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Do Leo and Sagittarius Make for a Good Couple? Everything You Need to Know About These Two Fire Signs

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Sagittarius and Leo want to be in a relationship that's constantly evolving and moving. They like energy.

Sagittarius and Leo want to be in a relationship that's constantly evolving and moving. They like energy.

When Leo and Sagittarius Fall in Love

Fire meets fire in this compelling match. Leo and Sagittarius are a force to be reckoned with. Leo brings energy, magnetism, and dramatics into the relationship. Sagittarius brings in spontaneity and luck. Together they will share a spark over humor, good times, and craziness.

Unlike an Aries and Leo match that’s a battle of egos, Leo and Sagittarius is more about going out into the world and experiencing it. Sagittarius is less concerned with their ego; they have a weaker flame. The fire sign is born in late fall, making it the coldest fire sign.

Sagittarius types are tricksters, thinkers, and thespians. Leo is born in the middle of summer and has an impressive and insane ego that both draws people to his inner circle and away from it. This relationship will have the king-like royal leader of Leo with the scholarly insanity of the Sagittarius centaur.

Leo is ready to pounce, and Sagittarius is ready to shoot the arrow. The lion flirts in an up front and personal way. He is confrontational. Sagittarius, on the other hand, likes to flirt from a distance. To get things started, they may randomly message you or give you unusual stares from across the room.

Leo Wants Compliments, Sagittarius Gives Compliments

Leo wants to be adored beyond all reason. Meanwhile, Sagittarius wants to charm the pants off anything and everything. Sagittarius is practically an air sign with their wordiness.

Leo thrives off compliments, and they storm into a rage off insults. Sagittarius is clever and whimsical, thinking on the fly, and knows exactly what to say to charm people.

Good news: Leo will receive the worship and flattery he desires. Sagittarius has someone who will accept their brazen comments.

Leo Wants a Strong Commitment, Sagittarius Is Non-Committal

One of the biggest problems for this couple will be dealing with the terms of their commitment. Leo is a couple-oriented sign. Sagittarius is a perpetual bachelor.

Sagittarius may confuse Leo. The centaur is known for running into romances without any inclination to commit to them. Sagittarius wants to be free and generally approaches love casually and without bounds. Sagittarius' tactics don’t lead to a commitment all that quickly. Sagittarius is actually known as one of the more single signs of the zodiac.

Leo, on the other hand, is looking throughout the planet for a companion to rule the world with them. They need their king or queen to run a kingdom.

Leo is a warrior, a king, and a champion of the people. They like to be adored by one special person who belongs to them and who they belong to. The fixed fire sign wants a partner who wants to be nourished by delicious meals, pampered, and brought gifts. He wants to be on display. He wants to feel essential to your life.

If Sagittarius tries to act casual while Leo tries to act serious this could spell disaster. Leo will get frustrated and annoyed. They’ll wonder: why is Sagittarius holding back? Sagittarius, meanwhile, will find Leo too demanding and overbearing.

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How to Impress Leo

If Sagittarius wants to woe Leo, all she needs to do is flatter him consistently. You must give compliments and give hugs and kisses. The more sugar the better. They’ll tell you when it’s cloying.

A Leo doesn’t care as much about looks as some may think. Honestly, they get tired of pretty people, and capturing someone who is pretty isn’t really that hard for a Leo. They don’t like vapid pretty people. Leo will lose his mind over someone who has a strong sense of character, who is original and quirky, and has wit.

Leo wants to be with someone who charges into life, who has ambition, and who is willing to yell at the clouds. Leo finds this person highly amusing and attractive. Beauty isn’t everything to them, that would be something Taurus seeks.

Leo and Sagittarius are the kind of couple that exercises and does things together.

Leo and Sagittarius are the kind of couple that exercises and does things together.

Bright Colors, Tacky Sweaters, and Plenty of Sparkles

Leo is stubborn; Sagittarius is flexible. Leo may pursue feats of strength and speed while Sagittarius pursues art and creativity.

Leo wants you to be impressed by their chiseled body and their fast-paced mind. Sagittarius likes to play mind games, follow tangents, and get lost in adventures. Sagittarius wants you to like their curious ways.

The mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, finds more commitment in an adventure than a day-to-day ho-hum romance. Sagittarius likes the festive, shiny, musical theater of it all. This sign is born during the holiday season, so they expect a certain grandeur to life from the big turkey feast, Christmas lights, Hanukkah menorahs, bright colors, tacky sweaters, kisses under the mistletoe, strange stories to warm the heart, and hot cocoa to warm the soul.

Fire dominates the house of will. Fire signs don’t want to sit and think and plot. They want to go. They want to be with people, they want to chase after demons, they want to slay evil, they want to party like it's 1999, and they want to celebrate the strange. A fire sign is not a good match for someone who just wants to sit all day and stare at the wall or a computer or TV. A fire sign needs the opportunity to run out and embrace spontaneity.

