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Valentine's Day: Attracting Each Sign of the Zodiac on February 14

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Valentine's Date: Love in the Air

It is never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Whether this is your first Valentine's Day with your partner or your 59th, you can always adjust things to have a successful night.

The following article lays out what you can do to have a successful night with your partner of any zodiac sun sign. Some would say you need to know your partner's Mars sign. You can do that here if you know their birthday: birth natal chart.


Seducing an Aries for Valentine's Day: Direct, Fun, and Interesting

If you want to have a successful romantic date with an Aries, you need to be forward, yet mysterious. Aries doesn't want to just get what they want, they want a challenge. You could lead them on a treasure hunt, maybe a trail to where they are supposed to meet you. Aries wants their head, face, neck, and hair all touched, kissed, and caressed. Aries is a strong fire sign, and if they let you into their inner world, they'll let their guard down somewhat. Guide their head where you want it to go. This is one who likes to be assertive, but also likes seeing where someone creative can take them.

Attempt a little bit of honey loveliness for them to attack: dress the part, make the dish, and hit the gym a few weeks before V-Day.

Aries likes things direct. They don't like to play games and hold off on things they believe are meant to be enjoyed. This is the first sign of the zodiac, so they believe in the manifestation of the self and also independence. Fire signs are natural leaders, they have stronger egos, and this one in particular is meant to be headstrong.

Aries can be on the move romantically hopping with you from one topic or movement to another without completely fulfilling tasks. Aries are great leaders but not managers of resources of the things that are created. Aries loves to start projects but does not always finish projects.

When you have an Aries partner, remember they are warriors, they are ardent, strong, and they are movers, not waiters. Aries isn't the patient type.

Aries do like the idea of a mysterious chase, but it needs to have a payoff. If there is no payoff, Aries will be disappointed and annoyed.

Remember to show love toward their face and head. Speak to their mental quirks, touch their face, and see if you can help them take off their mask they hide behind. There is a part of them that wants to let go of being the boss when they are with a lover.

Zodiac Dating

Zodiac ElementDate ExpetationsWhat to WearTurn Ons


Flirting, interesting, flashy, sparkly, affectionate, showing off in public, passionate

Something flattering, a bit of shine to it, something new, dark or bright, not difficult material, divine, seductive

Kisses, neck rubs, caressing thighs


Sensual, affordable, well thought out, classy, rustic, sensible, and builds over the night

Something sharp and classy from head to toe, very detailed and cohesive, down to earth, modest, well fit

Listening, a nice meal, going for a nice walk


Lots of talking, laughing, creative, fun, engaging, dynamic, smooth, fast paced, full of ideas

Something nicer than usual, charm to it, something unusual, pops

Communication, hugs, holding hands, a nice meal, dancing


Heavy heart to heart, moves the heart, tearful even, sentimental, sexual, strong sense of togetherness, privacy, possessive

Something with sentimental value, smells clean, black, leather

Holding hands, privacy, staying away from too mentally intense of activities

Teasing and Drawing in Taurus for Valentine's Day

Taurus wants to take care of their lover. They are not as interesting in manifesting ideas like the first sign Aries. Taurus as the second sign of the zodiac is passionate, they want to make sure their partner is relaxed and feels good. This is someone who is in their five senses, so they can be sensual. They want all of their senses engaged, they like to take things slow and allow things to crescendo.

Let's take a moment to focus on the five senses.

Vision: they love beauty. When you meet for Valentine's, dress nice, dress in a coordinated way, and that has something that feels nice. Highlight your assets, whether that's your feet or your eyes. This is someone who enjoys texture -- so you can bring out soft, silky fabrics.

Sound: play music, use your voice, try whispering to them.

Scent: wear some perfume or cologne, but do not be overpowering. The Taurus is sensual, but don't forget they are sensitive. Make sure to take a shower ahead of the date, have good hygiene. Fragrance can make a difference.

Tactile: skin. Try exfoliating. You can make a homemade exfoliate by using olive oil and sugar. Shave your legs. Let your date use their hands in an artistic way. This is someone who is in their body and knows what feels good. They like massages, they like showing affection through their physical body. Also, make sure to have clean surroundings. Clearly, you don't want to take them to a landfill. Try going to a nicer restaurant, but not something that screams expensive. Go to a restaurant in the middle range.

