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When Leo and Leo Fall in Love: Fixed Fire Sign Relationship Compatibility ♌️

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Leo and Leo make for a bright and passionate relationship.

Leo and Leo make for a bright and passionate relationship.

Leo + Leo

Leo and Leo will make for an undeniably boisterous relationship. Leo is the fixed fire sign; it’s the center of summer. It is all about free will and desire.

Two Leos will be loud, excited about everything, and temperamental. The 5th sign of the Zodiac is a passionate sign. Leo is a born leader and doesn’t like to sit back idly. Two of them will be competitive, so this can either end in some fun or intense fights. Leo, above all, needs a mate who will adore and coddle them, put them on a pedestal, compliment their every move, and sacrifice anything for them.

Leo loves to be with someone who can help soothe them. They need someone with strength, be that gentle or firm.

Two Leos can work out great as they have similar views on life. However, they could get in the way of each other as Leo is a dominant personality, and sometimes two dominant people can be too much. Two mature Leos should be okay, because at least one person will know when to humble themselves for the sake of the relationship—and their sanity.

Leos: Fun, Crazy, and Ambitious

Leos like to be the biggest fire in the room. Two Leos will provide a healthy amount of fire and strength. This will easily be an unstoppable power couple. The only thing that could get in the way of this couple is their own personalities.

Leos have a tendency to start up projects and not finish them. They like to be out in the world and nature but sometimes eschew their responsibilities. They want to be kings, but they don’t necessarily enjoy mundane tasks. They want to be in the thick of the action. Leos are rulers by example, not just by sitting on the throne. They are warriors at heart. They have the courage and strength of a lion ready to destroy its enemies, as well as the adorable sweetness of a kitten. It’s important for Leo to lead wisely and control their pride. Family is everything.

Leo will charge into the dating world and do what they want. No one can tell them they can’t have something or that the person they’re seeing isn’t right for them. Leo is decisive. They take charge. They open up about their feelings and desires abruptly.

Leos also have a gentle, nurturing side, and they are natural parents and protectors.

Leos also have a gentle, nurturing side, and they are natural parents and protectors.

This Pairing Makes a Dynamic Duo

This couple is loud. You’ll probably hear them laughing, bickering, or demonstratively telling stories at a restaurant. Like other fire signs, they are spontaneous. They go where the action is. Leos like to stay mentally and physically fit, they like to get a little bit rowdy, and they can get pretty heated in arguments.

Leos also have a gentle, nurturing side. They are natural parents and protectors. They make sure their loved ones avoid trouble. Leos can be big humanitarians. They enjoy conversations about matters close to their hearts. They’re great as team members or leaders. Even though a Leo is loud and in charge, they also want to be inclusive. They want to hear the voices of the voiceless.

In addition, Leos are charmed easily. They relish in the gifts of others, and they'll enjoy a proper song, a lively dance, or a homemade pie. Leos can leave a lasting impression on the people around them.

Leos as Partners, Friends, and Exes

Leos like to settle down eventually. They try to respect all the relationships and opportunities they experience. Even a short-term relationship with a Leo can be rewarding. It’s also possible to stay friends with them after the breakup. They still care about you, in a way. A good Leo will also know boundaries for their friends and exes.

Leos care about their romantic partner. This is also one of the most passionate signs. They don’t like nitpicky people, dramatic people, or materialistic, vain people. You must care about a Leo’s ego and never try to hurt it. And never critique them in the bedroom unless you want Leo to breakup with you!

Leos Learn From Each Other

Two Leos will have a rewarding relationship. It will be warm, powerful, fun, exciting, spontaneous, and passionate. There won’t be room for the mundane or boring. Movies, books, and TV shows may never get finished because they’ll get distracted and want to do something else.

Leos enjoy a good challenge. They want to change the world with their hearts. What better way to learn and improve themselves than learning from a fellow Leo? Fire signs thrive when they stand together. They want to take on the world instead of just sitting around and watching the seasons change. Two people who want to live their lives to fullest will find common ground.

What About Introverted Leos?

Introverted Leos do exist. They have big minds and can get carried away with them. This is someone who is still competitive and sensitive in some ways. They want to beat others in sports, video games, puzzles, and the like. They are great at strategy and tend to be more flexible and spontaneous.

Regardless of whether they are extroverted or introverted, Leos will still have plenty of ambition. They have big dreams they want to chase. Introverted Leos are brilliant minds. They'll likely do well around Gemini and Aquarius signs who can help cater to their braininess. The introverted Leo will still have cherished social connections, they're still brave and willing to take on risks, and they're gentle and nurturing partners. They may become a little bit more boisterous around people they know and love.

An introverted Leo has a lot of mental energy—powerfully so. Sometimes they feel like everything is too much in focus, and other times it feels the opposite way. Leos tend to have positive outlooks on life. They feel they can take control of situations and make the most out of what they have.

Love and cherish the good times outside.

Love and cherish the good times outside.

Top Ten Tips for a Leo Couple

  1. Listen to each other. Just because you have the same Sun sign doesn’t mean you agree on everything or have the same perspective.
  2. Be honest with each other. Be vulnerable and admit your truths. Don’t try to act like you can do something when you can’t. It’s okay to ask for help.
  3. Spend quality time together outside. Set aside time for spontaneous adventures. This couple thrives when they are active, not when they are tied down with chores and menial tasks.
  4. Get to know each other’s family. Leos tend to be big about family, so it is important to get to know the people closest to them. You want to impress their parents, siblings, and other relatives. This will be key to winning their heart.
  5. Don’t forget to do important daily procedures like chores, managing finances, and taking inventory of supplies. Spontaneous personalities sometimes miss the mark when it comes to managing resources.
  6. Watch your volume. Speaking louder doesn’t make you more right. It also doesn’t make you more funny. Not a loud person? Try watching your energy. You don't need to expend your energy all at once. Fire signs love to consume and take on a great deal of projects and ideas—but you can burn out this way.
  7. This couple would do well with a pet. You like to nurture, so a dog might be in order. A pet can help bring some liveliness into your home. It can also be fun to train a dog together.
  8. When upset, don’t be afraid to push pause. It’s not always the best strategy to take on problems head-on. Sometimes you need a moment before you can really address them with the right answer. Don't try to half-solve something just because the answer doesn't immediately come to you.
  9. You’ll both feel better with a regular sleep schedule, no matter how hard that is to procure. It's easy for Leos to get carried away and stay up too late and get up too early in the morning. For your health, watch your sleep patterns and your heart.
  10. Whatever you desire in the relationship, your partner probably does too. For a Leo you should: double up on compliments and praise, be reassuring, focus on affirmation, and add in some hugs and kisses.

Quick Glance: Leos in a Relationship





The Lion


July 23 - August 22





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The Sun

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The Heart




Bold, loud, boisterious, ego-centric, nurturing, protective, champion of others, courageous, passionate, demonstrative, compassionate


Mean-spirited acts, putting down others, too many restrictions, isolation, dreary things



Manager or Leader?


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