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What Happens When an ENFP and ENFJ Fall in Love?

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

An ENFP and ENFJ relationship is exciting. The couple races off into the clouds chasing after their hopes and dreams.

An ENFP and ENFJ relationship is exciting. The couple races off into the clouds chasing after their hopes and dreams.

A Relationship Full of Energy

When ENFP and ENFJ fall in love, it's an energy bomb. Both people are extroverted, they're both highly intuitive, and they're in their feelings. When these two personalities cross paths, they'll be loud, excitable, hilarious, and bigger than life.

ENFP and ENFJ will have so much intensity when they fall in love that they'll worry that things aren't working when they don't have as much excitement happening around them. When the relationship becomes steady, they might fight against normalcy by trying too hard with adventures, gifts, and displays of affection.

The relationship isn't grounded at all, so it could be a flight of fantasy, as in something that only happens for a short while. This isn't always the case. An ENFP and ENFJ relationship can transcend expectations.

Overall, an ENFP and ENFJ match is fantastic. Both people really understand each other; they can get on the same wavelength with ease. ENFJ gets to call the shots, while ENFP jumps into action.

Warning: This relationship might be overwhelming for your friends and family, especially your introverted friends. They'll find all the extroverted energy around the two of you to be cloying.

Table of Contents

In the following article, I will explain to you some of the facets of the ENFP and ENFJ personalities. I'll also explain why the two types work well together.

Here is what you'll find:

  • ENFP in a nutshell
  • ENFJ in a nutshell
  • A look at the two personalities' dominant and auxiliary functions
  • A look at the two personalities' tertiary and inferior functions
  • Compatibility
ENFP and ENFJ are enthusiastic personalities They try to stay optimistic.

ENFP and ENFJ are enthusiastic personalities They try to stay optimistic.

Everything You Need to Know About ENFP and ENFJ

ENFP and ENFJ are people-centric personalities. The NF temperament is all about thinking of others: NF types want to make sure that those around them are happy and have their needs met. ENFP and ENFJ care about feelings, they like getting in the middle of action, and they're encouraging. NF types are generally nice people.

ENFP in a Nutshell

ENFP is known as the champion of people. This personality seeks to inspire those around them and to make them feel included. ENFP loves to be the center of attention and will do things to get that attention. Their louder-than-life energy can give others a boost of confidence. Everyone wants to be friends with an ENFP. The social butterfly isn't afraid to take risks. They like getting to know others, and their curiosity for life will take them anywhere.

ENFP is an idealist personality. They want everyone to feel accepted and loved. They want the world to be colorful and exciting. They don't do well when things are too sad or lackluster. NF types thrive when they're hopeful.

ENFJ in a Nutshell

ENFJ is considered the advocate of MBTI. ENFJ often carries the heart of a group. They're the glue that makes things work. They're also an advisor who mentors others to help them grow. ENFJ has a knack for responsibility and structure. Their home or work spaces might be cluttered and odd, but it's far cleaner than ENFP's dedicated spaces. (ENFP often lives in a trainwreck.)

ENFJ can be eclectic. When they find something lovely, they want it. They're not worried about collecting things that match. What they love, they accept. ENFJ has a very hard time saying anything negative. They take conflict very seriously, to the point of having anxiety. ENFJ is an idealist personality: people with this type want everyone to get along.




Extroverted Intuition

Extroverted Feeling


Introverted Feeling

Introverted Intuition


Extroverted Thinking

Extroverted Sensing


Introverted Sensing

Introverted Thinking

Dominant and Auxiliary Functions

ENFP and ENFJ come from the same temperament group, the idealists (NF). Dating from the same temperament group generally gives you favorable odds when it comes to having a positive and lasting relationship.

ENFP and ENFJ don't just diverge at judging and perceiving. They have different functions, although their functions are highly agreeable.

ENFP is dominated by extroverted intuition whereas ENFJ is dominated by extroverted feeling. ENFP is constantly gathering information about the world and understanding things through patterns and metaphors. A personality that's dominated by sensing or intuition is overall considered a perceiving type, that's regardless of where their preference on the judging-perceiving scale falls. Information gathering personalities are perceiving as a whole.

ENFJ is constantly acting out and expressing their feelings. They show how much they care about others and how they want people to get along and be nice. Personalities that are dominated by feeling or thinking are considered judging types overall because feeling and thinking are about acting rather than gathering information. This means ENFJ might actually be more expressive, talkative, and decisive than their ENFP counterpart.

ENFP has an easier time understanding complex issues that require an open mind. ENFJ has an easier time connecting to people and understanding what they need.

Warning: Sometimes ENFJ lies about what they really think so they can get along with others and not hurt feelings.

ENFP is smart about people, but their extroverted intuition is where the magic happens. Their dominant function pushes them to be a fireball of creativity. ENFP is looking for spontaneity and fun experiences whereas ENFJ is looking for harmony and friendship.

A Relationship All About Intuition and Feelings

The two personalities are similar. ENFP's dominant function is extroverted intuition guided by introverted feeling. ENFJ's dominant function is extroverted feeling guided by introverted intuition.

ENFP is motivated by their feelings; you can observe this by noticing the ways they converse and gather information. ENFJ is motivated by intuition which is seen in the way they try to connect with others.

