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Virgo and Virgo: When Two Very Similar People Fall in Love

Andrea has a background in astrology, Myers Briggs, and pop culture, with expertise in relationships and dating.

When two Virgos fall in love, anything is possible. An adventure is waiting just around the corner.

When two Virgos fall in love, anything is possible. An adventure is waiting just around the corner.

Virgo and Virgo Together at Last

Virgo and Virgo. How in the world did this pairing happen? Virgos are known for their independence and avoidance of relationships, so it's strange when two of them join forces.

Disclaimer: any astrological combination is possible. No combination is perfect; there will always be challenges. There are examples of successful marriage and bitter divorce among all 78 possible combinations.

Every couple brings something different to the table. Astrology looks at how your sun sign influences your personality, wants, and needs. You may find after dating for awhile that your relationships with Scorpios run in a completely different way than with Geminis.

Identity Relationships

When two people with the same sun sign come together, it is called an identity relationship. Identity relationships are common. People like to pair up with someone who has the same element as them. When you have the same element, you tend to have similar goals.

Here are some of the pros of a Virgo and Virgo relationship:

  • Two Virgos will know what they want and work hard towards it.
  • Earth signs tend to agree on how to run a house.
  • They have similar tastes. They like the same art, food, and TV shows.
  • They'll give their partner space when they need it. Virgos are known to be hard workers, studious, and in their five senses. They're very independent people. Sometimes Virgos have a hard time in a relationship because they need more space. They don't want to be in a relationship with someone clingy.

Virgo: A Quick Look



August 23 to September 22


End of summer




The Maiden





Ruling Planet





Earth tones


Practical, cerebral, perfectionist, diligent, hard worker, fierce

Virgos Are Romantically Slow

Two Virgos together could feel like two buddies or two colleagues. It may take extra work to create a more emotional or romantic bond. This is a couple that will do well to work on projects together. They're great at designing a house, nurturing a garden, or taking on an ambitious scholastic endeavor.

Virgos are very sensual and have a bit of an ego. They're highly logical and like to keep things practical and steady. They are, overall, devoted signs—you don't have to worry about cheating or jealously. Virgos are known for their chivalry. They want to be known for good manners.

They have a quickness of mind. Their minds are influenced by their ruling planet, Mercury. They appreciate categorizing things, they like systems, planning, analyzing, and keeping things clean. However, they're also earthy and can enjoy getting their hands dirty. They have really high ideals, and they tend to be crushed by their desires to be perfect.

In fact, some Virgos will refuse to date anyone because their standards are too high. They want to be with the perfect person. They'll chase after this ideal, give up on it, and focus on themselves. Virgos are excellent at self-love. They don't necessarily have the best intuition when it comes to romance.

A Virgo will be attracted to someone who fits their ideal, which very well could be someone like them. It's easy to like the mirror image of yourself.

People often get into identity relationships. This type of pairing can be comforting. But there is a drawback: sometimes it can be hard to discern who likes what and where one person ends and the other person begins.

Two Virgos fall in love because they feel understood. It's nice knowing someone understands your signals. You easily get on each other's wavelength.

Two Virgos fall in love because they feel understood. It's nice knowing someone understands your signals. You easily get on each other's wavelength.

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Virgo Date Ideas

Virgo wants a sensible date where it's easy to talk. A Virgo date is simple: dinner and a movie or dinner and a walk.

Virgos like things that are toned down. They want things around them to be reasonable and somewhat traditional. They tend to like holidays, having a stable home life, and they tend to hangout at the same bars and eateries.

Earth signs crave normalcy. They don't mind when things are boring. They're not the biggest risk takers. They take things slowly, step by step. They keep things grounded rather than chasing after something extravagant. Virgos in particular like to lead quiet lives.

This sign likes to interact with people over food. They want to sit and talk. They're looking for a philosophical dialogue. They can get overwhelmed by air signs who are very chatty and too random. They get lost easily with water signs who are more into their emotions than their words. Virgos do well with fire signs who can get them to be more competitive.

Here are some date ideas for a Virgo and Virgo couple:

  • Go on a picnic at a beautiful location.
  • Take a hiking trip, bring a bottle of wine with you, and enjoy the scenery.
  • Go for a coffee and a walk in a park.
  • Get lost in a bookstore.
  • Ride bicycles into a quiet, secluded place.
  • Explore a local farm or orchard.
  • Find a field and stargaze.
  • Go camping: a bonfire is a great spot for conversations.
  • Take classes together and have shared activities: cooking, pottery, woodworking, drawing, music lessons, etc.

The Virgo Mindset

Virgos have a fantastic eye for detail. They can be critical, so it is wise for them to take up a partner with thick skin.

Virgos don't like to mince their words. They like tell it as it is instead of taking an indirect approach. However, they do try to be polite. They have candor but also etiquette.

Virgo prefers to keep things quiet and steady because they have less of an ego than Leo, the sign that precedes them. All signs try to be different from those who came back before them, especially the one directly before them.

  • Where Leo is showy, extravagant, and incredibly social, Virgo is modest, grounded, and a loner.
  • Leo is competitive. They need to be constantly adored. They like to be showered with compliments. Virgo is discrete when it comes to competition. They don't like to be in the spotlight. Compliments can come off as cloying.

