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What to Expect After Saying 'I Love You' to All 12 Zodiac Signs?

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Every sign is different and so are their responses!

Every sign is different and so are their responses!

How the Signs Respond to "I Love You"

If you're horoscope obsessed, you've probably let the zodiac make some big and tough decisions for you. You've also probably judged people based on their zodiac sign – admit it. And I would bet my bottom dollar that you've checked a girl's/boy's zodiac sign to see if you're compatible after just meeting them. But I'm not here to judge you because I, just like you, am a big zodiac enthusiast, and I do believe that the stars and the universe have something to do with our lives.

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you as a person, but it can also tell you which horoscope signs you are most compatible with. Saying those three little words is a major step in a relationship and is usually the starting point of a strong and healthy relationship. The interesting part is that each zodiac sign says “I love you” differently. Some add too much drama into it and fail epically, while others spit it out completely accidentally as they cannot keep that kind of an enormous feeling to themselves. On the receiving end, zodiac signs are all different too. Find out the proper way you should reply to “I love you” or what to expect to hear from your crush when you say the words.


Aries: “Awww! I Love You Moooore!”

People born under this sign are not very good with expressing feelings and they need some time to get to the phase of saying “I love you”, but once they do, they are the most committed partners from the zodiac. In relationships, they are honest and will very likely put your needs before theirs. When you get to the stage to admit how you feel about an Aries, you can expect nothing less than “I love you more”.


Taurus: “Umm... so soon? Are you serious?”

The only thing Taurus loves more than food is love. People born under Taurus tend to be careful, deliberate and passionate by nature when it comes to love. It's not easy to get to the heart of these people, which is why Tauruses are known for dismissing signs of affection until they are 100% sure that it is exactly what they want. If you rush the three magical words, be sure that you will be asked if you are serious with your feelings.


Gemini: “Really? I mean, it's awesome, but... reallyyy?!”

As you probably know, people whose zodiac sign is Gemini are dual-natured and inconsistent. They are also known for their tendency to avoid talking about feelings and emotions, as they can awkwardly change the subject whenever they feel uncomfortable. Having a dual personality makes this zodiac sign nearly impossible to predict how will they handle those three words and it could be something between an enthusiastic “Reallyyy?” and a cold-hearted “Wait. Really?”.


Cancer: “You love me? Are you sure?”

You should expect nothing less than asking how sure you are about your feelings towards people who are characterized as committed, protective, caring, and dependable. Cancers are passionate lovers and they love deeply, but not until they feel completely certain that they're safe with you and you feel the same way they do. They may not be very good at saying or responding to “I love you”, but they're excellent in making sure you know they love you via sweet gestures.


Leo: “Uum, why wouldn't you?”

Driven by desire to love and be loved, Leos are the most loyal and the sincerest of all astrology signs. You cannot shock a Leo by telling them “I love you”, because they're so into themselves that they basically expect you to love them. Although these people are highly social and always tend to meet and hang out with new people, they are not afraid to settle down when they find their true love. Thanks to their confidence, they know how to handle this situation better than any other sign.

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Virgo: “Thanks.”

Virgo is known for being practical and emotionally strong, but they are not very good at talking about feelings as they are conservative. Instead of admitting feelings, Virgo would just hope you will figure out how they feel about you. When on the receiving end, they will need some time to think about it and see if they can see a future with you. However, these analytical individuals do recognize your effort and bravery and appreciate it, so you may get a “thanks”.


Libra: *confused staring, followed by nervous laughter*

Wait, what? You tell a Libra that you love her/him and you threaten her/his perfectly balanced life, expecting to get those words back at you? If you haven't heard, Libras are incredibly indecisive and that kind of commitment proposal would easily confuse them. They are also very picky when it comes to choosing a partner, but once they find it, they are devoted, loving and caring partners and will try their best to make your life together harmonious.


Scorpio: “Okay.”

There may be no zodiac sign that is more passionate than the Scorpio, but there surely are many that respond better. If you ask a Scorpio, they really do believe that this is the perfect reply. As mysterious and emotionally cold as they seem at first, many people are surprised by the fact that these people actually long for finding the one true love. They are capable of fierce loyalty, but not with just anyone. Scorpios are hesitant to say “I love you” too soon and wouldn't like to hear it too soon either.


Sagittarius: “Noo. I love YOUUU!"

People born under this zodiac sign are adventurous and fun-loving and when they are in love, they shower their partners with affection. Sagittariuses tend to get bored quickly, so their partners must be adventurers and free-spirited in order to make it work. Once they find a perfect match, they will spare no means to show how they feel. If you tell a Sagittarius that you love her/him, they will jump into your arms and start a competition of “but I love you more”.


Capricorn: “I know.”

Capricorn is the Han Solo of the zodiac. Ambitious, career-driven and compassionate, people whose zodiac sign is Capricorn are very likely to be looking for a best friend in their partner as the single most important criteria. They also prefer someone who shares the same life goals as they do and they are very picky when it comes to relationships. So when you admit your feelings to a Capricorn, he/she will probably go full-Han-Solo mode and tell you that he/she already knows. And he/she really does, because otherwise, you wouldn't reach that stage in your relationship.


Aquarius: “Love?”

Aquarius may be the most eccentric and most innovative sign of all astrological signs, but when it comes to love, they are best described as awkward. It's hard to tell how would an Aquarius respond, as these people are more logical than emotional and would like to rationalize what you're saying before they reply. The philosopher Aquarius is also likely to question the concept of love and evaluate if that's something he/she would benefit from. But when they know they are with the right person, they will selflessly give all of their love.


Pisces: “Huh?”

Pisces is the most sensitive and most compassionate sign of the zodiac and people born under this sign tend to be incredibly emotional. These romantics will do anything for love, even forgive almost anything to anyone, including cheating. Interestingly, though, they never lose faith in love. Pisces find a lot of ways to show they care about you and love you, but if you tell them that you love them when they don't expect it, they will ask you to repeat what you've just said to make sure they've heard you correctly. They hate rejections, so they will make sure it is the real deal before they rush into anything.

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