Taste: take them to a delicious meal, have champagne. Make sure you have a clean mouth before you kiss. Their taste in sensitive, so don't risk bad breath.

This is someone who wants to do things that are romantic, even some of the cheesy stuff that gets them into a more flirtatious mood.

This is someone who is straight forward. Tell them you feel safe and secure with them... and that you enjoy it. Reassurance can go a long way.

Taurus' main area of being is their throat. So make sure to listen to what they have to say, and really respond well to it. Get them gifts they have said they have wanted. Give them a neck massage. Make sure you're ready for passionate kisses.

*Before the date, sit down and write a list of things they have told you in the past. See if you can remember something that would make for a good gift or a good way of showing you are listening to them.


Genuine and Engaging: Seducing Gemini

Gemini will make an amazing Valentine in every way, so count yourself lucky if you are taking Gemini on a date. They are turned on by flirting, by any exchange of words, by texting, Facebook messages, dinner conversations, and whispers. They love ideas, they love laughter. They want brightness, sparkles, and optimism. They want to verbally spar. Words are their access to flirting. They need to talk, and you'll need to do reflective listening. They are big on communication. Think a giant tornado with the spirit of a child and the laughter of glitter has made its way into the room for you to engage with it.

Gemini has a desire to experience an array of things in their lifetime. They want a partner who keeps things fresh, lively, and all over the place. They like to try new adventures like road trips -- surprise them from work and take them to somewhere they were not expecting. Gemini like to makeout in new places, they like fantasy, role play, characters -- they are in their heads thinking about things. It's mystifying world in their imagination, and they're dying for someone to click with it.

Sometimes being in a different place helps them to get into their body and out of their head. They do like cheesy things to do from games and playful randomness -- and then doing something more intimate. Being playful helps loosen them up. Laughter really is the key to a Gemini. They want to feel like they are good at technique. So reassure them they are doing something right if it means something to you.

They care about hands, arms, lips, neck, and ears. They want to kiss a lot, and they want to hold you. They'll be really into those key spots and physical forms of communication. If you want to play music play something that isn't too sentimental and cheesy and also not overly sexy. They do like lyrics and ideas. Gemini can be sensitive, so don't play music that's going to overwhelm or disturb them.

They use their hands to communicate throughout dates. Expect them to hold your hand. Expect them to have plenty to say. They want you to engage with them -- that's the key.

Zodiac Signs and the Body Parts They Symbolize

Zodiac SignBody Keeping In Mind


The head, the face, the top of the crown

Head massages, neck massages, kissing, communication, imagination, ideas


The neck and throat chakra

Whispers, singing, talking, neck massages, sensitivity to snoring, music and noise



Hugs, picking you up, picking objects up, communicating through the body, feeling balanced, wanting weight or density to things, being able to go on adventures



Holding hands, creating things with their hands, touching their face with their hands, communicating with hands, being particular with fingers, clean hands



Warmth, compassion, openness, humor, tears, laughter, caffeine, rhythm and dance, keeping a structure, getting straight to the matter



Hugs, brawn, hard work, serving others, personal, endeared



Strong desire for balance, smooth drive, walking, healthy food, access to bathrooms



No secrets or deception



Humor, keep moving, likes company, walking, dancing, running, resting, pondering



Sit close, cuddle, sleep in same bed, conserve energy, walk, run, adventures



Dancing, swift movements and changes, likes the absurd and different, rebel, witty



Humility, needs lots of space to go where they want, wise, wants to be ready for you

Caring, Sweet, and Sentimental: Dating Cancer

Cancer has some of the biggest emotional waves on the whole zodiac chart. Make sure if you have a Cancer Valentine that you think ahead and really take care of your partner. They are sensitive, so you need to approach this day from a place of warmth. Cancer can be subtle at times and not flat out say what they want -- until their emotions get all bottled up and explode. This is someone who loves, loves, loves affection and togetherness. They would really appreciate a night of complete privacy with you.

