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When Your Boyfriend Will Propose According to His Zodiac

Hello, I am here to help guide you. I have an interest in astrology that flies over the basic and into the actual intent of the concepts.


When Will I Be Engaged?

For many women in a committed relationship, the question of when he's going to propose starts to buzz around the mind after a few months or years, and it becomes all-consuming.

It's a guessing game: how is he going to pop the question? When is he going to do it? Am I ready, and should I just propose to him?

Everyone who is in a relationship has a unique pairing, but by looking at their sun sign you can narrow down when the proposal's going to happen based off some tell-tale signs. Good luck in your romantic pairing, and hopefully wedding bells are in the not-too-distant future.


Aries: Sooner Rather Than Later

Aries is a forerunner. The Aries sign doesn't like to sit around waiting when they already know the answer. Your Aries boyfriend could potentially propose to you before your actually ready. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and because of this unique position... they like to get things started. There is nothing more agonizing and baneful than waiting for no reason at all to an Aries.

As soon as an Aries is ready to propose he or she will do so. It could include romantic gestures or a very sudden conversation. He might plan out what he's going to do in a weekend because he's so excited he can't really sit still. Aries would like to get to the next chapter quickly, especially if he thinks you're his main squeeze forever.

Aries is the sign of free will, mental energy, and creativity. An Aries person likes to go forward into the world, not sit around reflecting and pontificating for the sake of it. Aries is all about action, so not displaying that sense of urgency and action is honestly a crime in Aries' eyes. He also really doesn't want to make someone he loves sit around and wait -- that's like doling out a punishment for no real cause.

Aries might just take you to a jewelry shop and say pick out whatever you want and then we'll pick out a date -- or just elope. Remember Aries is a go-getter, he's a leader, someone who wants to champion forward as much as possible to see as much of the world as possible. Aries folk are generally intelligent, multi-taskers, blunt, and passionate. They keep moving constantly because they want the fire to stay alive, not to get snuffed out by some winter curse. Aries is the first sign of spring -- it comes to end the long pesky winter full of ice, sleet, snow, and the bitter cold. It is this contrast in seasons that defines the Aries. They're constantly pushing aside the winter world for a new green, flower-filled, passionate world. So Aries isn't really one to wait to propose. He's also not really one to wait for you to propose. He'll get around to it -- and he might get offended if you beat him to the punch. Sure, he could be touched by the gesture, but he likely wanted to have some fun with the engagement.

Aries is a confident folk who uses his head first in arguments, romance, quandaries, and such. Aries will push forward despite what others have to say about the sign.

So if you've been dating an Aries for awhile, don't be surprised if he suddenly pops the question. He figured you already knew he was this quick of a thinker and romance-artist.


Taurus: Takes Their Time, During a Vacation

Taurus has watched Aries closely and wants to be different than his brother-zodiac. Therefore, Taurus doesn't jump all in with his heart. He isn't one to just pop the question on a whim. Taurus is more deeply entrenched into the season of spring -- therefore, your Taurus is a more sensual person. A Taurus is an earthy person who likes to live in the moment, someone who likes to consider and mull on beauty, the scents of the world, the sounds, the feels, the tastes. Taurus will propose when things are at an ideal beauty. This is someone who would likely use a vacation to propose. He wants everything to be perfect, pampered, and everything in perfect harmony. Sometimes it takes leaving the normal humdrum of the work week or leaving our hometown to go somewhere magical.

Earth signs are slower about marriage proposals than some of the other signs. Taurus wants to make sure a few items on his checklist are marked off before putting a ring on your finger. He also really needs to indulge and be a little hedonistic to get him in the right mood for a proposal. He wants to make sure he has the perfect partner who impresses his five senses, and also inspires him in a way that others just frankly don't.

Taurus is the kind to plan out a romantic dinner for two, come up with something idyllic rather than bland. Taurus is also shy to some degree about his feelings, so he needs someone who is a little louder to give him a push. You'll potentially be the one pushing for the engagement rings. Taurus wants to make things personal and important. He wants to be a rebel in disguise; he doesn't just ask someone to take his hand in marriage. He thinks about these things carefully. He wants to make sure he's opening the right doors for a potential family.

Taurus needs your patience. He'll propose when he's ready, and it might be far slower than you wanted or anticipated. Perhaps Taurus will bite the bullet early because he's older and has a pretty good idea of what he wants now. Taurus is looking for someone who naturally gives him confidence and boosts his ego.

Taurus also just likes to be in the moment with his person, and he kind of fears that taking it to the next level could ruin everything.