Both people are charismatic. They know how to make themselves comfortable in social situations. They top the class when it comes to picking up on social cues.

ENFP is the one playing music at parties and getting everyone to dance. ENFJ is the one giving everybody hugs. ENFP would put their best friends in their wedding and give them all the title of best man, maid of honor, or top bill bridal attendant. ENFJ has too many friends to put in her wedding resulting in chaos.

Tertiary and Inferior Functions

ENFP and ENFJ also have similar weak spots. They're not mirrors of each other. They don't see the world in the exact same ways, but they'll trip up on the same kinds of issues.

Wherever a personality is strong directly relates to where it is weak. Whatever you favor indicates there is something you have focused less energy toward. In the case of ENFP, the personality type favors intuition, so their sensing function is less developed. ENFP struggles with introverted sensing, meaning they're not particularly aware of what's happening in the present, especially in their body.

ENFJ loves feeling; therefore, they disregard thinking. ENFJ struggles with introverted thinking. They have a hard time looking at raw data and making a decision just based on it. They like to be in situations where they can get feedback from others. ENFJ may make decisions to help others and bring about harmony but at a disservice to themselves. They can be too generous, dipping deeply into their bank account.

ENFP combines extroverted thinking with introverted sensing to try and come off sensible, but neither of these functions is fully developed, so when they express these two functions it can come off childish or strange. ENFP has a hard time grounding their logical self, so when they try to solve problems they do so in idiosyncratic ways. This can be good or bad depending on the situation. Sometimes ENFP reinvents the wheel too much or becomes incomprehensible. They'll babble about something obscure not knowing they've lost their audience.

ENFJ combines extroverted sensing with introverted thinking. ENFJ can look like an absolutely crazy mess when they try to use their lower functions. Usually, they reach this point when they're burnt out from using their top functions.

When ENFJ overuses their top functions, they'll go quiet. They'll put on a bathrobe and hide in a corner as they ruminate over their thoughts. They can't stay in this form for long. They really want to like being introspective and by themselves, but it kind of gives them the creeps. ENFJ thinks being introspective and on your own is cool. It's just not something they can do for long periods.

ENFJ can spiral into madness if they stay existential for too long. They prefer to develop friendships. Isolation isn't good for them at all.

ENFP and ENFJ are comfortable being goofballs around each other.

ENFP and ENFJ are comfortable being goofballs around each other.


An ENFP and ENFJ relationship will be satisfying for both partners. ENFP will reassure and get ENFJ out of their shell. ENFP can get ENFJ to loosen up.

ENFJ will bring people to ENFP. There will constantly be social interactions and fun. ENFP will get the spontaneity they crave. Both partners feel comfortable around each other because they both prioritize people and social connections.

This relationship will be romantic because both people are idealists. They seek out spontaneity, charm, and whimsy. ENFP is sensitive to ENFJ's feelings, which is something ENFJ badly needs. ENFP will help ENFJ to stand up for themselves, something they struggle to do because they fear that if they stand up for themselves they'll offend someone. Sometimes ENFJ hides from people because they're afraid they'll do something wrong. ENFJ can't stand screwing things up on a social level.

ENFJ will give ENFP a sense of freedom. ENFP needs variety, openness to different activities, and excitement. They don't like rigid rules. ENFJ might have a preference for judging, but they tend to have a low "J" score compared to other types. Idealists for the most part are perceiving and extroverted. NFs with a preference for introversion or judging will have a low score for both of those spectrums as compared to other personalities. They're not as introverted as INTx personalities nor as judging as SJ personalities.

ENFJ does like for their home to be tidy and for some rules to be followed, but they'll lighten up on rules to appease others. They too want creativity and variety, but they don't express their need for this as much as ENFP does.

ENFP and ENFJ make for warmhearted and caring parents. They're both great at taking care of kids and pets. They have natural instincts when it comes to understanding those who are younger and don't have as much experience. ENFP is the type to own a dog because even if they're alone, at least they can have companionship with a pet.

ENFP is wild and comes up with different games and fun scenarios. ENFJ moves mountains with their emotional energy; they cry openly, they laugh openly, and they dance like mad. ENFP and ENFJ may struggle to rest and calm down because they're so full of ideas and excitement. ENFP has a hard time sitting still. ENFJ has a hard time being alone. Both personalities crave intimacy. They seek affection from their partner. They love to give compliments. They're both reassuring and full of smiles.

Important: The two personalities need to go to bed when they've depleted their energy. If you don't balance your energy, you'll become depressed and start acting like a zombie. ENFP and ENFJ both thrive off excitement, but you can't have rainbows and sunshine all the time.

It's okay to take breaks from excitement and to relax at home. You'll likely struggle at first as a couple to accept normalcy and quiet into your relationship; it might feel uncomfortable or unnatural at first. You need to eventually accept that it's okay if you have a calm night at home with no friends or activities.


An ENFP and ENFJ relationship is often motivated by love. This is a tender relationship full of kindness and sweetness. Both partners care a great deal about their other half. This is a highly energetic and romantic relationship; it can feel like two soul mates have found each other.

Sometimes the relationship is anxious because there is so much energy. The two will have strong intimacy and a lot of laughs. The couple will work very well together. They'll support each other in times of sorrow. This is a match that's dreamy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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