Let them know you are there physically and there is no other place you would rather be. They would like something private, intimate, just the two of you -- get a cabin, turn your living room into a sheet fort with candles, something comfortable and endearing.

Let them know when are the plans. HAVE PLANS, tell them know what they need to bring. Let them know you have intention.

If you've upset them, they'll be passive aggressive; if they are really upset they will go beyond this. They like to collect things that are meaningful to them. Notice what they love to collect and give them that -- be into giving them gifts. Maybe collect Christmas ornaments with them throughout the year? It's not the price, it's the meaning behind it, the sentimentality.

Hidden notes: A+.

This is someone who knows intuitively if you haven't thought about Valentine's Day. It could really hurt their feelings if you didn't put any effort into the day and met them there halfway. To them that means that you don't care enough about the relationship and could care less about putting effort into it. Cancer sees life as a form of efforts that without it the next phase of life would never happen.

They tend to wait to make sure that you are on the same level of love as them. They do like a more gentle, subtler touch in the beginning. What they really want is the emotionally vulnerability and closeness in intimacy.


Loving Fully and With Warmth: Seducing Leo

Heat. Passion. Warmth. Leo wants to be like the sun in your life, giving you this world that's dignified, royal, correct, and they love to give gifts. Leos often like things that sparkle, have lots of color, paintings, jewelry. They want to bestow beautiful things to their lover and to shine the light on the person they adore. They need your devotion -- so make sure to wine and dine them. Give all the romantic gestures you can, because they enjoy them and can't get enough of it or enough of you. They will delight in having a cascade of beautiful and memorable things around them. If you could capture a rainbow and put it into a jar with a thousands diamonds, you would have a Leo forever.

Be dressed up, be decked out to the nines, go to a nice restaurant, whatever you can swing. Make reservations. They want you to feel like this is a special, deserved moment.

Leos want to feel worshipped, which is why you want to be dressed up, go where things are delicious, and somewhere with a good vista.

Leo wants to treat their partner as a king or queen. And the Leo wants to feel gorgeous, irresistible, and weirdly -- mighty.

Try taking your partner to a special place where they can feel adored. This is a sign that fishes for compliments. They want a large amount of affection -- they are a lion they want lots of pets in their fantastic mane of hair. All fire signs are ardent, they want to get down to business and be direct, and they want you to do acts of service for them. They want to feel like royalty.

To really get to the Leo you need to focus on the heart. What makes this person special and how can I deliver on that? What gift really resonates with their values? Love for them is vibrant, powerful, colorful, and the key to life. They want their Valentine to be whisked off to a magical place, a heaven. Their excited to be with their partner, and they hope this person will want to explore with them and all that the world has to offer. Leo wants to feel like all the attention is on them, and no other worries are distracting you.

Perfect Place for a Date

Zodiac SignWhat They WantThe Date


Somewhere sultry

Ethnic dinner, something spicy, go salsa dancing, a club


Somewhere classy and down to earth

A nice, affordable dinner, a place to grab the senses like a spa or a museum, a walk outside somewhere nice, a gazebo, a cabin, horseback riding, camping


Somewhere enlightening, full of ideas

Desert, coffee, sandwich. They love trying new things and are open to lots of dating ideas. Would prefer somewhere they can hear you and move. A museum, gardens, a hike, crashing a wedding. Don't go see a movie for Valentine's


Something sentimental

Home cooked meal, favorite meal or favorite restaurant, getaway to a private hotel room or cabin, VIP seating


Somewhere aesthetically grabbing

Ethnic food, spicy food, go dancing, running off to somewhere secretive, being outside, putting up a tent outside, staying away from the cold


Somewhere clean and perfect

A restaurant with an incredible reputation, reservations well in advance, going to the top of a building, a classy art exhibit, somewhere well designed, somewhere with great service


Somewhere fun

Desert, play some games, go to a movie, go to an arcade, flowers, chocolate, nice thoughtful gifts, and aquariums


You could stay at home?