Gemini: Unpredictable

Gemini doesn't really want you to see it coming. He wants it to be a surprise! He might hint here and there about when it's going to happen or other sly details, but really it's far more fun for a Gemini to catch you off guard. So he's meticulously trying to keep that information classified. Gemini might take you on some romantic journey before giving you a ring, or he might ask you in the middle of a scary roller coaster ride, or even during a family gathering. Gemini almost wants to be surprised himself. That would really be something.

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He thinks that if you don't know it's coming then your reaction will be all the sweeter. Gemini lives for reactions. He wants to study all these weird characters around him without getting too close and then accidentally harming them... or getting too close and they harm him.

So it's tough to say when it will happen -- or even why. Gemini wants you to be madly in love, madly happy, and having great fun.

Gemini believes deep down one of the big keys to a healthy romance is whimsy. Gemini is one of the most lighthearted people of the zodiac while also having a nervous system with sparks going off at every moment -- a real pulp of anxiety. Gemini has big hopes for the future, and this genius of sorts loves the element of surprise. A great surprise to someone he loves is the greatest gift he could offer. So don't try to really understand what the Gemini is doing or think too much about it. Try not to guess the great and big plan. This is easier said than done, but let Gemini use his weird and wacky timing along with his bizarre sense of romance to guide him into popping the big question.

Just occasionally remind the Gemini that you're not married yet because he may have forgotten because he's so happy that he doesn't realize there are some more steps to take in the relationship.

So the best thing you can do is just be at ease. Don't worry so much. It could be ten years down the road or next week. Just know that his love is sincere if he is with you, and to them marriage doesn't sound like -- in theory -- that it's going to change all that much. Look at Johnny Depp, he never married Vanessa Paradis even though he spent years with her and the two have two children together. Depp then got himself hot and heavy over Amber Heard and had a tumultuous short marriage with her.


Cancer: During an Invigorating Dive Into the Soul

Cancer isn't the insanity of the free-will fire sign Aries who jumps in with a proposal once they get an inkling they want to get married. Cancer also isn't Taurus who mulls on it, looking for some attractive streak, as if playing a chess game. And they're not Gemini who is unpredictable and seeking fun.

Cancer will decide with his heart. He's going to have to uncover some mysteries first. He needs to know what it's like to taste your salty tears, to see if you squirm under pressure and why you squirm -- don't worry he isn't as fascinated by this as Scorpio -- he probably is carrying a ring around without you knowing it.

Cancer wants to find a certain emotional bliss before proposing. Cancer is sensitive to moods, to scenery, to everything and all the shifts of the moon. Cancer will propose when he gets some magical, musical cue that resonates correctly. He could construct some romantic maze unlike any other, work on some creative project to present to you -- or in the middle of a crisis when he sees that you'll still stand with him at the darkest of times... he'll just drop to his knee and offer the ring he's been carrying around with him everywhere. There is some poetry to Cancer's actions. He is a more sensitive soul pushed by the emotions of the world. Cancer will use empath powers to deduce whether you are ready. It's really important to a Cancer that you are ready, that he has some magical consent contract, and also that you're willing to essentially merge with him. Water signs are big on merging with another person to the point that you can't tell the difference from where one person ends and the other begins.

Cancer constantly feels the ground shifting all around him. It's difficult to find some grounding. He's a soul caught up in a song, in a recipe, in an art project, or the right kind of lighting. When he can't help but admit that he's caught into you like a butterfly into a dreamcatcher -- then he'll find the way to propose a deeper commitment.

Cancer sees the world far more different than just about any zodiac. Many Cancers don't feel like they quite connect with this world and that something just seems to be off. Cancers are looking for those missing pieces -- they're desperately trying to find what has caused so many glitches in this thing we call reality. The best solution for most Cancers is love.

They desperately want to find a balanced, whole, and beautiful love. This gives a Cancer the most stability.


Leo: Following a Great Epic Adventure to Destroy the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings

Leo is also fairly impulsive about proposing. But I also know plenty of Leo types who first need an epic adventure before proposing. Since the fire sign is drawn to high levels of free will, traveling the world is a big deal to them. Several years of domestic responsibility can drain a Leo, so he needs to know his mate has a high sense of adventure and peculiarity that others simply do not.

Leo is looking to determine whether his mate can be his ultimate buddy before he puts a ring on the finger. So it could happen after about 17 camping trips, 8 trips around the world, joining several volunteer organizations, and after living together for about three years.

