a time that we could be a good couple.

kavish jadwani on January 18, 2019:

Thanks Andrea and Jade for the advice and support. I wanted to update you that we are not together anymore. I was tired of her giving mixed signals and being erratic. I was looking for a more deeper emotional connection rather than being just friend (with benefits). Somehow, I lost all the feelings I had for her and I decided to move on. I realized that her erratic behavior was putting me on an emotional roller coaster and there were days where I couldn't just stop thinking about her and analyzing her past behavior. When I discussed about this with my friend, I was advised to read a book called Attached and it cleared all my doubts. So, now I feel that her attachment style is more of a "detached" type and I'm more of "anxious" type and hence it's not a personality match for us. Surprisingly, when I had to let her go, it was very easy because I was used to her not being with me ( or rather, not connected to me).

But then, I am grateful to her for showing up in my life and changing me in positive ways. After all, it was because of her that I read that book ( Attached) and realized what my attachment style is and would look for a compatible attachment partner the next time. And yes, I am no more on an emotional roller coaster so I feel really happy these days. I feel more energetic and hence I feel that everything happened for something good.

Btw, I recently met a Leo girl and we bonded very quickly. What's your take on Aries and Leo.

Thank again for the article and comments!!!

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 17, 2019:

This is good advice.

Jade Fyre on January 10, 2019:

Kavish, I am an Aquarian Woman. I act like that when I am trying to keep someone at a safe distance and also want to find some sense of control in a situation where I feel incredibly unsure of myself.

She's probably just as confused with herself as you are, I know when my Aries bf first started being straight with me like it sounds like you were with her I wanted to run for the hills. I immediately didn't trust any of it but I just gave it a few months and got to be friends with him.

Maybe be straight with her, ya know, tell her no pressure and you understand shes got alot going on in her life. Let her know that you're there for her as a friend, if she likes you then she will come to you. Give her time.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 02, 2019:

Do you know if she is seeing someone else? Does she want to settle down right now in her life? Maybe what she really needs right now is a friendship. Aquarius like to grow romance from friendship.

Syl on November 25, 2018:

Im an Aries who really likes an Aquarius man and we were great friends until i told him i liked him things kinda changed, i wish i can go back.

kavish jadwani on November 08, 2018:

I am Aries man and I like an Aquarius girl whom I met 3 months. I told her about my feelings and she told me that for her I am just like a close friend. But we are more like a couple and we also get physical sometimes. But then, I think she is ignores me sometimes and doesn't reply me for several hours after she has seen my message and sometimes she even declines to meet me. On the other hand, sometimes she is very romantic and wants keeps texting me or wants to see me and come to my place for dinner. I am confused by her erratic behavior. Am I just a friend for her ? Will I just be a friend to her ( I mean is it worth sticking with her , is this going to work out ?) How do I take it from here ? Is this normal thing about dating Aquarius girl?

Annelise from copenhagen Denmark on June 11, 2018:

noooo no

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 12, 2018:

Always like hearing I've got accuracy.

sharon on April 10, 2018:

That was beautiful and on point like a sharpened number 2 pencil

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on December 16, 2016:

There is definitely a lot out there to learn.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on December 16, 2016:

I always enjoy learning about signs. I know so very little

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