Clean home, dinner at home, gift exchange, turn off cellphones, hide from world



Double date, go to an eccentric restaurant, order fine wine, have cigars, go to a bookstore somewhere to bring out philosophy, head to a party, throw a party


Somewhere modest

Nothing too flashy or expensive, somewhere that they feel comfortable to be themselves, order a steak, order some meat, get some beer, buy them furniture that's solid, buy them something practical but thoughtful, cheese plate


Somewhere unique

Take them to a new restaurant, buy them a pretty outfit to wear, look up fun things to do in your area and try those out like going to a castle or an aquarium, buy them unusual flowers


Somewhere sweet

Buy chocolate, favorite restaurant, hold hands, homemade gifts, poetry, show off unique talents like singing

The Perfect Valentine's Night for Virgo

Virgo is earthy, devoted, and seems innocent to the world. These are people who internally are passionate. This type can also be hard on themselves and anxious. They desperately want to know if they are doing techniques right. They like a simple date at first -- maybe at home. A nice dinner, they also need a lot of affection. Reassure them with hugs and kisses. They can be wound up too tight, so focus on relaxing them, tell them things that will help them to feel safe and secure. Spend time before going out just talking, being casual, playing some games, or even going back and looking at some fond memories. You could even print out pictures and have a nice collection for them to see before going out.

They want to know their partner is devoted to them. Use your words to build them up and compliment them. An assertive partner is helpful to the Virgo. They like hearing and absorbing what you have to say. This is someone who is ultimately sultry and sensual. They rule the stomach area, so they need a good, healthy meal, and also like being appreciated for their toned tummies.

Virgo has issues of going toward relationships, so having someone who can help them relax in a gentle way will help them go along with a romantic date. They like to serve their partner and also be served. This is a zodiac sign that really cares about cleanliness. They are worried they are not clean enough. Not being clean would be a big turn off. Virgo feels this intensity that there is too much to be done -- things will never be done, but they want to be as perfect as possible.

Virgo feels comfortable and excels at serving -- they love acts of service and likely will use this love language in their relationships. They want to be helpful, but they are not always good about saying where they need help. If they have anything they have been complaining about for awhile, clear it up for them the day before Valentine's Day, and you'll have to set the stage for a good romantic evening. They need someone who is willing to speak up for themselves about what they want.


Liberating and Gregarious: Seducing Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus, so Valentine's Day should fall right into place. This is like their patron saint holiday. They are like the lovers card, if you are familiar with tarot cards. They want to merge equally with someone. As an air sign, they love to communicate. It's good to be up to date on current topics, know trends, read a book, know the pop culture, and anything that sparkles when it comes to words. All air signs are into the world of ideas: they rule communication. So if talking is something that makes you feel depleted on a date, you might not want to date Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

This sign loves romantic gestures. They do want genuine gestures -- so don't be over the top and cheesy. They love, love, love music. Show up and dress nicely. They are often tantalized by the five senses. Libra likes to be around someone who is beautiful, handsome, and sharp. If they have ever complimented you on a certain color or style -- wear it. Libra can be vain, so they don't want to feel like they've eaten too much. So when it comes to food don't take them to a buffet. A light cheese plate, light dinner, and some dessert is good for this sign.They love things that are light and fun. (Have desert at home.)

This is someone who likes sweet and salty. Have a nice bottle of champagne. If you can take them somewhere that's not the usual -- a Libra would appreciate that. They want things to be romantic: they want to be somewhere with flattering lighting: candles, fireplaces, and soft, dim lighting. A place where they can take selfies.

Libras love being caressed and massaged. They rule the middle body, the kidneys. Libras want to be seen as graceful and not too crude. They don't really like slutty things, overt things can kind of weird a Libra out. They really are charmed by the sweet, the genuine, the intentional. They're always kind of wondering -- so give them reassurance with words.

Again, end the night with something nice and sweet -- ice cream, a plate of crackers, cheese, cake, desert.

Passionate and Soul-Searching: Seducing Scorpio

Scorpio wants to have an intense Valentine's Day, but not exactly out and about in the public eye. They're not all about wining and dining -- they want to -- ultimately -- possess you. They want to completely know you, completely have you, and even kind of be you. They really truly want to be as close to you as possible. This can be intense for the faint of heart. This can also be a bore for those who need more mental stimulation of adventures, wanting to be out in the world, and flirting openly. Scorpio would rather capture you and take you to the underworld for six months -- I'm looking at you Persephone. If being swept up by Hades and hiding out in a cove for awhile sounds good to you, then a Valentine's Day date with Scorpio is what you want.