Leo doesn't want a typical romance. He wants to be king. He wants his queen (or king) to be highly respected royals who can have great power to determine the outcome of society. He doesn't necessarily want a monarchy; in fact, Leo would prefer we grow in democracy. The Leo is a progressive soul. He does have a big ego though, so proposing to your Leo boyfriend might annoy him -- and you may never hear the end of it. Leo thought that was his job. He didn't want you to do it. He knows you can propose, but really, if you're doing everything in the relationship -- what's the point of being in one? What, are you also going to plan the whole wedding? Bug off mate, let the Leo have some say on the determination and color of your relationship. Leo wants to impress you. He must make sure his family accepts you, he must make sure you are kind and gentle to all living creatures... he needs someone with a high pedigree for creativity and ambition.

Leo -- once he is certain about someone -- could spontaneously tell them he loves them, that he wants to be in a relationship with him, that he wants to share a cot with them -- or suddenly wants them to marry him. Leo will ask you to higher points of relationship matters as he develops and ascertains more confidence. As the lion commands his roar -- so too will he command his place in the world. And once he figures himself out -- then and only then can he open himself up to a marriage.

Leo wants someone who is willing to go the distance with him. Someone who will guide the world with his fierce fire and insanity. Someone who accepts him despite his flaws, and doesn't throw his flaws in his face. He wants someone who can adore and protect him, who knows how to play to his ego.


Virgo: Every Detail Matters

Virgo could take a long time to propose because he is someone who is obsessed with perfection, even if perfection is unobtainable and a myth. Virgo wants to make sure the proposal has all the details that matter. He works in tradition and wants to see you cry, he wants to show off that he has romance-game. He would like to see you surprised by a beautiful proposal. He'll put too many expectations on himself and could likely afford to ease up on this.

Virgo wants to make sure that all these details work together as a beautiful tapestry to impress you. This could very well stress him out, so he might accidentally spoil the surprise without realizing it by hinting at the proposal by sharing tidbits of what is going on in his mind. You know he's about to propose when he becomes extra attentive, when he is trying harder in the relationship -- like he was at the beginning. He might start probing you with the most random questions -- like the exact number of distant family members you have and whether they like chicken or beef.

Virgo wants to get it right. He is determined to do a proposal right and is probably practicing how he will do it. Earth signs are slow going about proposals, but for different reasons. Virgo sees a proposal as a huge opportunity. He is also keenly aware he may never have the chance to propose ever again. So he wants to find the right photographer, he wants to know random things about ring sizes, he'll also look into what are the right kind of flowers. He'll clue some of your friends into the mission so he can get some help.

So if Virgo is about to propose you might be getting a mixed bag out of him -- he might seem full of energy and really excited all the time and also drained and stressed. It could send some mixed signals that are really confusing, which isn't what the Virgo intends to do. He is trying to operate in a secretive way while also impressing you... and somehow still coming off remotely genuine. He could easily get himself in a headlock with all the spiraling thoughts in his head.

Your Virgo could start taking on more chores, he could ask for details about your favorite restaurants, your favorite lighting.


Libra: When He Finally Embraces It

Indecisive Libra can take forever getting to the big question. Or he'll jump right in and profess his love kind of early. Libras are all for love and are one of the most couple-oriented signs. A Libra not in love is a dark and strange thing. Libra tends to take time asking the big question because they have so many lists in their heads that they're trying to balance out. Your boyfriend likely has it on his mind, but he may want to move in first, go on a big vacation, write a novel together, and do 17 other romantic things before opening himself up to a big and fancy proposal.

Libra is kind of like Gemini in this regard, except rather than being unpredictable, he gets lost in an equation of to be or not to be. Libra can go about a proposal either in a subtle fashion or with a giant romantic gesture. The big thing is that Libra wants plenty of time to get to know you, be with you, and allow things to unfold in time. The Libra isn't taking things for granted, but likes to be properly sorted. This may irritate lovers who don't know how long this sorting process can take -- which can be a couple of years, maybe less if he's more motivated to get the next chapter of life rolling. Libra assumes you are on the same page with him about romance. Libra men take awhile to profess their feelings. Wind signs struggle with this.

He wants to make absolutely certain he is making the right call, because rejection is an awful experience for a Libra who can harbor the experience for the rest of his life. His uncertainty has nothing to do with whether he loves you or not, he's just trying really hard to make sure he does things right and in fantastic timing. Most Libra men I know take their time. It might not be the longest wait of the zodiac, but he isn't like an Aries who drops to one knee once he gets the idea that you're the one. The Libra knows you're the right one for sometime, but balances out all kinds of equations before showing you a ring box. He must delve deep into philosophies about love. He fears that he could be materialistic by focusing on rings, flowers, and the like -- but he also likes these things. Your Libra is likely in a headlock about all of this.