Both Virgos in a relationship need to take care of their mental health and give space for it. This is a sign that is prone to depression and anxiety. They can be disillusioned with the world because of their high standards. The want the world to be in a better place and they want to fix it, but very little gives them satisfaction. Virgos are restless wanderers.

Virgos are one of the smartest signs. They want to reach their goals. They have a hierarchy of how they think things should be done. They can get really mad if they think things are done incorrectly.

Not everyone can date a perfectionist like this or will want to for long. This is in part why two Virgos are ideal for each other. They know how to handle each other because they have experience with the sign.

When two perfectionists come together, it can be a recipe for disaster: one Virgo thinks their version of the world is perfect, while the other has a completely different version that's also perfect. I'm going to let you in on a secret—there is no such thing as perfection. That is an illusion.

6 Things to Know about Virgos

Virgos are caretakers. They want to be devoted to their partners. They want to give and give, but they can be confused when someone turns around and gives to them instead.

1. Virgos Analyze Everything

Virgos analyze a romantic prospect before jumping into a relationship. Virgo's analytical nature can slow down romantic chemistry and prevent it from growing. In order to fall in love, often we have to let go of our preconceived notions. We have to be willing to take a leap of faith. You can't make everything practical; romance is, in part, spontaneous.

2. Virgo Hates Conflict

Virgo will have to adjust its standards and goal posts if they want a long term relationship. Not everything is going to go the way you want. There will be setbacks that hold you back. There will also be unexpected opportunities.

It's important to love someone through thick and thin, health and sickness, and wealth and poverty. If you only date for perfection and the good parts of life, you'll struggle to grow a deep relationship. Part of Virgo's depression comes from not properly processing trauma. You have a hard time accepting negative things.

3. Not the Type to Cheat

Virgos rarely cheat. They don't like to do things that sour their reputation. They're more likely to breakup with you than string you along with some other person.

They also won't put up with cheating, drama, and scandals. If you're really dramatic, you'll probably get on their nerves.

Virgo wants something mature, quiet, and stable. There is a certain amount of love and respect that they demand.

4. They Commit When Someone Is Ideal

Virgo is set on finding a soulmate. They want to find the one; to them, everyone else will be a substitute for the perfect one that they want to find.

Once they believe they have found their person, they will stick by them and won't stray. They'll be comfortable with commitment, and they will get the ball moving so that the relationship gets built on solid ground.

Virgos don't want to get into a relationship that feels like it's been built on shaky ground. They don't like to build things on faulty premises or weak promises.

5. Virgo Needs Time to be Disappointed

High standards for love and the self can be weighty. Disappointments will come up, people will make bad decisions, and things will get off track. This will give Virgo grief. What Virgo needs is more forgiveness and grace in order to make their romantic commitments succeed and flourish.

It's not all about what looks good on paper. You can only analyze data so far. Someone's mediocre credit score shouldn't be a deal breaker. Pick your battles when it comes to disappointment: a little disappointment won't kill you.

6. Identity Relationships Spell Out Security

A Virgo should know what they're getting into with another Virgo. This spells out security and devotion from the beginning rather than mystery, confusion, and indecision.

You will feel safe in this pairing because you know what to expect from the other person. However, don't forget that they have their own identity separate from you.

Virgo and Virgo love each other's company. They find the security they desire in each other. Both like being with a high-achiever who also wants to live as perfect of a life as possible. Together they can keep things steady and practical.

Virgo and Virgo love each other's company. They find the security they desire in each other. Both like being with a high-achiever who also wants to live as perfect of a life as possible. Together they can keep things steady and practical.

A Closer Look at Virgo + Virgo Relationships

Virgos embrace nature and love the world around them. They also seek a divine connection. (They're like Persephone, who spends half her time in the underworld and the other half on Earth.)

Here are the typical traits of Virgos in a nutshell:

  • They thrive when they get to work with their hands.
  • Virgos appreciate traditions and consistency. They dislike lateness, unpredictability, and showiness.
  • They love taking in information and organizing it.
  • Virgos struggle to start projects. They're afraid of failure. They're overwhelmed about where to start.
  • Virgos are often shy. They avoid expressing their emotions until they feel comfortable around others.
  • They need to be encouraged to add spice into the relationship.

Top 10 Tips for a Virgo and Virgo Couple

1. Think before you speak. Don't react in anger. Calm down on your perfectionist ways.

2. Intentionally find ways to socialize and spend time together. Virgos can turn into hermits.

3. Find social time with other friends and go to gatherings. This will keep you in the know. Isolated Virgos can start to have unusual ideas about how the world works.

4. Keep the sulking to a minimum. The silent treatment can create problems and not solve them.

5. Explore nature together and travel. Earth signs do well to go outside.

6. Have shared projects and individual projects to stay afloat.

7. You'll have a spotless house if you work together.

8. Study, develop hobbies, and keep your mind motivated.

9. Take care not to let your depression or anxiety flare up too much. Add in appropriate coping mechanisms.

10. Staying kind is an act of devotion.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Andrea Lawrence

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