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What You Need to Know About a Virgo and Libra Romantic Pairing

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Though they are neighboring signs, Virgo and Libra don't have a lot in common. Can they make it work anyway?

Though they are neighboring signs, Virgo and Libra don't have a lot in common. Can they make it work anyway?

Virgo + Libra Compatibility

Virgo is an intense scholar, works hard, and is the ultimate perfectionist. Libra wants the world to come into perfect balance, peace, and harmony. Sometimes, Libra is lazy as a way to cope with all the conflict, but Virgo is anything but lazy. Virgo is constantly trying to make sure that not a day goes by without work.

Virgo has the kind of clarity and energy a Libra craves, but does it come at a cost?

Virgo's Hard Work Meets Libra's Whimsy

Virgo and Libra can either have direct conflict with each other or cause each other to lighten up and adjust their world view. Fortunately, neither of these signs are fixed, so they both carry some flexibility.

  • Virgo is an earth sign who believes in working with their hands, taking the slower and more meticulous route, and prioritizing what is present and tangible.
  • As an air sign, Libra believes in creativity. They have a never-ending internal monologue, which can lead to anxiety and burnout, but they are constantly looking towards a new horizon.

Why Is Libra Attracted to Virgo (and Vice Versa)?

These two will be drawn to each other because their partner has what they invariably lack. Virgo needs someone who isn’t always rushing to completion, isn’t a workaholic, and isn't drunk on conquest. Libra needs someone to give them drive. Libra is in danger of forfeiting life and never taking on their goals for fear that they’ll have to embrace change and conflict.

Virgo gives Libra the extra push they need to take care of themselves, while Libra teaches Virgo how to be content with their lives without having to restlessly pursue something beyond their reach.

What Does It Mean to Be Consecutive Signs?

Virgo and Libra are consecutive signs, meaning Virgo directly precedes Libra. Neighbor signs tend to make strong romantic pairings because, though they always have different modalities and elements, they are often part of the same season.

  • Virgo and Libra are part of the northern hemisphere's summer and fall signs.
  • They also both benefit from a time with near perfect weather. September and October have cooler temperatures, beautiful foliage, and all the fun fall festivals.
  • They have enough similarities and opposites to both attract each other and maintain a strong connection.

Libra and Virgo are both generally intelligent signs. Virgo is an industrious scholar, though often independent and a loner. Libra is a great and compassionate thinker who wants to implement change—this is often someone who leans more toward socialism and democracy. These two will be able to share their thoughts with ease, though they may confuse each other at times.

Virgo and Libra: At a Glance



August 23 – September 22

September 23 – October 23








End of Summer

Beginning of Fall

Ruling Planet




Hard working, scholar, determined, resourceful, logical, meticulous, perfectionist, practical

Whimsical, socially warm, harmonious, eager to please, creative, friendly, weird


Goddess of Wheat


Natural Inclination

Manager: excellent at handling resources, present minded, day to day concerns, settler

Leader: forward thinker, initiator, open-minded, mover




Purpose in the Cycle

Evens out Leo's ego. Works hard to manage everything left behind from a strong ego. Gives scholarship and resources to what was previously raw energy.

Brings balance to the world and the zodiac. Brings back socialization after the solitude and depression of Virgo.


Workaholic, depression, one-track mind, too strict

Sloth, homebody, lack of commitment, insecurity

How a Loner and a Social Butterfly Can Get Along

Virgo is considered one of the biggest loners of the entire zodiac. Virgo can stay single longer than anyone else in the zodiac. Libra, on the other hand, works hard to find a romantic partner. Part of of Libra’s quest is to find harmony, not melody. Libra can’t create harmony on their own, so they are one of the signs most likely to pair up. They don't do well when single for long periods.

Have you ever met a single Libra? It can be quite draining for them and also cause their mood to plunge. That isn’t to say Libra can’t stand on their own, however—it’s just kind of an odd existential state for them, which can inspire creativity, strange thoughts, and the like. Libra will find it more appealing to have a partner so that they don’t have to take care of themselves so much.

Virgo and Libra have disputes about how to live their lives. Virgo will keep seeking new avenues, while Libra constantly looks for some kind of stasis and home.

Virgo needs to be careful about how much they pursue big moves, which could sow seeds of resentment in their partner. Some Libras can't wait to travel, but others just want to stay home.