If you want to have a successful Scorpio date, maybe rent a place through Air BNB. Try a weekend excursion. Scorpio will look at you deeply, and you might feel like they're trying to steal your soul. They have a deep inward want, and they have a want of emotionally possessing you -- to feel like you are just one unit. They want to know everything about you, even the bad parts. In fact, they particularly want to know your sins, your ills, and what makes you snap.

Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio -- Taurus wants classy, refined, and sweet. Scorpio wants things dirty, maddening, and passionate. Scorpio wants to have a fight to know that you really want it. They like a little bit of drama.

They want to know the bad stuff about you because then they can have a secret about you. They're more excited about time with you without all the tricks, the dinner, the roses, the gifts -- they want you and only you and in complete isolation, privacy. This kind of privacy is somewhat... frightening. They have a powerful intuition that is highly absorbing and dominating. They are in charge of what they want to do, and can be difficult about wanting to do anything else. They'll say that they'll try new things out, but they're really not a malleable sign who is that flexible. They want to be home, straying from that is kind of odd to them. You need to come prepared for anything.

Scorpios can be shy and can be more subtle in their interactions. Some of them don't want extra thrills because it distracts from getting to know you. They try to clear out all the senses that are in the way, the opposite of Taurus. This is someone who wants to go to the pit of hell, going places others don't want to go -- mostly they want to be completely available to you. They want 100% loyalty, and buying lots of gifts and going to dinners distracts from that loyalty.

Flirty and Playful: Sagittarius and Going on a Valentine Adventure

Sagittarius have a naturalness to romance. They are not sentimental creatures, like a Scorpio can have an intense eye to eye soul connection. A Sagittarius would find that funny -- like why the heck are we wasting time staring at our eyes, for the love of god, make it stop.

Sagittarius wants to try new things, they like to learn, and they like to teach. Valentine's Day for them is open and playful. They're looking for a party. Maybe Sagittarius is more playful because in the zodiac neighboring signs like to be different than the one before them. Where Scorpio can be a loner, Sagittarius can be the champion of others.

This is someone who likes to be taken out for dinner, but it is not required. They would love a trip, and they would love a surprise trip. Sagittarius does need an element of trying something new. Laughter almost always increases the energy for a Sagittarius and their partner. In a single session, they are interested in frequently changing whatever the heck it is that they're doing. They have a hard time sitting still. They're not bored, they just want to try everything in the world rather than let the world go by them.

Sagittarius may laugh at things they find cheesy or sentimental -- but the trip idea will score huge points for them. Don't be offended by their laughter. They are someone who does like overt communication styles. They want to accommodate, and they are mutable signs.

This is someone who isn't super into gifts and may actually be bad at gift giving. They're looking for an energetic connection, full of laughter, charm, and variety. The reason they are kind of confused by cheesy gestures is because they want to be genuine. A date with a lot of variety and trying new things would win them -- from riding bikes, going to see a movie, sky diving, then grabbing some coffee, seeing friends for a moment, hiding in a closet, and all of this being pretty fluid and spontaneous. They see genuine and spontaneous as being connected words.

Sagittarius wants to be around the warmth of happy people, holidays, and the like. They do thrive around holidays. Celebrating with others is their charm.

Capricorn and the Solid, Sweet V-Day

A Capricorn lover on the surface has it all together; they have their passion under control, and their emotions under control. They like to have it all locked down, but in romance, someone tends to open them up.

For Capricorn, you want to already plan what you're doing in advance. Give them a heads up that their is a plan, and it's a surprise. And then go above and beyond; they can tell if something has been done last minute or has been done well. Take them to the nicest restaurant, even fly them to somewhere, take them somewhere amazing. Have a whole itinerary planned: from the place you are staying, the food, and the clothes you'll wear. Find a beautiful dress or suit.

They like when a man looks like a gentleman; they like when a woman looks like Audrey Hepburn. Think classy.

