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When a Scorpio and a Scorpio Fall in Love: Compatibility Report ♏️

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Scorpio and Scorpio are a fiery, dynamic duo. Can they make it work?

Scorpio and Scorpio are a fiery, dynamic duo. Can they make it work?

Two Scorpios, One Relationship: Does It Work?

To put it simply, yes, but it might get wild.

Scorpio is known to be the most intense sign. It's also the most loyal, the most emotionally deep, the most severe, the most reckless, and the most, well, passionate.

Two Scorpios can make for an incredibly explosive relationship. If you like your own intensity and want to double up on it (and you don’t think it spells trouble), then have at it! Who better can understand a Scorpio than another Scorpio? You won't have to mince your words because the person looking right at you will feel the same.

You might want to slow down at times so the two of you don't get hyped up by all the emotions in the room. Neither of you are great at mellowing out, and you both like control. This pair can easily get lost in a fight, yelling match, or endless game of emotional manipulation. The key is to know when to slow down so you don't speed your relationship up too fast.

Scorpio at a Glance





October 23 to November 22



Manager or Leader?


Personality Traits

Passionate, loyal, obsessive, driven, dynamic, brooding, controling, dramatic, serious, sometimes focused, sometimes distracted


Halloween, the arts, science, philosophy, the morose, gothic, antiques, theatrics, romance, intrigue, the bizarre

Ruling Planet

Pluto and Mars

Ruled by







Black and Red





Scorpios Thrive on Isolation and Competition

Scorpio likes to hide out with their mate. They’ll take them away from the social world to get to know them better—either on a couch at home or on a distant island. Think of how Hades from Greek mythology kidnapped Persephone and hid her away for six months of the year—that’s Scorpio. Two Scorpios can handle isolation, but again, they’re prone to fighting. (Scorpio also kind of likes fighting. They’re not pacifists by any means.)

Two Scorpios would do well in a situation like quarantine. They’re introspective by nature, and they like to keep building upon their skills. They have a tendency to brood, think way too much, get distracted, and run the gamut of their imagination.

Sometimes Scorpios get so caught up in their emotions—or even just a good vibe or a song—that they get pretty distracted. At times, this couple may struggle to get important things done.

Two Scorpios might turn their relationship into a competition about who is better, more romantic, more cunning, or who would make for the better Harry Potter villain. The possibilities are endless. Scorpio is looking for someone who is loyal (despite them cheating), loyal (despite hell opening up and sending out soul-sucking harpies), and loyal (despite death).

Magic Lives in Scorpio

Scorpio is hell-bent on success. They’re one of three signs that see things the supernatural or magical way.

You see, Scorpio is the first sign to transcend the world around them and forgo looking at things from a grounded, more practical level. The 8th house of the Zodiac is the magical turning point—the first seven signs are about building the world, creating a stable life. Then, when fall hits, death introduces itself. Scorpio embraces death.

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Scorpio is the sign of Halloween. It doesn’t entirely understand death because it’s just been introduced to it, but it invites death into the world with open arms anyway.

Two magical figures that transcend death come later in the Zodiac—Aquarius and Pisces. They’re the gateways to Heaven. But before getting to Heaven, Scorpio is content with exploring the existential dread that's part of finite life. Scorpio wants to play off of that magic—they want to express their quandaries in art, they want to take a deeper dive into science, they want to rule the world with their policies, and they have a burning taste for religion and philosophy. They’re drawn to many things, but they intend to transcend it all and find the magic that overpowers all that is mundane.

Scorpios are prone to isolating themselves, but it would do them good to be open to new experiences.

Scorpios are prone to isolating themselves, but it would do them good to be open to new experiences.

Scorpios Are Passionate and Dramatic Risk-Takers

Scorpios are risk-takers—they’re ambitious, driven, and self-interested, and they thrive off of excellence. They’re charming, creative, successful, edgy, unique, and demonstrative. They know how to take charge, they know how to push buttons, they know how to get under someone’s skin, and sometimes they just plain know how to have fun! They shirk tradition while also embracing it. They’re big romantics while also being cunningly morose, and they always have a little bit of drama.

Scorpios love to indulge in the world. They don’t have the same kind of timid fears others do. They can turn their fears on mute. They can also push a button and amplify their anxieties sevenfold.

Two Scorpios will be full of passion. Their excess emotion can be addressed in therapy. This is a couple that would do well to have a mediator or counseling. It’s not because they’re a failing couple or incompatible; they just process so many emotions that they can get emotionally congested. Think of a counselor as more of a traffic controller who will help you process your emotions better.

How to Make It Work as a Scorpio-Scorpio Couple

When you put two like people together, their natural gifts are amplified. Their natural misgivings are also doubled. A double Scorpio relationship will be have more than enough of all the qualities listed above, but you’ll be missing key qualities from air, fire, and earth signs.

You should borrow some qualities from neighboring signs, Libra and Sagittarius.

  • The real issue will be finding some earth. Two Scorpios will need to work really hard to give themselves practical grounding. You need to be diligent about finances, housework, paperwork, and completing tasks. You need to slow down sometimes, be in your body, and not act on impulse.
  • Use Libra qualities to help you get better at making friends and be open to new possibilities—this way you won't get too stubborn.
  • Use Sagittarius qualities to temper your seriousness. Scorpio needs a sense of humor to get them on the right track.

No, Scorpio is not perfect. No one is perfect. You’ll grow more if you don’t keep yourself stuck in your own preconceived box. Give yourself grace and joy.

Top 15 Tips for a Double Scorpio Couple

  1. You don't have to fight your way through conflicts in order to solve them. You can use soothing, rational, and calm methods to get the job done. You don't always have to use your emotions to express your discontent. You can control your emotions with some practice.
  2. Don't be afraid to sacrifice. With great sacrfice comes great results for you, your partner, and all those who belong to your household.
  3. You might have the dramatics of Romeo and Juliet. Without your love, then the world becomes meaningless. Avoid becoming too dependent on each other. Give yourself room and know that should you ever part, you can survive.
  4. You do well to explore and grow your many talents—do it together. Try doing things together as a team. Try taking artistic classes together. Explore art museums. Wander around big symphony buildings. Take lots of pictures.
  5. Don't forgo your finances. Make sure you still get the practical things in your house done and checked off your list. Split the chores to make it easier on the both of you.
  6. Don't play emotional manipulation games with each other. Your mate can see through you.
  7. Learn to forgive. It might not be easy, but it will be better for you. There is no such thing as perfection. There will be misunderstandings.
  8. Both of you take awhile to process and analyze words. Neither of you are wind spirits, so you need to take your time. This will prevent impulsive decisions. Don't allow your paranoias to take control of you.
  9. Be just as loyal as you want your mate to be.
  10. Stay away from things that spoil you. Don't let your curiosity be in control. Try leaning on wisdom instead.
  11. You're normal. Don't get stuck in the muck about your identity, trying to come up with a heightened sense of persona based off astrology. Astrology is for entertainment purposes. If you need real counseling, then you need to invest in it.
  12. Don't put all your ducks in a row. Spread them out. What do I mean? Don't count on only one avenue for success. Grow yourself in different ways with diverse talents so you can have more opportunities to flourish.
  13. Scorpios generally prioritize the 5 love languages as follows: (1) touch, (2) investing time/hanging out, (3) gifts, (4) acts of service, and (5) words of affirmation.
  14. Don't get too serious that you cause yourself to get depressed. Find ways to stay calm and collected.
  15. Be comfortable with not always being dominant. You are not always the alpha dog.

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