Libra also needs to be willing to change for the greater good. It is best if you both express how you really feel and know that happiness can be reestablished in new settings. Relationships come with great gains, but in order to make it work for the long haul, compromise is a necessity.

Virgo is an independent sign and tends to like working alone.

Virgo is an independent sign and tends to like working alone.

What These Signs Need to Work On

Virgo feels the restlessness of life and is kind of constantly in an existential crisis, so they need an understanding and calming presence. Libra gets it and wants to help bring some harmony. Both of these signs are prone to nervousness and depression. They need someone to help them come out of their despair and show them a different perspective.

They also need help maintaining their innocence. Virgo tries to get over their existential crisis by working too much, while Libra tries to get over theirs by resting too much. One thing is clear: The signs in the middle of the zodiac tend to become aware of the shortness of life, and that can be scary. Virgo and Libra are aware of this and are trying to live despite it.

The first few signs—Aries through Leo—are not entirely aware of death, and their egos are big and loud because of this. The latter half of the zodiac is aware of death, and Aquarius and Pisces are insanely weird and mysterious because of this—they’ve gone beyond the veil and know what happens after death.

But Virgo and Libra are right in the middle of this storm. That's why they work well together—they know the cost of existence, and they’re uncertain, indecisive, and fighting against the inevitable together.

Advice for the Virgo and Libra Pairing

You can’t ignore your individual strivings, but you can redirect those inspirations so that you are living a more compatible life with your partner. Often we can succeed in our romantic pairings if we redirect the goals we have in new ways rather than only see our lives going in one direction. Consider how complicated making decisions could become as you add more family members and circumstances into your lives. It’s important to have goals, but you also need to take stock of what’s present and tangible, something Virgo excels at doing.

Libra Needs Consistency While Virgo Needs Spontaneity

Libra is going to switch gears thousands of times. Libra changes their mind constantly. They may stay in the same job or take in multiple jobs, as they like some amount of consistency, but they are indecisive and change their minds about as often as the wind changes direction. For the outsider, this can look chaotic and somewhat hypocritical, but it's just because Libra worries too much about the consequences of their choice.

Sometimes Libra resents Virgo for having such ease at making hard decisions. Sometimes Libra sacrifices their autonomy by letting Virgo decide the course of the relationship. Rather than fight, Libra will just go along with the flow until things get really complicated and potentially unhealthy.

Libra needs an understanding and mature Virgo. They are an excellent sign and can help make Libra’s dreams and ambitions come alive. Virgo just needs to be careful not to be too harsh or offer too much critique. Libra does well with a nurturing partner, not a coddling partner.

Top 20 Tips for Libra and Virgo

  1. Get out into the world. Don't be afraid of challenges. Don't just work on your home.
  2. Virgo: Don't take things too seriously. Lighten up! There is more than one way to get things done.
  3. Libra: give yourself time to meditate, but also balance it out with putting yourself out there in some sort of way.
  4. Don't expect your partner to express their emotions or thoughts in the same way as you. Try to understand their perspective.
  5. Libra: be honest about money. Focus on earning more and not just on saving.
  6. Every season, go through your things and get rid of stuff you don't need or don't spark joy. Why? Both Virgo and Libra have a tendency to collect junk. Virgo works with their hands, which brings in all kinds of trinkets. Libra is sentimental and likes to have things here and there. Just be careful not to get rid of something you do like.
  7. Don't try to make it only a Libra relationship or only a Virgo relationship.
  8. Virgo consider their and their partner's emotions before speaking.
  9. Libra will do well to schedule time for creativity and other time for practicality.
  10. Try new things together! Take cooking and art classes or try out new sports.
  11. Take a break from the grind and go on a trip.
  12. Virgo: Write down things your Libra says. Make lists of what they like so that you can surprise them later—Libras love surprises.
  13. Libra: Help around the house! Take out the trash, mop the floors, dust, clean the toilets, etc.
  14. Libra: Don't be afraid of suggesting what you want to do.
  15. Virgo: Know when enough is enough. Don't always blindly pursue your ambitions. Be happy with where you are.
  16. Work on a garden or green space together.
  17. Libra: Know all of your Virgo's favorite foods by heart. Before any difficult conversation, make sure that your partner has enough in their stomach.
  18. Virgo: Get your Libra flowers and other bright and pretty things.
  19. Know your favorite shared drink together, whether it be wine, tea, or something else.
  20. Be open and honest, and don't hold secrets. Work on communication.

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