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What Is It Like to Kiss an Aquarius?

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Aquarius is known for their creativity. They take that creativity and put it into their kisses.

Aquarius is known for their creativity. They take that creativity and put it into their kisses.

Imagination Runs High When Kissing

Aquarius is creative, innovative, and strange. The 11th house is often misunderstood. As the fixed sign of air, Aquarius has mastered communication, thought creation, and charisma. If they dedicate themselves to thought, they can mature into profound adults.

As kissers, those with an Aquarius sun sign use artistry and intelligence to create master-level makeout sessions.

  • Aquarius will put a lot of passion and originality into their kisses.
  • If they don’t really care — they’ll come off cold, disconnected, and aloof.
  • You will know an Aquarius isn’t really into you if there is no spark.

Aquarius cares about creativity, they see relationships as an art form, and they want to express themselves in unique and authentic ways. As a partner, they’re unpredictable and don’t give the same style of kissing twice in a row.

So, if you’re pretty bored with an Aquarius — they’re probably pretty bored too. They don’t know how to break it to you.

Aquarius will try inventive ways to kiss you. Your partner might try to kiss you upside down, maybe she’ll tilt her head to an extreme angle to kiss your horizontal lips in a vertical way. Aquarius wants plenty of time for kissing. They change up what they’re doing frequently until they find what really works. A more shy Aquarius might take more time to show their true colors.

Kissing as Communication

Aquarius sees kissing as a type of conversation. The energy they receive is the energy they’ll give back. Your Aquarius partner might start off slow and build to more passion. Aquarius likes to try kissing you in different places whether in the kitchen, the living room, a couch, a table, or underneath a table.

They kiss you standing, sitting, or in some odd yoga position. To them, kisses are like recipes in a cookbook. They want to try different ingredients. They don’t want the same old chicken and potatoes meal every night. You can expect variety.

Here are some other things you can expect:

  1. Aquarius might have a fast-paced tempo or a tempo that changes randomly.
  2. They might kiss your whole face.
  3. Aquarius will suggest different ideas and ways of doing things whether with words or their body.
  4. Sneak attack kisses.
  5. Avoiding your lips to draw suspense.
  6. Hands on you to help guide them.
  7. Playfulness, silliness, and randomness.
  8. Mirroring you to get on the same page as you.
  9. A certain amount of shyness and slowness that can be confusing and seductive. It could also come off frustrating.

Keep in mind air signs are more like waves. Water signs are more like particles. Earth is slow and refined like matter. Fire is all about energy and movement. Air likes to keep a continual conversation — think soundwaves and color waves. Air thinks about the way the lungs move, the way oxygen travels into the body, and the way the chest rises and deflates.

Air signs are controlled by the arms, shoulders, ankles, and kidneys. They’re looking for ways to express themselves, move, balance, and even fly. Birds are the captains of the sky, so Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius all want to be like birds.

Kissing is often the move that seals a budding relationship.

Kissing is often the move that seals a budding relationship.

Fixed Sign Traits

Aquarius wants to be a really good kisser. They can be very fixated and determined with their kisses and hugs. Gemini, as an air sign, will particularly want to be good at hugs because the sign is based more in the shoulders and arms. Aquarius is based more in the ankles, a funky body representation indeed.

Aquarius can get lost in their imagination. They may take moments to stop and talk, laugh, or abruptly switch gears. They want you to really like them, so they’re eager to please. If you make them feel bad in this very sensitive department, you could be shown the door.

Aquarius desires to be charismatic — so they’ll try to make things work the way they think you’ll like things. Aquarius is considerate and wants what’s best for both people.

Their smooches can last for a long time. Sometimes they can be gentle; sometimes they can be forceful. It all depends on the mood of the day/night, and the kind of conversation they see taking place.

The Air Element and Kissing

Some of this is a little repetitive, but this is how the air element plays into Aquarius-style kissing:

  1. Aquarius thinks too much about kisses. They want to get it perfect. They want it to feel complete. They have a running thought stream while they lock lips with you.
  2. Your partner will likely try something unpredictable. Where does the wind come from and where does it go? Nobody knows. So when it comes to kissing, expect the unexpected: kissing your armpit, kissing you with a piece of ice in their mouth, kissing you quickly and sweetly as if to say goodnight.
  3. Air rules communication; therefore, kissing is like a conversation. Depending on the conversation, the kisses might take a slow or fast tempo, actual words might get peppered in, and lots of different mouth shapes.
  4. They’ll make sure they come up for air.
  5. Hands and arms included. They use them to help guide them.
  6. They’re in their ankles. They’re using their ankles to pivot into a smart position.
  7. Aquarius can be funny and do odd things. The Aquarius might stop to talk about a rather strange subject or a long joke about rose gardens.
  8. The Aquarius is innovative. The Aquarius may suggest a new style of kissing.
  9. This is someone who might be very shy in the beginning. They may at first kiss you with more delicacy. They test the waters.
  10. If the kisses seem boring, they may not really be into it.
  11. Possibly something sloppy and strange. Occasionally not on the mark.
Two people kissing.