Relationships, where two people share the same element, tend to last for the long haul. Two fire signs together can be explosive, but there is also mutual understanding and similar outlooks on life. It’s easier to build a life together when you’re headed in the same direction.

Dating Comparisons: Leo vs. Sagittarius


Flirtation Style

Confrontational, very forward, abrupt, expressive, confident, full of smiles and gestures.

Spontaneous, constantly making jokes, flattery, slyly holds your hand, doesn't take things too seriously.


To be complimented and pampered. Leo wants to be worshiped.

Flexibility, freedom, understanding, wit, grace, and chemistry. Sagittarius doesn't want to be trapped by a relationship.

Favorite Dates

They like to show off, they like for things to be active. They want to move, not sit still. Try dancing, going on a bike ride, hiking, or chasing after fireflies.

Places with humor. They like comedy and spontaneity. They like going downtown without an agenda.

Known for

Hugs & Kisses

Flirting up a storm and then not committing

Perfect Partner

Someone who can rule with them.

Someone who can run spontaneously with them in a similar direction.

Leo and Sagittarius fall in love because they enjoy similar things and because they make each other laugh. They're a jovial couple, who can also get pretty passionate and strange.

Leo and Sagittarius fall in love because they enjoy similar things and because they make each other laugh. They're a jovial couple, who can also get pretty passionate and strange.

Tips and Tricks for This Relationship

With the right mindset, this relationship can work. Couples with the same element tend to do very well together. It’ll be easy for the both of you to find common ground. Below I’ve listed tips to help you navigate life together:

1. Spend more time having fun than getting mad or in a funk. It should feel natural to make each other laugh, get silly, or do something weird. Fire signs have a tendency to get angry, so remember it’s a good idea to focus on the positives.

2. Sagittarius will have an easier time when it comes to calming things down. They do, however, need to take things more seriously. This sign tends to prioritize fun to the point of neglecting important tasks.

3. Sagittarius can act like an air sign in that they divulge way too many words. Sometimes you need to stop talking. Leo loves you, but their attention span isn’t eternal.

4. Leo needs to let Sagittarius lead too. Leo LOVES to lead, but sometimes they need to follow.

5. A Sagittarius will do well to pursue introverted activities alongside the relationship: paint, play music, write, and make some pottery. Sagittarius would do well to teach Leo how to build their own inner space and build from there and not always rely on a crowd. Both Leo and Sagittarius are highly social, but Sagittarius does better on their own.

6. Make sure to take care of things around the house and finances. With so much focus on willpower and creativity, some necessary boring things in life will go by the wayside. Learn how to find a love for cleaning, accounting, taxes, and lawn care. Don’t let everything run wild. Be brave to take care of things!

7. Be cognizant of people around you, don’t get so lost in your own little world that you’re oblivious to how you come off to other people outside your circle.

8. Your fights are going to come down to the fact that neither of you are good at managing. You’re both leaders who go out into the world and inspire change, but you don’t like to stick around to manage the things you create — you keep running to inspire more people. It will leave you bankrupt if you don’t add proper managing skills into your life. You need people who can (1) help you make long-term decisions, and (2) take care of some of the day-to-day tasks for you.

9. Take note of what’s happening. Chart the progress of your relationship. No one will do it for you.

10. Get out of your city every once in a while and travel. This will help open up your minds and get you talking.

Remember the Lessons of Fire

Fire is a powerful element. Fire has helped humans survive, and it has also led to our destruction. Fire can be used for both defensive and offensive reasons.

Fire needs balance to create warmth and light. We need the light to lead us in the direction we chose. We need warmth to survive. Don’t let your fire build so big that you feel angry and out of control. Don’t let your fire dwindle down until you feel invisible and insecure.

Decision-making takes balance, experience, and research. Sagittarius, as a later sign of the zodiac, is gifted with an extra dosage of wisdom. The sign has a pertinacity for research to help carry our species into the future.

Leo has the bonkers power to push and inspire people and bring about social justice. The sign can unite people and bring peace.

Leo’s energy can also be destructive. The fire sign’s energy can push ambitious people into bad things, like industries that cause carbon crushing cycles. . . and now the planet is ablaze!

Together Leo and Sagittarius can work to create a happy medium that cools Leo into something more refined and mature and raises Sagittarius to burn a little more to take on the world with creativity and freshness.

Quick Glance at Leo and Sagittarius



July 23 to August 22

November 22 to December 21


Middle of Summer

End of Autumn




Ruling Plant



















Dramatic, egotistical, champion of others, expressive, confident, caring.

Funny, curious, spontaneous, unpredictable, non-committal, quick learner.

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