Be creative, save money, and be ready for them to open their heart and mind to you. They hold in so much energy that it can be difficult to read them at times, but they have a strong desire to connect with someone.

Capricorn likes to be in control, they like to know they are doing something well, that they are incredibly beautiful and sexy. Use your words to make them feel accomplished at being your lover. They are not always the most verbal type; they like to show you what they want to do. Pay attention to physical cues.

They like role reversals where their partner takes the lead instead of them. Sometimes they can feel a bit stuffy in traditional roles, and they like to sometimes be led out of that. If they feel close enough to someone, some of the more personal things they keep buried will be shared. This is someone who wants to be accomplished in life. They want a committed, stable, and successful relationship. They want to find someone that feels like their queen or their king. If you really like your Capricorn, this is a time to really let them know how you truly feel about them. Capricorns are solid to date because their minds are so focused on what is success and how to make that happen.

The Inventive, Absurd, and Fun Date: Hello, Aquarius

Aquarius makes for a rather odd yet brilliant Valentine. This is someone who wants to find love in obscure, innovative, and creative places. This is a sign that can be awkward with intimacy -- partly because this is someone who wants to break down conventional barriers. They like friendships and they like fresh things -- they don't want to live off cliches. They are one of the most creative powerhouses you could ever find and this makes them pretty dang attractive, especially since these mysterious qualities are not something they always understand themselves, or at least reveal to you that they understand.

Air signs love words, they have fringe interests, and they need intellectual connection. They are the sapiosexuals of the zodiac. They need stimulating thought. They want to go to places in their mind they have never ventured. If you can do something with them that helps bring out the imagination in their head, their fantasies, then they'll come out with intimacy. They don't want to feel swallowed up by someone. An Aquarius is meant to feel free.

This Valentine would like to go to an atypical restaurant, or a place that's super random -- cabin in the woods? Try something unorthodox: dinner in a dungeon. This is the type of person you could try going on a boat adventure, a train adventure -- something interesting that allows them to have a good conversation. They could be out in the stars, camping, and in the element of outdoor intrigue. Aquarius types are human -- they have much bigger emotions than they often allow others to see. A crying Aquarius probably means they love you.

When they learn something new, they often like to move forward. They have an electrical quality to them -- they like to change things up, trying stuff that's weird, this is someone that wants to explore whatever their partner is okay with doing.

Aquarius has an appetite for quirks, tell them stories you've written that are exciting and fun. Give them something mentally stimulating, and they'll think you have been intentional and thoughtful. They don't want you using the same old trick you've used on somebody else -- they yearn for something fresh, creative, and beautiful.

The Dreamiest Date of All

Pisces has an addiction to love. I have a cat who is a Pisces, her nose is shaped like a heart. Pisces is a very sweet and lovely Valentine. They have a strong desire to be with the person they are in love with -- earthy signs love to physically connect, fire signs through passion, air signs through the mind, and water signs through feelings and intuitions. A deep part of the self that doesn't really have words.

They can have a hard time letting their partner know what they want, partly because they can be so lost for words. They need a partner who is intuitive, who understands how to take care of their needs, like the need of how to feel alluring. They can have a touch of shyness to them. Be subtle, going too strong forward will turn off a Pisces. They are soulful, dreamy, and imaginative people.

If you want them to feel like it is an incredible night, poetry is allowed, music is allowed, more cheesiness. The more the vulnerabilities and fears on the table, the better. It gives them permission to open up to the vastness of you.

Valentine's Day is like every day for them. They want to have intimate connections; it's not about chocolates and trips. Though they do love water, so if you are near the ocean go there. If you can give them in words, especially in writing, how you feel -- that will be meaningful to them. Pisces would love to hear a good poem. But not a crummy one.

Dedicating a song, a playlist, painting for them, making pottery -- something heartfelt. They need something significant -- give them a gift from a memory the two of you share. This is a sentimental person, but not materialistic. They love gifts from people they love, it gives them a grounding feeling in the relationship.

Come at them with your feelings, they like a partner who can lead rather than a passive partner. They like to start things with a kiss.


Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 09, 2018:

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Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 09, 2018:

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