Two people kissing.


Aquarius wants to anticipate their partner’s needs. It’s fun for them to use their intuition and brains when kissing. They’re very much in their heads, but they’re using that to try to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

If they’re working hard, it’s because they like you and want to keep you. If they’re not really working very hard, you’ll know because things feel uncarbonated. They’re probably not that into you or unsure. There’s a difference between shyness and not really into it. Hopefully, you can tell.

Some people report that Aquarius types never kiss in the same way. Every time you get into a kissing session, something different might happen. Your Aquarius might randomly sing a song. You might feel like you're under a spell. You might feel like you’re in some absurd dance.

They do need to have the right mood and set up because if things are not right for their kissing conversation… then it won’t synch up right. They can’t just fake their way into kissing without feeling inauthentic.

When it comes to the Aquarius, it’s all about the brain. They tend to pick and keep partners based on whether they can get on the same wavelength. If you can impress the Aquarius’ brain, then some good kissing will follow. Aquarius is very imaginative; they might be doing poetry in their head or visualizing paradise. When kissing they’re likely thinking about how much they love you. If they’re not into it, they’ll likely cut the ties soon after the kissing session.

They might kiss your eyebrows, nibble your ears, or they might stop kissing you and whisper into your ear something completely random. Like the reasons behind the Trojan War.

Key Takeaways: Aquarius needs to be relaxed. They don’t do well getting into kissing if they’re feeling anxious. It’s important that the mood is right. It’s important to be with someone who appreciates them, wants to have some fun, and can be a little weird too. They’re not necessarily looking for the most passionate experience ever. The Aquarius might just want to have some fun and feel safe.

Kissing Aquarius



Fire + Air / Cardinal + FIxed

Overall, positive. Aries will lead and welcome Aquarius innovation. Aries adds a certain intensity and Aquarius is fueled by that. Both lead in their brains. They're both cerebral. There is a lot of potential.


Earth + Air / Fixed + Fixed

Interesting combo. Taurus is in his five senses. Aquarius is in her brain. The two pull each other out of their respective spaces and into something new. Aquarius can dial into Taurus' moods whether more shy and distilled or more giving. It'll be slow.


Air + AIr / Mutable + FIxed

Good chemistry. Both have similar styles. Aquarius appreciates that Gemini uses their hands. They're both okay with some humor. They both use their intuition. Very accomodating.


Water + Air / Cardinal + Fixed

Wild, strange, potentially awkward. Cancer has a million moods. They may overpower the Aquarius. They're reaching toward each other from different mentalities. If they're on a similar wavelength sparks could fly.


Fire + Air / Fixed + Fixed

Intense, somewhat perfect. The fixed flame fuels Aquarius. They understand each other and are also opposites. There is some excitement from the differences. There sometimes feels like there is a wall, but it's exciting to see that change. Powerful match for both.


Earth + Air / Mutable + Fixed

A cerebral match. This could be great or feel really wrong. Aquarius will appreciate Virgo's tempered ways and more polite ways. Aquarius also likes that Virgo is a hard worker. They both need to be into the moment to make it work. If either is checked out, it will suck.


Air + Air / Cardinal + Fixed

Very conversational type style kissing. Aquarius will like that. Aquarius will likely be the one kind of directing things. Libra is more of a harmonizer.


Water + Air / Fixed + Fixed

The stuff of legends. Scorpio is really intense. Aquarius will be both intrigued and somewhat repulsed. Sparks will fly. Aquarius will feel odd about how deeply they're analyzed. Scorpio will want more. Aquarius will keep trying.


Fire + Air / Mutable + Fixed

Two weird and innovative kissers. Sagittarius will want to try this and will appreciate it. The two will be somewhat comical and experimental.


Earth + Air / Cardinal + Fixed

It might be a touch too slow for Aquarius. Capricorn is predictable. Aquarius is unpredictable.


Air + Air / Fixed + Fixed

Chaos and anything goes


Water + Air / Mutable + Fixed

A strong match that will actually get Aquarius emotions out on the floor. Pisces is really crafty and also versatile

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