Scorpio: Fast, Crazy, and Kind of Stupid

Scorpio doesn't like roadblocks. He thinks taking time and going through all the rigmarole of relationship order and etiquette is kind of stupid. He figures there is no point sitting at the beginning stages of dating -- and would prefer to just get right down to business. Scorpios propose fast. Scorpios will also accept proposals very fast. They figure let's get married and we can figure out all the other stuff later. He might propose and then the two of you get married at a courthouse the next day. Scorpio proposes in a primal -- I feel this emotion and therefore I act on it -- kind of way. He doesn't care about inauthentic stuff, and wants to know you without any barriers.

Scorpio doesn't take his time to question whether the two of you are a really strong pairing. His ego tells him the two of you are -- so therefore, the two of you are. Scorpios are the kind who think a good blunt force trauma is a noble experience. They don't mind the rockiness of relationships, and kind of prefer a little bit of chaos. The Scorpio is intensely loyal -- and slightly insane.

His intense loyalty makes him jump into these things rather quickly. If it wasn't meant to be, fortunately it will dissolve pretty fast rather than two people be stuck with each other for all eternity. Scoprio literally will not fake interest. He is terrible at doing this.

Scorpio is the kind of person to play rock, paper, scissors to decide when to get married. He just wants to get it over with and move on to the next important step. Scorpio doesn't mind cramming everything altogether if it helps bring him to the state of love he wants faster.

A sin to a Scorpio is to have passion and to withhold it. Even though Scorpio is turned on by a self-controlled person, it also angers him if people have an ounce of passion and don't use it. Therefore if he is in love, it would be sinful to hold off an engagement simply because of traditional rules. This zodiac sign doesn't care for anxiety nor the philosophical wondering of other signs. He wants to merge entirely with his partner and as quickly as humanly possible. Also, Scorpio women are prone to propose in relationships because they too want to move things along and get to the heart of the matter.


Sagittarius: The Trouble Is...I'm Not Sure I Want to Be Married

You're going to have to hold your horses if you're dating a Sagittarius. The centaur sign likes to roam in the wild, and the idea of domestic bliss and sacrificing that kind of freedom is kind of bewildering. He is going to take his time proposing, and that's if he ever does. He loves romance, whimsy, and the spontaneous. He isn't sure marriage has those qualities. When he does find that a marriage could have those qualities -- he is more keen to accept the idea. He'll propose when he finds someone who is more wild and untamed than him. He needs to know a marriage will be exciting, and not the sweat pants TV dinner romance he watched his parents have.

Sagittarius loves big displays, huge gestures, and alcoholic daydreams. He could for the hell of it put on a big theatrical show to propose to his honey. Many of the Sagittarius folk I know though wait so long to express their feelings that their partner moves on to someone else -- then in a rush of feelings they try to win back their sweetheart, who honestly can't take the delays anymore.

Sagittarius really needs someone who is understanding and is somewhat of a hippie. He doesn't do well with someone telling him what to do and how to fit it into some greater whole. Sagittarius as a philosopher isn't even really sure marriage is a stable or intelligent construct. He'll talk himself out of it -- even though he is also a big romantic watching hours of romantic television, reading steamy novels, and listening to hours of love songs. Sagittarius is a mess, so you can expect his way of going about a proposal will also be a mess. If you can't love him for his mess, then you don't really love him at all. Sagittarius refuses co-dependency. He escapes from relationships when they start to feel encroaching. He wants someone who can share in freedom, who doesn't want to get stuck in a 30 year mortgage. The Sagittarius is chasing after the wind to the best of his ability, and getting stuck in how to propose, all the wedding planning, and then a dry marriage is about the last thing he would ever want to do. So if you want to keep a Sagittarius, keep being interesting. Embrace the weird, go on adventures, and have plenty of fun. Anything less than that is a nightmare.


Capricorn: Traditional, Wants Family, High Expectations

Capricorn as an earth sign is slow going, but with purpose. He is looking for someone to build a family with. He doesn't want to play games or go on long festive rides through insanity. He wants stability, consistency, and compassion. Capricorn will take his time getting to know someone. He wants to build a strong foundation for his spouse and family. You will know when a Capricorn is about to propose because he will be predictable. He will do things on a timeline. He likes order, not chaos. He has an interest in building a long-lasting relationship. This comes partly because Capricorn is the time most animals go and hibernate. Capricorn is aware of the long winter and all the hard work it takes to survive. He wants a stable mate who can last the long winter. So Capricorn will likely romance you in a traditional way from point A to point B. He has every intention of proposing. The Capricorn doesn't want to just propose for the sake of it, and if he is dating someone and realizes he wouldn't marry them -- he'll break up accordingly.

Capricorn needs at least 2 years before a proposal. Several things in the relationship may have already taken place, but he doesn't want to put it down on a contract till he knows the relationship is ironclad. He knows the tough winter can break romances. He is aware of how ugly it can be to breakup and the damage it can have to children. The Capricorn type seeks to be stable. This is why his proposal will be predictable, he kind of wants you to know ahead of time. He makes sure there is a 100% guarantee you'll say yes.

The Capricorn proposal will likely come over a romantic dinner or outing. It probably won't be some insanely high gesture, unless his sweetheart seems to be into that. He wants to make sure his love feels comfortable, that she or he fully knows his family. The Capricorn wants to feel like he can age well with someone. He isn't searching for eternal youth -- the Capricorn accepts he is old man winter, and he sees it coming up in his future. The Capricorn isn't one for puppy love or cuteness. He wants something solid and something that will give him a solid, long-lasting future. He'll propose on a schedule of sorts, and when he proposes -- he sincerely means it.


Aquarius: Creative High

Aquarius feels like a thousand butterflies live in his stomach when it comes to romance. Most Aquarius try to bury the butterflies as much as possible and have it in control before advancing to another stage in romance. Some say it's better for the mate of an Aquarius to propose instead. Aquarius does well when asked to make a decision than the other way around -- but if given the chance, Aquarius will have a delightful proposal. The Aquarius is an excellent writer, so he'll likely write out something lovely, maybe he'll sing a song, or something creative of this nature.

Aquarius takes his time to propose so that he has a solid vision on what he wants to do. Once a creative vision falls into his mind, he'll start working to see that vision happen. If your Aquarius boyfriend is showing no signs of creativity, then he likely isn't going to propose for a long time. But if he is pursuing his interests, taking on different artistic mediums -- then this creative proposal vision is much more likely to fall into his head. He wants to do something original and not be like everyone else he knows. He wants to impress you while also somehow staying genuine and humble.

Aquarius wants a presence of calm, and something like a proposal isn't exactly the most calming scenario. Instead the Aquarius needs reassurance, a peace about the relationship -- and the stomach butterflies to be at a minimum. If those pieces of his inner self don't come into balance, it'll be really hard for him to propose. He isn't sure who to take guidance from when it comes to a proposal because no one does it like he does. And most people won't wait for an Aquarius to reveal his true artistic coloring, so he might just avoid proposing altogether out of fear of embarrassment.

If you want an Aquarius to propose, then constantly give him compliments about his creative efforts or interests. If you show you like how he expresses himself, you have a better chance of the Aquarius proposing in the near future. If you show no interest in his writings, art, music or whatever -- he probably isn't going to propose. He might actually stop dating you because you're not giving him the kind of feedback and accountability he wants for his creativity. And if you are not there for his creativity, then you are not there at all.


Pisces: When Zuul Tells Them

Pisces is waiting for a sign from heaven before he marries you. He likely believes he received a sign from heaven before taking you on a date, now he is waiting for some sign in the clouds, his dreams, or his tea cup before he proceeds. Pisces believes in the spiritual -- or the drug induced. This can make him an interesting -- albeit rocky -- partner to date. Pisces could layer up his eccentric behavior by calling it logical-intuition. But really, he is looking for something larger than life to pop up before he proposes. A Pisces wants a solid, happy dream about you before he makes his move. He doesn't want to propose without this confirmation, because he wants to make sure everything is right. He is looking for HIS sign, and not some other method somebody else is using. Listen to his word choice and how magical and strange it sounds -- if he is really into you, he'll say weirder things that are less grounded than perhaps, oh, a Capricorn.

Pisces lives in another dream like world. He doesn't feel like he belongs here, and so he isn't going to take the advice of his peers. Pisces types are usually extremely intelligent, and they have found that intelligence through a unique process. Something has to add up just right for a Pisces to decide marriage is the proper course. It's too pedestrian to go with anything else. So the Pisces could be proposing to you next week or in a few years. It's just a matter of what comes up for him and how well it fits into a dream. If he finds you to be a dreamy person with a degree of intuition yourself, he'll likely go forward with pursuing an engagement. A Pisces likely won't match up with someone who is too grounded and normal. He won't have enough to daydream about with you. He might genuinely like a normal babe, but there will be a missing spark.

A Pisces proposal will live in the eyes. When they think they've found something otherworldly, they get big dreamy eyes. So if he is staring at you a lot with sparkly eyes -- and he can't seem to put a sentence together -- he is probably on the verge of proposing, or finding some way to capture you and call you his permanent fairy because to him you are some kind of magical creature.

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